Best Farmhouse Desk Ideas and Models for 2022

Everyone seems to want to get away from it all and move to the country, just to be able to breathe and do whatever you want free from the hustle and bustle of the big city. However, whether due to time, money, or a lack of any close country to go to, most people will never live this dream. Well, as they say if you can’t go to the country you can make the country come to you.

Sprucing up your workplace with a farmplace desk is a good place to start, and there are a lot of great ideas to get you started with turning your boring old workplace into a scene straight out of Little House On The Prairie.

What Is A Farmhouse Desk?

A farmhouse desk isn’t a type of desk you might find on Amazon or another online retailer, but it is instead about having a very rustic feel. Your desk might be made of natural wood or other natural materials like iron, it might have a white or otherwise neutral color, and will often look very welcoming and cozy. To say nothing of what you might choose to do with the surrounding office.

So a farmhouse desk isn’t a type of desk in it of itself, but it rather is an umbrella term that shows off all types of rustic desks made from natural materials that look cozy and nice. You can really have a lot of fun with this type of desk, so let’s take a look at some of our options.

The Best Farmhouse Desk Ideas

Walker Edison Furniture Rustic Farmhouse Desk

One of the first things we tend to think of whenever we think of a rustic farmhouse desk is a writing desk that allows us to sit and write whatever we can think of whenever it comes to our minds. All while breathing in the fresh country air of course!

This desk allows us to do just that with a simple and minimalistic, yet altogether rustic design. It has a height of 30 inches, a length of 46 inches, and a width of 20 inches, and stands on two legs. The entire deck is constructed out of high-grade MDF and laminate, meaning that while it looks simple it is as durable as the fancier desks.

It comes with one drawer that is pretty wide and able to store most of your papers, files, and other odds and ends. Plus, there’s plenty of legroom under the desk to also place storage as well, so if you are willing to sacrifice extra drawers and shelving you will still get a very nice desk.

Whether you use it as a writing desk, a computer desk, or a desk where you get all your work done, you won’t be disappointed at all!


  • The simple and rustic design fits in perfectly with a farmhouse theme
  • Supports up to 100 pounds
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Can be hard to put together, even if you know what you are doing

Sauder Granite Trace Desk

This desk just screams ‘rustic farmhouse’ and it does so with a loud mouth and good reason! The Sauder Granite Trace Desk has two drawers that come with a T-slot assembly system, and it also has two open lower platforms for extra storage, perfect if you want to add extra books or even a computer stand to your desk. It also comes with a 20-inch wide surface area for all your needs.

The assembly of this desk is very easy as well, with the moldings labeled and able to be slid on, so you won’t spend hours putting this desk together. It is also made from high-quality recycled wood, and like most Sauder products most of the wood that would have been wasted on this project is converted into other sustainable uses.

Finally, the desk is both rustic and minimalist, which further makes sure you can set it in any farmhouse setting and have it looking like it belongs. Whether you are working, writing, or just enjoying the day, this is the perfect desk to do all three of those activities at!


  • A great desk for a very fair price
  • Functional with great storage
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Despite labeled parts, it comes in many pieces and can be very hard to put together

Better Home And Gardens Modern Farmhouse Secretary Desk

Sometimes we don’t need a massive desk that we will spend hours at, but a smaller desk that we can instead close off when we are done, rather than having the clutter of a hard day’s work stares us in the face every time we walk by! This secretary desk from Better Home and Gardens is one of those desks that manages to keep it rustic, while also doing exactly what it needs to do.

The desk itself is 32 inches high and 31 inches wide, perfect for a very small computer or writing space. You can open the top and bring it back down again with ease, and the small size means that it can fit just about anywhere. If you don’t want a massive desk crowding up your home office, but still want to bring in the farmhouse vibe, this is a great compromise.


  • Small in size, yet fantastic in what it can do for you
  • Looks great in any space


  • Not many reviews on Amazon

Bestier 55 Inch Computer Desk With Storage Cabinet

If you are looking for the perfect rustic desk that is a mix of everything you might want in a traditional desk, don’t hesitate to look at this 55 inch Bestier Computer Desk with a very beautiful storage cabinet. It manages to have a farmhouse and rustic design while still giving you all the modern features you have come to expect!

