How to Find the Best Platform Walker: Buying Guide

An estimate of 10.1% of Americans suffers from difficulty in moving around without support. Indeed, you are not in this fight alone!

As people grow old, the power to support their bodies faces some challenges.

Due to this, individuals require devices and mechanisms to help them move around. One way to minimize the risk of hand or back injuries is to invest in a platform walker.

Are you looking for the best platform walkers for mobility issues?

This guide will help you choose the best walkers in the market. Moreover, every platform walker reviewed has unique designs to support your forearms and torso as you walk.

People will gain back their balance and mobility while using the devices mentioned. In addition, you will also get a definitive buyer’s guide to understand the selection process better.

Are you ready to bring back your lost mobility? Read on to find out more.

What are Platform Walkers?

People also refer to platform walkers as the forearm or upright walkers because of their unique design. These walkers come with arm support that helps individuals deal with movement even with limited arm strength. Furthermore, platform walkers are specially designed for people dealing with mobility issues and minimized arm strength.

In standard walkers, you put enough pressure on your hands, fingers, and wrists. However, in platform walkers, you get to distribute the weight and grip the walker better.

There might not be enough strength left in your hands to help you move around easily.

Due to this issue, the industry created platform or forearm walkers that do not require optimal hand strength implementation. Therefore, using standard walkers might be hurtful for people with minimal arm strength. It takes off the pressure from your shoulder or back as well.

In a platform walker, you need not grip the mechanism using the hand to bear the weight of your body.

Such walkers come with armrests as a platform to alleviate the pain of putting strain on weak hands. Furthermore, platform walkers help minimize mobility issues.

People will have to rest their hands on this platform without gripping the walker. Consequently, the wheels located at the bottom of this walker will ensure smooth maneuverability. You can have a distributed weight on your relatively stronger forearm while moving around.

Platform walkers are truly a new-age solution to problems arising from arm strength coupled with mobility issues.

Who Can Use Platform Walkers?

Who Can Use Platform Walkers

In its essence, platform walkers have been designed to help people with weak forearms and hands. Moreover, if you deal with balance disabilities during walking, this walker will help you move around with ease. Indeed, these devices come in various age options like pediatric, child, and adult platform walkers.

The adult walkers usually have an amalgamation of industry-grade material and medical PVC.

Due to this, people dealing with all sorts of neurological disabilities can benefit from it. If you are suffering from sudden mobility issues while walking, like loss of balance, then this would be a great option.

In some cases, a platform walker is also a great device during stability therapy. But most importantly, such walkers will help you get your daily tasks done without any help.

The anatomy of such devices will allow you to put your body weight on stronger forearms and help deal with problems easily. Therefore, anyone who is unable to use a standard one will benefit from such walkers. You can effectively steer the walker even when you experience mobility issues.

You can buy these platforms for post-op patients as well. For example, if you or your friend recently underwent a femur or wrist fracture, then these walkers will be your saviors.

Semi-paralyzed people due to stroke can also benefit from using this platform walker.

What if you have back issues? With platform walkers, you do not have to bend down lower than usual.

Usually, senile and people undergoing physical therapy use platform walkers to their utmost potential.

A Glance into the Best Platform Walker

A Glance into the Best Platform Walker

This platform walker comes with soft armrests with padding and a height-adjustable tube. Moreover, weight and the dual braking system make it an ideal gift for seniors.

This upright walker will offer seniors the freedom to move around without asking for help. Furthermore, the wheels have obstacle aid specially designed for dealing with outside terrain.

You will get a standard height from this device, along with a compact design. Consequently, this product is easily foldable and stored anywhere in the house or car.

It has all-terrain wheels and comfortable grips. Moreover, the price range is minimal as compared to other devices in this category.

It is a multi-function walker with a lightweight and strong design. Furthermore, the device uses medical-grade hardware to ensure maximum durability.

The Top 5 Best Platform Walker – Comprehensive Reviews

After glancing through the top five picks, you now know about the products being reviewed. Each of them has durable and high-quality materials. Moreover, the functionality might be different, so you need to choose wisely.

Going through the detailed reviews will help you determine the best course of action. Are you ready to indulge in the reviews?

