Best Ceramic Bowl Ideas and Picks For Every Household

Cereal and soup, oatmeal and salad – no matter what you put in a ceramic bowl, it is certain to look great. This is because ceramic is one of those materials that is just plain amazing. Consider all the ceramic dishware you have encountered in your life and recall how versatile they are in color, size, and style. When you are stocking your kitchen, you simply cannot go wrong with a set of ceramic bowls.

Now, you may be a person who knows what they want in every decision in life, so variety doesn’t cause you to freeze and panic. But, for some of us, myself included, too many options can be overwhelming. This is what I find in ceramic bowls. For better or for worse, they are extremely versatile, and way too many options are offered.  

We are going to delve deep but remain uplifted in spirit as we search for the best ceramic bowls on the market. Are you ready? Let’s get going.

Why Go with Ceramic?

If you haven’t already noticed, this material is very versatile. This factor alone makes ceramic worth using in your kitchenware. But, there are a few other reasons that may sway you to believe that ceramic is the ultimate.

  • Ceramic distributes heat evenly and cools off quickly
  • Ceramic does not absorb the flavors or odors of foods served in it
  • Ceramic is very easy to clean, and most items made from it are dishwasher safe

Something to Consider

Before you set out to buy a bunch of ceramic bowls for your kitchen, take some time to consider what you really want. To help you through this process, we have created the following list of features found in ceramic bowls. Look through this list and make notes of what you want or don’t want for the bowls in your kitchen.


Find a set of ceramic bowls that will complement your kitchen colors, your other kitchenware or just make you feel happy about seeing them on your table.


Since ceramic is extremely versatile, it can also range in price greatly. This means you can set yourself a strict budget and still find a set of bowls that suits your style.

Size & Shape

Again, this is evidence of the beautiful versatility that ceramic offers. You can find bowls in nearly any shape and size, so keep looking until you find exactly what you want. If the marketplace doesn’t have anything to suit your style, then look for a shop that designs and handcrafts customized ceramic items. These do exist and can be a wonderful way to stock your kitchen.


You can get ceramic bowls for everyday use, and you can get ceramic bowls to celebrate special occasions and holidays. Remember, these things are versatile, so take advantage of that.  Also, ceramic bowls are designed for certain uses or foods, such as salad bowls, ramen bowls, or as a mixing bowl set.

The Ceramic Bowls You Should Get

We have taken the time to discuss why ceramic is the best material for bowls and what features to consider when shopping for ceramic bowls, so now we are ready to look at a few options on the market. The following product recommendations have been pulled together using these criteria:

  • Color
  • Positive ratings and reviews
  • Shape & Size
  • Style

The Best Ceramic Bowls Overall

Staub Ceramic 2-Piece Universal Bowl Set

We all know the Staub brand for its highly acclaimed tea kettle and cast iron kitchen supplies, but now you get to see a more subdued side to this brand. With this set of ceramic bowls, Staub is offering the public something of exceptional quality.  

These bowls are not just for your Saturday morning cereal; they can really be put to work. A Staub ceramic bowl is designed to go into your oven in temperatures up to 572° Fahrenheit. It can also be set in a freezer, a microwave, a dishwasher, and under a broiler. It can take all of that and still look great at your table setting.


  • Resists scratching and shattering
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave, broiler, and oven safe
  • Available in three different colors


  • No customer reviews are available
  • Fairly pricey

The Best Ceramic Bowl for Gifting

Ceramic Shop Kalpkalbe Wedding Favors Ceramic Bowls

These are the bowls you need if you are planning to gift a lot of people at an event, such as at a Bohemian-style wedding. The recipients of one of these bowls will certainly love the gesture because the vibrant colors and patterns, along with the excellent craftsmanship put into each bowl, are stunning.  

The Best Ceramic Bowl for Gifting

With these bowls, you are offered a lot of options for customization. You can get a large number of bowls or just one bowl. You can select which pattern you prefer (patterns and colors will vary slightly since these are handmade), and you can even add a sticker with a personal message on each bowl. As we mentioned before, ceramic is extremely versatile. These bowls are hard proof of that.


  • Customers love this shop and these bowls, so they both have dozens of 5-star reviews
  • Great selection of colors and patterns offered
  • Personalization is offered
  • Can be ordered in any quantity
  • The seller can be contacted directly if you have questions or concerns
  • Returns and exchanges are accepted


  • Shipping will vary depending on how many are purchased and where the bowls will be sent
  • Dimensions are small (3.14” in diameter by 1.57” in height)

The Best Ceramic Bowls for Pets

Blue Hen Craft Personalized Ceramic Pet Dishes

Why should we have all the fun of using a stylish ceramic bowl while our beloved pets get a rubbish bowl? Stylize your pet’s home by getting them their very own personalized ceramic dish.  

This shop offers wide-body dishes in fifteen glorious colors and five different sizes. You will find the perfect fit for whatever type of pet you own. Plus, you get the privilege of customizing the bowl with your pet’s name on the bottom. Now, you’ll never wonder which dish belongs to which pet.


  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • The seller can be contacted directly if you have questions or concerns
  • The seller is willing to work with customers on where and how the bowl is personalized
  • The shop also sells other pet dishes that may complement this personalized bowl


  • Returns and exchanges are not accepted
  • Shipping does cost

The Best Ceramic Bowl Set

Sunnys Shop LA White Speckled Glazed Ceramic Bowls

If your kitchen and dining area are more subdued or you feel you need something that offers a calming and neutral vibe, then consider getting a set of these lovely bowls. These are wide bottom bowls that have an excellent shape, shine, and shade. You really can’t go wrong with this charming set of bowls.

