Best Silverware Drawer Organizer Options I Recommend

While silverware can be one of the smallest kitchen elements, they are still a lot to handle—especially if you do not have a safe and reachable place to put them in. And by safe and reachable place, we do not mean the drying rack. While drying racks and other utensil holders do help out a lot, your kitchen will look more organized and clean if your silverware is not piled up in them. That’s when the drawer organizers will come in handy.

What Exactly Are Silverware Drawer Organizers?

Silverware drawer organizers are one of those pieces you don’t know you need until you see all the wonders they can do for you. Just like its name suggests, a kitchen drawer organizer helps you and your family or roommates keep your silverware tightly organized in your kitchen drawers.

They usually come in different shapes, colors, materials, and sizes. The last one is a very important feature you should look into very carefully because not all organizers will fit in your drawers, so make sure you get all the measures right before buying one.

Also, not all organizers in the market will hold every kitchen utensil you might own. Some silverware drawer organizers can hold only the usuals (spoons, forks, and knives) while others can be used to place more pieces, for example, spatulas, ladles, peelers, wine openers, cocktail sets, and so on.

Also, do not forget that keeping your silverware organized in a drawer will help you keep them safe from the daily contamination coming in through your doors and windows, including invasive bugs.

Types of Silverware Drawer Organizers

You might not have given it a lot of thought, but there are actually several types of drawer organizers. Each type will try to fit one or several of your needs. Here is a list of all the types of silverware drawer organizers we are going to be recommending to you.

  • Wood drawer organizers
  • Metal drawer organizers
  • Plastic drawer organizers
  • Drawer organizers with lids
  • Customizable drawer organizers
  • Drawer organizers for regular silverware
  • Drawer organizers for regular and large silverware
  • Drawer organizers with gadgets slots
  • Knife organizers

Selection Criteria

Keeping your kitchen organized does not mean you need to spend a lot of money and space. Start with the basics and you will see how your kitchen will start looking homier and cleaner. We’ve gathered a list of the best silverware drawer organizer options so you do not have to spend the time you do not have on doing the research. Let’s take a look at the selection criteria we’ve used to pick these very useful and budget-friendly options.

  1. Material: Since kitchens are considered to be wet places, they will require durable and high-quality materials in almost every element there is on it, and drawer organizers do not escape this reality. We will list silverware drawer organizers made from 3 different materials: metal, plastic, and wood. While metal and wood could be the ones that will deteriorate first, they are still durable and present a good look.
  2. Size: If you have a big family or if you just live on your own, it does not matter. We will give you silverware drawer organizer options in different sizes so you can choose whichever fits your family size —yes, you alone can be your own family; no need to feel left out.
  3. Cover: Not many silverware drawer organizers come with a lid because people want to grab their utensils as fast as possible. A lid would make that difficult, but there are some who prefer organizers to be covered so they are more protected from water, dust, and insects. Either way, we will list options for each.
  4. Budget: Most options we will show you on this best silverware drawer organizers list will be budget-friendly. However, we will also add some that could have a bit of a higher price, but with a quality that matches it.
  5. Good reviews: Honestly, who buys things online with little to no reviews? Do not worry, that’s not us. We have you covered with the options that have plenty of reviews that confirm our choices.

Now, let’s start with what brought you here in the first place: the best silverware drawer organizer options.

Masirs Flatware Drawer Organizer

black utensils in black wire silverware drawer organizer

The functionality, versatility, and industrial look of the Masirs flatware drawer organizer are the characteristics that led us into doing more research on it. Let us walk you through the benefits this organizer will bring to your kitchen.


  • The seller gives you 2 size and organizational options: a 6-fixed-sections organizer and an organizer with up to 9 adjustable sections.
  • The adjustable option gives you the opportunity to include more than just forks, spoons, and knives. You can also put larger instruments like ladles and mixers.
  • It’s a very budget-friendly option and the cost difference between the 2 organizers is just $1.
  • If you are done using it as a silverware organizer, you can use it for your office or beauty essentials.
  • It has a 4.7/5 rating with more than 2K reviews.


  • If the silverware is still wet when you place them in the organizer, it can drip water through the mesh in your drawer and damage it. Make sure to use a pad below it.
  • Even though several customers have stated that this silverware drawer organizer has not rusted, it could, so avoid placing wet silverware in it.

