How to Find the Best Nova Walkers: Buying Guide

Mobility issues affect the lives of millions globally, and it is high time we give our loved ones the benefits of modern technology. If you or any of your loved ones suffer mobility issues, a walker will be an absolute lifesaver. 

Also called Zimmer frames, walkers are usually given a metal framework and come with various features. Best known for providing stability, walkers equip the user with added support. 

Yes, walkers prove extremely useful, but it is best if the quality and features are top-notch. In this article, you will find comprehensive reviews and outlines of the best Nova walkers. Nova is a trusted name in the world of walkers that helps people with mobility issues and severe body aches to walk conveniently. 

Since walkers are meant to assist people who find walking rather difficult, it is mandatory to consider factors like comfort, weight, height, brakes, foldability, and material. Sounds too much, right? Well, don’t worry, we’re here to guide you. Our handpicked selection of the best Nova walkers contains answers to all your questions. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the details. 

What Is A Walker? 

A walker allows users to walk conveniently with added support. It is best for older adults or anyone who suffers from mobility issues. 

If you or a loved one finds walking too much of a task or seeing your aged parents walking while holding doors and cabinet corners worries you, a walker is a solution!

Walkers are equipped with a wide seating area with comfortable padding to ensure the user feels no discomfort. Most walkers can support around 300 lbs, which changes depending upon the model and its attributes. Furthermore, some walkers also come with additional back support and storage baskets. 

Who Can Benefit From Walkers?

Walkers are ideal devices for aged and elderly people who suffer mobility issues. Also, if you have pain or severe issues in your legs and knees, a walker could provide ample support for you to walk around with ease. 

People with balance issues also find basic indoor walking precarious as they have a greater risk of falling and injuring themselves. Walkers can be an absolute lifesaver here, as they make walking convenient and cut down the risk of falls and injuries by degrees!

With walkers, older people living on their own can run their daily errands without any difficulties. Be it getting groceries or enjoying a pleasant evening in the neighborhood park, walkers are a godsend! They decrease dependency and empower people with mobility and balance issues by providing them with the necessary support.

Furthermore, walkers can also prove beneficial after knee surgeries and hip replacements. Doctors and caregivers recommend walkers to their patients as they facilitate movements without any falling risks. 

There is no age bar for using walkers. Meaning, a person can even need it in their twenties, while someone may not even need it in their nineties. However, generally, humans lose the tendency to carry the weight of their bodies as they age. So, yes, whenever you feel you or someone else needs assistance, walkers can provide a copper-bottomed guarantee! 

Top 5 Picks For Best Nova Walkers At A Glance

  • Best Overall Nova Walker: NOVA Vibe 6 Rollator Walker: With all the plausible features, Nova Vibe 6 Rollator is hands down the best walker in all aspects. It is durable and user-friendly, crafted to benefit the users and facilitate movements.  
  • Best Nova Knee Walker: Nova Knee Walker TKW-14: If you have just had knee surgery and the doctor has recommended switching to a knee walker for some time, Nova Knee Walker TKW-14 is the most reliable option. Its heavy-duty structure can support 400 lbs. 
  • Best Narrow Nova Walker: Nova 3-Wheeled Narrow Walker: This walker has all the necessary qualities and is a narrow three-wheeled walker. Meaning, you get the additional features without having to compromise on anything. 
  • Best Value for Budget Nova Walker: NOVA Star 6 Rollator Walker: High-quality material, comfort, adjustable handles and legs, and convenient brake features – all of these at a wallet-friendly price are what make Star 6 the best budget product. 
  • Best Heavy-Duty Nova Walker: NOVA Medical Products Zoom Rollator Walker: Providing exceptional stability and unparalleled comfort and control, the Nova Zoom Rollator is second to none when it comes to heavy-duty walkers. 

Top 5 Best Nova Walkers: Reviews

Walkers can prove to be beneficial for anyone suffering from mobility or balance issues. However, it is vital to have the right one. Someone who has very limited or zeroes outdoor use may not require a heavy-duty walker like the Nova Zoom Rollator. So, it is essential to research well while purchasing such an important device. 

Here is the detailed review of each product alongside the key features and pros and cons list to ease your research process. Follow through and land a well-informed decision.

Best Overall Nova Walker: NOVA Vibe 6 Rollator Walker 

The first one on our list, the Nova Vibe 6 Rollator Walker, has a fantastic build quality and an incredible braking mechanism. What makes it stand out is its remarkably comfortable design. Vibe 6 can be accessed by anyone as it has versatile features. 

