How to Find the Best Sock Assist: Complete Guide

Over 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, due to which they are dependent on their caregivers to help them deal with daily activities. Indeed, not being able to perform daily tasks, like wearing your socks, can be frustrating.

According to a study, socks are one of the essential components of healthy living.

Did you know that mobility impairment can be the biggest challenge when you grow old? Therefore, bending down with a sore back to put on your favorite sock might cause more harm than good.

To help you overcome this task on your own, innovators have developed something groundbreaking – sock assists!

This type of adaptive aid is an economic and social enhancement that helps curb care expenditures by 12%. However, with numerous medical aid manufacturers in the market, finding the best ones can present itself to be a challenge.

Do you want to find the best sock assist that is not fabricated to fail?

This guide will take you through everything you need to know before buying one. So, if you scan through it, you will find a list of the best sock assist and a definitive buying guide!

What is a Sock Assist?

Imagine sitting on your comfortable chair and trying to put on a sock without your body aching. Enter sock assists!

It is a simple dressing aid that helps you put on socks easily. Hence, with a sock assist, anyone can wear their socks effortlessly and quickly. Moreover, using this device will not cause any pain.

You will need adequate motion flexibility to wear socks without these helpers. And, with them, you will not strain your back at all.

In its essence, a sock aid has a mechanism that is either flexible or rigid. Consequently, depending on the model, it will get attached to two long-statured handles or one continuous loop.

Either way, it will make the sock-wearing journey easier and more fun!

How Do Sock Assists Work?

How Do Sock Assists Work

All the basic sock assists have a traditional mechanism that is easy for the wearer to decipher.

In such a device, the sock will slip onto the flexible or rigid part of the sock assist. Moreover, once fed into this part, the sock will remain opened and help in its position for the leg to slide it.

The assistive device will then help you wear this sock in the easiest way possible. Once you have slipped it, you need to place the device on the floor. However, you have to keep holding onto the handles and not let go.

From there, you need to take the right foot and place it inside the device’s opening. Then, you need to gently aim for the sock opening and slip your foot inside.

When you have your foot in the right position, you can pull back on the handles. Moreover, if you use the upward motion shown in the instructions, your foot will easily slip inside the sock. The sock aid will loosen itself the moment you have your sock on your foot!

Why Do You Need a Sock Assist?

As mentioned earlier, a sock assist will help anyone with a disability that affects movement. Moreover, it can also be helpful for people with arthritis or chronic pain. If you are recovering from surgery, then sock assists will be your favorite device.

As you know, wearing socks requires a lot of hip range mobility and motion. Therefore, putting on a compression sock or even a regular sock can become difficult for someone with joint pain or back problems. Indeed, asking for help with every single task can also be a grey area for most individuals.

That is why you need a sock aid in performing the basic task of sock wearing. With a sock assist, you can bid farewell to an unwanted leg or back exercise.

This personal care aid will help independently put on socks with minimal pain or effort. So, ask yourself – “Do you suffer from severe joint pain or stiffness and have limited motion?”

Was your answer yes? Then, a sock aid or assist will help you sock up your feet even with physical limitations. Therefore, you will no longer need assistance but have a safe, comfortable, and convenient device at your disposal.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Sock Assist

the Best Sock Assist

These are our top choices when it comes to the best sock assists. Read on to find out which one suits you the best.

  • Best Compression Donner: JOMI Compression Store Stocking Donner
  • Best Overall: RMS Store Deluxe Sock Aid
  • Best Sock Remover: Easy to Use Products Sock Ox Device
  • Best Sock Slider: Allstar Innovations Store Sock Slider
  • Best Value for Money: Fanwer Sock Aid Tool

Top 5 Picks for Sock Assist – Comprehensive Reviews

Sock assists can help anyone with a limited range of motion. With these devices, you can maneuver socks onto your feet easily and conveniently.

If you choose one of these products, you can say goodbye to the days of intolerable bending and twisting. Moreover, using either of these devices will help you minimize the wrestling you used to do with your socks.

These sock aids have simple mechanisms with practical usages. You can now enjoy the optimal benefits you can redeem after buying one of the best sock assists mentioned here.

