The Best Shower Safety Bars: Top Picks

Several improvements might make your house more comfortable and safe when it is retrofitted for aging in place. If the balance is a problem, the restroom is one of the most dangerous places to be.

The CDC Guidelines suggest adding shower safety bars, also called help bars, to avoid falls. Grab bars can be widely advantageous, assisting not only the elderly but even children.

A grab bar allows elderly individuals to remain in their own houses for as long as feasible. Other products such as a shower mat, a nonslip bath mat, and a shower chair do the same.

Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a wrong choice that puts your dear ones’ life in jeopardy. This isn’t to say that there aren’t any excellent grab bars on the market. If you check into the aspects we’ll cover in this guide; you’ll find an excellent model.

Our experts chose the top five grab bars based on the kind of finish, style, size, installation, and other factors. So, shall we get right into it?

What is a Shower Safety Bar?

Grab bars are grabbable bars that can keep one’s control and reduce tiredness while standing. They help keep elders, individuals with disabilities, and those healing from an injury or disease that hinders stability or movement. This equipment keeps such individuals safe in the washroom.

Grab bars can be placed in the shower or tub, near the sink or toilet, and throughout the house, including the hallway, kitchen, and other rooms. The focus of this article is on bathroom grab bars.

Types of Shower Safety Bars

Types of Shower Safety Bars

Grab bars for the bathroom are available in a range of sizes, finishes, and styles. The following are the most frequent types of restroom grab bars:

  • Suction – These grasp bars are usually used as a temporary fix, like when traveling or healing from some injury or surgery, and are attached to the wall via suction cups. Such grab bars are typically used to balance and are not designed to sustain your entire body weight. Regularly inspect the suction on the bars since it may get less firm over time. Exclusively nonporous surfaces, like tile, must be used for such bars. On the other hand, drywall should never be used.
  • Bathtub-Mounted Adjustable clamps secure the grab bar base to your bathtub’s rim, giving support when entering and exiting the tub.
  • Wall-Mounted – Anchors and mounting screws are used to attach the grab bars to the wall.
  • Free-Standing – To help enter and exit the shower or tub, free-standing grab bars are frequently floor-to-ceiling tension bars placed next to the shower or tub.  A toilet enclosure featuring stand-alone bars and a safety base is another option for standing and sitting.
  • Folding – When not used, such grab bars flip up or fold down to save room in tight spaces near the sink or toilet.

Benefits of Grab Bars

Many falls among the elderly occur in the restroom. The slick surfaces such as the slick tile walls, shower floor, and tub create a potentially dangerous environment. Grab bars, like those on the bath walls or shower, can help avoid sliding and falling.

A grasp bar beside the toilet can help with standing and sitting, and a grab bar close to the vanity or sink can offer extra stability. As a result, here are some fantastic advantages to installing a safety grab bar in the shower:

Permanent Solution – A fixed mountable grab bar is the best option if you require a more lasting fix and a more strong and dependable Grab Bar. It may be installed in any location on the shower wall. Moreover, many models have a hiding design to conceal unsightly holes and screws.

Temporary Solution – You get a portable and temporary remedy when purchasing a suction attachment Grab Bar in the shower. You are free to use and modify to your heart’s delight.

Adjustability – Say your handlebar can be simply adjusted. Then, you can modify your shower. be considerably more consumer-friendly for persons of all sizes. Usually, shower grab bars may be modified or installed at any elevation, position, or angle to meet our individual needs.

Top 5 Picks for Shower Safety Bars at a Glance

Top 5 Picks for Shower Safety Bars at a Glance

It is a security pole with two pieces and a curve grip bar that can lock into place every 45 degrees, constructed of zinc-plated steel. 7 to 10 feet in height and maximum weight capability of 300 lbs

This product is a heavy-duty gadget made of stainless steel that can hold around 500 pounds. It surpasses ASTM and ADA requirements. You can mount it invisibly.

It’s a flip bar of 30 inches in size made of stainless steel that can hold around 300 pounds. The product is ADA compliant and offers two finishes: Glacier and Preneed.

It’s a 16-inch suction plastic shower safety bar made in cup-style. It’s available in either a grey or a white finish. It is quite portable.  

It is a stainless steel grab bar with a 500-pound weight capacity. The screw is hidden. Moreover, you get a lifetime warranty (limited).

Top 5 Shower Safety Bars: Reviews

The best shower safety bars can be a boon for people with injuries, the elderly, and kids. Thus, you should only go for the finest one because health always comes as a priority.

