How to Find the Best Butcher Block Table

If you’re looking for convenience as well as quality, our guide will help you find the best butcher block table to accent your kitchen.

Butcher block tables aren’t all the same, and it can be challenging to decide which one is best for you. While you may have a beautiful marble cutting board and a useful plastic one, too, the butcher block table provides something that neither of these boards can offer – its own storage option.

Here in our guide, you will find tables for your specific needs in various structures and sizes. But instead of finding the best cutting board holder for your kitchen as well, you’ll be considering the best selection of butcher block tables as an all-in-one feature. Our selection will guide you toward the best quality options for your food preparations.

But first, you can take a peek at our top selections and what we will examine in the guide.

two people butchering meat

At a Glance: The 7 Best Butcher Block Tables

Best Butcher Block TablesBest used forMaterialDimensions
John Boos PC 1 Maple WoodHome, catering, or restaurantMaple wood18 x18 x 34
Catskill Craftsmen French CountryPrepping dinner or occasionsHardwood24 x 24 x 33.5
White Kitchen Butcher TableAny occasion, holidaysWood, Wicker, Metal30 x 30 x 36.25
John Boos Oak Country TableFamily dinners occasionsWood, Metal36 L x 25 W (Height:up to 35)
Homelity Butcher TableEveryday food prep for the familyWood, Metal40 x 20 x 36.5
ClickDecor AnsonTable For any occasionsWood, Metal41.54 x 17. 72 x 35.91
Pemberly Row French CountryHome food prepHardwood24 x 24 x 33.5

Selection Criteria

In our guide, we carefully select only high-quality products for your home. The best butcher block table is carefully considered with only the strictest criteria. The best table has everything you need for the task.


The best butcher block table has a minimalistic style, focusing on needful things to get the job done effectively. Styles that can incorporate extra space are especially important.


Good quality wood is acceptable for the better butcher block table choices. As long as you have a sturdy and durable material, you have a quality addition to your kitchen.


A board that provides a smooth surface that’s thick and strong enough will make a great butcher block table. With ample storage space like cabinets, drawers and shelves provide room for knives, hand towels, and even bottles. If the table has wheels and a handle, you can choose where you wish to prepare your food.

Types of Butcher Block Tables

Styles and Shapes

Butcher block tables come in various styles. There are minimalistic, traditional, and modern styles that add to the decor of your kitchen. There are also rectangular, circular, and square top butcher block tables that all provide great worktop surfaces.


Most butcher block tables are constructed from wood with metal or wicker accents. This is usually seen with stainless steel rods for holding hand towels or knobs on cabinet doors. Wicker is included with some tables in the form of storage baskets. Common woods used to manufacture butcher block tables are Hardwood and Oak. Some even have a preference for Maple wood.

7 Best Butcher Block Tables

John Boos PC1 Maple Wood End Grain Butcher Block Table

Constructed in the iconic checkerboard design of John Boos hardwood products, this butcher block table is a beautiful yet functional piece for your kitchen. The table is lifted with 4 natural maple wood legs and has the addition of a side slot for the knife of choice in your home. It’s also manufactured to be used in professional foodservice and catering as well. The surface, crafted from maple wood, is strong and durable, able to withstand heavy usage.

The quality of the John Boos PC 1 Maple Wood End Grain Butcher Block Table is unbelievable, with its stable construction. Use the butcher block table to chop large or small-sized meat portions or hard vegetables. After usage, you can clean the chopping surface with soap and water and wipe it dry. In order to keep the wood surface sealed, use John Boos’ mystery oil to prime the board. This will add even more years to your product and more enjoyment in your food preparations.

Overall Dimensions: 18 L x 18 W x 34 H

Block: 10 H

Weight: 115 lbs.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Knife slot
  • Beautiful checkerboard surface
  • Strong and long-lasting product


  • Must be oiled regularly
  • Heavy table

Catskill Craftsmen French Country Butcher Block Table

butcher block small table with thin legs and metal details

Made from hardwood found in the Catskill Mountains, this butcher’s block table is simplistic yet stunning. The Catskill Craftsmen French Country Butcher Block Table is manufactured from wood that is not endangered, adding to its allure. The block is medium thickness, with a golden brown end-grain surface. There are 4 strong square legs and two steel towel bars that make this product complete. Although the piece has a rugged appearance, it’s refined in its quality and stability.

This table can withstand chopping some of the largest portions of food products with a leveler’s feet. The smooth top retains its brilliance due to the strength of the hardwood and craftsmanship of its maker. While the table doesn’t have additional storage space, it’s one of the best quality chopping block tables on the market. And if there wasn’t enough to brag about, all scrap pieces from the manufacture of this table go toward fuel to heat homes.

Overall Dimensions: 24 L x 24 W x 33.5 H

Block: 3 H

Weight: 73 lbs.


