Best Cheese Cutting Boards Guide [2022]

The best cheese boards for cutting cheese and charcuterie in restaurants are boards made of hardwood. Hardwoods like teak, walnut, maple, cherry, and bamboo are preferred by chefs. Restaurants, wineries, and venues that offer cheese platters and appetizers often serve charcuterie with their platters. These are prepared meats salami, pepperoni,  sausage, bacon, pates, confit, and other cured meats. The hard surface of wood makes it easy to cut cheese and meat for customers to arrange on a platter, charcuterie board, or plates.

Composite cutting boards are made of resin, paper, and wood fibers. They have boards made of bakelite, wood fiber, and Stonewood another composite material used for cutting boards.  These boards are durable and designed for heavy-duty use.   We will discuss some of the popular choices in the commercial kitchens for cutting boards for cutting cheese and prepared meats.

Types of Wood Cutting Boards For Cheese

natural edge wooden plank cutting boards

Teak is a hardwood tinged with brown, gold, and orange. It is a strong wood that resists insects, rotting, bacteria, and warping. Cook Illustrated recommends teak cutting boards after testing many different kinds. It is easier on knives surfaces and does not dull them. It is eco-friendly and sustainable.  Teak cutting boards should be washed by hand after use. It is recommended not to put them in the dishwasher.

Hard maple is an abundant wood found in North America. The wood is hard and antibacterial a good choice for a cutting board. They are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation. It has a hardness rating of about 1450 that makes it ideal for commercial kitchens. It is good for cutting soft and hard cheese and prepared meats. It should be washed by hand only never in the dishwasher. Many are treated with a protective coating to keep food from seeping into the wood.

Bamboo cutting boards have gained popularity in commercial kitchens in the last several years. The wood is very hard and the cutting board is almost maintenance-free. Water or juices from food do not seep in. Wash by hand do not put in the dishwasher. It does not scar from sharp knives and has an attractive look. It is an eco-friendly renewable wood. Look for manufacturers that use non-toxic treatment to make these cutting boards.

Walnut is considered by some chefs one of the best woods for cheese cutting boards. Walnut is a good choice for using sharp knives and will not make them dull. It does not chip easily and is water and bacteria-resistant. It is eco-friendly and safe for food. They should be washed using soap and water do not put in the dishwasher. It is a locally sourced wood in the United States and makes an attractive cutting board.

Cherry wood is another material used for cheese cutting boards. It is a beautiful strong wood that is eco-friendly and easy to clean. It does not dull knives. It can be washed with warm water and soap and rinsed. Do not put it in the dishwasher. It has a tight grain that does not show knife marks or nicks. It is an attractive cutting board to use in the commercial kitchen for cutting cheese and other foods.

Olive wood is used for cutting boards and is a hardwood that makes an attractive cutting board. It is more expensive and can be used for cutting cheese and serving it. It hard surface makes it ideal to cut hard and soft cheese and hard cured meats. Olive is a wood that is a sustainable wood. It is hard and ideal for food prep. It is a slow-growing wood and not as available as other woods. It is more expensive than other wood cutting boards.

Composite Cutting Boards For Cheese

Composite cutting boards are less expensive than wood. They are made of wood fibers, paper, and resins. Epicurean cutting boards are made of a combination of paper and resin. They are strong and last a long time a good choice for the commercial kitchen. The Epicurean cutting board is made of Richlite a material made of paper and resin. It is resistant to knife gouges. This material is harder than wood and better than plastic. It is considered a wood fiber. It is multi-purpose and resistant to bacteria.

Moisture warps the cutting board so it is advised not to wash it in the dishwasher. Some customers say they have no problem with it in the dishwasher others claim it cracks and warps easily. These boards have more positive reviews from customers than negative.

How to Clean Wood and Composite Cutting Boards

persons hands cleaning wooden cutting baord in sink

Most wood cutting boards should be washed by hand with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Rinse with warm water and dry with a paper or cloth towel. For sanitation mix 1 teaspoon of bleach to one quart of warm water. Pour mixture onboard and wipe down. Rinse with hot water and dry. Wipe mineral oil or beeswax on your wood or composite cutting board and allow it to sit for a few hours. Wipe off with paper towels or a dry cloth.

