How to Find the Best Folding Canes

This guide is here to help if you’re looking to find the best folding canes. We appreciate how difficult it can be to make the right purchasing decision for something so important. A cane is an essential item for some and a convenient aid for many, but knowing the correct folding cane to buy can be challenging.

We have done all of the research into the product type to bring you the necessary information needed to buy the right folding cane for you. We have looked at the different materials, designs, features, and prices and selected a range of folding canes that we believe to be the best in their category.

From the budget buy to the high-end, below are the products we have featured further in this guide.

At a Glance: 6 Best Folding Canes

How Necessary is a Folding Cane?

More American seniors are using a cane now than ever before. Today, as a society, we are more aware of the dangers associated with slips and falls and how crucial it is for people to retain their independence for as long as possible.

who needs folding cane

Canes are designed to help seniors, people living with disabilities, and those recovering from surgery or illnesses. It is best to consult your doctor or physical therapist before buying a cane, as they will be the most knowledgeable about what type of cane is the most suitable for you.

While folding canes have tremendous advantages, they aren’t the best type for all people.

When looking to buy a cane, there are many considerations and options available. This guide focuses on folding canes, as their portability and convenience really set them apart from other models.

Folding canes are pretty affordable, and as they come in so many stunning colors and patterns, you could even have one to match most outfits! We have a few bold and beautiful folding canes in this guide alongside more traditional browns and blacks.

How to Choose a Folding Cane 

Some factors matter greatly when selecting any cane, including:

  • Weight support capacity
  • Material and durability
  • Height and arm length

Because selecting the right folding cane is so important to one’s quality of life, it is vital to choose the right one. Everyone has their own unique combination of needs, so there isn’t one best choice for all when it comes to folding canes. However, by considering the following features, you may be wiser about what to look for to find your perfect folding cane.

Weight Support Capacity 

It’sIt’s essential to look at the weight limit on a folding cane to ensure it can keep you well-balanced and supported. As a folding cane is only ever intended to hold 25% of your weight, a walker will likely be a better option if you need to place a good deal of weight on a product.

folding cane weight capacity

When it comes to the weight of the cane, this should be the lightest that can accommodate your weight while being strong enough to be durable.

Material and Durability

The material and style of a folding cane can make a huge difference to how a person feels when using it. Suppose you’re self-conscious about walking with a cane. In that case, you may find plainer designs more appealing, but if your personality is big and bold, then finding a brightly colored folding cane could be a complimenting accessory.

Style can make a difference to a person’s feeling about a cane, but more importantly, durability. How the cane will perform and for how long it’ll last is an essential consideration.

Folding canes come in a range of materials, such as:

  • Aluminum Alloy – The most lightweight material, durable and weather-resistant.
  • Wood – Requires some maintenance, but a distinguished and elegant piece.
  • Steel – Rarely used for canes due to their weight, but a good choice for larger individuals who need a hardier cane.
  • Carbon Fiber – Strong, lightweight, attractive, and weather-resistant, although not often used for canes due to its high expense.

Height and Arm Length 

The length of a person’s height and arms is vital to finding the proper fit for a folding cane. Using a cane that is too tall can strain the back, shoulders, and neck, and a cane that’s too small can lead to back pain. Many of the canes in this guide are adjustable, which is a solid choice for those who aren’t entirely sure of their measurements.

Product Criteria 

To ensure this was an informative guide for every reader, here are some of the things I was looking for in the folding canes listed:


We want our readers to trust the products we recommend, so I was only looking for products made of high-quality materials that would guarantee durability and longevity. Each cane in this guide meets this.


A cane has one primary job: to keep you safe. So, the canes featured here must be able to do just that. I have only included canes that are from reputable brands and constructed with high-quality materials.


For fairness, I have included folding canes across the price point, and I believe every cane listed has a fair price.


As you’re looking to purchase a folding cane online, this means you aren’t having the experience of using the cane in person. For this reason, I thought it essential that every cane featured had excellent reviews from previous consumers.

6 Best Folding Canes 

Drive Medical Folding Cane and Seat – Our #1 Top Pick

  • Adjustable Height
  • Easy-Grip Handle
  • Rest Stool Included
Find it Here
Vine Folding Cane – Our #1 Budget Pick

  • Collapsible and Compact
  • 3 Color Options
  • Ergonomic Hand Grip
Find it Here
Switch Sticks Folding Cane 

  • 26 Color Options
  • Adjustable Height
  • Slip Resistant Rubber Tip
Find it Here
BigAlex Folding Cane 

  • 360-Degree Free Rotation
  • LED Lighting
  • 5 Height Level Adjustable
Find it Here
MedCa Folding Cane

  • Suitable for all Terrain
  • LED Lighting
  • Wide Pivoting Base
Find it Here
KingGear Folding Cane 

  • Doctor Recommended
  • Developed with Scientists
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Find it Here

#1 Drive Medical Folding Cane and Seat – Our #1 Top Pick

Our overall top pick is the Drive Medical Folding Cane and Seat, a stable support cane to assist with walking and easily unfolds into a seat for resting. This would be a great choice for people who love to explore the outdoors regularly or find themselves standing in long queues or anywhere where short periods of sitting would conserve energy and relieve pain.