Best Overall: BEYOUR Walker Store Mobility Walking Aid

BEYOUR Walker Store Mobility Walking Aid

Those who have used this device have referred to it as a revolutionary breakthrough. It houses bigger wheels and an adjustable holding angle. Furthermore, you will have access to a reinforced frame with a bigger storage bag.

You will find the 10-inch front wheels to be safe and stable as they smoothly roll around any terrain.

This walking aid is a great option for you to take out or stay indoors. With the use of high-end design mechanisms, you will not tip over while using this device.

The dual brake system will help you apply the brakes easily by pushing on the mechanism near your hands. Moreover, it will push a lock near the rear wheels and stop the device when you do this. As mentioned earlier, this platform walker would be convenient to walk outside with.

It is due to the one-hand folding mechanism and the compact design. Therefore, you can easily store it inside your car.

The bad is detachable, and there is a cane holder which will help you go hands-free. You can park the mechanism, utilize the seat, and rest on the backrest whenever you feel tired. The tubes in the product are adjustable, meaning they can be customized to suit any length.

The holding angle helps you remain in a comfortable position without putting pressure on your arm or back. 

The padded armrest has a U shape that perfectly contours your forearms.

One of the best features is the dual braking system with an ergonomic system of looped hand brakes. It will ensure that you remain secure during parking or in emergencies. Moreover, it has seven height levels that make it suitable for everyone.

The threshold aid pedal is easy to maneuver. All you have to do is hold the hand brakes and step on the pedal.

The device has a dimension of 31 x 14.5 x 13 inches and 22 lbs. Furthermore, the weight capacity of this device is 300 lbs.

Overall, anyone will feel upright and secure in their natural posture by using the BEYOUR walker!


  • It comes with a detachable storage bag
  • The dual brake system ensures a secure landing
  • U-shaped armrest with padding
  • The armrest tube is customizable
  • It houses a 7-height level adjustment mechanism


  • The device has a forward balance point

Best Quality: ELENKER Store Folding Rollator

elker walker

If you are looking for optimal quality, then this platform walker is just for you.

The material used to manufacture this device is platinum, and it houses a carbon fiber color to ensure durability. It weighs 23 lbs. with dimensions of 29 x 13.8 x 13.3 inches. Therefore, you can use it to go anywhere you want to without asking for help.

Using this folding walker, you can keep your back straight and put pressure off your hands. In turn, it will help you remain active throughout the day.

The armrests are padded and have a soft feel to them. Hence, your forearms rest naturally on them and relieve the stress off your back, shoulders, and hands. You also have access to adjustable tubes for the armrest.

Due to this, you can customize the adjustable length and maintain a natural holding position. You will feel comfortable and well-situated when you adjust the armrests to your liking.

The device will let the armrest reach 45 inches from the ground while you adjust it.

While manufacturing this device, the company focused on security and stability a lot. Therefore, the front wheels have 10-inch anatomy with a 360o swivel. When in use, you will have easy movement without worrying about breaking the wheels.

You get dual hand brakes in its sturdy frame, which offers optimal safety.  In addition, the pedals have an obstacle aid that you can easily utilize to let the device go beyond the threshold.

The removable polyester storage bag has a zipper which will help you go shopping easily. Moreover, it has a folding seat that houses a thickened anatomy.   

The seat is soft and easy to be on whenever you feel tired from all the walking. This seat has a nylon mesh with PU material, making it extremely breathable and durable. You will also get support from the backrest when you take a break.

You can easily fold the device to assemble it and store it anywhere. Due to its compact size, you will not need extra tools, which makes the process convenient.

Overall, if you are looking for optimal durability while moving around outdoors, the ELENKER device will be your best choice.


  • The aluminum frame and carbon fiber ensure durability
  • It comes with a soft padded armrest for comfortability
  • You can adjust the height to keep the device at a natural level
  • It is convenient and easy to store by folding
  • The obstacle aid pedal makes it ideal for outdoors


  • The device might be heavy for many

Best Foldable: OasisSpace Store Folding Platform Walker

best platform walker

The best thing about this platform walker is its easily collapsible design. It is a tall walker that has a collapse screw which helps in folding the device for easier storage. Moreover, it has a compact design that will helps making it easy to store.

The unique folding mechanism helps you adjust the width of the device.