Best Overall: RMS Store Deluxe Sock Aid

RMS Store Deluxe Sock Aid

This traditional device has dimensions of 9.5 inches × 5 inches × 3 inches and weighs 0.4 lbs. Moreover, this deluxe sock aid has the optimal ability to make an individual with mobility issues independent. It is a daily aid that you can use if you have difficulty bending down.

The plastic shell is flexible and has a contoured shape. Due to this, the shell is flexible and soft, which makes it a special design for people with weak hands.

Therefore, you can easily insert your socks onto the aid without worrying about slips. It uses a durable plastic of high-end material in the mold to ensure this flexibility. The device has a non-slip foam handle that is soft and conforms with your hand to offer a comfortable grip.

In addition, the foam pad is slip-resistant that keeps the sock from slipping off!

The cords housed in this mechanism extend up to 38 inches, including the shell. Moreover, you can adjust these ropes to feature your requirements.

The design goes perfectly with all types of socks to ensure versatility. The use of high-end plastic makes it comfortable, durable, and, most importantly, usable. You will find the versatility shocking, as the product works well with all kinds of feet size!

When you get the package delivered, you will find a user manual and a sock helper. Indeed, this sock assist offers extreme flexibility and ease of use for everyone with mobility restrictions.

However, to make the mechanism work and function properly, you will need both your hands!


  • Durable and flexible plastic due to high-end molding
  • Goes with any feet size due to its versatility
  • Perfect for all types of socks styles and materials
  • Soft handles made from foam and adjustable ropes
  • Non-slip shell design with foam pads


  • Required dual-hand usage for optimal function

Best Sock Slider: Allstar Innovations Store Sock Slider

Allstar Innovations Store Sock Slider

This sock slider is one of the fastest and easiest ways to put on your socks if you have mobility restrictions. Moreover, this is a versatile and unique device that helps with socks and shoes alike.

You can even use it to take off your socks with optimal comfort and ease.

The cradle on which you need to place your socks has high-quality material making it durable. Furthermore, the ease of use is exceptional. All you have to do is place your sock, lower the cradle and slide your foot.

The design is suitable for pregnant women and people with limitations and injuries. The best thing about this device is its compatibility.

You can use all types of socks, even compression socks, with this sock aid. In addition, it also works as a shoehorn to put on difficult shoes due to the handle design. The compact design housed in this product makes it convenient and easy to store.

The mechanism uses three steps – sock slider system, handle top, and sock cradle.

It weighs 1.1 lbs. and has dimensions of 6 inches × 4 inches × 10 inches. Due to this, it minimizes unnecessary movement during sock wearing that could lead to severe pain.

The floor grips on this device ensure that the product remains steady in its position while in use. Indeed, with this mechanism, you can reduce strain on your fingers and your back.

However, the easy mechanism can be a challenge in the initial phases as it is nothing like a traditional sock assist.


  • Compatible with different sock types
  • It has floor grips to minimize unnecessary movement
  • The handle top has an easy usage feature
  • The unique design enhances the shoehorn feature
  • It helps reduce strain on your back and fingers


  • The mechanism is different than traditional sock assists

Best Compression Donner: JOMI Compression Store Stocking Donner

JOMI Compression Store Stocking Donner

This sock assist is an innovative design that is specially manufactured for compression socks. It weighs 3.64 lbs. with dimensions of 18.03 inches × 9.37 inches × 8.35 inches. It makes the device easy to store, and anyone who suffers from swollen feet can use it.

The extendable handles housed in its design make it convenient for use without any complicated application. Moreover, the use of high-end material makes it sturdy. You will also find padding on the grip that helps with a non-slip motion.

Are you looking for optimal comfort with a hint of fashion? Then, this compression donner will be a perfect choice. The handles on this device can extend up to 24 inches and offer optimal maneuverability.

With this device, you do not have to bend, stretch or strain your body while putting on socks.

If you follow the instructions provided with the product, you will not find the first steps cumbersome. Therefore, all you need to do is ensure that the semi-circle frame is away from you and houses the compression socks.

After adjusting it, you can sit and insert your foot into the sock and pull it up until it covers your feet. Once the sock has covered your feet, you need to pull the donner backward and free the material.