Wash a bamboo cutting board with a cloth with warm water and soap to remove debris. Rinse with warm water and dry. Add oil or beeswax for a few hours. Wipe excess off. A composite cutting board can be washed with warm water and soap, rinsed, and dried. Do not put it in the dishwasher.

Ideas For Cheese Plates and Appetizers

Your restaurant, winery, or catering business wants to add some new appetizer or cheese plates to the menu. You have recently purchased cheese cutting boards for your commercial kitchen and perhaps some new board to serve cheese on. Cheese plates can be served on large dishes or wood serving boards. Cheese plates often have different types of cheese, cured meats, pickled and fresh vegetables, sliced bread, and crackers. Adding some new items to your menu will utilize your new cheese cutting boards. These items are good for a group of customers for catering, a winery, buffet, or restaurant appetizers.

Fall Mediterranean Cheese Plate

You will want to include 4 types of cheese for a large cheese board. You might want to include two hard kinds of cheese like an Italian pecorino made of sheep’s milk and very sharp cheddar cheese. The softer cheese can be feta and ricotta to spread on bread or crackers. You can add three types of cured meats salami, pepperoni, pancetta, or chorizo. Some platters have seasonal fruit sliced apple and pears, cut vegetables, nuts, and dried fruit. Don\’t forget to include some crackers and sliced bread. This can be paired with wine or mocktails.

Greek Cheese Plate

On this plate, you will want to have feta cheese a popular Greek cheese. It can be cut into cubes or chunks. Kasseri is a medium-hard yellow cheese made of goat’s milk that can be cut into wedges or slices. Manouri is a soft cream cheese that can be served with sliced bread and crackers. Add some Greek olives, sliced cucumbers, red onions sliced, romaine lettuce, pecorino, and cooked lamb or chicken. Other dips you might include are hummus, eggplant dip, and grape leaves. Serve with a good wine or mocktail.

Mexican Cheese Board

knife and cheese on black marble cutting board

Customers love spicy food and a Mexican Cheese plate will be popular with many customers. A great appetizer to serve with groups, buffets, and catering events. The cheese plate might have two hard kinds of cheese and two soft cheese. Cotija is a hard cheese made of cow’s milk with a salty taste. It can be cut thin and served in cupcake liners.  Queso Enchilado is made from goat’s milk and has chili pepper paste on the outside It can be mild or spicy and cut into small pieces to serve. Panela cheese is cottage cheese that can spread on bread and crackers. A spicy habanero cheddar cheese is a good addition to round out the cheese plate.

You might want to include some diced chorizo or dried sausage, ham or jamon serrano, or boiled sausage. The plate can include roasted peppers, olives, sliced cucumbers, red onion, and tomato. Include crackers and sliced bread and a spicy salsa dip with tortilla chips that fit the theme. Serve with a good Mexican wine or mocktail.

Criteria Used To Pick Cheese Boards

We selected cutting boards recommended by chefs and foodservice distributors like Cutting and They recommend a hard-wood cutting board for cheese that does not harm the knife surface. Hardwoods like maple, cherry, and walnut do are easy to clean and are not porous. Other hardwoods are teak, bamboo, and olive. These boards should not be washed in the dishwasher but by hand and oiled to maintain quality. Do not purchase any wood with a lacquer or coating on it. Wood boards should be oiled to maintain the wood.

Consumers often use mineral oil or beeswax to seal the wood for cheese cutting boards. Restaurants will want to use a large board to have room to slice more than one type of cheese and meat at the same time. Some cheese boards are used to serve cheese and cut it in the kitchen. Composite boards are less expensive and have a hard surface. They are made of paper and resin and heating them makes them safe. They should not be washed in the dishwasher and hung to dry on their side when not used. Boards made of Richilite have proved to be a good composite material. Composite boards have been proven durable for commercial use.

We have read some reviews on these cutting boards and chosen well-known companies and brands to use in the commercial kitchen. Epicurean composite boards are looked for by chefs. Overall hardwood and composite board have been found to make the best boards for cheese

Recommended Companies That Make Wood Cutting Boards For Cheese

John Boos & Company

thick butcher block wooden cutting board with boos label on side

John Boos & Company sells several wooden cutting boards for commercial kitchens. Woodcutting boards have a hard surface ideal for cutting cheese and prepared meats. Their cutting boards are made of maple, cherry, and walnut.  The Cherry R Board is square and comes in three sizes and is 1-1/2″ inches thick. It has handgrips and a beeswax finish. The sizes you can order are 18″ x 12″, 24″ x 18″, and 20″ x 15″. They are made in the United States.