Due to this feature, you can easily navigate through narrow spaces without permitting mishaps. You can easily fold the front wheels and get the legs removed. Therefore, it will allow you to place the device anywhere – a car trunk, a cabinet, or even a travel case.

Due to the compact design, the device can maneuver through narrow doors as well. The product has passed medical tests and is an approved healthcare aid.

It houses efficient quality and engages a healthy lifestyle for people with mobility issues.

The front wheels have a 10-inch design with a metal front and 8-inch rear wheel anatomy. In addition, the front wheels have a 360o swivel that is sturdy and durable. Due to this, you get a smooth ride anywhere you go.

It comes with hand brakes that will help you slow down the device. Indeed, the device can help you stop from falling over.

The safe armrests are comfortable to work with and helps you keep your balance stable. Moreover, it has a padded feature that helps natural resting on your forearms which takes the pressure off your hands and shoulders.

There is an oval tube that you can raise to 48o as well.

With this, you can comfortably move around with better support for your torso. Furthermore, it uses aluminum in its design and has a 30.1 lbs. anatomy. The dimensions of this device are 33 x 16.5 x 9.6 inches.

You can easily take this product out for a spin along the walkway because it can tread lightly over rugged terrains.

The backrest in this device has a thick and soft design to maximize comfort. You can remove it from its position when you do not need a good rest, as well. Furthermore, the product is reliable and safe due to the necessary equipment, like an extra-large storage unit.

Overall, if you are looking for a platform walker that you can take out and store anywhere, the OasisSpace product will be ideal.


  • It has quality assurance and meets all medical standards
  • The front wheels have swivels that help with maneuverability
  • The compact and foldable design ensure maximum storage
  • The backrest is comfortable and thick
  • The armrests are height adjustable and easy to use


  • Hand-brakes are not sensitive enough to effectively stop the device

Best Value: WINLOVE Mobility Walking Aid

WINLOVE Mobility Walking Aid

It is a mobility solution that has a daily use guarantee. The price range is comparatively less, but there is no compromise in the construction quality. This mobility aid comes in a comfortable fabric with a durable design.

It comes with a lock system that helps in making the device halt in its position. This dual brake design is ergonomic and helps enhance safety. Moreover, this system is prevalent in both the wheels in the rear position.

The high-quality steel design makes the frame durable and can hold up to 300 lbs. It also infuses aluminum in its design which makes it sturdy and rust-free for years to come.

It has a lightweight feature because of the 18 lbs. weight, perfect for maximum movement.

The hand rest on the stand is removable, and the handle is adjustable. Therefore, you can have comfort while standing up and customizing the height of the device. This adjustable design can be extended to 44o in your handgrip.

The product is extremely compact and easily foldable. Hence, you can fit it in your car trunk and transport it everywhere with you.

You can take the 10-inch terrain wheels everywhere and expect them to offer stability. Indeed, taking the device out for a spin along your lawn will be a good choice. The wheels have a swivel design making it well-suited everywhere and safe because of the braking capacity.

The nylon bag has a zipper placement in your reach, making it perfect for storing your belongings.

The armrest is soft and padded with a U-shaped design. Due to this, your forearms will not feel tired even after moving around for a bit. The device has 25 x 14 x 12.5 inches, making it an evenly designed platform walking aid.

Overall, this walking aid will offer all the features you can expect at a reasonable price.


  • Steerable armrest makes it easy to move around
  • The wheels are multi-terrain compatible
  • It has a maximum braking facility that ensures safety
  • The armrest uses durable and soft material
  • It houses a compact and adjustable design at a lower price


  • You may need to bend down if you are taller than 5 feet 11 inches

Best Dual-Functionality: BOLESHU Adjustable Walking Aid

BOLESHU Adjustable Walking Aid

Are you looking for a platform walker that has dual functionality in its anatomy? Then, this walking aid will be a perfect choice.

The walker comes with a multi-functionality feature that ensures the elimination of pain while walking. You can remove the armrest, turn it into an ordinary walker, and rest on the soft seat when tired.  Moreover, the device will put away pressure from your shoulders and arms and focus it on your forearm.

You will not feel uncomfortable because the armrests are padded and have a soft feeling to them. You can experience a better balance while walking around with this device due to the swivel casters.

The swivel is of 3-inches as paired with the 5-inch wheels. Due to this, you get the maximum support required to move around. This device is great for people dealing with minimal mobility issues.

