Learn How to Find the Best Marble Cutting Board

Have you ever considered getting a marble cutting board? There are pros and cons to using even the best marble cutting board, but we’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. This article discusses what to look for in a marble cutting board. Plus, we’ve rounded up some of the best marble cutting boards you can buy by looking at price, features, quality, and ease of use. So, read on and check it out!

green beans and zucchini blossoms on marble surface

What are Marble Cutting Boards Good For?

What sets marble cutting boards apart from other cutting boards? Besides how gorgeous they look, these cutting boards are versatile. Their unique natural stone surface makes them perfect for meats, vegetables, cheeses, breads, and cold dough preparation.

Pros and Cons of Marble Cutting Boards

Now that you know how versatile marble cutting boards can be, we’ll lay out the pros and cons.


  • Unlike wood, marble cutting boards won’t crack, splinter, or split down the middle with use
  • Marble is easier to keep clean while preventing bacteria growth
  • Marble is a cool surface, making it better for preparing cold doughs for breads and pastries
  • Marble is a nonstick surface
  • Marble won’t absorb moisture or fat
  • You can cut faster on marble cutting boards
  • Marble comes in a wide variety of colors and pattern choices
  • Marble is hailed for how beautiful it looks at dinners and in photographs


  • Marble cutting boards can shatter if you drop them on a hard floor
  • Marble is heavier than other types of cutting boards, which can make them feel bulkier to use
  • Cutting on marble will dull your knives quickly because of how hard the surface is

Are Marble Cutting Boards Real Marble?

Marble brings Ancient Greek and Roman statues to mind, so you may be wondering, “Is this cutting board really made of the same stuff?”

The answer is yes! Marble cutting boards are made of real marble stone; however, you can buy faux marble cutting boards, too. Faux marble cutting boards can look like real marble, but they are usually made of glass or plastic.

How are Marble Cutting Boards Made?

Since marble is a type of stone, marble is cut out of the ground in thick slabs. To make your marble cutting board, these thick slabs are sawed down and smoothed to perfection. To smooth marble down for even more finishing touches, some people like to use 120-grit sandpaper.

Should You Seal Your Marble Cutting Board?

You should make sure to seal your marble cutting board annually. We’ll give you the best tips for how it’s done:

  1. Buy a marble sealant. Most marble sealants are available in a simple spray bottle.
  2. Clean your marble cutting board and let it dry completely.
  3. If you’re using a spray bottle, spray the sealant on the board, covering all of it.
  4. Wait the amount of time it lists on the bottle before wiping the sealant off with a clean paper towel.

Marble sealant keeps the surface of marble looking shiny and beautiful. It also protects against damages and prevents your marble board from becoming porous. We highly recommend sealant for making sure your marble cutting board stays in tip-top shape!

How to Maintain and Care for Your Marble Cutting Board

Caring for your marble cutting board is easy with a few simple steps. When keeping marble clean, here are a few golden rules to keep in mind:

  • Marble should never be put in the dishwasher because it can crack with too much heat.
  • Hand wash marble cutting boards with a mild dish soap.
  • It’s best to dry marble by gently patting the surface with a towel.
  • Avoid roughly drying by rubbing your board with scratchy materials.
  • Sanitize marble with a ½ water-½ vinegar solution or a marble cleaning product to make sure there aren’t any residual bacteria.

Marble is such a strong material; it’s meant to be long-lasting. Following these guidelines will help ensure you won’t have to buy a replacement cutting board anytime soon.

What Do I Do if I Stain My Marble Cutting Board?

Ah, stains. The age-old pain. To prevent stains from accumulating on your marble cutting board, make sure to clean the board as soon as you’re done using it.

The longer you let liquids and fruits sit on the board, the greater chance that your marble will stain-particularly if your board is white. If an immediate clean-up isn’t an option and you need to get rid of a stain on your marble cutting board later, you can:

  • Make a solution that’s 12% hydrogen peroxide and contains a few drops of ammonia for most food stains.
  • For oil stains, look for a gentle dish soap or gentle cleanser containing acetone.
  • For tiny scratches and watermarks that are only surface level, gently buff the marble surface with #0000 steel wool that is completely dry.
sliced loaf of seeded bread on cutting board

What to Look for in a Marble Cutting Board

If you’ve decided a marble cutting board is the best cutting board for your kitchen, you might not know where to start looking. When you’re scouring the internet or searching up and down the aisles of your favorite store, here are some things to look out for:

1. Consider the Size of the Cutting Board

Marble is heavy, and while big boards look gorgeous, they can be harder to maneuver and clean. Be sure you pick a cutting board you can easily lift so cleanup won’t be a hassle.

2. The Price of the Marble Board is Important

Marble cutting boards come in all price ranges, with some starting around $25. Pricier boards are often bigger, heavier cutting boards. When choosing more expensive marble, make sure you can easily carry the board. When choosing a budget-friendly marble cutting board that might be thinner, check the tag to make sure the material is really marble and not faux marble.