The Walnut R Board is square and 1-1/2″ inch thick. It has hand grips and comes in the same three sizes as the Cherry R boards. The MPL-RST cutting board is 1-3/4” inches thick and 12″ inches wide. It uses less waste in materials. It has a beeswax finish and comes in 13″ X 12″, 17″ x 12″, and 24″ x 12″. All three come in round board in one size 18″ in diameter and 1-1/2″ inches thick.

Some restaurants cut cheese and other accompaniments on the cheese cutting board and serve platters on wood cutting boards designed to serve customers.

To order cutting boards on the John Boos Website go to the How to Purchase page to find an authorized dealer nearest you in your state or look for online dealers. These cutting boards are sold on,, Central Restaurant Products, Chef Depot, Cutting Board. com, Katom Restaurant Supply, and Hotel Restaurant Supply. These boards received mostly positive reviews from customers. There were some negative reviews about the wood cracking. It needs to be taken care of and oiled frequently. Some vendors offer free shipping.


  • Comes in both square and round sizes
  • Made of hardwood maple, cherry, or walnut
  • Good on knife blades and cutting soft and hard cheeses
  • Some vendors sell the cutting boards by the case
  • Shipping is sometimes free
  • Eco-friendly woods


  • Needs oiling to prevent cracks
  • Should not be washed in the dishwasher
  • Pricey because it is made of wood
  • Need to purchase oil to maintain it


multi toned wooden cutting board

Teakhaus is a  company that makes teakwood trays for cutting cheese and charcuterie in the commercial kitchen. They only make trays of teak that are moisture-resistant and easy on knife blades. Their products are eco-friendly.  Professional Cutting Board L107 is a rectangular board and is 24″ x 18″” in size. It is 1.5″ thick and weighs about 15 pounds. Its hard surface makes it ideal to cut soft and hard cheese and items that go with this. The handgrip lets you move it around your commercial kitchen. This board must be maintained with oil.

The Butcher Block Cutting Board 315 is designed for restaurants that prepare cheese and charcuterie platters for parties, wine and cheese events, or catering. It can be used in the kitchen to cut food or to serve cheese platters. It is 18″ X 6″ and two inches thick.  This rectangular tray weighs 5 pounds. The teak used is a certified sustainable product. It must be oiled.  These boards are made in the United States.

The boards are sold on the Teakhaus website and ship in one to two days. They only ship to the United States and Canada. On orders of $129 or more standard shipping is free. You can get a refund if you return something within 30 days or replacement but a fee will be charged for shipping it back. sells these trays online. There are complaints about the shipping box size being too large. Most reviews are good but some customers complain the wood cracks or comes damaged.


  • Made of quality wood that is eco-friendly
  • Does not dull knives
  • Easy-grip handles
  • Lasts a long time if properly cared for


  • Rather pricey
  • Needs to be oiled and cared for
  • Do not wash in dishwasher
  • Sometimes the cutting board is shipped damaged
  • Deduct shipping costs for refunds and replacements


Montolivo makes several different-sized cutting boards made of olive wood ideal for cutting cheese. They are sold on Cutting This brand comes from Italy. The Olive Cutting Board that is that is 20″ x 10″ is almost one inch thick. The grain will differ on these boards and the patterns. It is a very attractive cutting board and can be used to serve cheese on too. This cutting board must be oiled to keep the quality but will last years.

The Montlivo Rustic Italian Olive  Wood Slab is 24″ x 12″ about one inch thick and rectangular in shape. It has a hole to hang the board when not in use. It is designed to cut cheese, meats, and slices of bread.  Wash with warm soap and water, rinse, and dry. Do not wash in the dishwasher. Oil both sides of the board and use mineral oil. You can use your Amazon account to order on Cutting and shipping over $75 is free.  They offer standard shipping, USPS, 2nd-day air, and UPS World Wide.

The boards have received good reviews from customers. Some customers complain about the wood splitting and having to replace it. Shipping times depend on the type selected and times vary.