It comes with optimal braking facilities that keep the product functional and safe.

You can remove the wheels, use leg sticks in the frame, and turn it into a normal walking aid. Furthermore, the use of aluminum alloy makes the device frame strong and durable. Each connection has a firmness with a strong bearing capacity of 400 lbs.

There is a leather seat that has a soft plate that makes the seating mechanism comfortable. In addition, the entire device is waterproof and rust-proof.

You will get an easy folding mechanism from this device. Hence, when you try to store it, you will find the device flexible moving capacity. Indeed, 19.7 lbs. makes it lightweight, and the dimensions are 32 x 21 x 7 inches.

By utilizing the one-click storage feature, you are allowing easy storage. Therefore, if you are looking for a dual-functionality platform walker, BOLESHU will be perfect.


  • It is a multi-functional device
  • The armrests are comfortable
  • It houses optimal durability
  • You can access flexible movement
  • There is a one-click foldable design


  • Not suitable for people with extreme mobility impairment

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Platform Walker

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Platform Walker

The market remains saturated with different platform walkers in the market. You can easily confuse these walkers with platform walker attachments.

These attachments turn a standard walker into a platform walker by eliminating the hand strength requirement. Moreover, a platform walker’s existence depends on making life easier for people dealing with mobility issues. Due to this, platform walkers that house wheels to walk around easily without putting pressure on the shoulder is ideal.

Have you read through the reviews and liked a product? Even so, you need to consider some features before making the buying decision.

Here are some aspects you need to consider before buying the platform walkers mentioned in this guide.

Durable Wheels

Each design mentioned here has four wheels making it an epitome of stabilization and balance. Such wheels also allow outdoor mobility through harsh terrains without falling over. Therefore, while looking for the best platform walker, make sure to look for pedals and wheels that are durable.

It would be best to look for wheels that have 5 to 10-inch anatomy with a 360o swivel design.

If the devices have these in their design, you can rest assured of achieving maximum maneuverability. Furthermore, the wheels need to have braking systems and threshold access for you to be safe and secure throughout the ride.

Adjustable Feature

When buying the best platform walker, you need to look for adjustability in the handles and handgrip. The most important part of this device is the hand rests and the tube attached to it.

It is where you get the comfortability from, unlike standard walkers. Therefore, ensure that the walker can extend at least 42o or more when looking for important features. It will help you customize the size of the walker to fit your height requirements.

There will be a minimal requirement for bending over and hurting your back with a proper height adjustment. Due to this feature, you can easily personalize the device to fit your needs.

Compact Design

These devices weigh more than standard walkers. Hence, it makes storing them difficult. The device also has a comparatively larger body.

All of this is due to the optimal features, and comfortability platform walkers possess. Even so, it would be best if you looked for compact designs in such devices. By compact, it does not mean smaller, but the ability to fold and dismantle during storage.

These devices have a mechanism that helps adjust the length and width.

Similarly, you can look for features that make the design compact and foldable. If you have this, you can easily store it in small places like the car’s trunk. It becomes portable if you search for platform walkers that have a foldable compact design.

FAQs on Platform Walkers

Question: Are Platform Walkers Worth It?

Answer: If you have problems with balancing yourself, then buying platform walkers will be worth it. For example, having backaches and weak hands can make it hard to use standard walkers without wheels. Therefore, you need to utilize a platform walker to ensure proper movement without hurting yourself.

Question: Can Non-Weight-Bearing People Use Platform Walkers?

Answer: If you are non-weight bearing, you need first to understand the workability of such walkers. Even so, you will find platform walkers to be the best choice.

Question: Why Should You Use a Platform Walker?

Answer: A platform walker will help you minimize the weight from your shoulders or wrists while walking. Instead, you will put weight on your forearms when placing them on soft armrests.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous ways to acquire platform walkers. For example, you use an attachment and turn your standard walker into a platform one. However, the best way to utilize the benefits of such walkers is by investing in a platform walker with wheels.

The best platform walker is by BEYOUR store. You can buy it to gain optimal features like braking systems, durability, and comfortability.

In case you want platform walkers with specific requirements, choose the other options mentioned.

Have you gone through the buying guide? If you did, you know how to choose a platform walker from scratch!  

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