Furthermore, the padded seat makes it extremely comfortable and ideal for older adults who find sitting a hectic task. The frame of the Nova Vibe 6 comes with a lifetime warranty, which is enough to underline how safe and reliable the material is. 

The best part about this Rollator walker is its soft-touch brakes. The soft-touch brakes allow users with mobility issues in their hands and fingers to use brakes effortlessly with minimal pressure. Apart from this, the Vibe 6 can support around 300 lbs, which is another proof of its sturdy and capable body strength. 

Also, if you cannot do without some of your belongings, such as a charger, headset, glasses, etc., no worries. You can throw them in the storage pouch and securely hold them!

As mentioned, the lifetime warranty makes it a clear winner if we talk about long-term effectiveness. Additionally, the brakes of Vibe 6 come with a warranty period of 5 years, making it a brilliant overall walker!

The only demerit is that all these features and sturdiness make it a tad bit heavier. So, it may not be the most suitable option if the user has severe muscle weakness. Nevertheless, it is the most sought-after option!


  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Five-year warranty on the brakes
  • Padded seat
  • Soft-touch, effortless, user-friendly brakes
  • Storage pouch for personal belongings
  • Supports (weight) up to 300 lbs 


  • Not the best for users with severe muscle weakness
  • Heavier frame

Best Nova Knee Walker: Nova Knee Walker TKW-14

The second one on our list is the TKW – 14, a Nova heavy-duty knee walker. This is the best in the market if you have knee issues or foot and ankle problems. If you see the structure, it is much like a scooter/bike. The walker even has a basket for your essentials. You can drop them in and keep your hands free for handling the brakes and stuff. 

The user can comfortably rest the affected foot or knee on the knee pad and use the other leg to move swiftly. Furthermore, much like all other walkers, this one too comes with butter-smooth brakes. Therefore, rest assured because you are in for a safe and sound experience. 

It is already hard to recover after surgeries, and unnecessary movements can delay it even more. That is the time TKW-14 can provide the user with unmatched support and also push them towards a speedy recovery!

TKW-14 can support 400 lbs, which is decent. Apart from this, the walker offers a smooth ride with its large 8” wheels even on bumpy surfaces. Tall or petite, the walker is ideal for everyone as it can even fit users as tall as 6’8”. 

The best part about the TKW-14 knee walker is the locking hand-brake control. This feature guards you against rolling over. Overall, the Nova TKW-14 is ideal for when you need to protect your leg and not put weight or pressure on it. 

The users can get the cushions of the knee pads replaced if they wear out within six months of use, as they come with a warranty. The hand brakes come with a warranty of 1 year, and the frame with a lifetime. 


  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Foldable and portable
  • Cushioned knee pad
  • Steering assembly
  • Adjustable (according to the affected knee, left/right, and height)
  • Locking hand-brake
  • Large 8” wheels
  • Basket for personal belongings 
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • 1-year warranty on hand-brakes and a 6-month warranty on handgrips, knee pads, and parts


  • Not ideal for people over 6’8”

Best Narrow Nova Walker: Nova 3-Wheeled Narrow Walker

Next up, the 3-wheeled narrow Nova walker is the best among the 3-wheeled walkers with large 8” high-quality rubber wheels. These large wheels provide the user with the required stability and bump-free ride. 

With a weight capacity of 250 lbs, the Nova 3-wheeled walker is suitable for users with a height of 5’4” – 6’2”. The best part about this extraordinary 3-wheeled walker is the basket with a tray. The user can stuff the basket with personal belongings and even use the tray lid to keep their eateries so they can enjoy along the way! 

Furthermore, this Nova 3-wheeled walker can be used both indoors and outdoors, given its highly durable large wheels stabilize it on all kinds of surfaces.

As the name suggests, this walker can fit into the smallest of places. So, it is best for indoors as you can move around without bumping into doors and cabinets. 

The sleek design with soft-touch brake highlights this Nova 3-wheeled walker because the brakes can be accessed with little to no effort. All in all, the walker has some impeccable qualities, which make it outshine others. Its large, durable wheels make it extra secure for older adults as they can have the smoothest of rides! 


