Best Oil and Vinegar Dispensers For Every Day Use

This kitchen appliance is used to store olive oils, vinegar, or any other liquid condiments. Olive oil and vinegar are often used in cooking, so they need to be easily accessible. This is where an oil and vinegar dispenser comes in handy and we’re going to help you find the best ones.

There are many different types of oil and vinegar dispensers on the market today – some come with an automatic pump for easy pouring, while others have specific functions like storing wine or water bottles. Plus, they allow you to easily dispense the perfect amount of either oil or vinegar on your food without making a mess. These products make cooking easier, more enjoyable, and healthier for you.

As well as this, oil and vinegar dispensers are a great way to add some flair to your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for something modern or traditional, there is an oil and vinegar dispenser out there for everyone.

In this blog post, we will discuss what makes up a good oil and vinegar dispenser such as the materials they are made of, their design, and what features they come with. We’ll also cover some product recommendations so that you can find one that fits your taste!

What Is An Oil and Vinegar Dispenser?

An oil and vinegar dispenser is a bottle that dispenses both oil and vinegar while keeping your kitchen clean and tidy. They can either come as one bottle, or as two separate bottles.

They usually have two sides, with one side holding vinegar while the other holds oil. The top part of the container is often where you can control how much liquid comes out of it when squeezing or pumping it.

How Do Oil and Vinegar Dispensers Work?

stainless steel olive oil and vinegar dispensers

Oil dispensers or vinegar dispensers work by holding the liquid in a small chamber inside of them, with a spout for dispensing that liquid coming out at the top. The manual oil and vinegar bottle usually has two handles on it so you can hold onto it while pumping or squeezing to get your desired amount of oil or vinegar being dispensed. These bottles are typically made from glass, plastic, or stainless steel.

What Are the Different Types of Oil and Vinegar Dispensers?

There are several different types of oil and vinegar dispensers as well as two main styles – manual, and electric. Manual ones are the most common type available on the market right now, with a few electric models being released as well to try to compete with them.

The only difference between these two styles is how they dispense their liquid. With automatic oil and vinegar dispensers, you only need to press a button for the liquid to come out of it. Manual oil and vinegar dispensers require either squeezing or pouring in order for your desired amount of liquid to be dispensed.

As well as this, here are some of the most popular types of oil and vinegar dispensers available on the market:

Stainless Steel Oil and Vinegar Dispensers

These are the most common type of oil and vinegar dispensers on the market right now. These bottles are made out of stainless steel so you can put them in your dishwasher if needed.

They usually have a plastic pump or handle attached to them, which is used for controlling how much liquid comes out when squeezing or pumping it. These types of oil and vinegar dispensers are usually very easy to refill, with a screw top or flip cap at the end of them.

These stainless steel bottles come in many different sizes as well, from small ones that can hold around 200 ml up to large models that hold several liters of liquid inside of them.

Plastic Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

These are the cheapest type of oil and vinegar dispensers on the market right now.

They usually have a plastic tube connected to them, which is either squeezed or pumped in order for your desired amount of liquid to be dispensed out of it. You can find these types of bottles both with screw tops as well as flip caps, with the screw top ones being a bit more popular.

These bottles are also dishwasher safe and come in many different shapes and sizes as well.

Glass Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

Glass oil and vinegar bottles are often one of the most expensive types of dispensers. They are made out of high-quality glass but can still be broken much easier than the other two options, so they need to be handled with care.

In terms of their design, these bottles can come in much more intricate and interesting designs than plastic or metal versions. Their containers usually hold around 100 ml up to several liters of liquid, so you can choose between small or large sizes.

Electric Oil and Vinegar Dispensers

For innovative users, there are electric oil and vinegar dispensers available on the market as well. These bottles usually have an electronic button attached to them that is used for controlling how much liquid comes out when pressed down. Other than this difference, they work in a similar way to their manual counterparts.

These types are usually the most expensive oil and vinegar dispensers available, with prices starting around $50 for a smaller bottle up to several hundred dollars for larger models.

Ceramic Oil and Vinegar Dispensers

Ceramic oil and vinegar dispensers are another of the most stylish and unique types of dispensers available.

