How to Find the Best Drop Foot Brace

Drop foot can be a great hassle for people suffering from it. For them, getting the correct drop foot brace can be extremely relieving.

Also known as foot drop braces, these braces are among the top doctor-recommended treatments for drop foot.

When getting a drop foot brace for yourself, you need to be extremely careful. There are multiple factors to consider, such as the material used, comfort level, stability, breathability, etc.

There are tons of options in the market that might be quite confusing to you. But there is no need to worry. We did detailed research and came up with the top 5 drop foot braces in the market that you can opt for. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the details!

What is a Foot Drop Brace?

Your doctor will propose one or multiple foot drop therapies if they detect foot drop. Based on the reason and intensity of the person’s foot drop, suitable foot drop remedies and treatments will be tailored to them. 

“Functional electrical stimulation” is a common treatment for those who have foot drops due to a stroke. Electrical pulses are used in functional electrical stimulation (FES) to recover or increase function in paralyzed muscles.

Reduced electrical pulses are employed to cause muscular contractions in FESs. Low-level pulses re-engage musculature over time, boosting the likelihood of healing from foot drop.

Physical therapy is also an important part of the foot drop rehab procedure. Physical therapy is required to enhance the targeted area’s neighboring muscles and increase overall strength and flexibility.

The workouts that therapists prescribe are aimed to improve lower limb and foot strength and stability. Stretching exercises, in conjunction to resistance training, may expand the amount of motion of the ankle joint.

Thus, there is an improvement in balance, posture, gait, and reducing muscular stiffness. Thankfully, there are various assistive devices available to aid people experiencing mobility challenges due to foot drop.

Ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) are braces holding the front of the joint and foot during movement to reduce ankle and foot flexion. However, crucial design factors play a role in determining whether or not a gadget is acceptable for a certain situation.

A typical AFO brace to treat foot drop supports the front of the foot by enveloping the foot, ankle, and calf ankle. AFO braces might be hinged or solid.

In more serious conditions, where even spasticity is a problem, a solid AFO brace is frequently employed. A solid AFO brace’s purpose is to avoid both foot drop and contracture.

The disadvantage of this sort of orthosis is that it restricts the degree of joint movement available. Hence, it can alter gait patterns. A hinged AFO allows for unrestricted ankle movement, which results in a more normalized walking pattern and increases ankle strength.

A hinged AFO, on the other hand, should only be used if more acute spasticity does not exist.

Types of AFOs

Solid Control

This is the route to take if you’re going through a lot of plantarflexion and wish to halt it. This kind of brace can also be used to treat dorsiflexion either by preventing or restricting it. The method is suited for those who have lost almost all dorsiflexion strength or have very poor knees.

Dorsiflexion Assist AFOs

This type is distinct because it operates based on a springy hinge. Whenever the foot comes in contact with the ground, the hinge raises the foot. This allows you to maintain a rather more normal gait. It is a good match for people who have a moderate drop foot, instability, or flat foot. 

The problem with these braces is that they don’t work as well for heavier individuals. If you weigh more than 225 pounds and are taller than six feet, you will have to explore somewhere else for your correct solution.

Short Leg with Fixed Hinge 

It is the ideal solution if you’re searching for one that will fit into almost any old pair of sneakers and is lightweight.

This alternative is created to assist those with drop feet and flat feet by maintaining the foot at a 90-degree angle, precisely how it should be. It even prevents inward rolling of the foot, which is beneficial in a variety of situations.

The problem with this style is that since it has a fixed hinge, so it doesn’t permit mobility. This implies that your walking motion or gait will be less natural than with some of the other options. It’s also not a good pick for tall people.

Leaf Spring AFO (Posterior)

This type is no longer as common as it used to be, yet it still merits to be mentioned. This style is not as lightweight or as comfy as the other options in the market. Despite this, they perform well for those with significant knee difficulties diagnosed with drop foot. If you see your knee is bending a lot and you need to fix it, it’s something to keep a close eye on.

Energy Return

Energy return systems are becoming a trend in today’s modern footwear. Thus, it’s no surprise that this concept has made its way into orthotics and braces.

This style of brace has a lot of natural flex integrated into it to help with dorsiflexion. This is accomplished by utilizing cutting-edge stuff like carbon graphite. Even with their design, which makes them seem light, this material is incredibly sturdy and will provide you with ample support without being too bulky or cumbersome.

Who Can Benefit From Drop Foot Braces?

People who are diagnosed with foot drop can benefit extremely with the aid of foot drop braces.