  • Good quality wood last many years
  • Attractive cutting board some with holes to hang when not in use
  • Free shipping  for orders over $75
  • Offer different types of shipping options
  • Can use an Amazon account to order
  • Sustainable hardwood


  • Some boards split and must be replaced
  • Boards cannot be washed in the dishwasher
  • Boards need to be oiled
  • Pricey

Rosetto Serving Solutions

wooden rectangular cutting board with juice groove

Rosetto Serving Solutions is located in Skokie, IL, and has a bamboo cutting board for cheese and other items. It is hardwood that does not dull knife blades. It does not retain water so it will not crack or warp. It is eco-friendly and has an attractive pattern. The BP003 rectangular bamboo cutting board is designed for the commercial kitchen. It is 21 3/8″, 13″ x 9/16″ It can be used in the kitchen or on the display table. It has a juice well to catch juices if you cut meat. It should be washed by hand and dried do not put in the dishwasher.  This product does not contain any harmful chemicals.

The Rosetto BP001 is a flat rectangular cutting board 21 3/8″ and 13″ x 9/16″ It is 1-3/4″ thick. It can be used in the kitchen to cut cheese, meats, bread, and vegetables. An attractive addition to a buffet or to use as a serving platter for cheese too. It can be used as a cutting board alone to plate appetizers or cheese platters.

They are sold online at KaTom Restaurant Supply Inc, Cutting, and Amazon.  It ships in 4-8 days.  There are few available reviews of this product.


  • Well made eco-friendly made of sustainable wood
  • Can be used to cut cheese or as a serving platter
  • Sold online in the United States
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not crack or absorb liquids


  • Pricey
  • Do not wash in dishwasher
  • Needs to be oiled using mineral oil

Greener Chef

two toned wooden cutting board with branded label sleeve

Greener Chef Extra Large Green Cutting Board is made of an organic bamboo cutting board. It is less expensive and large. The Green Chef Extra Large Cutting Board has three compartments where you can cut different cheeses or foods and separate them. It can be used as a handy cutting board for cheese or meats and as a serving board. It has easy-to-use handles on the side so it can be carried to different stations in the kitchen. Some models come with juice grooves for cutting meats and poultry. It is sourced from Asia. These cutting boards are sold on, at Walmart, and on eBay.  There is free shipping on Amazon.  There are many good reviews on these cutting boards but sometimes they are shipped with cracks.


  • Good quality less expensive
  • The large board can be used for cutting and serving
  • Fast shipping
  • Eco-friendly does not absorb water


  • Made in China
  • Cannot be washed in the dishwasher
  • Sometimes is cracked or delivered to the wrong address
  • Cannot be washed in the dishwasher and must be oiled.

Recommended Composite Cheese Cutting Board

The Cutting Board Company

The Cutting Board Company makes several cutting made from Richlite a resin-infused paper material. It is safe and relatively inexpensive for commercial cutting boards. They are made in the US in different sizes. Professional  Composite Black Richlite Cutting Board is for a professional kitchen and comes in 24″ x 18″. It is 1/4 inches thick. It is dishwasher safe and does not scratch easily. It is great for cutting cheese, meats, and vegetables for cheese appetizers or plates. It ships quickly on the same day. It does not stain and is hygienic. It can handle up to 350 degrees heat. It comes in Professional Tan Richlite color too.

They offer different types of shipping options when you order. The cutting boards are sold on the Cutting Board. com website. They have received good reviews from customers. You can customize the size to your needs. Composite cheese boards are popular and less expensive than wood. They have a hard surface


  • Made in the United States
  • The hard surface does not dull knives
  • Last a long time when cared for.
  • Customized to your needs
  • Stain and warp resistant


  • Cannot be washed in the dishwasher moisture can warp wood
  • Do not accept returns on custom cutting boards unless there is a defect
  • Ship by weight can take 1-6 days


Wood and composite cutting boards are rated as good boards to cut hard and soft cheese and other foods for cheese plates and appetizers. They are eco-friendly and the hard surface lasts a long time. They have to be cared for to get the best use from them. Some are designed to cut cheese or be used as a serving board. A good choice for cutting hard and soft cheese and other foods that go with cheese plates.

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