Best Gifts for Friends That Are Bound to Sell Out Quickly

There’s certainly no shortage of gift guides online, but it’s pretty clear why: When you’re not sure to get someone, gift-giving can feel like putting your relationship under a microscope.

After all, finding the perfect gift that’s in your budget, will make them happy, and speaks to how well you know them can be somewhat of an art form. And while there’s no one perfect gift, there are certainly some products and gifts that virtually everyone will be happy to receive.

And that’s exactly where we come in. We sifted through the Internet and found 12 of the best gifts on Amazon for every kind of person in your life. With gifts like these, we have no doubt they’ll add a bit of extra sparkle to their special day. So take a deep breath and know that we’ve got you covered.

If You REALLY Love Them

This Foot Massager Will Give You New Feet

Cloud Massage Buy on Amazon

If you’re willing to splurge for your friend, grab the Cloud Massage for them. They’ll love how relaxed they feel in the comfort of their home. It also doubles as a calf massager, so talk about a win-win.

Fit Check

Get Your Workout in While Working With a DeskCycle

DeskCycle Buy on Amazon

We’ve all got a friend who wants to workout more but sits in front of a computer everyday for work. This is the perfect, thoughtful solution. It fits under almost all desks and has a customized resistance and calorie tracker.

Hole In One Gift

Bring the Golf Course Home With This Perfect Putting Mat

Perfect Practice Buy on Amazon

Easy to transport and roll out anywhere, this non-slip mat is also a perfect way for them to take a few minutes when they need to escape during the day. There are two hole sizes for both rookies and pros alike. Better yet, it has an auto-return system so no collection is needed.

Host Special

Bartender Kit for the Friend Who Loves to Host

Mixology Buy on Amazon

For your friend who just nails the hosting of a party every time. The eco-friendly bamboo stand makes any old host feel like a professional bartender. It’s dishwasher-safe and easy to clean up, too.

Sweet Dreams

These Luxury Gel Pillows Feel Like Sleeping on a Cloud

Beckham Hotel Collection Buy on Amazon

Give your friend the gift of a good night’s sleep — we promise they’ll love them after just one night.

Here Comes the Sun

Say Goodbye to Seasonal Sadness With a Light Therapy Lamp

Circadian Optics Buy on Amazon

This lamp is as cool as it is useful. It mimics daylight and improves mood, sleep, focus and energy when it’s gloomy and dark. Who wouldn’t want that?

No More Zapping

This Indoor Insect Trap Easily Eliminates Bugs

KATCHY Buy on Amazon

Discreet, quiet, stylish, this is the gift for those who might like to keep their windows open. It works like a charm and is very affordable — and best of all, it does all the work for you.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Increase Your Home Security Level With a Wireless Driveway Alarm

Guardline Buy on Amazon

Maybe your friend moved into a new home or just likes a little extra safety. This alarm is a weatherproof system that alerts you through a receiver in your home. It even has long-range coverage of up to 500 feet.

Pet Owner's Best Friend

This Citrus Pet Odor Eliminator Spray Works Wonders

ANGRY ORANGE Buy on Amazon

Pets are truly the gift that keeps on giving. But the smells and dirt they bring into the house? Not so much. This spray feels like gifting a bottle of magic for a pet parent — it smells fantastic and works on carpets, concrete, floors and upholstery.

The Luxury Air Mattress They Didn’t Know They Needed

EnerPlex Buy on Amazon

The EnerPlex air mattress is a luxury air mattress (yes, luxury). It boasts a built-in air pump, cushioned coil beams, a plush quilted top and comes with a convenient carry and storage bag, and comes in twin, queen and king sizes.

Bath Time

They’ll Want to Spend Hours in the Tub with This Bath Pillow

Bath Haven Buy on Amazon

For a friend who’s all about self care, this bath pillow is beyond comfortable and will make the relaxation they seek all the more enjoyable. It has a non-slip design with six suction cups, and the AirMesh technology will help it stay dry, fresh and clean.

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