Creating your own set is simple and straightforward. Simply select the size of bowl you want; yes, these come in small, pasta, and large bowl sizes, and then select how many of each size you want. Not only that, you can get this style in plates and mugs to make a complete kitchenware set.


  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Oven safe up to 250° Fahrenheit
  • Returns and exchanges are accepted
  • The seller can be contacted directly if you have questions or concerns


  • Shipping does cost

The Best Ceramic Bowls for Pasta

Lareina Ceramic Bowls

For a modern touch, give this set of four matte black bowls your consideration. These are wide and shallow bowls, so they are ideal for foods that have a little more texture and a thicker consistency. Just imagine yourself hosting a little get-together in your home and serving homemade pasta in a set of these bowls. You’re going to get compliments on more than just your cooking skills if you do.

And if you’re concerned about how well this stack of bowls stacks up against the hard knocks of life, then you’re going to be relieved to find out that they are resistant to chipping and scratching. Plus, they can be used in an oven or microwave and washed in your dishwasher. No problem.


  • Dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe
  • It comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Refunds and replacements are welcome for the first 90 days after purchase.
  • Customers love these bowls because they are sturdy and shaped so uniquely that any type of food fills them up wonderfully.


  • None

The Best Ceramic Bowls for Cereal

AmorArc Cereal Bowls

Perhaps your focus on ceramic bowls have you hunting for something to pour your cereal into. If so, you need to really take a long look at this set of bowls. These four bowls are designed with cereal lovers in mind, but really, anything can go in them. Try them out for yourself and see.

You can get this set of dishwasher and microwave-safe bowls in two different colors, and along with that, you can be sure that these bowls will look great on your table or in your cabinet. Did we mention that they are stackable and don’t take up a lot of space? Now you know.

But, if these aren’t the cereal bowls for you, check out our great article on how to find the best cereal bowls. You’re not going to leave disappointed.


  • Available in two great colors
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Made from eco-friendly, lead-free, and cadmium-free clay
  • Resists chipping
  • As of the writing of this article, all the customer reviews for this set of bowls are positive


  • None

The Best Ceramic Mixing Bowls

Dowan Mixing Bowls

Yes, you can find ceramic mixing bowls to help you bake all your favorite treats.  This set of bowls is perfect because it offers three differently sized bowls in complementary colors.  Not only do they look great, but they also work hard by being dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven safe.  They’re so good, you might want to get a few sets to stock up.


  • Safe for use in microwaves and ovens
  • Freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Designed to resist scratching and staining
  • At the time this article was written, 81% of the customer reviews for this set are 5-star


  • None

The Best Ceramic Bowl for Ramen

Honey Moon Store Co. Ramen Bowl

As you’re shopping for new bowls, don’t forget to pick up one or two that will hold Ramen or other yummy soups.  There’s nothing quite like a big bowl of warm, nourishing soup on a cool evening so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

The bowls sold at this shop are absolutely stunning.  You will be extremely pleased with their style, the choice of colors, and the option to personalize them.  All you need now are the noodles.


  • Available in three colors
  • Quantity discounts are offered
  • Personalized is an option
  • The seller can be contacted directly if you have questions or concerns
  • Shipping is free
  • Returns and exchanges are accepted


  • None


Question: Can Ceramic Bowls be Recycled?

Answer: Yes, they can, but it will depend on what your local recycling center accepts. The best way to find out is to give them a call and ask if they accept ceramics, and if so, how they should be brought to their facility.
If you don’t have the option to take your ceramics to a recycling center, then you can bring your ceramic kitchenware to a thrift store and donate it there. This, of course, applies to items that are still usable.

Question: Is Ceramic a Safe Material for Kitchenware and Cookware?

Answer: All in all, ceramic is a safe material that has been used to create kitchen items for thousands of years. What is questionable about ceramic kitchenware and cookware is the glaze used to polish and protect the delicate ceramic item. Glazes are not always food-safe, non-toxic, or free of harmful chemicals. If you want to be sure that the ceramic items in your kitchen are not leaching toxins into your food, follow these tips:
Check the manufacturer’s label to find out where the item is sourced from. Japan is a safe place to purchase ceramics from since they have stringent laws, but European and other Asian countries are not so strict.
Check the label on the item to see if it says it is safe for use with food. If it does not, then assume you should only use the item for décor or for food that isn’t hot.
Don’t use ceramic items that have cracks or chips in them because the ceramic may keep flaking off in small portions and get into your food.
Never expose your ceramic to extreme temperatures consecutively. This means that you shouldn’t pull a ceramic dish out of the oven and immediately stick it into your freezer, and vice versa.

Question: Is a Ceramic Bowl a Good Choice for a Pet Bowl?

Answer: Yes and no. Ceramic is a wonderful material to create bowls out of because it is versatile and the bowls always look great.  So, if looks matter to you, then get a ceramic bowl. However, ceramic is breakable and since pets have a tendency to not care about pushing bowls around, this is not always the best option. Ultimately, this is up to you.

In Conclusion

Let’s bring all our research together into one big billowing bowl of wonder. After looking through all of these bowls, I have to say ceramic bowls are an all-around great kitchen item. There is something beautiful about these highly versatile and functional items that cannot be beaten. I suppose that is why we humans have been using them for centuries now and don’t intend to stop anytime soon.

If you really press me for a favorite out of our list of recommended products, I would have to admit that Sunnys Shop LA White Speckled Glazed Ceramic Bowls is pulling on my heartstrings. I love how simple and elegant this set looks, and yet, it hides a side that is full of usefulness and durability. When I need to purchase a new bowl, I think this will be my first stop.

So, you have started your search for some really great kitchen bowls, but there is so much more to kitchen organization than this. Whisk and Mix can help you get everything in your kitchen organized while finding the best utensilsbakeware, and cookware possible. Whatever you’re looking for, we can help you find that.

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