Foot drop is a condition in which it is tough to raise the front part of the foot – a movement called dorsiflexion. It is also termed as “dropped foot” or “foot drop”. Dorsiflexion is produced by muscles that are weak or paralyzed.

Foot drop is a symptom that numerous stroke survivors experience. However, it may be caused by other illnesses such as compressed nerves or neurodegenerative disorders.

Patients experiencing foot drop, regardless of the underlying etiology, have identical challenges with fundamental, everyday actions.

People who suffer foot drop could have trouble lifting, rotating, or flexing their feet. They might drag the affected leg, stumble over items, or misstep as a result.

People having foot drops are also prone to unwittingly smacking the floor with the impacted foot when they walk.

Numerous people with foot drops alter their normal walk to accommodate for their lack of agility. It might entail elevating the leg higher than usual with every stride to keep the impacted foot from dragging.

“Steppage gait” is the term for this condition, and it can lead to various difficulties and injuries in the long run.

Thus, people with the problem of foot drop can continue their normal lives with foot drop braces. Foot drop braces help them adapt and catalyze the healing process.

Top 5 Picks for Foot Drop Braces at a Glance

With extra flexibility for walking on all kinds of terrain, this is one of the most comfortable options.

This product is extremely energy-efficient and better than the load-less and stiff designs in the market.

The best quality of this brace is that you can use it during your walks in the morning and night when in bed.

This extremely beneficial foot drop brace has one of the best fits under your shoes. You won’t need to worry about discomfort with this one while walking outside.  

MARS Wellness is one of the most well-known names in the medical equipment and supplies industry. The brace provides excellent stability and optimal flexibility.

Top 5 Foot Drop Brace: Reviews

AFOs can greatly enhance people’s health by allowing them to walk and stand as they did previously. In certain circumstances, the finest foot drop braces may help you resume running and restore control of your surroundings.

Getting the correct types of AFO braces for your requirements, on the other hand, might be difficult. That is the reason we are here to discuss the best AFO devices. With the help of each product’s pros and cons, you can make up your mind easily.

Best Flexible Foot Drop Brace: Push Ortho Ankle Foot Orthosis

This is by far the most expensive option. Yet, this Push Ortho AFO brace is well worth the money. This high-quality brace will stand tall against whatever you hurl at it.

This light brace can help with foot drop and enable safe walking again. You won’t have to change your routine because of the revolutionary design’s natural gait!

It functions by giving the ankle lateral joint stability and supports the foot while preventing inversion. All of this is a sophisticated way of stating, “it keeps your foot in the perfect position.”

The Push Ortho AFO elevates the foot during the swing phase and maintains the foot’s flexibility when walking. Be rest assured that it will not restrict any normal forefront and toe movement.

It’s made of soft, moisture-wicking Sympress microfibers and is latex-free. You don’t need to spend big bucks on unique footwear because it goes with just about any kind of footwear.

It’s even suitable for wearing with slippers! It can also be used as a night splint. You can wash the brace in the given net bag in the washing machine. 


  • It can be worn with any sort of shoe, even slippers
  • It can be used as a splint at nighttime
  • Increased flexibility allows for effortless walking on any surface, even stairs
  • For an AFO brace, it’s light and comfy


  • One of the most costly solutions
  • There are just three sizes available
  • It is not returnable once used

Best Energy-Efficient Food Drop Brace: Insightful Products Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace

Best Energy-Efficient Food Drop Brace Insightful Products Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace

Owing to Step-Smart’s revolutionary solution that combines efficiency and comfort, regaining your natural gait is no more a daunting task. Step-Smart is an extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective foot drop brace.

It has a comfortable toe break and a ¾ footplate that keeps the toes supple and flexible. Moreover, there are bumpers for personalized friction.

Step-Smart outperformed the competitors thanks to their Jacob Joint technology and superior shock absorption. It aims to allow you to walk easily while retaining stability in your foot. 

Since it enables effective plantarflexion upon heel impact, Step-Smart is preferable to stiff designs. Our bodies naturally manage deceleration during heel impact by contracting the dorsiflexors eccentrically.

The greatest shock absorption is achieved when this is paired with a small flexion moment at the knee. Step-Smart efficiently prevents harm and damage to your ankles and feet. Its design delivers resistance at the precise moment whenever your heel meets the ground.

The bumpers also come in three different levels of resistance. These levels allow those with foot difficulties to select the best combo for their specific needs. There is support over the phone to assist you with modifications and usage.

This AFO low-profile brace is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and comes in various sizes, including S, M, L, and even XL.

