Best Shower Commode Wheelchairs: Top 4 Picks

This post will feature our chosen five best shower commode wheelchairs that should hopefully suit the individual needs of our readers. From the basic to the high-end, the shower commode wheelchairs in this guide all share a few things: they’re safe, durable and we trust in them.

The bathroom can be hazardous for anyone, but it can be precarious for those with mobility issues or people living with specific disabilities. If you, a loved one, or people you care for are experiencing difficulties with the ability to shower safely, it could be time for a shower commode wheelchair.

Shower commode wheelchairs are available in a wide variety of designs to suit specific needs. They come in at various price points and are essential objects in domestic and residential homes across the globe.

Before I go into details of each of the shower commode wheelchairs I am recommending, I will provide a buying guide to ensure you know the things to look for if you decide to purchase a shower commode wheelchair I haven’t listed.

But first, here’s a snapshot of the shower commode wheelchairs I am recommending.

At a Glance: 4 Best Shower Commode Wheelchairs

Shower Commode Wheelchair Buying Guide

Shower Commode Wheelchair Buying Guide

Helping to prevent lifting injuries for a caregiver and falls for the user, a shower commode wheelchair is a crucial device for a home with someone residing there who suffers from mobility impairments.

These could be short-term, long-term, or life-long disabilities due to a wide number of reasons, but if they mean that showering requires assistance, then they also mean a shower commode wheelchair could be essential.

Choosing the right shower commode wheelchair depends on several factors, including the level of support needed, the adjustability and weight capacity of the product, and its price.

Here are some of the most vital features to consider when looking to buy a shower commode wheelchair.


If you can self-propel a wheelchair independently, then ensure the model you’re looking at is specifically designed for this; and has extra-large back wheels.

Being able to retain your independence, if you can, is often vital for your mental well-being. In these situations, there are many charities that can make independent living a little bit more comfortable.

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In that case, this list of America’s best local charities could offer some enrichment and promote overall well-being.

Shower commode wheelchairs that require a caregiver’s help will provide ergonomic propulsion. Both types of chairs are easy to control and navigate on different floor surfaces.

Commode Support

All commode chairs will have a type of open seat to facilitate those who can’t readily get to a standard toilet. They come in various configurations to meet individual needs and can include beneficial accessories.

Some people may use a standard commode in the shower rather than buying a shower-specific one, and although this works, it isn’t the best option.

Traditional commodes are simply not designed to sit inside a tub; they may not fit, and if they do, they could rust or corrode over time due to the water. In addition, standard commodes rarely come with wheels, so they will require heavy lifting in and out of a shower unit or tub.

Showering Support

Shower commode wheelchairs come in different kinds of design formats, and it is essential you choose the kind that corresponds to the configuration of your specific shower. For example, roll-in shower commode wheelchairs won’t be compatible with a walled tub but will be perfect for a curbless shower unit.

Weight Capacity

Ensure that the shower commode wheelchair is capable of holding the entire weight of the user. Larger and heavier users will benefit from a more robust chair with a wider seat; it must also be durable, strong, and able to support the user’s weight comfortably.


Some shower commode wheelchairs have some form of adjustability, making them the preferred choice for residential care homes, hospitals and rehabilitation units. It could be that the height extends, the seat widens, or the tilt and footrests are flexible to reduce pressure and angle comfort.


It is crucial that shower commode wheelchairs are constructed with water-resistant material; that doesn’t rust or corrode. The material needs to be durable and strong and able to withstand heavy, repetitive use as well as continual water contact. It is best to look for materials that are also fairly lightweight for easier maneuvering.

Some design elements worth considering are quick-drying backrests, padded seats, comfort grip handles, and adjustable safety belts.

Product Criteria

Shower Commode Wheelchair Product Criteria

Whether we are reviewing large and expensive items, such as massage chairs, or smaller and more affordable items like shower stools, one thing remains the same – our product criteria. Here are some of the things I considered before selecting any shower commode wheelchair for this guide.


To ensure this guide is inclusive as I could make it, I have included various designs of shower commode wheelchairs in the hope that every reader can find a suitable one that we’re happy to recommend.


I wanted to feel confident in the knowledge that the shower commode wheelchairs here were safe, durable, and could be relied upon. For this, they had to be well made and comprise high-quality materials. If they weren’t up to scratch, they didn’t make the post!


As budget can be a limiting factor when purchasing anything, I chose shower commode wheelchairs across the price points. This way, everyone should be able to see what they can expect to get for their money with this product.

