The Best Office Chairs Under 200 Dollars for 2022

Are you in the market for an office chair that’s under $200? The market is flooded with amazing choices that have good ergonomics. You’ll love the combination of style and added features that you can buy for under 200 dollars.

This buying guide will save you time by presenting the top options in this price bracket. By the end of the guide, you should have a good idea of what model is the right fit for your needs. We have tried to include a range of styles so that you have more options to make a selection from.

What Features Makes A Good Office Chair Under $200

Figuring out the best home office chairs under $200 is challenging without a structure of noteworthy factors. We will now share the features we paid attention to when selecting the best chairs from the long list of available options.


An ergonomic chair has features that allow your body to sit comfortably for multiple hours at a time. Here are a few of the top ergonomic features you should be looking out for:

  • Lumbar support: your lower back arches inwards, so it’s not ideal if the office chair has straight back support. The bottom of the back support needs to have a curve that will offer adequate lumbar support. It’s a vital chair feature for users that suffer from lower back problems.
  • Armrests: your arms should be conveniently placed on armrests while typing. It means you don’t have to support your arms manually. That’s important to avoid shoulder pain and makes for a more comfortable typing experience.
  • Headrest: the head will get tired after multiple hours of working at the computer. Headrests allow you to put the weight onto the chair. Furthermore, a curve that sticks out at the neck area is highly desirable. These help support the neck/head area during prolonged work sessions.
  • Seat height: office chairs should have the functionality to change the height. It ensures that you can get the right height to suit the table you’re working at. Also, it helps people of different heights get the right setting so that their legs are comfortable.
  • Swivel: the subtle advantages of a swivel means the user can easily maneuver. It allows you to reach the far ends of your desk more easily, which will avoid significant strain during a working day.
  • Seat tilt: to get your pelvis in the right position, you need a seat tilt. There must be an 80-degree angle at the ankles, knees, and hips. People that sit many hours per day without tilt report problems.
  • Seat size: there should be around 2-4 inches between your knees and the seat edge. Otherwise, added pressure will be exerted on the knees, which can lead to injury over prolonged use. Also, the seat must be wide enough to accommodate your size.


While style is not among the most important factors when choosing an office chair, you may want to find one that will look good in your home. We looked for contemporary designs that use trendy features to make them stand out. Also, models with many color variations are favored.


The material quality will determine the durability. Tough leathers and synthetics ensure the chair can withstand many years of constant use. When buying, pay attention to the materials present and how they have been put together.


The chair size and cushioning determine the comfort. If you’ll be working for many hours per day, then comfort is an important factor that you cannot overlook. It’s better to go for extra cushioning if you struggle to find comfort in your sitting experience.

Also, the presence of ergonomic features helps improve comfort. That’s because you’ll start to feel pain in the areas where ergonomic features are lacking. Eventually, the pain becomes chronic, and it won’t be easy to sit comfortably.


The home office chairs in this guide are all under $200, so they are reasonably priced. However, some models are even cheaper at under $50. There is something for all budget sizes. Cheaper chairs tend to be smaller and have fewer ergonomic features. You’ll need to weigh up the cost versus the features that you cannot sit without.

Top Office Chairs Under $200

BestOffice Home Office Chair: Best Budget Option

The BestOffice Home Office Chair comes in various colors, so you can pick the one that matches your interior décor. Also, it’s one of the smaller chairs on this list, which means that it’s better suited for tight home office spaces.

The chair has been certified for individuals of up to 250 lb, and it has passed BIFMA testing. Also, the quality materials will impress you, given the low asking price of around $50. The mesh back ensures back ventilation is superb. Ideal for hot climates. The seat height can be adjusted in the range of 17.1 to 20.3 inches.

You’ll also have an easy time setting up the seat as it comes with the required tools. Expect to take 10-15 minutes from the unboxing to sitting down in front of your computer.


  • Mesh back offers good ventilation, which is best for hot climates.
  • Low price means it will not put a big dent in your budget.
  • Choice of colors allows you to pick something that matches the interior décor
  • Easy installation means you don’t have to spend a long time during setup.


  • No backrest is available because of the low back support.
  • The lumbar support might not provide adequate protection.

Serta Smart Layers Arlington Bonded Leather: Best for Cushioning

The Serta Smart Layers Arlington Bonded Leather has a lot of added material to provide some of the best cushioning on the market. You’ll love sinking into the chair at the start of the workday. It comes in a grey or silver color, and faux leather is the material used. The material quality ensures that the chair will last for multiple years after purchase.

