The Best LED Desk Lamps: 2022 Buying Guide

LED lights are no longer the “future light” they are the light of now and for good reason. They consume up to 80% less electricity compared to old incandescent light bulbs and they last much much longer. Incandescent bulbs of the past averaged about 5,000 hours before they burned out, but LED bulbs can last as long as 30,000 hours, and some of the latest models today last almost 50,000 hours. Another great feature of LED bulbs is they emit very little heat which can save on cooling costs as well.


In this article, we are going to look at some of the best-LED desk lamps available on Amazon. I am only looking at models that offer some variability in intensity and color. Home office schedules sometimes involve working at odd hours of the day and night.

Having a desk lamp for your office that can be adjusted to suit one’s needs at different times of the day is essential to productivity and health.

Clamp-on LED Lamp models

AmazLit Desk Lamp with Clamp

From the start, the AmazLit Desk Lamp has a slim, minimalist appearance and will fit right in with your modern, work from home, desk. The clamp makes setup fast, easy, and secure. Clamp-on lights are great for taking minimal room on your desk. They are also so great at adapting to many needs. Raise it for more overhead lighting or lower it to directly illuminate projects that require close lighting for detailed work.

The illumination zone on this lamp is 15.8-inches long. That is over a foot of quality LED lighting. At its brightest setting (5500K) it is a bright white/blue light. Use this when you need to be awake and focused on the job at hand. At its lowest setting (3000K) it is a softer yellow/orange. Use this when you need to read or need a light that allows more contrast and better rendering of colors.

The dimmer function is seamless, not stepped, like most LED dimmer functions. The switch will remember its last setting so when you turn it on it will be at the same setting as when you turned it off. There is an automated switch-off function that can turn off the lamp in 10 or 40 minutes.


  • Stepless dimming allows customized lighting levels
  • Adjustable from cool blue light to warm yellow light
  • Clamp-on lamp allows more room on your desk


  • Lamp controls are difficult to reach if mounted behind a monitor
  • LED Lamp is not replaceable
  • Some buyers have mentioned the switch on/off function is touchy

LIRAIP Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Clamp

Another great clamp-on lamp that allows maximum flexibility from a single anchored point on your desk is the Liraip Clamp-On Lamp. The metal arms are spring balanced allowing you to position the light where you want it and keeps it there.

There are 3 color modes, white light 6000K, daylight 4500K, and warm light 3000K. Each color mode has 10 dimming levels, so you get the color of your choice and the amount of light right for your project. The switch holds the memory of your last setting so your next use will be the same as the last. The illumination zone is also a nice 12.5 inches, easily casting light over your entire desk.

The lamp switch is located on the cord which may be more convenient if you like to install the lamp behind a monitor. The power supply is USB for added power options and works with any adaptor 5V/2A.


  • Clamp-on allows more space on your desk
  • 30 total light modes for optimal customization
  • USB powered saves power and provides more options


  • Cord is shorter than average
  • USB adapter is not included
  • The switch is located too close to the lamp for some users

YOUKOYI Desk Flexible Gooseneck Lamp with Clamp

This Clamp-on Lamp by Youkoyi is the king of flexibility, and the most minimalist of the clamp-on lamps I am reviewing today. Simply bend the gooseneck in nearly any position you want. You can even bend it into a loop for a cool look and to shorten the height.

There are three color choices, white light 6500K, daylight 4000K, and warm light 3000K. Each color can be seamlessly adjusted from 10% to 100% brightness. The switch is touch-sensitive and conveniently located on the top of the light source. The illumination zone is 12.2”. The switch will hold the memory of the previous setting each time it is powered back on.

The company offers a one-year warranty if you have any problems which show they are confident in the product they put out.


  • Convenient switch located at the lamp head
  • Stepless dimming in each color mode
  • Super flexible gooseneck adjustments.


  • Touch-sensitive control can be frustrating to remember when to tap Vs long press
  • Light will turn on automatically after a power cut
  • Problems with gooseneck holding certain positions have been reported

Desktop LED Lamp Models


The Consciot light is a sleek modern addition to any desk. Available in Black or white. There are three points of adjustment on this lamp to customize your lighting needs.

There are 5 color modes from 5000k to 3000k and 7 dimmable levels in each color range. The lamp retains the memory of the previous setting for quick convenience on and off. The touch-sensitive settings are easy to use and the lamp has three optional timer settings, 60 min, 30 min, and 30 seconds. The 30-second option is so you have time to leave the room before the light goes out.

The base also has a USB fast-charging port. No need to search for a place to plug in your phone or headphones. It’s a nice bonus.


  • 5 color modes and 7 dimming settings
  • Multiple timer settings
  • Built-in fast charging USB port


  • LED illuminated power button, con to some, is bright at night
  • Some reported issues with the power cord coming loose from the base when moved
  • Plastic construction is not as aesthetic or sturdy as metal

AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp

The Afrog Desk Lamp is a great modern lamp for a desk or nightstand. The multifunctional light is ideal anyplace you want to read, study, craft, and charge your phone too. This lamp has a USB fast charging port and a wireless charging station on the base for quick and easy phone charging.

The lamp features 5 color modes from a bright 6000k to a very mellow 2700k. Each color mode has 5 dimming levels. The memory switch holds your last setting for your next use. The charging stations work even when the lamp is powered off. The lamp is USB powered giving you more power options and an adapter is included in the box. There is also an optional timer option to power off the light in 30 or 60 minutes.

The multifunctional lamp has over 11,000 ratings with only 5% 1-star ratings. You just can’t please everyone. Most people find this lamp to be a great buy.