With so many options in the market, you might get confused with which to bring home. But worry not. We are here with our very thorough reviews of our top 5 safety shower bars. Reading each review carefully, you can easily make your decision.

Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

The Stander Security Pole with Curved Grab Bar is designed to be used in the shower. However, it can also be utilized in other parts of the home or bathroom. It can hold around 300 pounds plus locks into place at 45-degree intervals.

This tool is made up of two 53-inch parts that go with a variety of home decor. Some people appreciate how adaptable it is. The pole can be used to replace projecting bulky toilet rails plus handrails. It can be adjusted to accommodate flat ceilings of 7 – 10 feet in height.

The most amazing feature would be that the rubber pads on the Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar protect both celling and floor from damage. There are no screws or wall mounts required for installation.

It does include screws for simple installation if you feel you need it to become more lasting or secure. The middle of the shower bar incorporates a pivoting curve grip bar which moves & locks every 45 degrees to make navigating easier.

If you wish to hang onto something that won’t move, you may grasp below or above the curving grip bar. The innovative grab bar features a ladder-like structure with four different hand grips. This enables the customer to stand along with a smooth hand-over-hand action.

You may utililize it as bedside wheelchair transfer pole, handle, chair standing rail, and of course for bathroom. Installing it is simple as a breeze. You don’t even require additional equipment to assemble it.


  • It’s versatile.
  • It is sturdy and substantial, and it has a great finish.
  • It can be used as a chair standing handle, a bathroom grab bar, a wheelchair support transfer handle, a bedside support handle, and so on.
  • It has a rust-resistant zinc plate featuring powder coating for added durability.
  • The safety bar is both functional and fashionable.


  • Steel screws are flimsy.
  • Altogether, the unsteady grip bar should be redesigned by the manufacturer.

Franklin Brass 5612 Bath and Shower Grab Bar

Franklin Brass 5612 Bath and Shower Grab Bar

The Franklin Brass 5612 Bath and Shower Grab Bar is a heavy-duty gadget. It is made of stainless steel that can handle around 500 pounds. It boasts a 1.5-inch bar width, which provides plenty of room for precise grips.

One customer suggests piercing it with a masonry bit and installing it using Snap toggles. This product includes a disguised mount to hide the screw holes and keep your restroom looking tidy. You will receive a positioning guide for the product as well as video tutorials.

It’s a good bar for getting out of the shower, according to some individuals. Others suggest it for the aged and disabled. It meets ADA requirements while also providing a decorative element to your bathroom.

The five-screw flange allows you installation versatility to fit your particular grab bar mounting demands. All you need is 2-3 screws necessary for a sturdy mount. Stainless steel design ensures long-term durability and quality.

Moreover, the bright, smooth, and metallic Stainless Steel gloss complements most bathroom finishes wonderfully. The Franklin Brass 5612 Bath and Shower Grab Bar is well-made, ADA compliant, and has screws.

However, it may also be installed on wood walls using anchors


  • ADA compliant
  • This grab bar is available in a variety of finishes and sizes
  • Its metallic stainless steels provide bathrooms a one-of-a-kind look.
  • Comes with screws


  • Customers have claimed that the provided screws are prone to stripping.
  • Some have criticized the how-to video as being misleading.
  • Chin-ups aren’t recommended with this product.

Moen R8960FD Flip-Up Screw-In Bathroom Grab Bar

Moen R8960FD Flip-Up Screw-In Bathroom Grab Bar

The Moen R8960FD Flip-Up Screw-In Bathroom Grab Bar holds around 300 pounds. It has a 30-inch bar length with 1.25-inch width. It fits all sizes of palms and provides the security, comfort, plus the reliability you need.

Moen leads the industry with its excellent reliability and beauty, innovative design. They offer a choice of styles made to match today’s faucets and decors that flawlessly regulate the water pressure.

It’s made of stainless steel to provide extra toughness. This bath grip will last a long time because to its stainless steel structure. It has a corrosion-proof finish, according to the vendors, which will extend its life.

There are two options available from the sellers. You can choose between stainless steel or a glacier variant. The glacial variants are recommended for showers because they are bright and have a clean appearance.

The Moen R8960FD Flip-Up Screw-In Bathroom Grab Bar swings up and gives way to save room. Users adore it. In the shower, toiler, and bathroom, it provides a firm hold. A 30-inch flip bar is included in the box. Moreover, there is a manual that will guide you along the installation procedure.

