The Best Glass Computer Desk Ideas and Inspiration

There’s something special about working at a glass desk. No one can really pinpoint what that is, but it is enough to get people everywhere to buy glass computer desks. Glass computer desks can help make an office room look bigger, lend some elegance to the room, and they aren’t as fragile as they might appear at first glance.

However, you do have a lot of options. We’ll be looking at various criteria when examining the office desks. These include their durability, their storage options, their style, and ease with which they can be built.

Which glass desk is best for my office? Which is the best for my computer? Why should I get a glass desk over a normal one? All these questions and more, along with some demystification of your options, will be answered in this article.

The Best Glass Computer Desk Ideas

The Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation: Best For Those Who Want Storage and Elegant Designs

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Glass Desk

First, the Z-Line Designs computer desk is made from a light glass desktop, which helps to make the workstation both transparent and it also makes everything look bigger. It also allows more natural lighting to come through if you desire that. It comes with a hatch top shelve made from wood, allowing you to take advantage of the top storage.

It doesn’t come with any other storage options, such as drawers, but it does come with some space under the desk for you to place things such as computer monitors. It also comes with a pull out keyboard tray, and unlike other trays this one comes with enough room for a mouse. This gives you even more room on the desktop for items and papers.

The desk itself can hold 71 pounds and has a black border all around the glass to prevent scuffing and damage. It also comes with castors for very easily mobility if you need to shift your office space around. Now the keyboard tray is more vulnerable to damage and scratching, so be prepared to that. It’s also very easy to put together as well.


  • Very beautiful to look at and well made
  • Comes with a top shelf and ample bottom platform for storage
  • Is easy to move with castor


  • Can scratch and scuff easily
  • No extra storage drawers

Jerry & Maggie Tempered Glass Computer Desk: Best For Those Who Want Durability

Urred Desk

The Jerry & Maggie Tempered Glass Computer Desk is one of the more durable desks on the market. It is not only made with very thick metal legs rather than wooden legs, which are much more sturdy and also much more durable but the entire desk is made from one piece of tempered glass. This glass is very thick and will hold 2 large monitors with ease, along with your laptop or anything else you might require. It’s also very long at 47 inches, so you won’t need to worry about running out of space.

If you have a lot of heavy items such as desktop computers, then this desk is the best for you. The steel legs and thick glass will hold a large weight, and it also comes with a modern waterproof design. For safety, it comes with rounded edges that prevent you from banging your knee against the desk, and the glass is also nontoxic and smooth. The desk is waterproof and dirt resistant, so you will be able to clean it rather quickly if it ever does get dirty or scuffed.

In terms of storage, you don’t get a lot with this desk, instead, you are regulated to the space on top of and under the desk for your items. If you are the type of person who isn’t flooded with papers and files that need to be strictly organized, then this could be the perfect desk for you. Especially if you need the desk to hold a dual monitor setup or a printer.


  • A very thick and durable desk
  • Comes in 5 pieces with screws
  • Rounded edges to prevent hurting yourself


  • The desk can be hard to put together and in some cases small pieces and accessories are missing

Urred Glass Computer Desk: The Best For Those Who Care About Looks and Design

Urred Desk

Now, so far some of these glass desks have been very minimalistic, but what about those of us who don’t just want a glass desk that works well, but also one that looks good too. If you care about design, then make sure to check out the Urred Glass Computer Desk.

The first thing you will notice is the X-shaped legs that not only make it look awesome but also add some serious durability to the desk. Rather than having simple beams that can shake and shudder, the durable and light metal frame will keep the desk from shaking or from being jolted by impacts. The edges are rounded in a waterfall pattern and it also adds to the uniqueness of the desk as well. The glass top is made with an anti-scratch coating and is durable enough to hold printers and large monitors, and it can hold up to 660lbs of stuff!

Additionally, the desktop itself is black like a car windshield, so while it isn’t clear like the other desks on this list, it does still look very interesting when compared to other desks. It also comes with four pieces of non-slip gaskets to prevent your floor from getting scratched and also 12 stickers to keep your glass attached to the metal frame.

Finally, it is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any extra tools, and it is said you can assemble this desk in 15 minutes. Additionally, you have access to the Urred customer service team for 24/7 access that will help you solve any additional problems.


  • Easy to assemble
  • X-shaped legs add to the durability
  • Rounded waterfall edges to prevent injury


  • Not clear glass
  • Can be damaged during transit

BonVIVO Writing Desk: The Massimo

Bonvivo desk

Of course, if you don’t need a massive writing desk and just want something simple to spend your time on, then the bonVIVO writing desk is something that will give you a small desk with a lot of glass construction. It comes with two curved wooden legs, a wooden storage tray underneath the desk, and a glass desktop that is elevated over the wood. It is a pretty small and minimalist desk that comes in at 29.5 inches by 43 inches, so if you are lacking space this will work for you.