  • Large 8″ durable rubber wheels
  • Locking hand brakes 
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Foldable and portable
  • Basket and pouch for personal belongings
  • Tray for eateries
  • Smooth and highly stable


  • Slightly on the heavier side
  • Weight capacity is only 250 lbs

Best Heavy-Duty Nova Walker: NOVA Medical Products Zoom Rollator Walker

The Heavy-Duty Nova Zoom Rollator Walker is the next one on our list, the best among the heavy-duty walkers. This walker defines stability and won’t even budge on the bumpiest of surfaces. So, you can rest assured because you can have a smooth walk, regardless of the surrounding indoors or outdoors. 

As with all other Nova walkers, the frame comes with a lifetime warranty and a five-year warranty on the brakes. Also, the brakes are surprisingly smooth and effortless to work with. This means they require minimum force.

With height bars ranging from 5’5″ – 6’2″ and a weight capacity of 300 lbs, the Nova Zoom Rollator is a decent option!

The highlight of this model has to be its super convenient lock and load attributes. You can do that in seconds. 

The padded, cushioned, and contoured seat ensures a comfortable ride for the users. If you have to carry around certain belongings, you get a pouch under the seat. So, you can just drop in the essentials in the pouch, and you’ll be good to go. The pouch doesn’t compromise with the seat’s comfort, so that shouldn’t be a problem. 

Finally, if you want to carry this walker along, that’s easy too. The product is easy to fold up, which makes it travel-efficient. All in all, this product looks after your comfort, needs, and safety with its beyond amazing functionalities, making it a sound option!


  • Seat height: 24”
  • Large 8″ wheels
  • Stable and safe
  • Under-seat pouch for personal belongings
  • Soft-touch brakes


  • The short handle could be a problem for some
  • Weight capacity is not the best

Best Value for Budget Nova Walker: NOVA Star 6 Rollator Walker

This outstanding product from Nova is for people battling mobility issues and who want an affordable option that can meet their budgetary limits.

If you compare the price tags, you will notice how the general price range for walkers is slightly on the expensive side, making them unfeasible and inaccessible for some users. Thus, here is a product that delivers all the requisites under a reasonable amount. The Nova Star 6 has an excellent sleek design with a comfortable padded seat, offering impeccable user convenience. 

The seat comes with a large pouch underneath so that you carry your personal belongings along wherever you go! Furthermore, the adjustable handle and seat are a steal at this price. 

The Star 6 also has a lock and lift, allowing users to fold the walker into a compact, easy-to-store walker. With strong, sturdy medium to large 6” wheels, the Nova Star 6 offers decent stability. 

And lastly, Nova never compromises the quality of its soft touch highly controllable brakes, not even in the lower-priced models. The Nova Star also offers effortless brake control, allowing the user to have full control and access to the walker.


  • Padded seat
  • Under-seat pouch for personal belongings
  • Soft-touch brakes
  • Stable and safe
  • Adjustable height and handle
  • Sleek design


  • 6” wheels 

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Nova Walkers: A Buyer’s Guide 

Aging can impact our lives, and sometimes it is our liberty of movement that gets affected. Mobility issues can be excruciating both physically and mentally. This is because the patient starts losing a sense of independence. Furthermore, all movements require some sort of support. It is unthinkable to comprehend our lives without the incredible support provided by our legs.

Therefore, the substantial reason behind people choosing to buy walkers is nothing but the idea of bracing themselves with some extra support to dodge the brunt of carrying the body.

A walker not only provides movement liberty but also helps you avoid further attrition. However, to achieve this, you must have access to a versatile and reliable walker. 

To buy yourself the perfect and most suitable walker with all requisites, you must weigh down all the elements, like price, quality, budget, worth, benefits, and several others. Doing this could be tricky, but not with this buyer’s guide!

After checking out the reviews mentioned above, some of you might have already decided on the walker you want. If not, read through this segment, and you’ll know how to go about the purchase. Here’s a list of attributes that differentiate good walkers from the best ones.

Weight and Portability

Unlike wheelchairs, walkers are generally much more lightweight. This is why people prefer them because it is harder for people with mobility issues to pull a heavy wheelchair or walker. Thus, you must always check the weight of the walker. It should not be extremely on the heavier side, as it would be impossible to travel with. 

Also, it should not be too lightweight because that would only make it prone to rolling over or even have poor quality. It should be rightly balanced. A lightweight walker would be convenient, and it would make traveling easy as pie. 

Weight is one key element that you should not miss out on because you have to rely on the walker and even climb sloppy bumpy surfaces while on it. So, it is better to choose the secure steady option!

