The Best Leather Desk Mat Ideas: Which Is Right for You?

Desk mats are one of those purchases that make you go “Why didn’t I buy this sooner?”. They aren’t just great looking, but they also improve your productivity and the cleanliness of your desk.

When you are working at home you might want to improve your boring desk and make it a bit more comfortable and more suited to your style so you can have a smooth space that works for you. It is your own home after all. A desk mat can also make you and your workspace more productive due to the comfort it provides. Genuine leather desk mats are especially great to calm me down due to the softer texture of the leather as opposed to the wood of a regular desk, or I am just weird like that.

In this guide, I am going to go discuss leather mats that I handpicked because I like the look, the price, etc. Of course, I am also going to ask around and look at reviews from others before I recommend something. I might have had a great experience, but if 50 others have had a horrible one, I am not going to recommend it. I will also take in mind how much an item costs and the quality you get for that price.

This guide is going to have an easy-to-follow structure. I will start off with the criteria (Quality, Aesthetics, and price) I use to judge when looking for the best leather desk mat. Then I am going to discuss a couple of them that caught my eye and I feel confident enough to recommend.

Then I am going to pick two, a “best overall” and a “budget pick” to help you out making a decision. I will end the article with my final thoughts and tips that you can use before you buy and I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about leather desk mats.

My criteria when picking a Leather Desk Mat

Now, I am not going to pick out some random mats and judge them by gut feeling. I am going to use 5 main criteria to judge the desk mats I am looking at. These are all 20% of the score, and failing one of the criteria means automatic disqualification.

Quality of the materials

When I buy something, I want it to last. The quality of the material is pretty important to me. I need to be able to use it as much as I like without it getting worn down after a short time. Buying low-quality goods are more expensive than high-quality ones, so this is a vital point!


I like it when the desk mat I am using looks great and gives an aura of class. This is pretty subjective, so you might disagree with me on this point. I do try to pick things that look great in any decor. This might be the criteria I am the laxest on since it is really subjective.


When using an item like a desk mat, you must be sure that it improves your working experience. If it feels worse than a wooden desk without a mat, I am not going to give it very high marks. It needs to help boost my productivity, or at least make my working life a bit easier.


I like it a great deal. Despite all criteria being equal, I do judge the most strict on this point. If I think a mat is overpriced, it is going to lose marks. If a mat is mind-blowingly cheap for the quality you are getting, that is going to make me very happy.

Reviews and thoughts of others

I like it when a mat has gotten a lot of reviews. It gives me an insight if other people have had similar experiences compared to mine. It also shows me what the good and the bad points are, the leather desk mat that I might have missed.

Extra features

These are small extra things that I like that might give it an edge for you. These are features like being waterproof, having an anti-slip base, or being very easy to clean.

My picks

So, I have looked at a lot of leather desk mats, more than anyone should ever do in an afternoon, so I have gotten a pretty decent idea of what makes a mat great and what makes it worse. Here are the ones that stood out amongst hundreds of mats.

I am going to discuss how they match up according to my criteria. Just note, these are the best of the best. If I say the quality is a con, it doesn’t mean it is a bad product. It just falls short as opposed to the other 4.

The order is not from best to worst, or worst to best. That is subjective. I do pick 2 winners in the chapter after this based on overall and on price quality.

Pick 1: Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate


Quality materials – This is one of the best mats out there if we are talking about the materials used. I like it a lot that the mat is made out of eco-leather. So it gets good marks from me on that point.

Comfortable – The mat does what it needs to do. The surface is smooth and soft and doesn’t have many bells and whistles that don’t add anything useful to the project. The size is just perfect for me (23 inches x 12.2 inches). This is a great mat to boost your productivity.

Aesthetics – The mat is available in a couple of colors, namely blue, brown, and black. They aren’t flashy and are pretty soft on the eyes. I personally love the black mat the most. It seems to fit into every interior.


Reviews – While the reviews on this mat are not bad at all – remember that we are dealing with the top out of hundreds of mats – it does seem to fall flat on some points. A lot of people are not happy with the stitching and the smell of the mat when.

Price – This is a close call, and I was thinking about making a third neutral category, but I decided to put it into the con list after all. While the price by no means is going to break the bank, I do think the mat could be priced a couple of dollars down.

Extra features that I like

  • Easy to clean
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-slip base

Dwelling With Pride Desk Mat


Quality materials – The mat is made from great materials. When you roll the mat is doesn’t leave any marks. The surface also feels smooth and premium. Using this as a mouse mat was also very great.

Comfortable – The mat feels soft and has a slick surface that won’t hold you back when you are working. The mat is perfect to work long hours without hurting your arms. It is definitely a major upgrade from working on a regular wooden desk.

Reviews – People seem to love this mat! It has hundreds of very positive evaluations and barely any negative ones. There is nothing amongst the reviews that give the impression that there are quality or delivery issues with the mat. You will get what you pay for.


Price – Talking about paying, you will pay quite a bit. This mat is not cheap at all. It is one of the more expensive plain surface leather mats around. I do think this is mainly due to the material the manufacturer used. They definitely didn’t skimp on quality. However, this isn’t a mat that you are going to buy on impulse.

Aesthetics – For me personally, the colors are a bit too aggressive and are hard to fit into a calm relaxing working environment. The backside of this mat has a bright red finish. This is something I don’t like. It gives a cheap look to an otherwise very high-quality desk mat.

