Best Cutting Board Organizer Ideas That You will love!

Kitchen tools and cooking utensils may be essential items for every household, but they, unfortunately, can also be frustratingly difficult to store.  But that does not any longer need to be the case.  With so many well-engineered and functionally designed organizers on the market and DIY fixes permeating online blogs, homeowners have never had better solutions to kitchen storage problems than in the 21 st century.

If you are struggling to keep your cabinets from overflowing and your cutting boards from falling all over your kitchen, then keep reading from some fabulous storage solutions.  In this guide, we are going to look at some of the best organizers on the market, as well as, some creative ideas to help you add extra storage in your kitchen.  Once you finish this article, you will be well on your way to creating a safe, convenient, and clutter-free kitchen.  Let’s begin.

Factors to Consider

Deciding what type of product you need to organize your cutting boards will depend on a few factors.  These include:

The Type of Cutting Boards You Own

Since cutting boards can be made from many different materials and can be styled in many different ways, it is not possible to say that one way of organizing cutting boards will suit all types of cutting boards.  For example, if your cutting boards do not have handles on them, they will either need to be organized in a shelf or countertop organizer or have holes drilled into them.

cutting board and magazine holder on counter

How Many Cutting Boards You Own

Those who own a lot of cutting boards will need to decide if they actually need every cutting board they own or if they want to give up a lot of space to store them.

The Space in Your Kitchen

Depending on how much space you have in your kitchen, you may be limited to hanging your cutting boards from a hook.  Conversely, if you have plenty of space, you can fill an entire cabinet with your boards.

Recommended Products

With the above three factors in mind, we can now look at a few products on the market.  

The Best Countertop Cutting Board Organizer – Simple Houseware Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

If you have decided that your cutting boards will fit on your countertop best, then consider purchasing this organizer.  It is a sturdy option and its style will complement most kitchens.

vertical storage rack with assorted pans stacked


  • It comes as a set of two organizers
  • It has rubber feet to discourage slipping and scratching on countertops
  • It is made from alloy steel
  • It has several thousand positive online customer reviews and ratings
  • It is versatile and can be used to organize the inside of a cabinet


  • It does not fold flat
  • The slats are not adjustable

The Best Under the Cabinet Cutting Board Organizer – Lynk Slide Out Cutting Board Cabinet Organizer

If your kitchen has adequate space so that you are able to give up an entire cabinet for cutting board storage, then this under cabinet organizer is going to be a dream come true for you.  It is convenient to use and will provide excellent and safe storage for all your cutting boards.

stainless steel under cabinet storage rack


  • It slides in and out for easy access
  • It is made from chromed-steel
  • It is easy to install
  • It is easy to clean


  • Requires at least 10” of height
  • It is relatively expensive

Recommended DIY Solutions

Perhaps you do not care for conventional cutting board organizers but would prefer to design your own storage solutions.  Well, if this is you, get your hammer and drill ready because we have gathered some really awesome DIY kitchen organization ideas.

Cutting Board Decorations

natural wood cutting board with handle

Instead of hiding and stuffing away your cutting boards, show them off.  This is especially nice when your cutting boards are stylish and uniquely shaped.  Give your kitchen walls and countertops a fashionable update with this very simple DIY idea.  Here are some suggestions for completing this:

  1. Hang your cutting boards on a kitchen wall just as you would picture frames.  Use eccentric knobs and hooks to design your cutting board feature wall.
  2. Arrange your cutting boards along the back of your countertop to show them off.  This also makes them easy to find and grab when you need them.

Basking in Baskets

Rather than opting for an organizer that is strictly designed for cutting board organization, search local thrift shops, garage sales, or your own home for baskets.  These baskets can be made from any material as long as they are large enough to hold your cutting boards and you have a place in your kitchen to store the basket.

Cutting Board Integration

open drawer holding cutting board

Forget moving your cutting boards from place to place.  Give your cutting board its own special spot in your home by integrating it into your cabinet space.  This type of integration will mean that you transform your cutting board into a slide-out space, similar to a kitchen drawer.  In fact, it is best to put this type of cutting board just above your kitchen drawers so that it is nearly level with your countertop.

Integration can be very convenient, and if you engineer it so that the cutting board slides completely out, you can easily transfer it to your sink to wash it up.

Bespoke Drawers & Cabinets

Another way to store your cutting boards, and other flat kitchen items, is to craft an entire sliding drawer for them.  This means you will need a drawer that is tall enough to hold these items and still be able to comfortably slide the drawer back into the cabinet.  In this type of drawer, you can install as few or as many slats as you prefer.

If you don’t need a drawer that comes out, then simply add slats to a cabinet.

In Conclusion

Keeping cutting boards around the house is a necessity if you cook at home.  These are kitchen tools that make food prep and service much easier by providing a safe surface for working with knives.  Don’t let these essentials frustrate you or clutter up your cooking space, especially when organizing them is actually very easy.

Now that you have finished browsing this guide full of ideas, you should be aware of all the wonderful possibilities for the organization of your kitchen tools.   Whether you prefer to do it yourself and design a bespoke shelf or purchase something that doesn’t even need a screwdriver to install, this guide has presented it all.  For me, I love the idea of displaying my wooden cutting boards along a kitchen wall so that they have double the purpose – food prep help and chic wall décor.

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