Best Rubber Feet for Cutting Boards

It seems like a very small detail, but once you’ve used a cutting board with rubber feet, you probably wouldn’t want to go back to having your cutting board flat on the counter. But the thing is, not too many cutting boards are made with feet.

Fortunately, you can buy the following products and attach them to your cutting boards with ease:

  • Topinstock Rubber Feet for Cutting Board
  • Carpenter Woods Wooden Cutting Board Feet
  • RubberFeet US 20 Small Clear Round Rubber Feet
  • Vellax Self-Adhesive Bumpers
  • GorillaGrit Cone Shaped Clear Rubber Bumpers
  • Chosen Stones Wooden Feet for Cutting Board

These are our recommendations for the best stick-on rubber feet for cutting boards. If you’re in a hurry, you can just order these products straight away. But if you want a more informed decision regarding your cutting board’s rubber feet, read on!

How We Chose the Best Rubber Feet for Cutting Boards

rubber feet cutting board

The good news is that rubber is inherently non-slip. As such, using rubber feet on your cutting board will help it stay in place when you are mincing, dicing, slicing, or chopping food.

Rubber feet for cutting boards can come in different sizes and shapes. If you are buying them to keep your cutting boards elevated and so they don’t touch your counter surface, you should choose those with a bit of height.

The taller the rubber feet you use for your cutting board, the more airflow the underside of your cutting board will have. This space will help your cutting board dry faster and therefore prevent mold, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens from living on it.

Some of the products we recommend are not necessarily made of rubber but have a rubber grip material that makes them non-slip. And as you will find out, other rubber feet products are not exclusively for use with cutting boards. Some products are not even primarily for cutting boards, but as long as they can do the job well, then they’re in the running.

What are our bets for the best rubber feet for cutting boards?

Topinstock Rubber Feet for Cutting Board

The Topinstock Rubber Feet for Cutting Board has a set of 12 rubber feet and wood screws. These feet measure 0.38 inches (0.97 centimeters) tall and have a top and bottom width of 0.81 and 0.69 inches (2.1 and 1.8 centimeters).

The center hole is 0.16 inches (0.41 centimeter) in diameter. It can accommodate #8 screws.

It’s very easy to install these rubber feet; you just need to screw each of them in. These rubber feet are not only for your cutting boards,  but you can also use them for electronics and other items.

rubber feet cutting board topinstock


  • Sturdy
  • Keeps your cutting boards stable
  • Can be used for other products


  • Set of 12 may result in you paying more for rubber feet that you might not use

Carpenter Woods Wooden Cutting Board Feet

While technically made of acacia wood, the Carpenter Woods Wooden Cutting Board Feet is one of the best-looking feet for your cutting boards. You can use the self-tapping screws included in the package to install the feet to your cutting board.

Once that’s done, you can just stick the silicone rubber feet in the space provided. The package also comes with washers to ensure that the feet are screwed on tightly.

Because they are made with acacia wood, these feet look amazing with their natural wood grain. They can keep your board off any surface. What’s more, they can keep your chopping board stable when you’re cutting.

The screws are made with stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about it rusting. The silicone rubber feet are also encased within a feet cap that can make

carpenter woods


  • The silicone rubber feet adhere to the wood perfectly
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to install, use, and clean


  • Some users complained that these feet are uneven

RubberFeet US 20 Small Clear Round Rubber Feet

If you don’t like the look of black rubber, you can get the RubberFeet US 20 Small Clear Round Rubber Feet. These rubber feet can keep your chopping board stable and off any surface by a quarter of an inch (0.6 centimeters).

They are slightly tapering, with the top width measuring 0.67 inches (1.7 centimeters) and the bottom measuring 0.58 inches (1.5 centimeters). This set of 20 includes 20 #6 screws for fastening the feet to your cutting boards.

These rubber feet are BPA-free and don’t have any conflict minerals in them.



  • Clear feet makes it easier to color coordinate with any cutting board
  • Stainless screws make it safe for food


  • Some users complain about these rubber feet behaving more like hard plastic and can be quite slippery

Vellax Self-Adhesive Bumpers

The Vellax Self-Adhesive Bumpers are made with silicone but have a rubber grip material. As such, it combines the best properties of these two materials.

You get 128 small bumpers that you can use as rubber feet for your cutting boards. If you cannot screw into your cutting board, like when it’s made of glass, you’d appreciate how you just need to stick these bumpers on.

These bumpers measure 0.5 by 0.14 inches (1.27 by 0.36 centimeters) and can get your cutting boards off any surface. What’s more, because of the rubber grip, your cutting board doesn’t slide when you’re using it.

The bumpers are almost invisible and are waterproof and soft. They don’t flatten out or discolor easily like other bumpers.

