The Best Corner Storage Cabinet Options and Ideas

You could have the greatest desk in the world, a desk with a dozen different storage options, and yet somehow you still wouldn’t have enough storage for all your things! When that happens, you need to enhance the storage with some extra options and one of the best and most non intrusive ways is a corner storage option.

Being able to slide some papers or books into a small storage cabinet, and then to place that cabinet into a tucked away corner of the office can often mean the difference between being cluttered and being organized.

The best part about most of these storage options is that you can just place it in the corner and forget about it, and then store whatever you need inside of them without any hassle. That means that you have a lot of options for your corner storage, even in an office setting, so here are some of the best corner storage cabinet options that you can use.

In order to find the best corner storage cabinet options, we’ve looked at several options for these. These all take into account the style of the cabinet, the security they offer you, as well as the size of the cabinet as well.

The Best Corner Storage Cabinet Options

MAISON ARTS White Buffet Storage Cabinets: The Best For Those Who Want Decoration

The first thing is first whenever it comes to this cabinet from MASION ARTS, it is beautiful. The two carved grille doors just pop with character and the floral carving is beautiful. Its style is on full display, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks in practicality, and it can be a good storage cabinet that can work with almost any desk.

It is also very durable with a solid pine wood frame and heavy duty legs also made from pine. It is durable and long lasting, and you also don’t need to worry about it if you are a friend of the environment. The cabinet is both eco-friendly and free from pollution, so you aren’t bringing anything into your home other than the fresh forest.

The cabinet does come with one shelf area inside of the two doors, and also a very spacious top for you to place all your things on it. It’s also very easy to assemble and mount as everything you need is included, along with very detailed instructions.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic


  • Might be too elegant for some offices

WATERJOY Standing Wooden Storage Cabinet: Best For Those Who Want A Lot Of Storage Space

Sometimes the things that we need to be stored will eclipse the storage that we have available for them, and when that happens this cabinet from WATERJOY will have you crying tears of joy!

The indoor storage cabinet has 4 drawers and two layers inside of a cabinet, and a wide top. It is simple and practical, and the neutral white color will fit in nearly any office. You can use each of the four cabinets for four separate things in your office, or you can place everything in the four cabinets and call it a day.

Additionally, the entire cabinet is waterproof, moisture-proof, and also very durable, and resistant to wear. The high quality MDF material is painted with an environmentally friendly and free from toxins paint finish, so you won’t have to worry about it flaking on you. If it gets dirty, all you need to do is just wipe it down with a damp cloth and you are good to go.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • The desk is environmentally friendly
  • Comes with a lot of storage space in the form of drawers and a cabinet.


  • Might not fit with some offices
  • The larger cabinet has only one shelf, so two storage spaces

Convenience Concepts Xtra Storage 3 Door White Cabinet: Best For Those Who Want Something Small

A smaller storage can be something that can not only fit into a corner but might also help keep you organized better. Instead of fitting all of your items into one large storage space, a smaller space can force you to keep organizing and putting things together to make the most of it.

The Convenience Concepts Xtra Storage Cabinet is snug enough to slip into a corner and comes with a few storage options for you.

First, it comes with three cupboards that all have chrome door knobs and magnetic hinges, and also a fourth cupboard with no door, allowing you to place your most important items on the top. It’s a simple storage cabinet that you can use to store almost anything, and it is just as easy to put together.

Whenever you open the package up, you will find that the package the parts come in are all organized in separate areas and clearly labeled. This makes it super easy to put the cabinet together, and you also don’t need to worry about breaking out the drill as everything is pre-drilled for you.


  • Easy directions for assembly
  • A larger storage space with deep shelves
  • Very inexpensive


  • Door handles are plastic made to look like metal

BGT Capri Desk Organizer: Best For People Who Want Small Stuff

Sometimes you might not want a massive cabinet that holds all of your things. Sometimes a corner storage cabinet just needs to be small enough to remove some of the clutter that is messing with your desk. If that happens to be the case, then you need the BGT Capri Desk Organizer.

This small box can easily be tucked into a corner and then used if your desk is cluttered with smaller knick knacks and items.

The compact wood box holds 5 drawers and can hold various small items while also looking very nice on your desk. It also is made from sturdy pine wood so you shouldn’t be too worried about breaking it if it ends up tumbling off your desk.

Additionally, it is very customizable, so if you are the type of person who likes to do some serious arts and crafts, then you can repaint it, add stickers to it, and make it beautiful to perfectly fit the theme of your office.


  • Very customizable if you have the hand for it
  • Able to store smaller items
  • Has five drawers of different sizes


  • Is not able to hold bigger items
  • Is smaller than other options and mainly designed for clutter

The Best Features of the Best Corner Storage Cabinets

First, the best features for storage is a relative term. You need to take a look at what exactly you are storing and figure out what type of cabinet you need for your corner. If you are going to be storing files or other office sized items, you might want a storage cabinet with the same dimensions as a file cabinet.

If you are storing smaller pieces, common office items, or clutter, then you need you invest in a smaller cabinet. Additionally, for bigger items you will need a bigger cabinet. No matter what you need to be stored, keep in mind that your cabinet should make your life easier in that regard and not just be another place where you can stuff your stuff.