But, they are made out of ceramic, so they (like the glass option), can be broken easily if dropped or handled too roughly. These bottles come with either plastic pumps attached at the top, which you need to squeeze in order for the liquid to come out, or metal pumps that are usually attached by a magnet.

These types of oil and vinegar dispensers hold around 100 ml up to several liters of liquid as well, so you can choose between different sizes depending on your preferences.

All-in-one Oil and Vinegar Dispensers

This type of dispenser uses one bottle that can hold two different types of liquid inside of a single bottle. For example, you can put oil at the top part of the bottle and vinegar below it in order for both liquids to be dispensed out separately when needed.

These types are usually very easy to refill as well, with a screw or flip lid on their end that is used for opening them up easily. Plus, you can find all-in-one models that are both manual or electric.

Novelty oil and Vinegar Dispensers

For a little bit of a fancy design, novelty oil and vinegar dispensers can be a great choice.

They come in many different shapes and sizes, from cute animal-shaped bottles to colorful or plain glass ones that will look stylish on your kitchen countertop. These types of bottles usually have plastic pumps attached at the top for pressing down in order for the liquid to come out, but some can come with metal ones as well.

Novelty oil and vinegar dispensers are a great gift idea for someone who loves cooking, so they can be an awesome addition to your home too!

Commercial Oil and Vinegar Dispensers

handblown glass vinegar dispensers

If you are looking for a large amount of liquid to be dispensed out, commercial oil and vinegar dispensers can come in really handy.

Commercial bottles usually hold around three liters or more of liquid inside them, so they work great for restaurants that need to refill often during the day or just have lots of people eating at their location.

These types of oil and vinegar dispensers come with either metal pumps for manual control or electronic buttons that are used for controlling the liquid release. They are also usually made from stainless steel because of their size, which makes them more durable than other types.

Their bigger sizes make commercial oil and vinegar dispensers ideal for kitchens with catering services or larger families that like to cook a lot of meals at home during the week.

What Should You Look For In An Oil and Vinegar Dispenser?

When looking at buying a new oil and vinegar dispenser, there are some factors that you should keep in mind before purchasing one. First of all, it is important to find something that will fit your kitchen decor. There are many different kinds of bottles out on the market when it comes to oil and vinegar dispensers, from ceramic ones that are usually smaller in size up to all-in-one models with a big storage capacity.

There is also a variety of pumps available on the market for you to choose between – plastic or metal pumps can be attached at the top of your bottle in order for the liquid to come out, while novelty oil and vinegar dispensers can have many different designs.

Modern electric pumps are also available on the market that will allow you to control how much liquid you want to dispense out of your bottle with an easy push of a button – these types usually work for both oils and vinegar. They are great if you need more precise measurements or just more ease of use.

Novelty models might be something fun that looks good displayed on top of your kitchen counter as well! Commercial grade ones offer extra storage space or even electronic convenience, so they may be useful depending on what size is needed at home too. When looking into buying an oil and vinegar dispenser, make sure to take the measurements of your cupboards and countertops into consideration too.

Here are some of the most important things to look for when buying an oil or vinegar dispenser:


The size of your dispenser is one of the most important things to consider before purchasing, as it will need to fit into your kitchen-sized cupboard or countertop. Make sure that there is enough space left after placing the bottle on top of something so you can refill it through one side when needed – this way you’ll avoid having spills all over the place too!

You should also think about where exactly do you plan on keeping your dispenser at home if it’s only going to be stored inside a cabinet. If not, then make sure that it fits nicely onto any surface in order for maximum convenience while cooking!


As well as size, it’s also important to consider how much liquid you can actually fit into your dispenser. If you’re looking for something that will stay inside your kitchen, then it’s important to look into the measurements of its capacity because liquid bottles need occasional refilling depending on how much is used in a day.

For commercial oil and vinegar dispensers, the standard amount usually ranges between three liters up to ten liters per bottle – these are ideal if you have lots of people coming over or cooking often at home (even though they might be too big for some cupboards).

Another type can hold smaller amounts like one liter or about half a gallon which may not seem like much but still work great for most kitchens with few members living there! One last option available on the market would be novelty models with little storage space, but these are great for decoration purposes only.

