Best Breville Tea Kettle Guide: Our Top Favorites For 2022

Kettles are kitchen appliances that are part of most people’s everyday habits. Whether you enjoy a cup of coffee to start your day or a wholesome cup of tea at the end of it, a kettle has to be an essential feature in your kitchen. Today we are going to look at an industry leader, Breville, to see what they have to offer in this category and which is worth your money.

Let’s start with the company itself. Breville is an Australian company that was founded in Sydney in 1932. For just under a century they have become a household name for kitchen appliances that are of high quality and superior designs that will last you generations. This global brand is now available in over 70 countries; supplying the world with all the kitchen gadgets they could wish for of the upmost standards.

While assessing these kettles we are going to be using a few criteria to analyze what Breville has to offer. These criteria are price and value for money, design and overall aesthetic, capacity, and, most important of all, functionality.

If you like your kitchen to look a certain way or you want to invest in a brand of quality then these must be features at the forefront of your mind so you know your money isn’t being wasted.

Top Picks

tea in glass tea cup

Breville has two categories of kettles; regular kettles and tea makers. We’re going to check out the least and most expensive in each category to get an idea of the range available and the styles you can expect from this brand.


The Soft Top Kettle

white electric kettle with black handle

The Soft Top kettle is Breville’s beginning-of-the-range option but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at its chic design. Rendered in clean white with a blue-tinted water window and a one-sided arching handle; this kettle would look good on any countertop even at the low price (concerning other Breville kettles).

Now to look at some design features. This kettle is cordless and comes with a 1500w heating element that means that it is really quick to boil, which is very convenient. It is made from BPA-free plastic and has a 7 cup capacity so this would be suitable for large households and entertaining as well as everyday use.

It turns off automatically when boiled and features a dual-sided water window that not only looks attractive but helps prevents overfilling which can cause spilling and burns. The feature that sets this apart, however, is the one that gives it its name and that is the Soft Top.

Once the water is boiled the top opens gently with the touch of a button so that it releases the steam slowly to prevent the possibility of any splashing or burns. This is a unique safety feature that adds a new level of attention to detail that has been taken into consideration even in the cheapest model.

With its basic on/off settings and simple design, this option is a great one for everyday use, especially if you’re on a budget.


  • Best value for money
  • Soft top opening
  • Attractive design


  • Very simple
  • Only comes in one color
  • Only has one setting

The Smart Kettle Luxe

luxe stainless steel electric tea kettle

On the other side of the coin, we have the Smart Kettle Luxe. If the Soft Top was the simplest version then this one is the technologically innovative alternative. The cordless kettle sits on a base that has several buttons built into it that allows you to control your boiling to the perfect temperature while looking stylish at the same time.

While we’re on the subject of appearance this version, unlike the Soft Top, comes in 8 different colors and finishes so you can coordinate it with your kitchen.

This BPA-free kettle has a 7 cup capacity and several specialized features that try to make its $199.95 price tag seem worth it. It has 5 settings for boiling your water to the perfect temperature for black, green, white, and oolong tea as well as French press coffee so you can make the ideal cup every time without fail no matter what you’re drinking.

This design also features the soft open lid we saw in the Soft Top design, an auto shut off, and boil-dry protection. To round off the design it has also had a keep warm option that keeps your water warm for 20 minutes, which saves on electricity and money in the long run especially if you are drinking throughout the day.

As the most expensive regular kettle on their books, this futuristic design offers you a lot but honestly, a basic kettle will serve you just as well without forking out all that cash. If you are an avid tea drinker and you like to get your brews right every time then maybe the next kettle we will be looking at would be more suitable and at a price that is slightly more palatable.


  • 5 settings
  • Keep warm option
  • Many color options


  • Expensive


The difference between a regular kettle and a tea maker is the removable tea basket fitted inside the kettle. This can be filled with loose leaf tea of any kind and the tea is then brewed directly in the kettle rather than in the cup for utmost convenience.

The reason that you would want a specialized tea maker is that it is programmed to boil the water to the exact temperature and steep for the exact time to bring out the flavor of the tea to its fullest extent. These innovative appliances are designed with artisanal tea drinkers in mind that want their tea brewed to perfection cup after cup.

