Best Cuisinart Tea Kettles Guide: Our Top Picks

Who doesn’t like waking up in the morning to a hot cup of something warm? However, to get you going every morning with your favorite cuppa, you are going to need a kettle, and that’s what we’ll be taking a look at today. Kettles are something we use just about every day, so the decision to buy a new one should be considered carefully, so you end up with something long-lasting as well as efficient for your needs.

However, with so many on the market over such a broad price range, it’s hard to know what brand to go for and which are worth your money. Today we are going to be breaking down Cuisinart and the kettles they have to offer across their different ranges to see if they are worth considering for your next kettle purchase.

In their line, Cuisinart has three categories of kettles: specialty, electric, and stovetop. Here we are going to be looking at the one option available for the specialty option as well as the top and bottom of both the other ranges to get a good idea of what this brand has to offer.

There are a variety of other kettles available between these price ranges, so if you are looking for a happy medium, their website has all the relevant info on their middle-of-the-range options. All of these kettles come with a 3-year guarantee to ensure the utmost quality.

About the Company

Cuisinart is an American company that had its start with the release of the food processor in 1973. This invention was then publicly endorsed by chefs like James Beard and Julia Child to really put this brand on the map.

Cuisinart is now sold across the world with an array of products across the kitchen spectrum, from simple tools to appliances and, of course, kettles. They are used by home cooks and chefs alike and are known for high quality. To assess each kettle, we’ll be looking at value for money, functionality, and appearance to see which of these is worth your money.

Top Picks – Electric

ViewPro Cordless Electric Kettle

electric glass cuisinart tea kettle

The ViewPro Cordless kettle is the most budget-friendly electric kettle that Cuisinart has to offer. It is made of heat-resistant glass with a brushed steel base and a heat-resistant handle, which comes together to create a design that is simple and would easily coordinate with any kitchen due to its transparency and simplicity.

Although this kettle only comes in one finish, unlike many trendy brands, its heat-resistant glass body means you can watch the water boil, which looks attractive all on its own.

The kettle boils really fast with a 1500w heating element that is concealed to prevent scale build-up, which makes your kettle last longer as well as makes it easier to clean. It has a standard 1.7qt capacity and a built-in auto shut-off setting with boil-dry protection.

All in all, this is a simple but very sufficient design with an appearance that is easy on the eye. If you are sold on an electric kettle over a stovetop version, then this one would serve you very well without breaking the bank.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Glass
  • Fast boil


  • Only one finish
  • Not programmable

PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle

stainless steel electric tea kettle cuisinart brand

At the other end of the electric range, we have the super high-tech PerfecTemp kettle. This kettle has a futuristic design with a 360 rotatable base and preset buttons built right into the handle. The preset buttons feature six temperature settings for brewing every varietal of tea as well as French press coffee.

The temperature that tea and coffee are brewed at drastically changes how well the flavors are extracted, so tracking the temperature like this will mean you have a perfectly brewed cup every time. This style of kettles is perfect for those who are particular about their tea and coffee and have some cash to invest in getting it just right.

It comes with a 1500w concealed heating element, a 1.7qt capacity, and a keep warm feature that will maintain your water at the perfect temperature for 30 minutes so you can top up on the go. What makes this kettle really different, on top of its techy additions, is the memory feature that lets you lift the kettle off the base for 2 minutes without losing your presets or interrupting the brewing process.

The finish is brushed stainless steel with a clear water window within the handle, which in turn is coated in a non-slip cool touch material for safe handling. Overall the design is efficient and super customizable. If you are very into your coffee, but you aren’t specifically into pour-over coffee, then this kettle is an alternative to the Digital Gooseneck kettle, which does the same job with a smaller capacity.

The Digital Gooseneck, however, has a much more attractive design that would appeal to a more contemporary taste as opposed to the futurism of the PerfecTemp.


  • 6 presets
  • Very high tech
  • Memory function


  • Expensive
  • Only one finish


Stovetop kettles are stainless steel kettles that have no electrical components and so draw their heat from the stovetop. Due to this fact, these are budget-friendly options that can be used on any kind of stovetop, from gas to electric.

They are commonly used on gas cookers, but they can easily be used on other hobs, so they are an option everyone on a budget should consider.

red shiny enamel tea kettle

Aura 2 Quart Tea Kettle

The cheapest kettle on Cuisinart’s books is the Aura stovetop kettle. That may be cheap, but this budget-friendly option comes in 4 metallic finishes and has a classic domed shape, which would look attractive on any countertop.