It’s ideal for persons suffering from severe calcaneus trauma and pain. However, certain users claim that the Step-Smart model does not suit their boots’ shoes properly and creates blisters.


  • Walking with a ¾ footplate is simple and pleasant
  • At heel striking, Jacob Joints are designed to absorb trauma
  • S, M, L, and XL sizes are available
  • Bumpers are long-lasting
  • Very simple to use


  • Design isn’t particularly comfortable
  • It is not the most affordable option
  • It isn’t suitable for all types of footwear

Best All-Day Round Foot Drop Brace: Soft AFO Foot-up – Drop Foot Brace

Best All-Day Round Foot Drop Brace Soft AFO Foot-up - Drop Foot Brace

Furlove’s soft AFO brace demands our consideration since it offers comfort, stability, and mobility. This model is free size, which means it will fit almost all adult feet.

It’s also appropriate for those suffering from Achilles tendinitis, calf spasms, dorsiflexion damage, or plantar fasciitis. Individuals who have had a stroke may benefit immensely from it. The ankle wrap is constructed of airy, 3-layer material for sweat reduction and comfort.

It is one of Furlove’s great benefits.  Nylon, plastic sheet, sponge, and velvet fabric make up the remaining brace. Sores, skin irritation, and blisters aren’t a problem when using the AFO for extended periods.

You probably wouldn’t notice it’s there because it’s so beautifully cushioned! Due to the removable sole and interchangeable inserts, you can wear these braces with slip-on shoes, laced shoes, or even barefoot!

At night, the sole and ankle parts can be attached to correct the use and prevent rebound. Thus, you get both night and day protection. Furthermore, Furlove’s assistance gadgets are adjustable due to the miracle paste closing and contact buckles.

It’s simple to turn on and off, which is just what you’ll need when recovering. However, people adore Furlove since the company brand offers a lifetime guarantee plus technical support!


  • Superb stiffness and support
  • It’s composed of breathable foam and a soft velvet cloth
  • Simple to put on
  • Guaranteed for life


  • As per consumers, the velcro strap does not adhere adequately

Best Shoe-Fitting Foot Drop Brace: Orthomen Ankle Foot Orthosis Support – AFO Splint – Drop Foot Brace

Best Shoe-Fitting Foot Drop Brace Orthomen Ankle Foot Orthosis Support - AFO Splint - Drop Foot Brace

Orthomen is the next in our reviews of the top braces for foot drop. It’s appropriate for sciatic nerve, Peroneal nerve injury, and hemiplegia that cause a drop foot. This brace could help stroke recovery victims with mobility issues since it maintains the feet solid and steady.

Orthomen provides excellent lateral/medial/lateral ankle support. Moreover, it increases toe clearance and strengthens the complete foot area. It also helps prevent spastic muscle tone, which is frequent in people who suffer from foot drops.

The manufacturer built a thin footplate brace that is simple to trim using scissors to tailor the brace to the leg. Even yet, the thick polyurethane on the top portion provides strength and firmness to the legs when walking.

A regular gait enhances toe clearance. The brace is composed of long-lasting polypropylene. Also, it is made to fit either the left or right foot.

The cushioned hook-and-loop straps also provide calf assistance. This brace is lightweight, robust, and comes in four distinct sizes. Its slim shape assures that it will fit many shoes.


  • It may be adjusted to fit the calf
  • The whole ankle and foot are supported
  • Lightweight
  • Hook-and-loop straps with padding
  • Supports dorsiflexion and offers lateral stability
  • Versatile


  • Certain buyers complain that it is too tiny for their feet

Best Support Foot Drop Brace: Ankle Foot Orthosis Support – AFO – Drop Foot Support Splint

Best Support Foot Drop Brace Ankle Foot Orthosis Support - AFO - Drop Foot Support Splint

MARS Wellness has long proven valuable in medical equipment and supplies. Thus, it’s no coincidence that this item is one of our favorites. The ¾ footplate on their AFO allows for maximum movement and ease for the toes.

You may trim the narrower footplate to suit your preferred shoes using scissors. Its anatomical design avoids calcaneus (heel) irritation/pain and substitutes for atrophy.

Moreover, it provides dorsiflexion support and lateral stability support to maintain optimum positioning. This MARS Wellness product offers good support to the full foot-ankle area. It also offers a padded hook-and-loop strap to avoid blisters and irritation.

The AFO is simple to secure on the feet due to the straps. For added rigidity, injection molding enables thicker polyethylene on the vertical side. Additionally, the streamlined form guarantees that it matches various types of footwear.