The strong adhesive guarantees that the bumpers stay in place.

vellax bumper


  • Excellent for cutting boards that you cannot drill a hole into
  • Stays in place
  • Waterproof and slip-resistant


  • Some buyers report that they got an inferior adhesive, which means that the bumpers do not stay in place

GorillaGrit Cone Shaped Clear Rubber Bumpers

If you constantly worry about your cutting boards being left on your countertop moist and wet, then you should get the GorillaGrit Cone Shaped Clear Rubber Bumpers. You can use these bumpers as rubber feet for your cutting board.

There are three heights available in this set:

  • 0.72 by 0.56 inches (18.3 by 14.2 millimeters)
  • 0.75 by 0.75 inches (19.1 by 19.1 millimeters)
  • 0.79 by 0.89 inches (20 by 22.5 millimeters)

You can appreciate just how tall these rubber feet are compared to the others on this list. The additional space underneath can ensure enough airflow for your cutting boards to dry out.

You can choose between clear and black rubber feet.

gorillagrit rubber bumpers


  • Can be used for other purposes, not just as rubber feet for your cutting board
  • Easy to install: just stick it on


  • Some users complain about the adhesive being weak

Chosen Stones Wooden Feet for Cutting Board

The Chosen Stones Wooden Feet for Cutting Board can lift your cutting board off any surface by about an inch (2.54 centimeters). That gives it enough airflow underneath to make sure that it stays dry even if you don’t prop your cutting board up after washing.

What’s more, these elegant-looking wooden feet have rubber bumpers that keep your cutting board from slipping when you’re using it.

This product comes in three designs:

So if you have a cutting board made with these materials, you can just select a matching Chosen Stones Wooden Feet.

chosen stones wooden feet


  • Comes with rust- and corrosion-resistant screws
  • Elegant looking


  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why use rubber feet for your cutting boards?

Answer: Cutting boards can harbor bacteria, fungi, viruses, molds, and other icky stuff that can make you sick when it comes in contact with your food. For the most part, these microorganisms thrive when your cutting board is moist or wet.

Having rubber feet raises your cutting board off any surface. It allows for air to flow under your cutting board and for it to dry faster.

More than that, if you’re using wooden cutting boards, the moisture can warp it. Or, if you have cutting boards made with other materials, the moisture can weaken glue joints.

No Slipping

One of the things that can go wrong while using your cutting board is if it slips while you’re slicing. This is the last thing you’d want when handling a sharp knife because it can lead to serious injuries.

On top of that, having that extra space under the board will help you pick it up easily.

Question: If rubber feet are important, why are most cutting boards sold without them?

Answer: Some people use both sides of their cutting boards. I, myself, use one side for cutting meat and the other side for slicing vegetables and fruits to avoid contaminating them. Having rubber feet means that it will be difficult or inconvenient for you to use the side with the feet on them. And if you have a smaller cutting board, having rubber feet will reduce your working area. For others, the rubber feet can ruin the aesthetics of their board, especially if you have those boards that are made of hardwood and you like the look of the wood grain. Having rubber feet will certainly put a damper on that look. The good news is that, as you can see from our recommendations, rubber feet do not have to be utilitarian. You can get wooden feet with rubber grip material underneath to enhance the beauty of your wooden boards.

Question: I’m still thinking about buying rubber feet for my board. What can I use in the meantime?

Answer: We recommend getting rubber feet for your board. It’s not necessarily ugly, and it can help you keep safe when handling food. Plus, it ensures that your cutting board stays with you longer.

But if you need some alternatives, or if you’re not up to screwing or sticking rubber feet onto your boards, here’s what we suggest:

• Use Poster Putty. A product like the Duck Brand Reusable and Removable Poster Putty can keep your cutting board in place. Just stick some under your cutting boards and remove the putty when you’re done.
• Use a damp kitchen towel. Put the towel under your cutting board over the countertop and slice away. Thin cotton towels will be great for making your cutting board stable.
• Use a damp paper towel. If you don’t have a kitchen towel on hand, a paper towel will do.
• Buy a non-slip mat. You can buy something like the Gasare Silicone Counter Mats and be safer when you’re using your cutting board. As a bonus, these mats can also protect your countertop from hot pots and pans.

Get the Best Rubber Feet for Your Cutting Boards Today!

Whether you screw it on or stick it on, rubber feet can ensure a longer-lasting cutting board. These small additions allow you to ensure that you can enjoy your cutting board for a longer time.

You have a choice to go with money-saving rubber feet that allows you to easily install them on your cutting boards, such as the Topinstock Rubber Feet for Cutting Board or the clear RubberFeet US product.

But if you like to preserve your wood cutting board’s looks, then you can choose between Carpenter Woods Wooden Cutting Board Feet or Carpenter Woods Wooden Cutting Board Feet. And oh, don’t forget the nifty little bumpers that you can also use as rubber feet.

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