Consumer Reviews

The real difficulty with buying online is that you’re not able to see or test out the item physically. I need to know that it wasn’t just me who felt positive about the shower commode wheelchairs here, but that other consumer had also had a positive experience after purchase.

Each chair featured has a large number of positive reviews (outweighing any negatives, by far) that are all accessible online.

4 Shower Commode Wheelchairs

Best Shower Commode Wheelchairs
UltraCommode™ Shower Commode Wheelchair – Our #1 Top Pick


  • Foldable
  • Comfortable Padding
  • No Tool Assembly
Find it Here
Showerbuddy Shower Commode Wheelchair – Our #1 Budget Pick


  • Height Adjustable
  • Mesh Back Rest
  • Flip-up Footrests
Find it Here
MaxiBathe 3-in-1 Bariatric Shower Commode Chair


  • 600 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Medical-Grade Aluminum Frame
  • Versatile 3-in-1 Design
Find it Here
HOMCOM Shower Commode Wheelchair


  • Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Large Rectangular Bucket
  • 300 lb Weight Capacity
Find it Here

UltraCommode™ Shower Commode Wheelchair – Our #1 Top Pick

UltraCommode™ Shower Commode Wheelchair

I admire so many features of the UltraCommode™ Shower Commode Wheelchair; the convenience, modern design, unique folding frame, and commercial grade polyurethane padding are just a few.

The drawback of this shower commode chair is that it doesn’t come with wheels, meaning you would have to carry it from room to room. However, the overall weight is just 14 lb.

The initial assembly of the chair takes mere seconds, and as a no-tool build, it couldn’t be more straightforward. To adjust the legs to your size is nothing more than pushing in a pin and extending the pole.

The folding design is perfect for those who only need the chair intermittently or for people who regularly travel. Its compact size is ideal for under-the-bed storing.

The padding is exceptionally comfortable but not too soft, so you feel well supported. The platform is large at 15-in by 15-in, and due to its material, absolutely no water’s absorbed when used in the shower.

You can choose between standard gray or high-visibility blue, which helps those with cognitive or visual impairments to distinguish the chair and reduce the risk of falls.


  • Foldable
  • Excellent Price
  • Lightweight (14 lb)
  • No-tool, Straightforward Build
  • Easy to Adjust
  • Comfortable


  • No Wheels, so You Must be Able to Carry This

Showerbuddy Shower Commode Wheelchair – Our #1 Budget Pick

Showerbuddy Shower Commode Wheelchair

The Showerbuddy Shower Commode Wheelchair is actually more expensive than the UltraCommode™, but as that took the best overall pick, this left the budget pick free to use here!

At under $300, this chair offers incredible value for money and is the perfect choice for regular travelers due to its convenient de-build and store ability (travel bag included).

This is a rolling chair, ideal for shower units, and it can be used over the toilet, in addition to coming with its own bowl. It has fixed arms, but the frame is height adjustable, and the footrests are removable. With the back being mesh, its main objective is quick-drying and easy cleaning, but it still provides adequate support.

The frame is solid, made from durable aluminum and stainless steel; it can support up to 265 lb. I found the padded seat to be comfortable to sit on for long periods; it is a generous 17.5-in, so suitable for larger people.

You can simply adjust the chair with no tools between 20.86-in and 22.84-in, and it fits easily through standard 24-in doors.


  • Good Value for Money
  • Simple to Adjust
  • Removable Footrests
  • Mesh Back
  • Comfortable, Padded Seat
  • Lockable Wheels


  • Delivery Can Take 2-Weeks
  • Taller Than Most – Not Best Option for Shorter People

MaxiBathe 3-in-1 Bariatric Shower Commode Chair

MaxiBathe 3-in-1 Bariatric Shower Commode Chair

Although the MaxiBathe 3-in-1 Bariatric Shower Commode Chair has a high-end price point, its 3-in-1 versatility can justify this. You can use this as a transport chair, bedside commode, and comfortable shower chair.

The MaxiBathe commode chair is specifically designed for larger users, with a 600 lb weight capacity and exceptionally robust frame.

I was impressed with the heavy-duty construction of the medical-grade, rustproof aluminum frame and found the padded foam seat to be extremely comfortable. The seat is also water-resistant. This shower chair can be independently used to self-propel, or a caregiver can push the ergonomic handles and take control.

The chair easily glides over different floor surfaces and thresholds, with no sticking or struggle. There are easy push brakes to slow movement and lockable wheels for complete safety when stationary. I liked the retractable footrest and added safety of a security belt here.

