How to Find the Best Geri Chair

We love Geri Chairs, and so do all seniors! They are comfortable, look good, and gives you the most peaceful time ever.

Buying Geri Chairs has become a struggle of sorts, though. With a wide range of options in the market, consumers tend to get overwhelmed and spend money on the wrong ones.

We understand this problem and are here to help you with the same! Read on as we bring you a comprehensive guide on how to find the best Geri Chair ever. We have added 3 of our best picks based on an overall choice, best patient ergonomics, and extended care capabilities as well!

Let’s jump in, shall we?

What is a Geri Chair?

Geri Chairs is the short way to say geriatric chairs. They are large padded recliners with casters. They have wheeled bases that are designed to help elderly citizens with mobility issues.

These chairs are way roomier and easier to rest in when compared to transport chairs. Mostly, they are cushioned and pretty reclinable as well.

They are comfortable supporting almost all types of activities. You can read, watch Tv or even sleep on these chairs. The Geri chairs find wide usage in long-term care facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and in-home care for seniors.

A Geri chair is rather helpful in patients recovering from surgery and illness during their transfer from the bed to other facilities in the hospital. Generally, the patient is taken in a trendelenburg position, which is supported by these chairs.

Moreover, the relatives or friends of the patient can also utilize Geri chairs while resting for the night when they visit them.

Overall, Geri Chairs have a range of benefits and uses in the medical industry and otherwise!

Who Can Use the Geri Chairs?

Geri chairs are available in various types of formats depending on the array of situations they can support. Mostly used for general medical conditions, you will also find many Geri chairs useful for specific issues.

Geri Chairs can be largely used for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Since such procedures are already pretty demanding, you wouldn’t want the patient to suffer because of their seating, would you?

Thus, Geri Chairs become an obvious choice and help the patient feel at ease, even if a little bit. Moreover, many patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia also use these chairs. They help reduce wandering behaviors along with agitation.

Not just that, the gliding chairs promote a certain amount of relaxation and calmness for people with these medical issues. The rocking movement is specifically very helpful for the psychological and emotional well-being of such patients.

If you are a person with limited mobility, these chairs are your escape! Since they come with swing-away armrests, they can help you in easy transfer and allows closer access to and from the chair.

On the other hand, in case of extreme immobilization, such chairs allow supine transfers as well. Thus, Geri chairs are multi-functional and can be utilized in an array of medical situations.

In terms of residential purposes, Geri chairs are helpful in heavy bariatric transfers as well. Since many people are not able to accommodate regular chair sizes, these help them in sitting comfortably.

You can also use Geri chairs at home and add to the appeal of your house. Have overnight visitors? Please provide them with the ultimate comfortable support for relaxing through the wonderful Geri Chairs!

What are the Three Main Types of Geri Chairs?

Geri Chairs come in a variety of types in the market. While buying one involves various factors, you must know the various types of Geri Chairs first. Listed below are the main types of Geri Chairs:

Standard Geri Chair

These Geri Chairs are rather basic in their look and design. They don’t have some of the top-notch features in the market. Of course, the price is less as well.

These standard Geri Chairs don’t give the ability to recline and aren’t very flexible. One great thing is that the footrests can be raised for lifting the user’s feet.

The portability is high as well; it also includes padding that makes them a pretty comfortable option for extended sitting when compared to a transport wheelchair.

The standard Geri Chairs are generally pretty lightweight and are easy to use. They are the clear winner in this department against the heavily featured styles. A big negative might be their inability to provide support for users that are more physically charged.

3-Position Geri Chairs

With such Geri Chairs, you get about three sitting positions, all concerned with adjustability. You can take the positions according to your requirements. The backrest and heightened leg rest, as well as the recline in an upright and an elevated position, are the options.

The cushioning, full recline, along with a leg rest, gives you the support for the best sleep ever! You also get perfect help for temporary immobility.

4-Position Geri Chairs

These are a bigger and better option than the 3 Position Geri Chairs. You get the adjustability you need along with extra comfort.

Moreover, you get two more positions along with the reclining state, which makes the entire experience way more fun.

The two extra positions help the chair attain both chilled-out recline and deep reclining positions. These chairs are mostly suited for vein conditions, swelling, edema, pregnancy, cellulitis, and lymphedema.

The ideal above the head or heart support enhances circulation whilst reducing swelling.