Overall, there are three main sizes for oil and vinegar dispensers: small ones (up to 500 ml), medium ones (500-1000 ml), and large ones (> 1000ml).

Ease of Cleaning

As well as the other important factors to consider when buying an oil and vinegar dispenser, it’s also extremely important to think about how easy it is to clean them. Since they’re usually made of glass or plastic (or both), there are lots of nooks and crannies which will need cleaning every now and then – especially if you use flavored oils or vinegar with strong flavors that can leave residues behind.

Some models might claim dishwasher compatibility but this doesn’t always work out pretty well in practice due to its smaller parts that can break easily, so be sure to double-check this claim when possible. Having lots of parts that are detachable with spouts helps too because it allows for a thorough clean without having to use anything

Ease of Use

It’s not only the cleaning that matters when it comes to oil and vinegar dispensers because you’ll want something that is easy to use in general too! This means that the dispenser should be sturdy and not easily knocked over by accident, but it also needs to have a simple design with easy-to-read measurements on its sides. The lids of oil and vinegar bottles can be especially annoying when they get stuck or break too quickly so you’ll want something durable if possible.

Nozzle Size

The size of the nozzle is another important factor to consider when looking at oil and vinegar dispensers because it will determine how much is being poured out with each use. The standard size for most bottles is usually between 20mm or 14mm, but you can also find novelty nozzles that range from anywhere around 30mm up to 70mm in diameter!


Some models of dispensers might not have handles at all which means you’ll need to hold them carefully when refilling the container. Some people prefer having no handles because they can take up less space in cupboards or on kitchen counters, so this is something else to think about depending on your preferences. However, in general, having a handle makes it much easier to use the dispenser.


Height is another important factor when looking at oil and vinegar dispensers because it will determine how much counter space you have available in your kitchen! Larger models can be up to 30 cm tall or more so they need lots of counter space whereas smaller ones are only around 15-20 cm tall which requires less room on your counters or cabinets.


Some oil and vinegar dispensers have a stopper in the bottom of them which is used to seal up any leftover contents that aren’t being stored inside it at the time. This isn’t something you need but it’s definitely an advantage if your container doesn’t already come with this added feature because it means there will be no spills or leaks!


You’ll also want to think about which materials the oil and vinegar dispenser is made from. This will determine how easy it is to clean and whether or not it can be cleaned in a dishwasher without damage (which several models claim but isn’t always reliable).

This will also determine how durable the model is and what issues you might have with oil leaking out of the container while it’s being transported. If possible, look for something made from stainless steel or glass so that there are no potential risks involved!

Design and Style

The design of your oil and vinegar dispenser is also important to think about. Some designs are more traditional while others are more modern or novelty, but there are also lots of different materials used so you can choose something that matches the rest of your kitchen. You can also opt for a funky design that will perfectly match your kitchen and make it stand out as well.


Finally, you’ll want to think about the price of the oil and vinegar dispenser. Larger models tend to be pricier than smaller ones so take this into consideration when looking for a product that will meet all of your needs without costing too much money. There are lots of affordable models available so you don’t have to spend a lot of money, but it’s important that the model you choose is durable and reliable for how often it will be used.

Our Top Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Recommendations

Aozita 17oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle

oilve oil dispenser styled with bowl of olives and original packaging

This Aozita unit is a great oil and vinegar dispenser that comes in a stylish glass design so it’s perfect for any kitchen. It uses a 17-ounce capacity to hold enough oil for most purposes, and it comes with a rubber stopper at the bottom of it so you don’t have to worry about spills or leaks.

It has a tinted dark green glass finish that keeps sunlight away from the oil, keeping it fresh and in good shape. This bottle has spout stoppers and an 18/8 stainless steel olive oil dispenser top pourer, which prevents the liquid from overflowing. That is to say, you’ll be able to precisely pour the right quantity of liquid for your recipes every time. After that, you may secure it shut and use the funnel attachment included with it for simpler refills.


