Best Mid Century Modern Office Chair Picks

Modern office chairs are sure to suit all tastes. From leather-backed chairs with rich details such as brass fittings on its arms rests and elegant curves at its backrest; to steel-framed seats adorned beautifully by natural wood finishes, we got you covered. This post is here to help you find the best mid century modern office chair picks, all while staying true to mid-century modern design principles.

Make sure you scroll down and take a look through each of our top picks before heading out on this shopping adventure. We have some great ideas in store that will be perfect not only for the color scheme but price point as well. We’ve featured the best mid-century office chairs and chosen these according to budget, versatility, and whether they are best suited for tall or short people.

Top Mid Century Modern Office Chairs

Volans Mid Century Modern Faux Leather Home Office Chair: Best Overall

Scoot over, grandma’s settee. It is time for the Volans Mid Century Modern Faux Leather Home Office Chair to make its debut. This beautiful chair is sure to make a statement in any room. The elegant design will provide you with the most comfortable sitting experience imaginable.

This top-quality faux leather home office chair has also been ergonomically designed and upholstered with breathable fabric for your comfort. And what’s more, the upholstery on this chair can support 265 pounds.


  • Its height can be adjusted to find the perfect height for perching.
  • It is durable and comfortable because they are upholstered and made with good foam.
  • It’s elegant because of its unique design.
  • It’s easy to clean since it’s made of leather.


  • It’s best suited for people with a small stature.

Amazon Brand – Rivet Bertha: Best Mid-Century Office Chair for Tall People

The Amazon Brand Rivet Bertha Mid-Century Office Chair is designed for work and leisure. Whether you’ve had a long day at the office or are simply looking ahead to a rewarding evening in front of the electronics, this Rivet Bertha Mid-Century Chair will do more than just make working five days straight seem vaguely bearable.

Styled in mid-century modern design with ample padding and durable upholstery, this attractive and intuitively swiveling piece gives your workspace an aesthetically pleasing ambiance while meeting all of your ergonomic needs from nine to five. What’s more? Assembly takes as little as thirty minutes. Choose from a variety of colors depending on your preferences.


  • It’s flexible because of its adjustable casters, swivel, and height.
  • It’s easy to assemble and clean.
  • It’s wide enough to accommodate different people.
  • It has an elegant design.


  • Its seat cushion is a little bit stiff.

Art Leon Swivel Accent Chair: Best Budget Mid-Century Modern Office Chair

This Mid-Century Modern Swivel Accent Chair is both beautiful and functional. The thickly cushioned seat area is perfect for petite figures and people who need to sit for long periods. The chair can also by a 360-degree spin in case you want to face another direction.

With four solid wood legs extending out from its swivel base in a high-quality walnut lacquer finish, the Art Leon Mid-Century Office Chair is also extra sturdy with an easy installation process. Choose from a wide range of colors to find one that matches your home perfectly or matches the space you want it to work best in. You can consider black, blue, red, green, orange, white, purple, blue, silver, peach, turquoise, cool gray, and copper.


  • It’s generally attractive enough for any room.
  • Fits nicely in small spaces
  • It brings mid-century aesthetic to any household
  • Easy to clean and assemble.
  • It features a good handrail design.


  • The height is fixed, meaning you have to measure your preferred size or have a custom desk to fit.

Volans Mid Century Modern Desk Chair: Most Versatile with Other Decor

Fashionable and luxurious Mid Century Modern Swivel Accent Desk Chair is a comfortable swivel seat. With its 360-degree swivel function, it is an excellent alternative for a desk chair. Volans Swivel Office Chair Low-profile design makes this furniture space-saving for small living spaces such as your bedroom and living room.

This accent chair has a skin-friendly fabric that will provide the softest feel while being comfortable. Although small, this office chair offers functionality without taking up too much of your floor space. It also provides more than enough support so you can sit comfortably for hours on end yet still fold away when needed for storage if need be.


  • Easily matches with different decor themes.
  • Its material is made of skin-friendly fabric
  • it’s elegant
  • Will fit small spaces


  • Some customers have complained about it having less denser cushioning.

Christopher Knight Home Leander: Best Premium Mid-Century Modern Office Chair

Mid-century modern meets the working class. This is all about beauty and utility. Helping you keep things clean, pleasant, and comfortable at an affordable price will make sitting in your office chair even more rewarding than it already was before. The Christopher Knight Office Chair has a bentwood frame that offers visual interest to any space, while its durable aluminum base has a unique roller design for effortless mobility.

With adjustable height settings that go from 15″ up to 20″, those long hours at work are sure to be of less pain when you’re leaning back into one of these impeccably designed chairs. Get some style alongside function and make your employees’ days just a tad better with this Christopher Knight Home Leander Mid-Century Modern office chair.