Walker Width

Next up, understand your needs, whether the walker is for indoors or outdoors. This would help you focus better on the necessary attributes. Meaning, if you require a walker indoors, it should not be too wide because it might get stuck in the doorways and cause a lot of disruption. 

In contrast, if you opt for an outdoor walker, it should be wide enough to provide a comfortable ride. Also, your hips should be appropriately distanced from the armrests. Otherwise, you might get stuck or hurt yourself while leaving the walker. 

Seat Height

Seat heights can change the face of comfort for the users, which is why they are unmissable. While buying a walker, know what seat height would be suitable for you. For this, check what height range is ideal for that particular model. Alternatively, you can also go for a model that offers an adjustable height feature. Doing this would eliminate the issue right from the roots. 

Braking System

Almost all Nova walkers come with soft-touch brakes, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Soft-touch brakes offer excellent security and allow the user to have full control of the walker.

Generally, a used brake system is the loop brake mechanism where the user can squeeze the lever inwards. However, if you are considering brands beyond Nova, gain a complete understanding of the brake mechanisms.

Do not go for the walker if it does not offer soft-touch brakes, especially not if you have suffered hand or finger mobility issues. 

Weight Capacity

What if the walker you buy is not even devised to handle your weight? It would be a major issue, right? Therefore, it is vital to know about the maximum weight capacity the walker can hold. If you do not do this, it could even break while in use and severely hurt you.

Always check the weight capacity. And lastly, although it depends on the individual who would be using the walker, an ideal walker should at least support 300 lbs. 


Finally, check the amount. Your purchase should offer you adequate support for the price you are paying for it. Check out the walkers falling under your budget, and then opt for the best one in that particular range. 

Do not run after expensive walkers! Just because a walker is expensive doesn’t mean it is more reliable. Closely observe and understand all the features and then make a decision. To be precise, if you want a walker for indoor purposes, why go for a heavy-duty four-wheeled walker? You can easily get the necessary features at a much lesser price!

However, this doesn’t give you a ticket to neglect essential features. Meaning, just because you want to save some bucks, you cannot afford to compromise with the braking quality; it is dangerous! Thus, make an intelligent decision and balance out the price and attributes carefully.


Good walkers can resolve numerous issues for you, and the comfort they provide makes them a holy grail for people with leg issues like pain, injury, mobility, and others. However, with so many qualities, doubts and queries are obvious. 

In this section, we will run you down the most common questions and queries that people share. Read through, and understand how a good walker can help you. 

Question: Who Can Use a Walker?

Answer: Anyone battling any sort of mobility issues or pain in legs and post-surgery movement restrictions can benefit from a walker. However, walkers are generally used by older adults who have lost their walking abilities with age. 
Furthermore, it is best for aged people who live independently, as walkers provide ample support to run their daily errands conveniently.

Question: Why is it Essential to Check the Height and Weight Ranges?

Answer: The user’s height and weight are the deciding factors in knowing if the walker could even tackle their height and weight.
For example, a user maybe 5’2”, and the walker has a height limitation of 5’4”-6’2”. In such a case, the user might not be able to access the walker conveniently and could even fall and hurt themselves.
The same goes with weight; if the walker’s weight capacity is just 200 lbs and the user weighs 220, the walker could even break, consequently injuring the user. Thus, it is necessary to check the height and weight ranges. 

Question: What Type of Walker Should I Buy? 

Answer: This entirely depends on the use and severity of the issue. Meaning, if you hardly step outside, you might not need an outdoor walker. Thus, an indoor narrow-wheeled walker would suit you as it would not bump into your doorways, unlike a broad outdoor walker.
However, if you enjoy visiting the neighborhood park or step out to refill your groceries, a heavy-duty outdoor walker would best suit you. Therefore, it is advisable to get an understanding of your needs first!

Final Thoughts

Walkers are a godsend. They provide incredible results and have proven to be extremely reliable. They make movements smoother and pain-free for those suffering from mobility issues and injuries. A good walker not only provides support and relief, but it also helps you become independent, thanks to technology and medical science. 

Although all our picks are high-quality, efficient walkers catering to specific needs and providing outstanding support, our best pick is the NOVA Vibe 6 Rollator Walker. This walker, in particular, has numerous remarkable attributes that add to its value. 

There you go! Now you know how to find out the perfect walker for yourself or a loved one. Make sure you refer to this guide to make an informed decision!

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