Extra features that I like



Non-slip base

Dacasso Classic Leather Mat Desk


Quality materials – Out of all leather mats on this list, and out of the hundreds I have seen, this one has the best materials. The feel is premium and this is obviously an item made out of materials that are going to last you a lifetime. It is a great mat if you are someone who places materials and the durability of your products above anything else.

Aesthetics – This leather mat just looks amazing to me. It fits into almost any interior and has nice soft colors that aren’t an attention grabber. It will give a luxury feel to almost any desk and is an amazing addition to give a little extra to your home office.

Comfortable – Working on this mat just feels great. The surface is really soft and your arms don’t get red from the fiction, even after working for hours on end. This is a major plus, as your productivity when working from home is going to suffer if you are using a bad mat. From all the mats I am discussing here, this is the one you will enjoy working on the most.

Reviews – People love this mat. There are barely any bad reviews, and most of these seem to be of bad experiences or people who are never happy. So if you get this mat, you will probably be going to love it. It is one of the highest-rated mats that I have come across. No matter, if you are male, female, young, or old, the odds are pretty high you won’t have any regrets buying it.


Price – This is one major con where most of the people are going to go from a buy to never mind. A premium mat comes at a premium price. The price for this map is a couple of price classes above anything else on this list. A lot of people won’t be able to justify spending this much money on a desk mat, no matter how great it is.

Extra features that I like

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Anti-slip
  • Perfect size (for me)

Nekmit Leather Desk Blotter


Reviews – People seem to go wild for the Nekmit leather desk blotter. Everyone seems to be in agreement, this mat is amazing for the price and the quality you are getting. There isn’t a trend in the (rare) negative reviews, which makes me think that those negative experiences were little mistakes or people that aren’t happy no matter what.

Price – This is a mid-ranged price mat and definitely gives you what you are looking for regarding worth for your money. You aren’t going to find a lot of other mats that can beat this price and quality.

Quality of the materials – The materials this leather mat is made out of is just very good. There is little else to say that this is a top product. It will last a very long time, and you are going to have to make an effort to damage it. Even when you roll it up, the mat goes back into shape without damage or marks on the surface.


Comfort – The mat feels too thin for me. It gets uncomfortable after working for a long time on it and your arms tend to hurt due to the friction with the surface. If you are using this casually and just an hour or two a day, you are not going to notice this con too much.

Aesthetics – While it isn’t ugly in any way, it just doesn’t add anything to your interior. Many other leather mats gave a nice, comforting, or premium feeling to your working space. This mat is just there. While there is nothing wrong with that, it does not give you great marks on this criteria, and we are looking for the best of the best after all.

Extra features that I like



Easy to clean

How do they compare?

These are the four mats I thought were worth taking a deep dive into. These were the best amongst many not discussed here. So no matter what mat you are going to end up with, it is not going to be bad. However, there are 2 that do stand out for me on different criteria.

Best leather desk pad overall – Dacasso Classic Leather Mat Desk

If money is no issue, this is going to be the mat you are going to want to get. The mat is high quality, is pleasant to work on, and looks amazing on a desk. You should strongly consider getting this mat if you want to have one for the next 25 years or so without having to swap it out for a new one.

This mat is best suited for homeworkers that sit on their desk for hours on end. It feels great on your arm and using the mat is a much better experience than just having your wooden desk with nothing on.

Best leather desk mats on a budget – Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate

If you are on a budget and you still want to get yourself a quality mat that you surely are going to enjoy, then get the Satechi. This mat is my favorite out of them all on my current budget. It is a great mat for someone who wants to try one out and doesn’t want to break the bank right away.

I also like the material – eco-leather – that the mat is made out of. The mat feels nice and is a good fit in most interiors.

Frequently asked questions about leather desk mats

How do you clean a leather mouse pad?

You can clean a mouse pad by using a wet cloth. Make sure you don’t get it too wet and dry it off with a paper towel or something.

Question: What is the most important aspect of a leather desk mat?

Answer: The leather goods material that it is made out of is very important. It determines most of the features. While faux or low-quality leather can be very soft and cheap, it probably isn’t going to last. If you have to swap out your mat every 5 years instead of every 25, costs are going to add up to more than getting a decent mat from the start.

Question: Are leather desk mats worth it?

Answer: I think so! As long as you are not going above your budget and work at your desk a lot. It is a very nice upgrade to just working on a wooden desk. If you spend many hours on your desk – as I do – your arms are going to start to get irritated and red. A good soft desk mat prevents that. It also gives a smooth look to your desk.

Question: Is a leather mat a good writing surface?

Answer: Yes! As long as the mat isn’t too soft and thick, a desk mat made out of leather or similar material is great to write on. When writing, always make sure you are using an appropriate pen so you won’t penetrate your paper. A fountain pen is a great idea as you don’t need to apply a lot of pressure on it.


Finding the best leather desk pad is pretty hard. There are hundreds to choose from. The four that I found are all excellent choices. Regarding the quality of materials, all of these are top-notch. However, the price is very different. The most expensive mat costs almost 5 times as much as the cheapest one. So you can’t just pick a mat in my opinion, it is definitely something where budget comes into play.

I have picked 2 very solid choices and no matter which one you are going to pick, you will get your money’s worth. You are going to be able to upgrade your working space by quite a bit if this is your very first mat.

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