Infinite Position Geri Chair

If you want the jack of all trades, you must explore the Geri chair with infinite positions.

They give the utmost freedom along with the maximum adjustability and ease of movement. That too within the Geri chair. You can also go for a proper horizontal position and Trendelenburg position.

The backrest and footrest can operate independently in the infinite positioning categories. It also uses power or hydraulics to ease any adjustments in case of positions.

Infinite Position Geri Chairs are a perfect choice for long-term use, specifically for people who deal with irreparable mobility impairment. Since you get the most features, you can expect a higher price.

Top 3 Picks For Best Geri Chairs at a Glance

Best Overall Geri Chair: Drive Medical Three Position Recliner

We all want a Geri chair that can support us in all situations and comes with the best features! While that might look like a dream, what if we tell you that it is possible. Yes, The Drive Medical Three Position Recliner has it all.

Best Patient Ergonomics Geri Chair: Invacare Deluxe Three-Position Recliner

Are you looking for a beautifully constructed chair that provides comfort, style, hygiene to your medical setting? Invacare Reclining chair that combines modern styles and medical functionality for all your needs is the one for you!

Best Extended care Geri Chair: Graham-Field Health Lumex Chair

Geri Chairs are built to support a wide variety of Extended care requirements. But what if you have to choose the best of the lot? No doubt, the Graham-Field Health Lumex Chair is the choice to make.

Top 3 Geri Chairs: Reviews

Now, if you are suffering from mobility issues, going through some extensive treatments, or maybe needing a seating arrangement for visitors, Geri Chair is the right fit for you.

While we saw some of the best fits available in the market for these chairs, we must also look at their reviews in depth. Having a balanced view of their pros and cons will be a great way to zero down on the final one!

Best Overall Geri Chair: Drive Medical Three Position Recliner

We start with the Overall best Geri Chair in this list, none other than the Drive Medical Three Position Recliner.

Available in an array of colors, this Geri chair recliner can be used in three different positions, namely upright, deep recline, and a top3 leg rest/footrest. It also has a restrictable lock bar that secures the chair in whichever position you like.

You also get a moisture barrier on the seat that prevents any seepage. The self-adjusting suspension in the seat also avoids the possibility of bottoming out. Additionally, the width between arms is about 20 inches, while the seat-to-floor arm height is around 9 to 26 inches.

The 5-inch casters, two of them with locks, make it pretty easy for you to move and helps in securing the recliner. Moreover, you get pretty wide and comfortable armrests that can be angled in any way to give the maximum support in several positions.

As far as the final specifications are concerned, the seat dimensions are 21-inch H x 19 inch W x 19 inch D. The weight limit for the Drive Medical Three-Position recliner is about 250 pounds.

Drive has mostly neutral-colored and sturdy steel frames, making it pretty easy to maintain. The main side panels can be easily popped off for the most efficient cleaning as well.

Users have assured safety since the Foam and Vinyl of the Geri Chair meet California Flammability Standard and the Boston Fire Department specifications.

On top of all of this, you get a pretty great self-adjusting suspension and a convenient tray too. Isn’t this the perfect choice to make?


  • Easy to Manoeuvre
  • Shipping is pretty fast
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Well made and gets the job done


  • The tray may not work in the best way

Best Patient Ergonomics Geri Chair: Invacare Deluxe Three-Position Recliner

Invacare is a great brand of Geri Chairs if you are looking for highly patient ergonomics-based support. The Deluxe Series is filled with features with patient needs in mind.

You get a special padding technology that gives a long life of comfort and immense support for the seating surface. The seat’s back has lumbar support for the utmost comfort to the user.

Patients around the globe have loved the articulating headrest of this Geri chair. It feels like heaven!

The footrests for this Three position recliner go all the way under the chair, making the standing position more attainable for the person sitting. Moreover, the durability and comfort of this recliner are better than most of its counterparts.

The Invacare Deluxe Three Position Adult Recliner Tabs allow the tray to travel freely and even lock in the position when required. Users can remove the blow-molded side panels quickly with the help of press pins that help in easy cleaning.

Another fun fact is that the Flame-retardant upholstery is highly resistant to fluid for peace of mind (CA117). The rear locking casters and the front swivel ones make the recliner extremely easy to move and position in the right way.