First, the entire desk is crafted from a wood finish that lends warmth and charm to your workspace. This is also part of what makes the under desk cabinet so beautiful, and with a 15-inch width, 18-inch depth, and 15-inch height, you will be able to place anything you would like in there.

You also have a 55 inch long and 19-inch wide workspace that can easily hold your laptop, desktop, or other items that you need to work on. The desk can support up to 132 pounds of weight, and you can also store some more items on top of the cabinet, on the shelf under the desk, and on two hooks that hang off the side of the desk.

There’s even cable management to keep your wires from getting crossed, sturdy construction, and amazing craftsmanship to keep the desk looking nice, and can come in many colors.


  • Blends rustic farmhouse looks with modern design
  • Loads of storage options
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not many reviews on Amazon
  • Can have the finish come off during construction

The Best Features Of A Farmhouse Desk

Admittedly, a farmhouse desk is all about looks. It can be a big desk, a small desk, a wide desk, a short desk, or anything else. But it needs to be made from natural materials and needs to have that certain farmhouse look in order for it to be classified as a farmhouse desk.

Other than that, a farmhouse desk can be whatever you need it to be, so keep your needs in mind as you look for one. There’s no point in having a rustic and beautiful desk if you can’t imagine yourself sitting at it for long periods of time. Do you need a large desk to work from home? A small desk to get some light work done each day? Are you part of a team and need a desk big enough for others to enjoy?

All of these questions are going to influence the type of desks that you can use and then you can start looking for a farmhouse desk that matches your goals.

The Best Ways To Turn Your Office Into A Country Getaway

Now, of course, one farmhouse desk does not a trip to the country make! You will need to do a bit more to get that farmhouse and rustic theme to really permeate an office complex. First, you need to get some air and light in, the same way you would if you were in the wide-open spaces of a country ranch.

So if you have a window, raise the blinds, open it up, and get some sunshine and air flowing. If you have it, take the time to admire the nice view that your home or office gives you. Additionally, try to spruce things up with decorations like lamps, pieces of art, or other outdoorsy items that can make you smile.

Finally, try to bring in some plants. Even if you aren’t entirely confident in your ability to keep them alive, plants can make you feel happier and can also add to that country feeling. After all, what is there about the country that makes you want to run through a field of grass or sit beside a garden? Try to capture that for yourself in your office.

Best Farmhouse Desk Ideas FAQ

Question: Do I Need To Go All Out? What If I Just Want A Rustic Farmhouse Desk?

Answer: Of course, you could easily be a city mouse who just wants a slice of what the country mouse has, and you have no desire to actually turn your office into a log cabin. If you want a farmhouse desk just because you think it looks cool or you like the texture of a wood finish under your hands, you can certainly just get a farmhouse desk without doing anything more.

No matter why you want a rustic desk, it will certainly provide some support for you, once you find the right one of course. Plus, it doesn’t really matter if your office has a theme or not, all that really matters is that you can comfortably work inside of your office and be productive.

Question: Are Farmhouse Desks Durable?

Answer: Some people tend to think that since farmhouse desks are often made of wood or at least have a wooden finish to them, that they have the same vulnerabilities to water, decay, and scuff marks as other wooden items. However, wooden desks are just as durable as their metal and steel modern counterparts.

Most of them are laminated and made to last a long time without scuffing or being damaged, and they do have resistance to water damage and pests. Going to the country might mean that you need to take care of a million and one things that are falling apart, but getting a farmhouse desk relieves you of that worry!

As long as you don’t put your farmhouse desk through its paces every single day, you should be good when it comes to durability. Who knows, you might even be able to pass it down the line!

Question: Are Farmhouse Desks Hard To Put Together?

Answer: One of the more prevalent cons of most of the farmhouse desks presented in this article is the fact that they can take a long time to put together. However, don’t equate length with difficulty. You don’t need a master’s degree in engineering or working knowledge in construction and the use of power tools to put these desks together.

You can instead think of them like a puzzle with a lot of pieces. For example, a puzzle with 50 pieces is not any different than a puzzle with 500 pieces, it just takes more time and effort to put the puzzle together, but the real difficulty doesn’t change as much.

The farmhouse desks are the same way, where you often have more pieces and slightly more complicated instructions, but they aren’t harder. Much like at the farmhouse, you just need to roll up your sleeves, get to work, and keep working until the job is done. Then you’ve earned your dinner!

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