A huge drawback is that this chair is sold out via the brand’s website, but it is available widely online with varying prices; the cheapest I found was at


  • 600 lb Weight Capacity
  • 3-in-1 Design
  • Robust Frame
  • Self-Propel Option
  • Lockable Wheels


  • Sold Out Via Brands Website; Prices Vary Elsewhere
  • High RRP

HOMCOM Shower Commode Wheelchair

HOMCOM Shower Commode Wheelchair

The HOMCOM Shower Commode Wheelchair is another multi-use mobility aid with a lower price point than the MaxiBathe chair.

Its construction and materials are the possible reason why, as although sturdy aluminum alloy and PU have been used, they are not medical-grade as the above product. I still found this to be a sturdy chair that focused a lot on comfort.

The entirety of this chair is waterproof, from the seat and frame to the four castors and brakes, meaning it won’t rust or corrode over time and should provide good longevity for the user.

The bucket is rectangular and larger than most and simple to attach, detach, and clean. Although this shower commode wheelchair is more narrow than most, it can support 300 lb.

I found the armrests to be comfortable, and I like how the footrest can be flipped away when it isn’t needed. The chair is fairly compact in size and has a relatively narrow seat, so I recommend this for smaller users. The initial assembly is straightforward, and no tools are needed, and the frame can be extended; again, with no tools.


  • Excellent Price
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Straightforward Build
  • Adjustable
  • Large Bucket


  • It seems to be hit and miss as to when this is in stock; over the time it took to research this article, its availability was intermittent. If you like this, my advice is to click buy when you can!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is a Shower Commode Wheelchair Just for People With Continence Issues?

Answer: Absolutely not. Although people with continence issues greatly benefit from this product, it is more directed towards those who have compromised mobility.
If, for example, you’re in the shower and suddenly need the toilet but can’t get there, you may slip, trip, or fall in your attempt. With a shower commode chair, the pressure is off.
It’s also a greatly versatile product, being able to be used as a standard bedside commode, travel chair, and shower chair all in one. For this reason, I find a shower commode wheelchair to be one of the most valuable and cost-effective mobility aids out there.

Question: Do I Need a Shower Commode Wheelchair if I Can Walk a Little?

Answer: Items like foldable canes are an ideal day-to-day product for those who can walk a little without a great level of support. These are also remarkably affordable. But, a shower commode wheelchair takes away the need to try and walk when this could be a struggle, eliminating the risk of injury entirely.
It may be that you’ll only need a shower commode wheelchair during certain times, maybe due to flare-ups, recoveries, or illnesses that are temporary. In this case, a foldable chair could be the best option.

Question: Is it More Cost-Effective To Hire a Shower Commode Wheelchair if I Won’t Need it all the Time?

Answer: It can often make financial sense to hire mobility aids; it can also be convenient and hassle-free. But, this is only when everything goes to plan.
It could be that you don’t know when you’ll need the product, and by the time you do, it could be challenging to source a hire immediately; it may also be that you need it for longer than you initially thought, which could incur high expenses.
If there is likely to be a time when you’ll need the support of a shower commode wheelchair, it would be more convenient to have one sat there ready. All of those in this guide assemble and disassemble pretty easily, and the UltraCommode™ Shower Commode Wheelchair even folds for easy storage.

Best Shower Commode Wheelchairs – My Verdict

I’ve made no secret in this article that I am really taken with the UltraCommode™ Shower Commode Wheelchair. Its versatility, ease of use, comfort, stability, and the fact it folds for storing are all excellent features. However, I am aware that it is a pricier item than some.

The Showerbuddy Shower Commode Wheelchair is a product that offers excellent value for money, a high level of support, and is a breeze to maintain; due to the meshed back particularly.

This shower chair is adjustable, features lockable wheels and removable footrests. Shorter consumers found it a little too tall, and it can take 2-weeks for delivery.

If you’re of a heavier build, then you may benefit from the MaxiBathe 3-in-1 Bariatric Shower Commode Chair. This chair supports up to 600 lb and is highly sturdy.

I found it comfortable, easy to assemble, and it can be used independently or with caregivers’ support. The price for this chair is a little higher than most, and unfortunately, its price varies online.

Another product with limited availability is the HOMCOM Shower Commode Wheelchair; this is a well-priced, sturdy build suitable for a wide range of users. I found the padding to be very comfortable and was impressed with the ease of assembly and straightforwardness of adjusting the height.

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