Moreover, the full recline, leg-ottoman elevated, and proper upright positions give maximum comfort to anyone in pain or recovering from surgery. Not many reclining chairs in the market give you the flexibility to have several sitting positions. Here, you can choose whichever suits you the best!

The chair back has a convenient push bar and four rolling casters that give the easiest movement to people using it. Maneuverability is as easy as it can get. Additionally, the webbing on the cushions is an added benefit since it avoids the chances of slipping.

Keeping specifications in mind, the product has dimensions of 43x32x47 inches while it weighs around 97 pounds. You also get pretty great degrees of camber in this Geri chair. What that means is that the more the camber, the more stability, and agility.

The best part is that with a range of amazing features, you also get a detachable tray to keep all your goodies and stuff that you might need. And here comes the fab part! It has a 5-way lockable system, too, yay.

We also read some awesome reviews about how the shipping is very fast in the States, so there you go! Order it now and enjoy the Invacare experience.


  • The Push bar is a great feature
  • The market best option for patients
  • Flame resistant upholstery


  • Some users felt the headrest wasn’t as adjustable as the company mentions.

Best Extended care Geri Chair: Graham-Field Health Lumex Chair

Who would not love a chair that is particularly designed to help increase comfort and better mobility simultaneously? That too, specifically for extended care services. We know we would!

The Graham-Field Lumex Three Position Geri-Chair Recliner is the perfect fit for you in that case! The Lumex also has three varied positions, which are sitting, full recline, Or TV. All these positions can be customized according to your needs.

Moreover, you get a range of therapeutic benefits from using this Geri chair.  Benefits include position changes which help circulation, ease discomfort caused by the heart, respiratory, and various ailments.

The top reasons to pick Lumex three Position Recliner are many, and we will be looking at each one of them. But before we dive in, let us have a deeper sight into the features of the GF Lumex Three Position Recliner Chair.

The support system by the name of Flex-o-later is highly effective in reducing any chances of bottoming completely out. On the other hand, the position lock only permits the caregiver to secure the chair in place whilst choosing to opt from three different positions.

The best part of this recliner is that it makes the user inculcate natural relaxation along with better blood circulation. The ergonomically designed back and seat have different density foam constructions that give the appropriate support that one needs.

You also get the articulating headrest which quickly puts you in adjustable positions to increase the individual requirements.

Not just that, the product comes with this range of casters- two, four inches that have wheel locks with about 4 inches of fixed front wheels. You get a molded activity table that can be put in any position and left unsecured in case of a relaxed exit from the recliner.

Cleaning and maintaining this Geri Chair might be the easiest thing ever, mainly because of the durable and welded steel epoxy coated frame. To clean the Lumex Geri Chair, you must clean and check the casters, tighten the nuts, check all brakes on casters and clean the lock recline mechanism.

Additionally, make sure when cleaning with kerosene or Naptha, you do it in a well-ventilated area and keep the whole chair away from any source of fire or flame.


  • The 5-inch rear swivel casters are one of a kind.
  • Users get a pretty durable welded steel frame that lasts long
  • You can easily and safely transport the Lumex Recliner
  • The cleaning and maintaining process for a Geri chair doesn’t get better than this


  • Putting and taking off the tray might be a struggle at times.

Buyer’s Guide: What Should You Look for While buying a Geri Chair

Geri chairs can greatly benefit patients with mobility issues. While some of you might have already selected the best Geri Chair for your use, there are some crucial features you need to know before making the purchase.

Electric vs. Manual

One optional feature of the Geri chair is whether its motor is electrically powered or manually adjusted.

Electrically-powered Geri chairs provide extra comfort; however, they will be extra pricey and will want to be plugged right into a power source. On the opposite hand, manually adjustable chairs are less expensive but will require extra effort to adjust.

Besides, in manually operated chairs, patients might face challenges while changing positions.


Often Geri Chairs come fully assembled. However, some might require partial installation upon arrival. If you are unsure about Geri Chair assembly, prefer buying it from a provider that offers on-site assembly service.


Look for a Geri chair that needs less maintenance. Make sure it’s adjustable and easy to clean and disinfect, has a strong steel frame, and doesn’t need too much assembly.

High-quality Geri chairs are often built with durable and hospital-grade materials, designed for imparting strength.