  • It features an aluminum base that makes it to be durable
  • Boasts easy mobility since it features an adjustable swivel, rolling casters, and a lifting mechanism.
  • Easy to assemble and clean.
  • It is multifunctional


  • There have been complaints about it not being comfortable enough

Christopher Knight Home Morgan Home Office Chair

Research and homework never felt so good. Support your study habits with this Christopher Knight Home Morgan Office Chair. Constructed of 100% polyester fabric, these trendy chairs have ample cushioning for maximum comfort. The easy maneuverability means you can situate yourself comfortably in any room without the hassle of dragging a desk around with you, the old-fashioned way. Office work may seem tedious, but this vintage-inspired chair will inspire creativity and clarity in any pursuit. Great for both students and professionals alike.


  • Requires light assembling
  • It is available in different shapes, sizes, and styles to fit any room in your home.
  • It’s comfortable and stylish


  • Complaints about the low-density cushion

BELLEZE Mid-Century Swivel Office Chair

Streamlined and low to the ground, this chair is designed for modern design. What’s more, the 360-degree articulation of the casters allows you to rotate with a gentle touch on the gas lifts. Featuring a sturdy nylon construction and a selection of solid colors, the BELLEZE Mid-century swivel office chair gives you overall good posture while safely swiveling from your desk to your computer screen.

For those who are constantly pedaling for work/play, this is just what you need. Sturdy yet supple steel arms embrace your frame for hours and hours of sitting comfort. The backrest provides firm support as it slopes seamlessly into padded mesh material.


  • It gives you a chance to enjoy comfort and functionality
  • It is sturdy and solid
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Made with an ergonomic design


  • It does not lean; the back is fixed in an upright position.

What Features Make a Good Mid-Century Modern Office Chair

The Backrest

Each person has their own preferences about what is comfortable. But one thing that’s for sure, the chair needs to have an adjustable backrest. The only way of finding out if you will be happy with your purchase is by trying it in-store first.

An Armrest

A comfortable and ergonomic chair is an essential part of the workplace. One way to ensure that your office chair provides the right amount of support for you is by checking out different armrests before making a purchase. 

Armrests are nice additions because they offer places to rest your arms while also relieving tension on other parts of the body like shoulders or neck–all without even having to leave them on top. If you’re not sure what type would be best for you, it’s always good practice to go with adjustable ones so that if/when needed, adjustments can be made accordingly instead.

Lumbar Support

Opt for chairs that have lumbar support to ensure your back stays in its natural concave shape. The more convex the chair, the better it will keep you from slumping and experiencing problems with your spine.

Consider Chairs With Casters and Swivels

There are so many aspects to take into consideration when it comes to choosing a chair. One of the most important features is whether or not you will be able to move around in your seat easily and efficiently. A good mid-century modern office chair should have casters and swivels, which allow easy movement on various surfaces depending on what task you’re doing at any given moment.


Choosing the right chair can be difficult, but it’s important for you or your staff to feel comfortable while they work. To set the tone and create an environment where creativity is nurtured, look at other chairs in your office or boardroom that share similar aesthetics to set the tone and create an environment where creativity is nurtured. This will help you find what works best with all the furniture pieces you have chosen so far.

Durable, Breathable Material

Mid-century chairs are designed to be comfortable, and so you should never settle for anything less. Fabric is the most common material used in this type of chair because it’s breathable, but mesh options have been found to work just as good if not better than fabric. Plastic or wood materials can’t compete with these two other choices when it comes to comfort, either way, just don’t expect an office chair made from those types of materials will do your back any favors at all.


Question: What is the Best Office Chair for Sitting for Long Hours?

Answer: Sitting in an ergonomic chair can help prevent back pain and make the long hours of sitting more comfortable. Features such as a lumbar pillow to support your lower spine, adjustable armrests that move with you better comfort, and reclining capabilities are all features designed to reduce pressure on joints and muscle groups so they don’t get overworked while at work. An ergo-chair is excellent when it comes down to what kind of office seating one would want. It will be very helpful in relieving any strain while working while allowing users to adjust their height by using levers.

Question: What is the Average Lifespan of an Office Chair?

Answer: The average life expectancy of a typical office chair can range from seven to eight years. If you take care and maintain your seat, it could last around the same time or longer.

Question: What Is the Difference Between Mid-back and High-back Chairs?

Answer: Mid-back chairs provide lower back support, but they often don’t come with a headrest. High-back chairs have taller backs that go up to your neck and offer more comfort for the upper body. These have a head and neck rest. Add question


The Mid Century modern office chair should be comfortable, healthy, and functional. With so many options on the market today, it can seem overwhelming to pick out a new one. But with some research into what you need in an office chair for your work environment (and budget), finding just the right seat is much easier than ever before.

In the above blog post, we’ve outlined our top picks for mid-century modern office chairs and provided information about some important considerations when choosing these office chairs for your home or office.

If you feel overwhelmed with all these options, we can recommend the number one pick from our list: The Volans Mid Century Modern Faux Leather Home Office Chair features a unique design that will bring style and chicness to any home or office.

With a black fabric chessboard with a bentwood back and baseball-look quilted stitching on the back and seat, this chair is truly one of a kind with its own distinctive shape, which can fit anywhere from your bedroom to an executive suite at work. 

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