  • Made from high-quality glass and metal.
  • Has a rubber stopper in the bottom of it to prevent leaks and spills.
  • It is an inexpensive product that looks nice on any kitchen counter.
  • Large enough to hold a decent amount of liquid


  • The stopper has been reported to leak occasionally

Emile Henry Oil Cruet Bottle

white ceramic oilve oil dispenser

The olive oil cruet bottle from the French manufacturer Emile Henry comes with a ten-year warranty and is made of ceramic. The clay that constitutes the ceramic ensures that the oil is kept away from any source of light. This will prevent the oil from going bad.

The color choices available were deliberate to enhance the kitchen’s appeal. The manufacturer paid attention to every little detail in order to create a product that will last for years. This bottle has the capacity to hold 0.45 liters of oil and vinegar, which is just perfect for most households. The product is top grade and the oil is said to never leak, making this one of the best options on this list!


  • Prevents the oil from going bad due to exposure to sunlight
  • Leakproof design
  • Holds up well in dishwasher machines
  • Classy, attractive design


  • Might be too small for some kitchens

Rachael Ray Solid Glaze Ceramics EVOO Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser

bright green ergonomic oil dispenser with handle

This design is a good match for an Italian ceramic olive oil dispenser that is as fashionable as it is useful. It also features a built-in handle and a stylish pouring spout, allowing you to lightly drizzle oil on a variety of dishes without any difficulty.

The Rachel Ray olive oil dispenser’s distinctive form is one of its most defining features. It is made of glazed earthenware ceramic material that is easy to clean – plus, it’s dishwasher safe too! It comes in a range of colors too – so you can pick the one that suits your kitchen best! In fact, you can also select from many different colors including white, red, and 14 more options.


  • It comes with a pouring spout for easy use
  • The ceramic material is durable and will last a long time
  • You can choose from many different colors to suit your kitchen
  • Dishwasher safe


  • More difficult to refill

Fox Run All-in-One Oil and Vinegar Bottle

glass grape shape oil and vinegar dispenser

The Fox Run bottle is a unique type of olive oil dispenser with a distinct look, being olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottle in one. Inside the olive oil bottle, there’s a balsamic vinegar bottle that resembles a grape. The transparent nature of the bottles makes it look like a grape is hidden within the olive oil, giving it a unique look, and a stylish feel.

Vinaigrettes and other dressings can be made easier with the dispenser. Because it keeps the two key components in the same container while keeping them separate, this is a handy cooking technique and a good way to travel with minimal preparation and storage. Cork stoppers are used on both glass strainers to prevent dust from entering the liquid seasonings.


  • Great for salad dressings
  • Two bottles in one dispenser
  • Good quality materials used
  • Unique and stylish design


  • Doesn’t hold as much oil and vinegar as other dispensers

What Criteria Did We Use To Come Up with These Suggestions?

We reviewed and ranked these products based on price, design, quality materials used, and we also looked at what other people had to say about each dispenser.

First, we looked at how well the product was made and if it seemed durable. We also took a look at its design, making sure that we didn’t pick anything too flashy or gaudy looking for your kitchen.

Next, we considered how easy it was to use. A lot of people were buying olive oil dispensers and then they struggled with pouring the right amount every time or ended up spilling the contents onto the countertop when trying to pour. Plus, there were lots of reports of people struggling to refill the dispensers when they ran out. We gave our suggestions based on ease-of-use, which led us away from some pricier options that were poorly reviewed.

Then, we considered the price of each unit to make sure that you didn’t have to break the bank just so you can get the oil and vinegar dispenser that you were looking for. Why pay more than you have to? Finally, we checked out what other people thought about each dispenser as well as if they had any issues with them. We wanted to make sure that we didn’t pick anything that was unreliable or had too many complaints.

And voila! This is what we came up with. These are the best oil and vinegar dispensers available on the market right now in our opinion!


Oil and vinegar dispensers are a great way to keep your kitchen organized. The wide selection of products available makes it easy for you to find one that fits your needs, whether you’re looking for something inexpensive or more durable.

While all these products are great choices, our personal favorites are Aozita 17oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle and the Fox Run All-in-One Oil and Vinegar Bottle because of their durability. These two bottles are made of glass and metal respectively, so they’re not only super stylish but also very durable!

Best of luck finding the best oil and vinegar cruet for your kitchen! We hope you enjoy cooking with it as much as we do!

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