The large armrests help your shoulders from fatigue during long work sessions. Furthermore, the armrests have added padding, which adds to the comfort of the arms. It’s a high back model that offers an excellent headrest. Therefore, you can rest your head by leaning back, which helps prevent the onset of neck pain.


  • Durable leather is used that will not wear out shortly after purchase.
  • Extra padding ensures that you will be comfortable while working during long days.
  • Choice of 2 colors: gray and silver.
  • The excellent headrest will keep you from experiencing neck pain.


  • The leather material will not ventilate heat and moisture, which is not ideal during hot summer months.
  • One of the more expensive options on this list at around $200.

NOUHAUS Palette Ergonomic Office Chair: Best Style

The NOUHAUS Palette Ergonomic Office Chair comes in different colors, which include green, black, blue, red, and orange. The chair has impressive visual aesthetics. The trendy look goes with any home office interior décor style.

The back offers 135 degrees of tilt, allowing you to get the right setting for your preferred sitting position. Also, the armrests are ergonomically positioned, which helps keep the shoulders supported while typing. The 5-year manufacturer warranty indicates the chair is built to last. Finally, the designer has gone with a breathable mesh material that is ideal for hot summer months.


  • Choice of colors gives you the variety to match your preferences.
  • Breathable material helps promote heat and moisture dissipation.
  • 135-degree tilt helps achieve the ideal sitting position.
  • Strong lumbar support will protect your back during long sitting sessions.
  • A trendy-looking chair that is aesthetically pleasing.


  • No dedicated headrest is available to support the neck area.
  • One of the more expensive options in this guide.

Homall Gaming Chair: Best Ergonomic Features

If you’re looking for some of the best ergonomic features for this price bracket, then the Homall Gaming Chair is a superb choice. The inclusion of lumbar and neck support pillows ensures the vulnerable parts of your body are protected. Sitting down on this chair is similar to fitting your hand into a correctly sized glove.

The gaming home office chair has different color options and looks trendy. The large construction supports individuals up to 300 lb and has a heavy-duty construction. It’s built to take a pounding for many years without wearing out. The leather material is not breathable, so you may experience a buildup of sweat.

The seat also has adjustable armrests. It’s perfect for getting the right height and angle for where your arms need to be while typing. However, because of the large construction, it will take up more space in your office than most.


  • Ergonomic features such as adjustable armrests, head & lumbar support pillows, and swivel.
  • Choice of colors and excellent visual aesthetics make this a trendy chair.
  • Heavy-duty build can support up to 300 lb and has excellent durability.
  • The chair has skin-friendly leather that feels nice to the touch.


  • The large design will take up more room than alternative office chairs
  • The leather material is not breathable compared to mesh chair designs.

Sytas Office Chair: Best for Lumbar Support

Are you looking for adjustable lumbar support? Then the Sytas Office Chair is the option for you. The adjustable s-shaped lumber support adapts to the back of the person sitting down. Also, the support can move 5cm, which is enough to give most users the right setup.

The armrests can be flipped upwards if they are not needed. Also, the mesh design does an excellent job of removing heat and moisture to keep you cool. Also, you’ll love the thick sponge that contributes to a comfortable sitting position.

You can adjust the tilt tension, and there is a 120-degree rocking style. It is great if you want to change up the sitting position; you give different parts of your body added comfort. Overall, the chair has a trendy design that will look great in any modern office setting.


  • The adjustable lumbar support enables you to get excellent back support.
  • Mesh designs are ideal for heat and moisture ventilation.
  • The adjustability of the armrests, tilt, and swivel lets you maneuver.
  • A thick seat cushion adds to the comfort of sitting down.
  • Highly rated with a long list of satisfied buyers.


  • The headrest does not have a dedicated pillow for better support.

Amazon Basics Ergonomic Office Desk Chair: Best Low Back Option

The Amazon Basics Ergonomic Office Desk Chair is a great choice for buyers that want lower back support. The look is trendy and minimalist. It’s ideal for users that don’t need to have extended back and neck support. It’s a highly rated option that the marketplace loves, as indicated by the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews.

There is a choice of black, brown and white colors. Also, the material is polyurethane bonded leather. It’s not a premium leather material, but good enough for durability and a nice feeling on the skin. The seat depth is 16.5 inches, and the back height is 18.7 inches.

There are adjustable features such as tilt suspension control and a tilt mechanism. Also, you can adjust the height to match your preferences. The cost for the features you’re getting is fairly priced.


  • Amazon Basics is a trusted brand that manufactures highly rated products.
  • Low back design contributes to a minimalist look.
  • The tilt mechanism allows you to lean back when required.
  • Leather material feels comfortable and soft.