  • Rapid USB and wireless charging options for cell phones
  • Low warm light setting with timer is great for the bedroom too
  • Metal construction is durable and aesthetically appealing


  • Light can be turned on or off inadvertently when using the wireless charging base
  • Touch sensors are very sensitive an accidental touch will change your settings
  • Base of lamp and lamp-head does not swivel, only folds

Miady LED Ring Desk Lamp

Ring lamps are enjoyed by mostly by lovers of selfies and online video calls because of the circle it places on the eye. Others love these lamps for crafting because they can view their projects through the central opening with minimal glare and eye strain.

The Miady LED Ring Lamp has 3 color settings, white 5000K, warm white 4000k, and warm 3000k. Each color can be dimmed 4 levels: 10%, 40%, 70%, or 100%. The power cord is 6 ft so you have flexibility with placement.

I wanted to include one ring lamp because there is a very specific group of people who desire this style. You know who you are. Not a lot of bells and whistles to this model but if you are a ring light fan this is a nice option.=


  • It’s a ring lamp
  • Multiple color temperatures and dimming options
  • Viewing opening is ideal for reducing glare on detailed work


  • It’s a ring lamp (yes, intentionally listed twice)
  • Minimal 4 step dimming
  • Minimal gooseneck moment only at top of the lamp

OOWOLF Monitor LED Light Bar

One last consideration for desk illumination is a light bar that attaches to the top of your monitor and illuminates your workspace but does not produce a glare on your screen. This is worth considering if you are working in a dark space or at night regularly.

The Oowolf Light Bar has 3 color settings, white 6200k, neutral 4000k, and warm 3000K. Each color can be dimmed seamlessly without steps. This light bar has an added benefit over many other light bars in that it features a backlight that creates ambient night lighting, reducing eye fatigue.

There is a 60-degree focal light-controlled area on the front light that keeps the light on your desk not on the monitor or in your eyes. The rear ambient light is 120 degrees to provide a background light that can be adjusted independently from the front light or turned off completely.

This light comes with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 95. Sunlight is 100%. Only top-of-the-line LED manufacturers to bother to have a CRI rating. If you work hours at your screen with any kind of design work this is critical for you to consider. It will render truer colors on your screen. At the “warmer” settings, blue light emanating from your screen gets partially filtered as it passed through the light from the light bar further reducing eye fatigue.


  • Clips easily over most monitors straight or curved
  • CRI rated at 95, rendering truer colors on your monitor and desk
  • Independently controlled ambient backlighting
  • No screen glare


  • Limited to use on a monitor
  • Mostly for computer work not for crafting projects or video meetings
  • Again, a touch-sensitive switch can be a learning curve for some
  • Designed for monitors, may not work well for thin laptops


I have two that I really like. First, I like the AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp. I like that it has both a lower and higher “K” rating than most desk lamps, so you can have almost a total sunlight effect or a very yellow-orange light when you know you want to unwind and limit your “blue light” exposure in the evening to sleep well.

Having both a USB and wireless charging option makes it also ideal for office or nightstand. The 30/60 min timer is great for the kid’s room as a night light that will go off on its own or for you if you are the one who falls asleep with a book in hand.

The second one is the OOWOLF Monitor LED Light Bar. I work with two monitors, and I don’t have to do a lot of hand scripting, so I have my eyes on the screens for hours. This light bar is great for putting the light just exactly where you need it. No glare in my eyes or on the screen.

The ambient background at its lowest setting is like sitting in candlelight and when I’m not doing reviews, I am writing fiction that seems to flow better when the light is soft and ambient. Stepless dimming is a really nice touch too. This is hands down my choice of LED desk lighting.


Question: Can you explain the “k” rating of these LED desk lamps?

Answer: Yes! The “K” is the temperature (color) rating in Kelvins. In the simplest terms if the bulb is over 5,000k it is considered “cool” these are the lights that look more white or blue. If the bulb is under 5,000K with is labeled as “warm” these are the lights that look more yellow, orange, or even red.
It can be a matter of choice, however, some research does indicate that warm LEDs produce less eye strain especially with reading.

Question: Why do some of these bulbs hum?

Answer: LED lights require far less power than your outlet provides so they are controlled by various electronic resistors to reduce electrical flow. Sometimes power fluctuations can cause a buzzing sound or flickering. It is not always about the quality of the bulb. On the other hand, if you notice a buzz with your USB desk lamps, try using a different USB port. Commonly the sound, in this case, is not enough power.

Question: Why all the hype around “blue light”?

Answer: That is not hype. Blue light in general is not all that harmful and there is plenty of it outside in natural sunlight. The main problem with blue light is its ability to affect your circadian rhythm. This is the body’s natural rhythm of being awake in the daylight and sleeping well at night when blue light naturally diminishes. Using bright LEDs at night, especially over 5,000K, can lead to sleep disorders. At night it is recommended that you keep your light “mellow yellow” if you want to sleep well.

Conclusion: Which are The Best LED Desk Lamps

When choosing an LED desk lamp consider your needs first. Is a clamp on your best option? Would It save space? Maybe you need a light that can be moved around on the desk and these often come with more features. Some desktop lamps even have integrated clocks, alarms, remote controls, and USB ports for charging all your gadgets.

Will you be doing detailed work with your hands? Will you be reading? Will you only use it with your computer? Then, and only then, you can consider the aesthetics. A great-looking lamp with no practicality is a paperweight and can even lead to frustrating eye fatigue.

The lamps I review today all had some key features, they had to be dimmable, color changeable, and somewhat height and angle adjustable. These are key in my choice of desk lamps.

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