You should also look for cabinets that allow you to not just store, but organize. Cabinets with multiple drawers or storage options might be a better choice if having all those options helps you analyze everything and become more productive at your workplace.

A Neutral Look

Of course, in addition to the cabinets being able to do their storing correctly, you also need to look for cabinets that are a good fit for your office.

Do you have an office that is very bright, very dark, very full, or very minimalist? Then, you might need to see what type of cabinet will work with your office theme, especially if you are going to focus on making everything look nice.

Color is also very important too, although do keep in mind that most corner storage options for

Look At The Dimensions

Of course, it wouldn’t be a corner storage cabinet if you couldn’t reasonably fit it into a corner now, would it? Make sure to measure the corners of your office beforehand and then compare those measurements to the dimensions of your office. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying and assembling an office cabinet and then realizing that it does not fit in the corner!

Measuring a corner can admittedly be difficult, but if you get as much information as you can out of it, you can use that information to get yourself the perfect storage cabinet for your office!

What Materials Can A Corner Cabinet Be Made Out Of?

You can find corner storage cabinets made from wood, metal or a combination of both. There are not many advantages or disadvantages to having a corner cabinet made from either material, aside from the inherent strength and durability of the cabinet.

If you are concerned about the amount of security your cabinet needs to provide, or the weight of the cabinet, then you should look at the materials. Otherwise, you don’t really need to worry about what your cabinet is made out of.

What Is The Best Way To Free Up Counter Space?

Sometimes we end up using the entire cabinet for storage, rather than just using the shelves provided. If you don’t want to have the counter space above the cabinet getting cluttered, then make sure to have a purpose for your cabinet. Know that certain things are going to go inside of the cabinet and fill the shelves, and once it is full then that is that.

The simple act of giving everything a place in your office, home, or kitchen can be a great stepping stone when it comes to freeing up all your counter space and also making sure that you are using all your storage effectively.

How Can A Corner Storage Cabinet Best Fit Into Your Kitchen Design?

If you happen to have an existing kitchen design that you want to keep, but you also need more storage then the above question might enter your mind. First, take a look if you even have space for your corner storage cabinet? You don’t want to purchase a corner storage cabinet and then deal with the fact that it is too big or too small for your room!

Additionally, make sure that the color matches as well for your kitchen. If you do have an existing style, you can focus on finding a cabinet made from materials and also one that also matches that style. Put some thought and effort into looking for the cabinet and you will be good to go when it comes to inserting it into your kitchen.

Corner Storage Cabinet FAQs

Question: What Is The Purpose Of A Corner Storage Cabinet?

Answer: Now, a corner storage cabinet is not supposed to be something you cram all your items into and then forget about. Instead, it is a cabinet where you are supposed to have extra stuff stored that doesn’t fit or doesn’t need to be inside of your desk.

So take a look at all the items you might need to store inside of the corner storage cabinet, and see which ones need to be there and which ones need to be inside of your desk storage.

There’s not a lot of overlap whenever you think of it this way, and it will help you put the right things into the right storage space. However, a corner storage cabinet is also supposed to be pretty close to the main desk, so you won’t have to go too far away with those extra items you are storing, especially if you need them during the day..

Think about things that you need to have on hand whenever you are dealing with your workday, and that should be what goes into your corner storage. Alternatively you could place all your needed items into your desk and have items that you only need to get at occasionally inside of the storage cabinet. It’s up to you how you want to store your items, but make sure that you know the purpose of your cabinet before you start using it.

Question: Do I Need A Storage Cabinet?

Answer: While we hear about a lot of people who often don’t get storage cabinets even though they really need to clean their desks and also their acts, we don’t hear about the opposite group of people: These people are those who get storage that they never use or never use to its fullest potential. Before you become either one of those people, take a moment to consider your storage needs.

Look at what you need from a storage system. Do you just have a few small papers to store? Then maybe a file folder will do the work for you. Do you need to store a few smaller items? Then maybe consider getting an old shoebox to slide under your desk or into the drawer. Storage cabinets are the best whenever you need them.

If you have a lot of items that need dedicated drawers all to themselves and items that need their own cabinet space, then you might need a storage cabinet to take care of these items. Additionally, it’s alright if you don’t fill your storage cabinet right away because then you can always store more items in it.

Question: The Corner Storage Vs Regular Storage

Answer: There’s a big emphasis on corner storage because it saves space over regular storage. Think about it. Corners are rarely used whenever it comes to room design, while the flat spaces of walls are. You get a lot of free space you can take advantage of whenever you tuck your items into corner storage, so that’s the main advantage.

Plus, it tends to look better, almost like having a puzzle piece slotted in perfectly. Rather than taking up space on a wall, it just slides into the corner and fits there perfectly hugged by the walls.

Regular storage might be bigger, but it takes up a lot more space and also requires you to rearrange your entire office in some cases if you need to bring in a large chest or a large filing cabinet. If you need something small, go for some corner storage and you’ll get what you need.


If you have an empty corner all in your office, you should easily be able to fill it up with corner storage, and then you can start cleaning up your desk. Only this time, you shoving everything in the corner has a purpose!

We’d recommend filling that corner with the Convenience Concepts Xtra Storage cabinet. It just looks really nice and also is compact enough to fit anywhere and match any office style!

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