3. Consider the Color Scheme

One of the highest selling points for marble cutting boards is their beauty since they come in many colors. Decide if you want your cutting board to match the aesthetic of your kitchen. White and black are the most popular colors for marble, but real marble can also be tinted cream, pink, green, blue, yellow, and gray.

Best Marble Cutting Board Options

Best for cold dough preparation: Kota Japan Non-Stick Marble Pastry Board Slab

aesthetically pleasing food and knife on marble cutting board


This marble cutting board is made of 100% real marble. This lightweight board is white with gorgeous black swirls, and its dimensions are 15 ¾” X 11 ¾”. Being thin and long, this marble cutting board is perfect for preparing cold dough, chopping breads and cheeses, and being used as a serving platter.

  • Material: Marble
  • Price Range: $25-$45
  • Warranty: Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
  • Best Feature: Great for cold dough preparation


Being so lightweight, this marble cutting board is easy to keep clean. Handwashing this board should be no problem. Be sure to pat it dry like any other marble. Be careful when you’re washing this board so that you don’t drop it-being thin, it can break more easily.


  • Being thinner makes it easier to carry, but it is long and wide enough to fit lots of food
  • No-slip rubber feet won’t scuff your countertop, and they keep the board steady while you cut
  • The board can quickly cool in the fridge because it is thin, meaning cold dough preparation can go faster


  • Due to the thinness of the marble, the board can easily break if you drop it

Best high-quality marble at an affordable price: JEmarble Pastry Board

snacks on marble white cutting board


This beautiful cutting, pastry, and serving board comes in white with black patterning. The dimensions are 12” X 16”, making it a long board that would be perfect for charcuterie displays. Tempering chocolate and kneading dough are also great uses for this versatile board.

  • Material: Marble
  • Price Range: $45-$60
  • Warranty: Please contact seller directly
  • Best Feature: High-quality marble with a smooth surface


To wash, simply use a gentle dish soap you would use for any other marble cutting board. When you need to dry the board, simply pat it dry.


  • This board is made from high-quality Hualien marble
  • Perfect surface for tempering chocolate and kneading dough
  • The non-slip feet make cleanup easier and prevent the board from moving around


  • Being a longer board, it takes up a lot of space

Best for size: Fox Run 3829 Marble Pastry Board

dough on white marble cutting board with grey marble rolling pin


This rectangular marble cutting board comes in white, black, and green. Its dimensions are 16” X 20”, making it large board that weighs 22.2 lbs. With non slip rubber feet on the bottom of the board, this cutting board won’t move around your countertop when you use it.

  • Material: Marble
  • Price Range: $60-$85
  • Warranty: Please contact seller directly
  • Best Feature: Size


Always make sure to hand wash this cutting board with a gentle soap. Simply pat this board dry and set it out in the kitchen to make a beautiful display piece.


  • Since this board is so long, you will have lot of room to work
  • This board is highly versatile and great for chopping, pastries, charcuterie, and photography
  • With 3 color options to choose from, you can better match your kitchen’s aesthetic.


  • This cutting board is heavy, which can make it hard to maneuver

Best overall product: Creative Co-op DA6159 Marble Cheese/Cutting Board

cheese and crackers on stack of two round marble cutting boards


This circular marble cutting board has the ideal size and thickness for cutting all types of food, making charcuterie displays, photography, and preparing cold doughs. When it comes to versatility, this cutting board does it all. As a purely marble board in white that weighs only 3lbs, this product gets props for beauty and maneuverability, too.

  • Material: Marble
  • Price Range: $25-$45
  • Warranty: Please contact seller directly
  • Best Feature: Versatility


To care for this marble board, gently hand wash with soap directly after you’ve finished using it. Never put this marble board in the dishwasher because it could crack.


  • This is a lightweight board that is easy to lift and clean.
  • Ideal for cutting all kinds of food-meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, bread, and more
  • The circular shape makes it look unique, which makes it perfect for displays and photography
  • The price for this cutting board is not very high


  • Since this product is made from real marble, it cannot be put in the dishwasher

Best matching set: Marble Pastry Cutting Board with French Rolling Pin and Stand Combo

marble cutting board and french rolling pin


This set that gives you a marble cutting board, French rolling pin, and a rolling pin stand comes with gorgeous white and black patterning. With the added rolling pin and stand, you’ll be able to start making pizzas and pastries right away. The cutting board itself is 16” X 12” and weighs 12.5 lbs., making it great for rolling out dough and cutting food.

  • Material: Marble
  • Price Range: $50-$70
  • Warranty: Please contact seller directly
  • Best Feature: Beautiful matching set with rolling pin and stand


Since every item in the set is made of marble, be sure to hand wash with a gentle detergent. You won’t want to put any of these items in the dishwasher or use harsh soaps.


  • Includes a cutting board, rolling pin, and rolling pin stand
  • The length of the board makes it ideal for rolling out dough
  • This cutting board looks beautiful for any kitchen displays or photography


  • Pricey

The Bottom Line

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of marble cutting boards, compared them to other boards, and rounded up the best products, do you feel more confident picking out your own marble cutting board?

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