The Drive Medical Cane and Seat weighs 1.3 lbs, so it is incredibly lightweight yet equally sturdy due to its aluminum construction. I found it easy to fold out from cane to stool and that the stool feels strong when holding your weight (up to 250 lbs). However, at just a 9-in diameter, it isn’t overly generous in size.

You can easily adjust the seat between 19-in to 22-in, which is a great feature, especially if the product will be used by more than one person of varying heights. The cane handle is another feature worth mentioning. I found this to be remarkably comfortable due to the waving in the plastic, which prevents fingers from stiffening or becoming sore when holding for a long time.


  • Lightweight
  • Dual Function
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to Transform from Cane to Seat


  • Can be Tricky to Transform Back from Seat to Cane
  • Seat Diameter a Little Small

#2 Vine Folding Cane – Our #1 Budget Pick 

Coming in purple, teal, or black, the Vine Folding Cane is sure to stand out in a crowd and looks stylish without being too much. This cane weighs less than 1lb, is straightforward to fold, and is highly portable – fitting in almost any handbag. You can adjust the height from 33-in to 37-in, and the ergonomically designed handgrip minimizes cramping and hand fatigue.

I like the non-slip single-point tip on the bottom of the cane, enabling it to provide stability on all types of terrain. This tip is rubber, but the cane is compatible with most replacement tips, and there is a lifetime warranty on this cane which offers great peace of mind.

The Vine folding cane is made from corrosion-resistant, durable anodized aluminum and supports up to 250 lbs. You can adjust this cane with ease from 33-in to 37-in, and for the price, this product really is a steal with very few drawbacks.


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Very Portable
  • Strong and Durable
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Colors are Brighter than Shown
  • Better Suited to Taller People

#3 Switch Sticks Folding Cane 

There are many things to like about the Switch Sticks Folding Cane, but the first reference I will make is the incredible, vast selection of colors! You can choose between 26 different colors and designs, including ‘Carnival,’ ‘Pearl Gold,’ ‘Ocean,’ and ‘Viking,’ to name but a few. This alone sets the product apart from its competitors.

This folding cane weighs under 1 lb due to its lightweight aluminum shaft. The handle is contoured, ergonomically designed, and made from wood which makes it durable, yet it is missing a little padding if used for an extended period.

You can adjust the Switch Sticks height between 32-in and 37-in; 32-in is lower than most canes on the market, making this product an ideal choice for shorter people. The rubber tip of the cane is slip-resistant and can be replaced with most replacement tips if needed. This cane supports weights up to 234 lbs and comes with a convenient wrist strap for additional safety.


  • Unique Fashionable Designs
  • Great for Shorter People
  • Convenient Wrist Strap
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • No Clicking Noise When Walking


  • Not the Most Comfortable Handle for Long Periods
  • Price a Little High

#4 BigAlex Folding Cane 

The BigAlex Folding Cane is a genuinely fantastic product with many great features. I particularly like the flexible 360-degree rotation plastic base and found it to be surprisingly sturdy (once you place your trust in it). I also like the LED light and that the product comes with x2 AA batteries so that you can use this immediately.

The LED lighting isn’t unique to this product but is an excellent part of it and helps reduce slips or falls during evening walks. The cane is made from anodized aluminum with an alloy-ball head shaft base for great stability and longevity. The max weight capacity is 300 lb, and I found the support of this cane to feel remarkably strong, despite its overall weight being a little over 1 lb.

The BigAlex folding cane is adjustable, through a simple push-button, between 33-in to 38-in, suitable for people between 5 ft 6-in to 6 ft-in. Due to the bottom of the cane, it stands alone, which I found to be very useful rather than having to lean or balance the cane and worry about retrieving it if it slips.


  • LED Lighting – Use Immediately
  • Strong and Durable
  • 360-Degree Rotation
  • Stand Alone Cane
  • Adjustable Height
  • Good Price


  • Lowest Height Recommendation 5 ft 6-in, Not Suitable for Shorter People

#5 MedCa Folding Cane 

The MedCa Folding Cane is pretty similar to the BigAlex cane – although slightly cheaper, I found some aspects of it to be more improved. For example, the LED lighting is adjustable so you can point it to the ground in front of you, rather than just the sidewalk ahead. This is an excellent safety point; to be able to maintain full visibility of your entire surroundings.