Furthermore, this device can fit any size of compression socks, from XL to XXXL. Indeed, it is simple to use, and your legs will appreciate the comfort! However, you will require a pair of rubber gloves to use them intricately.


  • Extremely sturdy design that enhances ease of use
  • It is a convenient way to put on compression socks
  • The device is an infusion of comfort and fashion
  • Designed with handles that extend to offer the maneuverability
  • It can expand up to 24 inches


  • You might require rubber gloves for optimal grip

Best Value for Money: Fanwer Sock Aid Tool

 Sock Aid Tool

This sock aid is an extremely lightweight device (0.30 lbs.) that offers optimal flexibility. Moreover, the device has 8.86 inches × 4.53 inches × 2.56 inches in dimension, making it an ideal candidate to carry around.

It will help in your daily struggle while dressing if you have limited mobility. This sock auxiliary tool will help provide optimal assistance in doing the needful to wear a sock. Furthermore, it stops you from bending over to reach your feet.

The device uses a special material called terry cloth that offers a firm and gentle grip.

Due to this grip, the sock remains positioned, and you can easily pull it up without provoking damage. The design houses large loop handles that enhance the grip. Consequently, the pull becomes gentle and does not require extra force from your hands.

It is a great tool for mobility-impaired people and even pregnant women. This sock aid tool will offer flexible reach by reducing the need for twisting and turning.

Therefore, you will have full independence while dressing yourself. Moreover, this device is compatible with most socks but is not a good choice for compression ones. It houses an easy on-off mechanism that only requires the use of the slider kit and proper placement.

The device comes with a non-slip, comfortable and smooth fabric that offers maximum elasticity. The durable towing ropes expand to your desirable length, which adds to the ease.

Indeed, you can use this versatile product to wear all kinds of pants and socks!


  • It is covered with terry cloth that offers a gentle and firm grip
  • The towing rope is strong and durable
  • The elastic material will not damage the socks
  • Extremely easy to store and carry around
  • It is easy to use and prevents slips


  • The device is only available in one size

Best Sock Remover: Easy to Use Products Sock Ox Device

Easy to Use Products Sock Ox Device

The best sock aids assist you in putting socks on and help to take them off. With a dimension of 5 inches × 1.85 inches × 10 inches, this device stands at 0.80 lbs., making it extremely lightweight. Moreover, the plastic material used to manufacture this product is of high quality and offers optimal sturdiness.

Due to this, the device has durable and strong anatomy that can withstand pressure and stress.

This robust and well-made mechanism has a long handle that helps the elderly and pregnant women take their socks off easily. Furthermore, the product can even extend up to 36 inches, even though it has three adjustable lengths.

This sock removal tool utilizes the optimal extension technique that saves time and reduces back pain. On top of that, this sock assist device has a 3-way solution as you can use it to wear slip-on shoes.

The collapsible design caters to seniors and is extremely easy to store.

You can only use this device to wear socks that do not have extreme elasticity. Therefore, it is not suitable for compression socks at all.

The use of strong and durable plastic makes the product smooth and easy on the skin. So, you will not have rashes or breakouts from the device.

The rubber grips help in the process but are not sturdy enough to hold hard socks. Either way, the adjustable width ensures that your sock does not get stretched or torn. Indeed, you can refrain from straining your back uncomfortably with this device!


  • It helps remove the sock with ease due to the robust mechanism
  • The innovative arm extensions make it easy to reach
  • It has a collapsible design specially catering to seniors
  • The extension can open up to 36 inches
  • It uses strong, high-quality, and durable plastic


  • It might not be ideal for pulling up socks

A Buyer’s Guide for Sock Assists – How to Pick the Best One

Did you read through the reviews? If you did, then you already know the different features each of the sock assists possess. Therefore, alluding to the numerous options available in the market.

Even then, all of these devices have similar functionality. However, numerous small details require analysis before you can invest.

In doing so, you will surely get your money’s worth!

Take a look at the features and considerations you need to address before buying a sock assist of any kind.

Material Used

Usually, sock assists will have plastic in its construction. Moreover, this high-quality plastic allows the aid to be sturdy. Due to this, it holds the sock in the location required.

If you choose high-end plastic materials in your device, you have a durability guarantee. Indeed, your sock aid will not break even after repeated use. Furthermore, the material is embedded to have enough flexibility to conform to the foot and sock.