Smart Tea Infuser Compact

glass tea infuser electric kettle

At the start of the tea-making range, we have the Smart Tea Infuser Compact, which is a little tea-infusing kettle that has a stainless steel basket that the tea sits inbuilt into the lid that allows the tea to infuse within the kettle at the perfect temperature.

It will also ensure that your tea is pure and residue-free because of its fine mesh filtration system. It sits on a programmable brushed stainless steel base with buttons for customizing brew times as well as five presets built-in for brewing green, white, black, herbal, and Oolong teas at their optimal temperature. Once programmed the kettle will alert you when brewing is done and automatically set it to keep warm for you until you are ready.

The design is very high-tech and attractive with the body made from a thermal shock-resistant glass that allows you to watch your tea as it brews. This design is perfect for avid tea lovers who want the perfect cup every time regardless of what brew you’re drinking.

The basket is also removable so you can boil water for other beverages too. This aspect is very important in such an everyday item as this because it is going to cost you a lot of money if you have to start buying multiple kettles to satiate your tea enthusiasm

This kettle is on the pricey side but, even though its capacity is only 4 cups, this one would be the one I recommend over the Smart Kettle Luxe as it costs less but still comes with the same brewing settings so you don’t lose out on any specialty features.


  • Removable dishwasher safe tea basket
  • Specialized brewing


  • Small capacity
  • Comes in one finish
  • Expensive

The Tea Maker

tea in stainless steel and glass tea infuser electric kettle

The most extravagant and most expensive kettle on Breville’s books by far is the Tea Maker. At first glance, it has very similar features to the Smart Tea Infuser Compact except with a 7 cup capacity. It has a keep warm setting that saves electricity, it has a stainless steel tea basket to brew tea right there in the kettle and it has preprogrammed functions for black, white, Oolong, green, and herbal teas.

It even has a similar design from its brushed stainless steel base to its elongated heat-resistant glass body. What sets this design apart is purely theatrical. Before brewing the basket sits high at the top of the kettle so it doesn’t touch the water below at all.

Once you have filled it you close the lid and program it according to what tea you are brewing. Then the kettle will boil the water and, once it gets to the perfect temperature that you have programmed, it will automatically lower the basket into it to begin brewing.

It will then allow the tea to steep and raise it back up once the steeping is done. This is a truly over-the-top but highly innovative design that takes tea-making to a whole new level. The entire process is endlessly satisfying and means you will never drink an over-steeped cup of tea ever again.

This kettle may have a lot of bells and whistles and a design that is truly innovative but it is very expensive so this is certainly not the one I would recommend. You can get a similar model far cheaper from this same brand that will serve you just as well without breaking the bank.


  • Removable dishwasher safe tea basket
  • State of the art
  • Large capacity


  • Very expensive

Best for Tea Making

If you are a real tea connoisseur and you want to invest in a specialized tea maker then the Smart Tea Infuser Compact is the one for you. The Tea Maker might have a flashy design but this one will do the same job with the same specialized pre-programmed settings so you can brew as accurately as possible each time. It can also function as a normal kettle as well for when you need to boil water for other purposes.

Best for Everyday Use and Best Value for Budget

person pouring hot water from electric kettle into mug next to plate of avocado toast

The Soft Top Kettle comes top in both of these categories with ease. If you are not into the intricacies of to the degree boiling and just want good quality and attractive kettle that will last you a long time then that’s the one for you, no doubt about it. It’s simple yet high quality and wouldn’t look out of place in any kitchen.


If you aren’t a regular tea drinker then there is no need to have a separate kettle. You can simply buy the Soft Top kettle that can be used for any beverage for a relatively affordable price while being of the utmost quality. Really into tea? Then the Smart Tea Infuser Compact is the one I would recommend most highly. It is more expensive than your basic kettle but still can brew tea for the perfect time without forking out nearly $300 for the Tea Maker.

Overall Breville has a wide range that is good for different purposes and all with the flawless design that this brand has become famous for.

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