This is an all-terrain cane due to its wide pivoting base and stand-alone too, which is highly convenient. The cane adjusts easily up to 37-in high and can support up to 300 lb. I found the folding mechanisms one of the more simple to operate, and the cane is so easy to store, fitting in almost any handbag or shopping bag.

Although not ergonomic, the handle is exceptionally comfortable; it isn’t hard and is a good size overall. The MedCa folding cane is very lightweight, portable, easy to use, and with some excellent features; its only drawback is that it isn’t suitable for shorter people (under 5 ft 6-in).


  • Flexible LED Light
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Stand Alone Cane
  • All Terrain
  • Great Value for Money
  • Simple to Fold


  • Not Suitable for People Under 5 ft 6-in
  • Some Consumers Cite LED Light Not Working on Arrival

#6 KingGear Folding Cane 

Developed with the help of scientists and doctors, the KingGear Folding Cane is a premium option – with an affordable price tag. Light, yet sturdy this cane weighs only 0.7 lb and supports a weight-bearing of 250 lb. It has one of the largest height range adjustments I have found, suitable for most people who need a cane, from 4 ft 9-in to 6 ft 4-in.

The pivoting quadruple base provides excellent traction on all terrain, supporting your entire weight if needed. The tip is made from rubber and won’t mark internal flooring or make the dreaded clicking sound that so many canes do. The KingGear cane comes with a robust wristband for extra safety, and there are six different color options to choose from.

It is easy to fold, unfold and store this cane, and it fits neatly into most hand or shopping bags. One of the best things about this cane is the generous warranty policy from the brand – a 30-day full refund policy, which makes this a risk-free purchase. If you aren’t satisfied, simply send it back!


  • Risk-Free Purchase
  • Developed with Scientists and Doctors
  • All-Terrain Crane
  • Wristband Included
  • Easy to Fold and Unfold
  • 6 Color Options
  • Wide Height Adjustment Range


  • Some Consumers Question the Stability
  • Struggles to Stand Alone According to Some Consumers

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do you Know What Size of Cane is Right?

Answer: You must choose a folding cane that is the right height for you; otherwise, it could be potentially dangerous. To know if a cane is a suitable size, wear your usual shoes and place the base of the cane on the floor, around 15cm from your foot’s side. Remain in an upright, straight position with a slight bend at the elbow. If the cane is right for you, the top of it should be level with your wrist joint.

All of the canes in this guide are adjustable, as is often the case with folding canes, but more traditional sticks are not, making measuring and ensuring more essential.

Question: How Safe are Folding Canes, Compared to Other Types of Canes?

Answer: Folding canes are a safe option when used correctly. However, safety becomes a concern if there is visual impairment, poor body mechanics, or arthritis. In these instances, a physiotherapist or doctor would likely advise against using a folding cane.

Question: Who Should Use Folding Canes?

Answer: With their wide range of patterns, colors, and designs, anyone can choose to use a folding cane simply to add panache to an outfit or for a fancy dress occasion! However, their primary purpose is to aid mobility and increase a person’s overall quality of life.

If you need a bit of help with balance, are active and able to stand alone, or if you only feel the need to use a cane during a walk occasionally, then a folding cane is a perfect choice.

Best Folding Cane, My Verdict 

Before purchasing any cane as medical aid, we recommend speaking to your doctor or physiotherapist first, who is the most knowledgeable about your individual health and the best-placed to advise you of a suitable product.

However, all folding canes in this guide are sturdy, well-made, and have excellent safety features. I like the LED lighting found in the BigAlex Folding Cane and the MedCa Folding Cane, and although both are excellent choices, I prefer the MedCa cane due to the LED light flexibility. However, the BigAlex cane has 1-in more height.

The KingGear Folding Cane was developed with Scientists’ and Doctors’ contributions; it is incredibly lightweight and has one of the largest height range adjustments. There are six different color options and a 30-day no-quibble refund policy, but some consumers did question the stability of this product.

If you’re after a folding cane with great color or a more striking design, then the Switch Sticks Folding Cane really can’t be beaten. With its 26 different color options, contoured wooden handle, and aluminum shaft, this cane is well made, and there will be one to suit every taste. The price of the Switch Stocks cane is fairly high but justifiable to those who love the bold and beautiful.

Our budget pick, the Vine Folding Cane, comes with a lifetime warranty and is a highly durable and very sturdy cane. I found little wrong with this cane, other than the actual colors are much brighter than they appear online, but this could be a pro for some.

I listed Drive Medical Folding Cane and Seat as the number one product due to its dual function, which none of the other folding canes had. The fact it transforms from a cane to a stool could make a difference to someone who needs this type of product. I did find the seat to be slightly small and the transformation somewhat tricky, but overall a top product.

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