Still, you can put a few things on it, and even store your laptop or any important papers underneath the desk whenever you need to end your workday. There’s also a bit of room underneath the desk if you need it for storage, but not much. Despite being small, the desk is very durable and robust.

It has a shatter-resistant glass top, a lacquered MDF wooden shelf underneath, and legs made from bamboo and also screwed to the desktop itself. It fits pretty well inside of any office or apartment where space is a factor, and it is very easy to put together and install with detailed instructions.


  • It’s a small desk that packs a punch and is perfect for smaller rooms
  • Beautiful looking and minimalist
  • Durable and well put together


  • No extra storage
  • Might be too small for an office space

The Features of Glass Computer Desks You Should Look For


First, you need to look at the advantages and disadvantages of a glass desk over other desk materials like metal and wood. First, glass desks are very durable, much more durable than you would think as long as the glass is well made. If you can find glass that has been built to deal with weight, then you can put desktops, printers, and other items onto it without worrying about it buckling or breaking.

Glass desks can also protect what is underneath them. If you have a glass desk and then a tray filled with papers on the inside, the glass acts as a shield to protect those papers. If you spill a drink or leave a stain, then you can just wipe it up and won’t have to worry about it soaking through. Glass desks are also very easy to maintain as well since most solids and liquids will collect on the glass and remain there rather than staining metal or soaking into wood. A simple wipe down with a rag will get it clean.

Additionally, in the same way, mirrors help make a room look bigger, glass desks help to create an illusion of space. If you are frustrated by how tiny your office looks, then a glass desk will help to stop that frustration and make the room look bigger. Additionally, whenever natural light hits the desk, you can get a really nice ambiance.

For features, you should look for glass that is clear, marketed to be durable, and a glass desk that has some type of wood or metal as a frame. This will help keep the desk and you steady whenever you work, and a sturdy frame helps the desk hold more weight. Finally, look for rounded edges. Not only does this help the desk feel more comfortable on your forearms and wrists, but it also prevents you from bumping into the desk corners and hurting yourself.

Best Glass Computer Desk Ideas FAQ

Question: Do Glass Desks Get Hot? Does This Cause Them To Break?

Answer: If you are in an area where natural sunlight can shine on your desk, you might be wary of touching it. You might also be wary of placing hotter items onto the glass surface so it doesn’t break under the stress. Glass expands and then contracts under rapid temperature changes and this can cause the glass to break if it is done enough. However, most items (like an overheated computer or a cup of coffee) aren’t hot enough to put a massive amount of stress on the glass.

Even direct sunlight isn’t enough as long as you make sure that the glass desktop isn’t exposed to it for 24 hours. Glass desks might get a bit hot or uncomfortable, but unless you have some extreme circumstances they aren’t going to break.

Question: What Is Shatter Resistant Glass?

Answer: No glass is shatterproof, and even bulletproof glass will crack under the impact, but since most desks made of glass have the shatter resistant glass as the main selling point, it might make sense to see how it works. The main two types of shatterproof glass are laminated glass windows and polycarbonate window panels.

The laminated glass windows are actually two panes of glass that are connected by a thin piece of transparent film. If you have thick enough glass that is hard to break, it can be very difficult for intruders or impacts to break them. Additionally, the film is designed to stop the glass from shattering inwards and being a danger to people.

Polycarbonate panels look like window glass, but they are made out of acrylics, polycarbonates, and other types of plastic. This makes them much more durable and they tend to bend under attacks and not break under them. They are the closest thing to shatterproof glass that we have, and it’s even what bulletproof glass is made out of.

Question: Do I Need Rounded Edges On My Desk?

Answer: No, you don’t. However, they are the best for two things: Safety and looks. Safety can help you if you have young kids around or are just a little clumsy, because no one likes to bang a body part on the sharp corners or edge of a desk. Rounded corners blunt the damage, and can also be more comfortable for your wrists.

Finally, rounded edges, especially the waterfall rounded edge, can be very beautiful and nice looking if you are going for a more elegant themed desk. If you want something both cosmetic and safe then making sure that you have rounded rather than straight edges for your desk is a really good idea.


A glass desk doesn’t need to be brittle and fragile, so don’t be afraid to invest in one. If you take good care of it, it might even be more durable and last longer than your typical metal desk. Plus, your glass desk will be something that can fit into every office, whether it is corporate or a home office. It’s not every day you can find a desk that will fit any theme, but this desk certainly does so!

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