Some rigid products come in a metal body, which minimizes this flexibility but enhances durability tenfold.


The choice between the flexibility and rigidity of these devices can be challenging.

As mentioned earlier, plastic materials in a product make it flexible. Due to this, it can bend and easily insert the sock into its holder. Moreover, such a flexible device does not overstretch regular socks.

On the other hand, a rigid sock assist has a larger metal body that has minimized flexibility. This device will make the sock stretch wider and the opening larger.

Flexible sock aids are perfect for regular socks and people with mobility problems. However, rigid sock assists are perfect for people with swollen feet or those who require compression socks.

Feet Size

Product dimensions of a sock assist are one of the most important aspects to consider. For example, you have wider than average feet, then make sure to analyze whether or not the device is compatible. Moreover, if you have swollen feet, you should only partner them with sock aids that are rigid.

Being mindful of your feet size will help choose the best sock assist without any worries.

Therefore, knowing your feet’ measurements and comparing them with the product’s dimensions will be beneficial.

Sock Assist Design

Ideally, most sock aids have a similar design but different details or mechanisms. For example, the cord length, shell size, and resistant pads will be different. Therefore, determining the effectiveness of these features is needful.

These factors will best aid your conditions if chosen mindfully.

Do you have extreme back pain? Then a product that requires minimal bending will be ideal! Do you have joint pain in your hands? Then a device that has easy wearability with a simple glide-on feature will be perfect!

Just like that, you need to choose a flexible or rigid design based on your feet requirement.

Extra Elements

When you are choosing the perfect sock aids, make sure to choose effective handles. When you choose soft and foam-filled handles, you will have an extra slip-resistant guarantee. Therefore, there will not be any risk of accidental grip loss.

With such handles, you have a softer hold that does not require much pressure.

Along with handles, the cord for some sock assists needs to be considered. However, the length depends on weight, height, and variety. Choosing a sock aid with a longer cord will give you enhanced maneuverability.

With optimal benefits in your aid mechanism, you will surely become independent in no time.


Question: What Are Compression Socks?

Answer: Compression socks are a special product that helps relax your arteries and allow proper blood flow. Therefore, if you wear these socks, you are allowing your blood vessels to perform better.
This sock can also prevent your legs from being tired or aching. Having it on for a prolonged period can treat varicose veins and reduce swelling around your ankles.

Question: Flexible or Rigid Sock Assist – Which One Is the Best?

Answer: Choosing a flexible or rigid sock aid would be a personal decision based on requirements. A flexible device helps everyone put on all types of socks. However, rigid devices work well with compression socks.
You will have a minimal opening to the sock itself in a flexible sock aid, but a rigid one will offer an enhanced opening in your socks. Therefore, if you have a swollen foot, a rigid sock assist will be your best bet.

Question: Who Should Use Sock Assists?

Answer: Anyone dealing with mobility issues can utilize sock assists to put on a sock. Moreover, people with arthritis, limited motion, and joint pain can benefit from this assistive dressing device.
For people recovering from surgery, sock assists can be a great way to stop yourself from calling for assistance.

Question: What Does a Sock Assist Do?

Answer: A sock assist or a sock aid will help people with physical disabilities wear socks. It is a dressing device that helps the wearer to put on a sock comfortably and efficiently. Furthermore, you can easily put it on without bending your body.
It offers an easy grip mechanism and can fit all types of socks.

Question: What Are the Different Types of Sock Assists?

Answer: Some sock assists come with a continuous loop or a two-handle mechanism for better usability. In contrast, other sock assists have a stainless-steel sock aid. The compression sock aid helps with difficult wearability, and a stocking donner fully reduces bending the waist.
Either way, all types of sock aids will make the sock application easier.

Summing Up

Now you have all the knowledge required to make an informed decision about sock assists. This device can help people from all walks of life, dealing with different problems. Moreover, the RMS Deluxe Sock Assist has an overall feature that aids you in wearing all kinds of socks.

If you have gone through the buyer’s guide, you now have optimal information about such devices. This way, you can make a decision based on your specific requirements and mobility issues.

If you are interested in finding out about how else you can support your body, take a look at these articles below:

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