  • A disadvantage of the low back design is the lack of a headrest.
  • No dedicated lumber support

Star space Leather Chair: Best Leather Option

The Star space Leather Chair offers ultra-comfort through the premium leather material and flexible setup. Firstly, the leather material is wear-resistant, which means that it will not begin to peal just after a few years of use. Also, a lot of padding is present that contributes to a comfortable sitting experience.

This leather chair comes with a tilt and height-adjustable mechanism. Therefore, you can get the right position to feel comfortable at your office desk. The mechanism allows you to rock forwards and backward while sitting. This promotes blood circulation, which is good for your health and staying alert.

There is adequate back support to help you avoid back pain. Also, the headrest will protect your neck from cramping. It’s a common health issue from sitting too much at the computer. Finally, the armrests can be swiveled upwards and out of the way when required.


  • Premium leather contributes to a luxurious sitting experience.
  • Adjustable tilt helps you get the best sitting position.
  • Extra thick cushioning for maximum comfort.
  • The durable design means the chair will last multiple years after purchase.
  • Excellent back support will help you avoid pain and fatigue in the lower back area.


  • The large build means it will take up extra room in your home office.

Funshion Office Chair: Best Option With Footrest

The Funshion Office Chair comes with a footrest that you can place your feet on to relax. This feature is combined with the 155-degree reclining mechanism. The combination is perfect if you want to take a video conferencing call and relax while sitting back. The footrest allows your legs to be straight, which is a good contrast to bending them at 90 degrees for most of the day.

The included headrest is excellent for providing your neck muscles support. Also, you get ergonomically located armrests that are vital for prolonged keyboard typing sessions. The seat is 3.5 inches deep, which indicates a thick cushion. You can expect to feel comfortable from the first moment you sit down.

The drawbacks of the seat included the extra price for the footrest. However, it comes in at under $200, which is the allocated budget for this office chair guide. Also, the footrest will take up extra room, which means the sitting area around the computer cannot be cramped.


  • A footrest is included that allows you to enjoy the chair for a relaxing sitting position.
  • An excellent headrest that will fully support your neck.
  • The mesh backrest offers good quality ventilation.
  • Adjust the tilt by 155 degrees, which allows you to lay down.


  • Footrest increases the required space when extended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much should I spend on an office chair?

Answer: You need to figure out the features that you’re after and the ones that will not add much value. For example, if you are not going to use the footrest, then don’t pay extra for a chair with this feature. Instead, only pay for the features that you are going to use.

The office chairs in this guide are all affordably priced at under $200. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with any choice. The best budget choice we recommend is the BestOffice Home Office Chair. However, for a bigger budget purchase, consider the NOUHAUS Palette Ergonomic Office Chair. In our opinion, it has the best style for chairs under $200.

Question: What are the most important ergonomic features?

Answer: The ergonomic features that you should pay attention to are:
• Lumbar support
• Headrest
• Swivel
• Tilt mechanism
• Adjustable armrest

Office chairs that include these features will have good ergonomics. That’s important to protect your overall health. Without ergonomics, you’ll begin to develop issues – back pain being one of the most common.

Also, pay attention to how each of the ergonomic features is implemented. You’ll want some adjustability so you can get a setup that matches your body. For example, adjustable lumbar support allows you to push the support section out to meet your back.

Question: What color home office chair should I buy?

Answer: Most home office chairs come in different color options. You can choose the regular black or go with a bright orange – the choice is yours. Since you’ll be working at home, there is the freedom to pick any color you want. Perhaps consider the interior décor of your home to make an appropriate selection.

Question: What are the advantages of a mesh office chair?

Answer: Mesh office chairs have a modern look. Also, they take up less room since the material is thin. Therefore, it’s the ideal choice for office spaces with limited space to store the chair.

Also, the mesh allows moisture and heat to dissipate into the surroundings. It’s perfect for warm climates where getting sweaty in a chair is a real concern. Finally, most mesh designs have some flexibility to contour with your back. Therefore, you’ll feel like the chair fits naturally around the shape of your back.

Question: What chair will help me avoid shoulder pain?

Answer: Should shoulder pain arise when you need to manually support your arms while using the computer. Ideally, the arms will be placed on the armrests while sitting at the computer. However, if the armrests are not positioned correctly, then it’s not possible.

Choose a chair with armrest height adjustments to ensure that the armrest will be positioned correctly. It’s the best way to get the right setup for your body.


The best chairs under $200 in this buying guide offer different advantages. Some have the best ergonomic features, while offers have a minimalist look. However, no matter what chair you buy, ergonomics must be considered.

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