If the machine leaks or has a problem, Moen has you covered and offers a lifetime warranty to provide timely repairs or replacements. All Moen products are also backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty on drips, leaks, and finish flaws.


  • It’s well-made and of high quality.
  • The steel finish has a classic, elegant appearance.
  • Its bar is smooth and easy to maneuver, and the finishing decreases slipperiness.
  • This tool complies with ADA.


  • The hinges deteriorate quickly.

Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle

Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle

Nonporous and smooth 4′′ X 4′′ tiles with grey accents work the best with the Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle. It’s ideal for usage on shower walls. However, you can also use it to add support to the bathtubs.

It’s not recommended for use on rough surfaces, according to specialists. Suction cups hold the Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle in place. It won’t function on textured surfaces and won’t conceal grout lines. It needs to be reattached before every use, and it can’t support your entire body weight.

To fasten the tab levers, simply press them together. Over time, the suction weakens.  Some consumers have claimed that the handle does’nt stay firmly attached to the wall for extended periods.

Other customers say it’s simple to set up and takedown. As users enter or leave your bathtub, the Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle provides enough balance. It should not be glued.


  • According to some users, you can get it installed for around two to three months till the time it releases.
  • The product can be used to adhere to smooth sheetrock. You can put it on and take it off at any moment.


  • The majority of customers have claimed that it doesn’t stay on the surface for very long.
  • They’re powerful and will shatter glass doors.

Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar

Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar

The Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar has double mounting plates with 1.5 inch evenly spaced slots. Hence, it can accommodate a variety of hand sizes. Six two-inch hidden wood screws are also included, and three distinctive coverings for a seamless appearance.

The stainless-steel finish on the Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar is very strong. If installed in a secure or stud mount, it can support about 500 pounds (not included). It can be set up at any angle. It’s been suggested that it be mounted horizontally by certain customers.

The Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar can be installed wherever stud mounting is not feasible as long as it lines with the wall. The Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar is recommended by the vendors for use in the toilet or bathroom.

This product looks well in a variety of bathrooms and kitchens. It’s corrosion-resistant and ADA-compliant. The fact that it is multifunctional, sturdy, and provides rock-solid grips was praised by most buyers. Its long-lasting performance was likewise a highlight for us.


  • It has amazing user-rating
  • It is completely corrosion-proof
  • It offers adjustable height


  • Users complain about the limited weight capacity

Things To Consider Before Buying A Shower Safety Bar: A Buyer’s Guide 

It’s critical to understand exactly what characteristics you’ll require in a grab bar. Before you buy something, think about the following:

Weight Capacity

A shower grab bar’s weight capability is quite important. If your grab bar isn’t strong enough to sustain your load, you’re likely to get hurt. Our finest selections have a weight capacity of 300 to 500 pounds.

The weight capability of many shower grab bars with strong mount anchors is 500 pounds. Grab bars with a 300-pound weight capacity are available, such as the Stander Security Pole and Moen R8960FD.


Suction and mounted grab bars are the two kinds of grab bars. For people who don’t want to drill any holes on the wall surfaces, mounted grab bars are great.

Moreover, if you don’t want grab bars that come with hardware, it is ideal. Moen 8724 Home Bathroom Grab Bar is a good example of this kind of grab bar.

For users who live in rental apartments, we do not advise them. Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle is a suction grasp bar with big suction cups attached to the installation areas. Anyone can detach and attach them at any time.

They’re simple for use and transport, according to experts, but they don’t ensure safety. Some people lose their hair quickly. Suction cups are recommended for elderly who enjoy traveling.


Size of Grab Bars

Rails for grab bars come in a variety of sizes. The size of the installation space determines the ideal size. If your space is limited, grab bars such as the Safe-er-Grip Bath & Shower Handle are a good choice.

Our greatest options are available in sizes ranging between 7 and 30 inches. If you have enough space, a 30-inch grab bar such as the Moen R8960FD is a good choice.

We also recommend grab bars less than 20 inches long, including the Franklin Brass 5612 Bath and Shower Grab Bar.

Finish and Style

Irrespective of your finances, you should choose a variant that complements the rest of the room. Grab rails are available in various colors, including stainless steel, matte black, or rose gold.

Stander Security Pole is an example of grab bars with additional functions such as pivoting. Since the style and finishing impact the grip, it’s best to discuss an occupational therapist before making a purchase.

You would not want to take a chance on a tool with a slick appearance and finish like a slipper grasp bar.