This splint has a sleek appearance with a low arch and open heel, effortlessly fitting into any shoe. The MARS Wellness braces come in a variety of sizes and are appropriate for both women and men.


  • Anatomical layout
  • Adaptable shoe fit
  • Excellent for heel cord stiffness and nerve palsy
  • Offers lateral stability and support
  • Size can be adjusted
  • The strap is cushioned


  • It takes some time to get used to
  • It could be seen

Things to Consider Before Buying a Foot Drop Brace: a Buyer’s Guide

Things to Consider Before Buying a Foot Drop Brace

AFO Braces offer the necessary support to restore foot posture and reduce flexion.  They’re among the most typical treatments for mild to severe foot drop that experts prescribe. All our reviews might have helped you narrow down your choices.

Even so, getting acclimated to using a foot drop brace might be difficult. As a result, you must pay careful attention to the characteristics of any product you are considering purchasing.

Every person has unique needs and requirements. Thus, check what factors play an important role in your consideration.

Design and Style 

Foot drop braces come in a variety of designs and styles. Lightweight braces and boot braces are the two most common kinds. The thicker boot units are typically bulkier.

On the other hand, the light variants made of absorbent material are significantly lighter. Pick a good brace that is comfortable for you and allows you to move freely. A lightweight brace is frequently used since it relieves pressure on the legs.   


You must choose a brace that is neither too loose nor too tight. It has to stay put. A brace should be compatible with a wide range of footwear. In the summer, wearing AFO splints may cause your ankles and feet to get sweaty and hot. 

To reduce overheating, choose a brace made of breathable material.


Braces are produced from a variety of materials, including composite plastic foam, neoprene, and nylon. Neoprene and nylon are lightweight materials that provide additional flexibility.

On the other hand, foams are more comfortable. Choose the one that best meets your requirements. AFO braces assist people with foot drop to resume their everyday lifestyles. The situation could be transitory or permanent, based on the circumstances.

Irrespective of the reason, the brace aids in healing and improves the quality of life. After speaking with your doctor, determine your needs and choose a brace that serves you better.

Hinged Vs. Solid

Hinged AFOs allow you to move more freely. On the other hand, solid ones are better suited if your case is more severe. Thus, make the decision accordingly.


The best foot drop brace will keep feet stable while allowing you to move freely.   


Question: What Causes Drop Foot?

Answer: Numerous factors might induce drop foot, some more so than others. Yet you have to deal with the underlying problem. Nerve problems are the most typical cause of this condition.
Drop foot is not a spontaneous occurrence; instead, it is the outcome of a root issue that must be treated. A pinched nerve might be the cause, but other, more severe problems can also affect you.
Drop foot can be induced by strokes and also diseases such as ALS or Polio. There are a few occupations that may lead to this condition. Activities that compel you to kneel a lot, casts on the legs, and regularly folding your legs can all induce it.

Question: Is it Possible to Drive While Wearing a Foot Drop Brace?

Answer: You may drive; however, most doctors don’t advocate it, particularly if your condition is severe. Furthermore, if you drive while wearing the brace, your insurance may be invalidated.

Question: Is it Possible to Run While Wearing a Brace?

Answer: When you try and run wearing a brace that is intended for walking, it can shatter. Running AFO splints, on the other hand, enable you to run.

Question: How Long Should a Foot Drop Brace be Worn?

Answer: It depends on the underlying medical problem and whether or not it is curable. Your physician ought to be able to provide you with a precise prognosis. 

Question: How to be Independent of Foot Drop Braces?

Answer: You must link your mind to the muscles via neuroplasticity to regain cover use of your foot and ankle. Neuroplasticity is the process through which your brain rewires itself and forms new neural pathways. It may be triggered by repeated practice.
Neuroplasticity will begin as you perform foot drop activities. Your brain will become increasingly adept at regulating your foot and ankle. With all this hard effort, your foot and ankle mobility will progressively enhance over time.

The Bottomline 

Using a foot drop brace may alter your usual schedule. However, it will make standing, walking, and even jogging much simpler. It might assist you in getting back to a routine and expedite your recovery.

Comfort, support, and convenience are all features of the finest brace for foot drop. It aids in the management of foot drop effects and restoration to regular life.

All the braces we looked at are beneficial to your health condition in various ways. However, one shines out of the rest.  This delivers sheer comfort and solidity to the user. Yes, we are inclined towards the Insightful Products Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace.

Step-Smart is another step ahead of its competitors due to its lifetime guarantee, breathable design, and shock-absorption heel strike.

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