Gmezzo Kitchen Drawer Organizer Tray

silverware in grey silverware drawer organizer

The small but very functional Gmezzo kitchen drawer organizer brings peace for those who want to keep their silverware in order but without taking too much space from the drawer. This one has a couple of features that are not usual in other organizers, and they are totally convenient.


  • This organizer has drain holes that will get rid of any water residue in your silverware.
  • It has non-slip feet.
  • Can hold up to 58 pieces of silverware.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable and preservable material.
  • Has space for straws.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • This silverware organizer will not fit other types of silverware like steak knives. The manufacturer states that this organizer is only for spoons, forks, knives, and straws.

Joseph Joseph Kitchen Drawer Organizer 

empty grey silverware drawer organizer

If you liked the previous one but also felt like you needed more slots to put other things, then these kitchen drawer organizer options are for you. All the options provided by the seller have a function we find convenient, but the one we liked the most is the gadget and knife set, especially because it lets you have space for some very underrated essentials. Here are a few other benefits we found in this organizer.


  • Holds up to 9 knives of 9 inches or less.
  • Allows you to place different utensils like wine openers, peelers, spatulas, and clamps.
  • The large cutlery set holds up to 48 pieces and it has distinctive icons so you know where to place the silverware.
  • All sets are easy to wash and dry.
  • Good reviews (4.4/5 with more than 1K reviews).


  • The bottom of the drawer organizers have a rubber pad but they still could slip when you open and close the drawer.

Zilpoo Flatware Tray with Lid

black and white unique utensils on white silverware drawer organizer

We promised there would be a silverware drawer organizer with a lid, right? Well, here it is. The Zilpoo flatware tray is perfect for houses and RVs in which you are not going to be present every day. If you are just going to visit that beach house once every few months, having a silverware organizer with a lid is a must. Dust and insects could get to them in a second, so this one has you covered—pun intended.


  • Durable material.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Comes in 3 different colors (white, black, and red).
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Does not have drain holes.
  • Will not hold large utensils.

Vae Fae Bamboo Silverware Drawer Organizer

black and silver utensils in bamboo silverware drawer organizer

This drawer organizer actually looks like it came out from one of those lifehacks videos. It has hidden and visible compartments that will make sure you have enough space for every utensil you can think of. Its customizability makes it perfect for those with several types of silverware.


  • It has two hidden compartments to add more silverware.
  • Its expandable feature makes this organizer perfect for both large and small drawers.
  • Ecofriendly material (bamboo).
  • Great reviews (4.6/5 with more than 2K reviews).


  • Wood can start growing mold due to humidity. Make sure you place the silverware in it when it is completely dry.

OXO Good Grips Expandable Utensil Organizer

utensils in white silverware drawer organizer

So you do not like being told that you cannot change or rearrange something in the way you like? Then you will love the Oxo good grips expandable utensil organizer. This has to be one of our favorite picks because of all of the options it provides at such an affordable price. You can choose between 2 size options: 9.75″ and 15.5″.


  • The smaller option expands from  9.75” to 16.25″.
  • The larger organizer expands from 15.5″ to 22″.
  • Customizable. Both organizers come with dividers so you can arrange all types of silverware in the way you like.
  • Can hold 2 types of silverware per compartment.
  • Non-slip feet so your silverware does not move around when opening and closing the drawer.
  • 4.8/5 rating with more than 5K reviews.
  • Durable material.


  • No drain holes.

Summing Up

Silverware drawer organizers are surely one of the greatest elements we can have in our kitchens. They exist to make sure we keep our silverware protected and organized, and also, not piled up in the drying racks.

Depending on the type of silverware you use in your kitchen, there will be several options waiting for you to give them a chance. After giving it a lot of thought, our favorite pick in this best silverware drawer organizer list is the Oxo good grips, expandable utensil organizer.

The fact that it is customizable and affordable; that it has an easy to clean and durable material, and outstanding reviews, gives us the right and the duty to make it the king or queen of silverware drawer organizers. The organizer from Vae Fae ended up being a close second.

This organizer is also versatile, functional, and has an eco-friendly plus to it, but bamboo can give you a hard time with its cleaning. We hope you’ve been able to make up your mind about which silverware drawer organizer to pick among these 6 great options.

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