ADA Compliance

The “Americans with Disabilities Act” (ADA) establishes standards for accessible design. These guidelines ensure that all businesses create grab bars that are accessible to individuals with impairments.

ADA compliant grab bars, such as the Moen R8960FD or Franklin Brass 5612, are recommended by experts. 


It’s frustrating to purchase a shower safety bar that has flaws or deteriorates quickly after several weeks. Hence it’s critical to look for a warranty on your shower safety bar. All brands have different warranty periods.

Shower grab bars who offer at minimum a one-year or two-year warranty are recommended.


The cost of a bathroom grab bar varies widely. It is based on the material, size, style, type. Moreover, another factor is if custom-built, like with a finish color that matches the bathroom decor.

Usually, wall grab bars can cost anywhere from $15 to over $80. Toilet grab bars can range in price between $30  and $100. Floor-to-ceiling tension grab bars are more expensive, costing anything between $140 and $300.


There is no conventional positioning for grab bars in domestic restrooms. It is determined by your height and how tough it is to maneuver in and out of the bathtub or shower. Additionally, your stand at the sink also plays a role.

The purpose for their use also determines the placement of grab bars. Grab bars, for instance, may be required for balancing in the shower. Other uses include providing assistance getting in and out of the bathtub or getting up from the toilet.


Usually, grab bars are composed of stainless steel, aluminum, or other metal to resist corrosion and rust. Grab bars are also available in plastics or high-density resins like polyethylene and may have a textured grip.


Length of Grab Bars

Grab bars come in various lengths, spanning between 12 inches to 16 inches, 24 inches, or 32 inches, or even more.

Grab Bar Style

  • Straight grab bars are available in free-standing forms and may be installed diagonally, vertically, or horizontally on the wall. 
  • Wave grab bars feature a small curve and are a more elegant option to straight grab bars for aesthetics.
  • Textured grab bars are comprised of textured materials that provide a nonslip grip. 
  • Two-in-one grab bars can also be used as a towel rack, shower shelf for toiletries, or toilet paper holder.


Shower grab bars come in a variety of styles that don’t necessitate permanent installation, rendering them transportable:

  • Suction grab bars are lightweight and simple to set up. The suction cups only require a nonporous area to be fastened to. They’re an excellent option for tenants who can’t make irreversible changes to their properties. Suction grab bars are not as sturdy as stud-mounted grab bars, but they can still offer light support. They’re also simple to transport. Many of them, in addition, include a telescoping characteristic that allows them to be stored compactly when not being used.
  • In combination shower tubs, movable safety rails are intended to be employed. They feature an adjustable height plus clamp near the tub’s side. They’re made to help you get into and out of the tub.


Question: Are Suction Shower Grab Bars Safe?

Answer: If properly installed, they might provide additional stability when entering or leaving the shower. They are not, though, intended to sustain a person’s entire weight.

Question: In a Shower, How High Should be a Grab Bar Be?

Answer: A grab bar must be constructed between 33 and 36 inches from the floor.

Question: What is the Maximum Weight That a Grab Bar Can Support?

Answer: Each grab bar features a different weight capacity, which must be stated clearly in the product details. Weight capabilities usually vary from 250 to 500 pounds. 

Question: What are the Features of a Good Shower Grab Bar? 

Answer: Here are a few characteristics of a good shower grab:

  • Vacuum or suction bars are grab bars with dependable suction cups and may be installed anyplace on a smooth area.
  • Mountable Bars – It must be installed on your shower wall and generally sport a disguised design. Accessories and tools are given for installation.
  • Plastic — Plastic versions in the suction style are more plentiful, and they feature an easy-to-grip handle.
  • Metal – Stainless steel or aluminum are employed in the metal alternatives, which are generally mountable and available in many color options with a brushed nickel or chrome finish.
  • Portable Suction – This is a compact and much more easily stowed Grab Bar made of plastic when traveling.

The Bottom Line 

One in every four older adults falls each year, and the bulk of those falls happens in the bathroom. Thus, shower grab bars are in high demand. We chose our five favorite shower grab bars depending on their affordable cost, inventive design, and ease of installation.

Assess your bath space, evaluate your planned use, and pick a design that suits your requirements when searching for a grab bar. If you ask us, we would choose to go for the premium pick – Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar.

It is an excellent choice and one you can go for without a doubt. And that is all! Stay safe!

If you are interested in other shower-related accessories that might be beneficial for you, check out our other guides:

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