The stainless steel kettle features a built-in whistle that alerts you when it has boiled and a spout opener built into the handle so you can open it without burning your fingers. The large handle, lid knob, and spout opener are all coated in a heat-resistant material for safe handling.

The one downside to this model is that this handle is fixed, which does make cleaning and filling a little more awkward. Stovetop kettles are generally larger than their electric, and this Aura kettle is no different with a 2qt capacity.

This model is really basic with no fancy additions, but the design is solid, and the price point is really reasonable, so this option is a serious contender.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Different finishes
  • Easy to clean


  • Not programmable
  • No automatic shut off

Prodigy 2 Quart Tea Kettle

round futuristic stainless steel tea kettle

As a testament to how much more affordable these stovetop kettles are than their electric rivals, we have the top-of-the-range Prodigy. It is stainless steel, comes in 4 different finishes, and has a really attractive rounded body with a single-sided arching handle that is ergonomic and makes handling simple.

To coincide with the elegant design, there is a spout opener built into the cool-touch handle that lets you switch off the built-in whistle without burning your hands on the steam.

This design is beautiful but effective and is a simple kettle to maintain that is also easy on your electricity bill. This, like the Aura kettle, is a great large-capacity kettle with a beautiful design whose price point is really competitive, so you really do get the best of both worlds.


  • Easy to clean
  • Different finishes
  • Attractive


  • No automatic shut off
  • Not programmable

Specialty Kettles

Digital Gooseneck Kettle

matte black cuisinart brand Gooseneck electric Kettle

This kettle is the most unique and the most aesthetically pleasing of everything Cuisinart has to offer. The piece comprises the kettle itself and the square, round-edged heating pad that it sits upon. Both of these are coated in a matte black finish that is very elegant, especially on the curving body and thin spout that feeds from the base.

It has been specifically designed to give you control over how you pour for the perfect pour-over tea and coffee that extracts the most flavor out of each brew. The base is fitted with a digital temperature control display and an adjustable temperature selection that ranges between 140-212 F that you can work with the touch of a button.

This little kettle has a 1 L capacity that heats quickly with a 1200w heating element and keeps it warm for you for 30 minutes. It can be cleaned by simply wiping it down with a wet cloth.

This one is a real investment that I would only recommend to those who are making pour-over tea and coffee on the daily. This can be used for regular tea and coffee, too. So it is multi-use; however, it does have a smaller capacity than the rest of the kettles on this list which should be considered when you consider the price tag.


  • Specialized design
  • Digital temperature control


  • Expensive
  • Small capacity

Best for Precision Brewing

In this category, the Digital Gooseneck kettle and the PerfecTemp really are neck and neck. Both of these kettles allow you to boil water to the perfect temperatures for different brews and hold the water at that particular temperature.

Where the PerfecTemp has the upper hand is in the capacity as it has a 1.7L capacity to contrast with the Goosenecks 1L. However, the Gooseneck really shines when it comes to precision pouring and aesthetics since it really is the prettiest kettle on offer.

At the end of the day, the difference between these two is your taste in varieties of coffee and what you like when it comes to looks. Both are a significant investment, so you want something at the end of the day that is very functional and easy on the eye.

Best Value for Budget

As we can clearly see, the Aura 2 Quart kettle is the cheapest by far in the Cuisinart range, and its quality doesn’t suffer for this fact. As long as the whistle is on and you are around, this kettle will do a great job without the need for a plug.

If you prefer the Prodigy’s design and have an extra ten bucks to spare, then that design is just as solid; really, it’s all about personal taste.

If you have your heart set on a nice and easy, auto shut-off kettle, then the ViewPro is a good buy. It’s cheap and gets the job of boiling water done without a hitch. Its design is also not cheap in appearance, which adds some extra value without having to spend too much extra cash.

Best Cuisinart Tea Kettles: Conclusion

For both of these main categories, the cheaper options really are the best at the end of the day. They are high quality, well designed and will last you a long time if you look after them. In general, Cuisinart’s range is really extensive, has a range of prices for every budget, and delivers high-quality products on every level.

In my opinion, the best kettle that Cuisinart have on their books is the PerfecTemp. When you go to a brand like Cuisinart, you are expecting to pay a certain premium, but in turn, you get a quality product back.

It can function as a regular kettle if you want, but if you want a really tailored coffee or tea experience, it can deliver that to you at the touch of a button.

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