If you purchase a Geri chair for a hospital facility where multiple patients use it, you need to take extra care to maintain hygiene. Some manufacturers do provide an anti-bacterial coating to the upholstery that protects against cross-contamination.

Size/Weight Capacity

Size and weight are the utmost important factors you need to consider before buying Geri Chair.

Make sure the chair supports the height and weight of the person who’ll be using it.

Width of Chair

Since Geri Chairs would be generally larger than wheelchairs, you will need to make sure that the chair you choose can fit through the doors of the space you intend to use it in. Before purchasing it, always measure the inside doors and any smaller, narrower areas where the chair will be kept.


Look for high-quality and comfortable cushioning and pressure redistribution functions in a Geri chair, as the patient will spend a lot of time in it. The seat should have a moisture protection function to prevent the accumulation of sweat in summer.

User Support

Make sure the chair offers maximum footrest, armrest, headrests, and other supports like torso support, etc., that can be used to amplify the patient’s comfort and positioning.

The armrests should be padded for extra support and tilted outward to be in the correct position even when the patient is lying down. In addition, a headrest that can serve as a pillow when the patient is lying down is essential for the support of the neck.

The backrest is another feature to watch out for. They are especially useful if the patient also suffers from back pain or spinal injuries.

The Geri chair should have leg rests that can fully support the patient’s legs when laid straight; it should also easily move out when the patient wants to stand.


Look out for the accessories that are coming with your Geri Chair.

Several accessories are available for certain Geri chairs, allowing full customization to meet each patient’s unique needs. Some Geri chairs come with brackets for IV rods, oxygen cylinders, and other medical equipment that users need nearby or will offer as an additional option.

The most commonly used accessory is a tray that can be used for dining and more, which can also be folded and stored when not in use. 

FAQs on Geri Chair

If you are starting to use a Geri Chair, you may have several questions about what to expect down the line. Based on our experience and research, below are some FAQs: 

Question: How Much Does a Geri Chair Usually Weigh?

Answer: Usually, Geri Chair weighs between 100-200 pounds. While some chairs weigh as low as 60 pounds, some more involved positioning chairs weigh up to 350 pounds.

Question: Can you Sleep in a Geri Chair?

Answer: Depending on the format of the design, a Geri hair can provide much more comfort and support for sleeping than a regular bed. Geri recliners can help relieve neck and lower back pain and impart many other health benefits.

Question: How is Geri Chair Different From a Broda Wheelchair?

Answer: If you have come across Geri Chair, likely, you have also heard about Broda Chair.
Both are similar in design and impart solutions to those suffering from mobility issues. However, Broda wheelchair is usually recommended when a patient’s medical condition and sitting tolerance are observed.
On the other hand, Geri Chair is recommended when the patient requires comfort and cannot sit upright.

Question: What are the Benefits of Using a Geri Chair?

Answer: Following are the benefits of using a Geri Chair:
Easy to clean: They are upholstered in high-grade vinyl fabric that is easy to disinfect and clean.
Comfortable: In the upright position, the Geri chair provides lumbar and back support. Moreover, the ones with armrests, headrests, backrests, and leg rest allow patients to feel more comfortable. Besides, it helps the user easily transition out of the chair.
Versatility:  For patients recovering from physical illness or surgery, the Geri chair can recline to varying degrees leading to a full recline, assisting patients in the functional recovery for their unique situations.
Mobility: Geri Chair is a comfortable wheelchair alternative that a patient can use to move around a facility or home.

Question: What is the Difference Between a Positional care Recliner and a Geri chair?

Answer: Geri chairs can be used for recovery, while positional recliners are more frequently used for various medical procedures. Both chairs are similar in design, providing a reclining seating solution for people with walking difficulties.

Parting Thoughts 

Geri chairs can be a lifesaver if your loved one is struggling with mobility issues. They offer exceptional comfort and positioning aid for people of all ages living with temporary or permanent reduced mobility while also being comfortable on wheels for easy moving around.

According to us, Drive Medical 3-Position Recliner wins the race! This Geri Chair has all the features an ideal buyer would need and many more. You get the flexibility to choose between three different sitting positions; a balanced, sturdy built, great price, and even a moisture belt.

Additionally, you can refer to our well-compiled guide to choosing the perfect Geri chairs for seniors who are struggling to support themselves or for your hospital facility. At the end of the day, choose sensibly and make sure your investment is worth it and fair.

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