  • Simple design
  • Towel bars
  • Made from Hardwood
  • Lightweight/easier to move


  • It doesn’t have shelves
  • Block is not thick
  • Lightweight/less stable

White Kitchen Butcher Block Island/Table

white and butcher block table with baskets

This butcher block table can also serve as a kitchen island as well as a cutting surface, giving you more options for food prep. The piece has not only a thick butcher block top but also thick support legs. The tabletop surface/block is in natural wood grain, while the rest is pristine white, including the slatted shelf near the bottom. The White Kitchen Butcher Block Island/Table is quite a valuable addition to any kitchen.

The table has storage space with the natural wood grain shelf and extra storage space directly beneath the butcher block. You can slide small baskets, fit them onto adjustable glides from two sides of the table. This instantly provides space for things like knives and other utensils. On the opposite sides are utensil hooks to hold larger items. The decorative table is high quality and looks beautiful as well.

Overall Dimensions: 30 L x 30 W x 36.25


  • Loads of storage space
  • Large block
  • Beautiful design
  • Comfortable height


  • It may be too large for some living spaces
  • It may not match all decor

John Boos OC Oak Country Table

black table with butcher block top

If you’re looking for something with plenty of storage space and quality, then the John Boos OC Oak Country Table could be the butcher block option of your dreams. This table has three tiers of useful surfaces, with the top block made from blended oak wood. The support and bottom two shelves are painted in a slate gray which is both classic and elegant.

As far as extras go, the piece has a sliding drawer just underneath the block as a storage space for knives. You can customize your John Boos OC table by choosing a selection with only one bottom shelf, or you can choose a different color for the foundation. This butcher block table is sturdy and reliable with 4 strong square legs and can be used for any occasion. It’s an all-around winner.

Overall Dimensions: 36 L x 25 W (Height: up to 35 Inches)

Block: 1 ½ H


  • Plenty of storage space with drawers and shelves
  • Blended oak block
  • Customizable


  • No hooks for hanging things
  • Thin block

Homelity Kitchen Work/ Butcher Block Table

white modern table with butcher block top in kitchen

This butcher block island is used primarily as a station for an additional block, as the tabletop is too thin for heavy-duty work. However, the top can be used for cutting and prepping other food items when a block is not being used. This table is sturdy and has plenty of space for work, with its extra-long surface. The top is made from beautiful pale brown solid wood, constructed to resist cracks or scratches.

The Homelity Kitchen Work /Butcher Block table comes with two shelves for storage and a large front drawer to place knives. For most kitchens, this work center can provide a useful place to complete many tasks, making more room on countertops and other tables. It’s a smooth table that’s durable, strong, and adds extra love to any kitchen space. It also blends nicely with any decor of the kitchen.

Overall Dimensions: 40 L x 20 W x 36.5 H

Tabletop: .08 H

Weight: 39.8 lbs.


  • Long rectangular top
  • Extra storage space with shelves and drawer


  • Thin tabletop/not block
  • Lightweight

ClickDecor Anson Kitchen Island/Bar Cart/Butcher Block Table

slate blue worktable in kitchen with butcher block top

This butcher block table is also a rolling cart that can be used for all sorts of kitchen prep work, including serving drinks. The ClickDecor Anson Kitchen Island/Bar Cart/Butcher Block Table is all these things and more. And with wheels, you can do prep work anywhere you like as well. There are many extras with this solid butcher block table, including the thick block top and cart handle.

The minimalist look of this table hides a huge amount of storage space. Starting from the bottom, the cart has two drawers on the left, and a cabinet on the right, complete with knob handles for opening. Above this are bottle holders on each side of a flat shelf. On the outside of the shelf are two long bars for hanging hand towels. When it’s time to prepare a meal or get ready for a party with friends, you have everything you need for the occasion. This one may be the perfect selection.

Overall Dimensions: 41.54 L x 17. 72 W x 35.91

Weight: 88.2 lbs


  • Storage cabinets and drawers
  • Bottle holders
  • A shelf and two towel bars
  • Cart wheels and handle
  • Thick butcher board


  • Narrow board
  • Lightweight

Pemberly Row French Country Butcher Block Work Table

small square butcher block table with straight legs

When preparing your food, if you prefer a simpler butcher block table, this one is perfect. The Pemberly Row French Country Butcher block Work Table has everything you need for a simple chop, slice, and dice experience. This block table is constructed from solid hardwood and is finished with food-safe oils to keep knives and surfaces hygienic.

The hardwood surface is high quality due to its resistance to knife marks and stains. It’s easy to clean and can be used for many years due to its thickness. The butcher block table has 4 thick square legs with braces to ensure stability and a stainless steel bar on one side to hang towels. While there may not be many extra bells and whistles, this table speaks for itself. This is a good piece that matches the most decor and provides a smooth work surface for all food prep needs.

Overall Dimensions: 24 L x 24 W x 33.5 H

Weight: 73 lbs.


  • Sturdy hardwood table
  • Towel bar
  • Reinforced legs
  • Thick butcher board top


  • No extra storage
  • Smaller size
  • lightweight

Final Thoughts: 7 Best Butcher Block Tables

As you can see, butcher block tables can be found in many styles, shapes, and sizes. Some incorporate the block into the table, while others are tables that can be used as butcher blocks. There are many high-quality selections to choose from when looking for the perfect surface for food preparation.

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