The Best Black Computer Desk Ideas and Inspiration

There’s something about having a black desk that can make you feel good. Whether you are getting your work done in the office or securing victory in online gaming, there’s something about having a black backdrop that just makes you feel good about getting tasks done.

Whenever it comes to getting the best black computer desks, you might find that you have several options to choose from.

If you are overwhelmed by the amount of options and also want to make sure that you are getting the best black computer desk, here are a few of the best black computer desk ideas for you!

The Best Black Computer Desk Ideas

WeeHom Small Study Writing Desk: The Best For Those Who Just Need A Desk

Starting things out is a desk for those people who don’t care about all the big features or add ons of the various desks that are on this list. If you need a desk to get a little bit of work done, or a large amount of work done, then this desk from the Weehom Store is the best desk for you. It has a thick wood and metal frame, along with adjustable leg pads.

This desk is anti-scratch and waterproof, and the entire frame is made of duty powder coated steel. This means that you won’t have to worry about your desk being scuffed and scratched as you work on it. Additionally the entire desk has an ergonomic design that helps you sit down and work without too much trouble.

It’s small size means that it is able to comfortably fit into any space, and there is plenty of storage space under the desk for both your stored items as well as your legs to rest on a metal bar. Finally, it also comes with a modern design with a minimalist spark, to make sure that it can fit in almost any office space or workspace.

Finally, it is very easy to assemble and comes with a clear installation manual that you can use. You also won’t have to bring your own tools as all the accessories are included. This 39 inch desk is an environmentally friendly way to give yourself a perfect black desk.


  • Very easy to put together
  • Comes in black and white
  • Very inexpensive


  • No extra storage

HOMCOM 55” 360 Rotating Corner Computer Desk: The Best For Those Who Want Customizable Space

If you want a spacious and also a minimalist desk, the HOMCOM 55” Computer Desk comes with a pretty powerful feature that allows you to have the advantages of various desks all rolled into one type.

The L-shaped computer desk is a desk that is able to fit in areas that have very limited spaces. You can adjust it to give yourself a two surfaced L-shaped desk, or keep a simple straight desk for yourself.

Still, no matter which selection you end up choosing, you will find that you will have ample amounts of storage space to use as you wish. The large surfaces provide spaces for laptops, monitors, printers, and other elements of your workstation. You also have an S-shaped shelf and also two shelf cubbies that you can use for your storage.

It also is pretty durable and made from engineered wood with a surface that is laminated, and it is made to last. You can also clean the desk easily after it gathers some dust or a stain, because you can easily wipe up the debris with a simple damp cloth.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Comes with two desks in one
  • Has a sleek look


  • Can get stuck whenever you are moving it from one type of desk to the other

OSP Home Furnishings Alios Modern Writing Desk: The Best For Those Who Want Storage With Style

This modern surface is very sophisticated, combining black and gold color to make you feel good while getting your tasks done.

You will be able to work on this high-gloss work surface from the OSP Home Furnishings Store, and you can also use the two easy glided drawers to store all of your office supplies and accessories. The entire frame is perfect for busy work and also for much more dedicated work.

It is also partially assembled for you, as the entire desk is assembled and you just need to hook on the legs. The desk is glossy with a golden finish, although it is more of a rose gold than a normal golden color. Still, it is a very beautiful desk that can give you quite a lot of style for both your home office and your corporate office.


  • Very expensive looking without being expensive
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Works no matter what you need


  • Can come damaged in shipping
  • The gold is more of a rose gold, rather than a bright yellow gold.

Crestlive Products Writing and Computer Desk: Best For Those Who Want Storage

For starters, this is the best writing desk for those who want some storage, as it comes with three smart drawers that are able to slide out with their smooth sides.

The largest drawer is able to help organize magazines, books, and can even hold your laptop. If you’ve got a lot of stuff that needs to be kept close at hand, this is the best desk to use. Now, the two small drawers also provide enough storage space for the random clutter you often get on your desk.

The desk frame is made with steel powder coated legs that keep it both durable and also rust proof, and the legs are also triangle shaped which provide even more support. Finally, your floor is protected thanks to pads at the bottom on the legs to defend against scratches.

The desktop board is made from MDF to ensure its durability, and it is also waterproof and oil proof, and it is also quick drying. So you won’t need to worry about any stains or blemishes getting onto the desk and ruining its looks. Finally, you can assemble this desk without any trouble as all the hardware and instructions are included.


  • Very inexpensive, but high quality
  • Easy to put together
  • Lots of storage space


  • Some drawers can stick
  • Some parts can be damaged during assembly

Best Black Computer Desk Features You Need To Look Out For

Computer Desk

The first feature you will need to look for is the type of computer set up you have, as it is a computer desk. Do you have a laptop? A desktop? A gaming setup? A dual monitor setup? Whatever your computer set up is, measure it and also make sure that you include the measurements for any accessories that you might have as well. Then use that as the basis for your desk size.

Additionally, you should try to get desks with grommets in them if you are concerned with wires being spread out all over for you to get trapped in.

No one likes having a forest of wires all around their legs or cluttering up their desk, so you should make sure that the grommets are there to hold in those wires. If you need some and your desk doesn’t have any, then it is pretty easy to drill and make your own without damaging the desk itself.

Looking At Your Storage Needs

First, you should make sure that you know what your storage needs are. Most computer desks might have a drawer or two, but you aren’t going to get a lot of items stored in those drawers. You might have some leg room to store items underneath, but even then it often isn’t enough if you have a lot of needs.

If you work at a home office you might be able to use these desks without really worrying about storage, but for a corporate office you might need to have some other storage options lined up. Such as cabinets or other drawers, or even a desk with more storage options.

Now, you need to make sure that you know your storage needs, which you probably do, and then figure out what you need to store all those items.

You might be able to supplement your computer desk with a few other items to help meet your needs, or might need to get a desk that is more specialized in storage to keep the clutter clean.

The Shape Of The Desk

One of the desks we featured on this list was one that could shift between a simple straight desk and an L shaped desk. Now, L-shaped desks are very beneficial if you are either working with a partner and you both need your own separate spaces, or if you need places to spread out your stuff without worry.

If you need more space to put things out or you will be working with a partner for the foreseeable future in your office, you might find that an L-shaped desk works very well for you.

Now a simple straight desk is the best if you want to keep your projects to yourself and don’t need to spread everything out. Some people can work at a straight desk and be just fine, especially if they are the type of people who have 90% of what they do on their computer and don’t have any paperwork.

If you can’t decide which desk shape is best for you, are unsure about what you need, or simply know you want the features of both, then you can get a hybrid desk. These types of desks allow you to switch between the two types of desk (typically straight and L-shaped) without any real trouble. Perfect if you are having trouble figuring out what you want out of your desk!

Best Black Computer Desk Ideas FAQs

Question: Can I Use The Extra Leg Room For Storage?

Answer: Yes you can, as long as you don’t mind your legs being limited in where and how they can move. But there’s no reason why you can’t place books, files, or other easily stackable items that you need into the space underneath your desk. Given that most of these black computer desks aren’t equipped with extra storage, using the space that you have is a good idea.

Just be aware that you might need to slip out of your chair and get onto the ground if you want to grab your items and bring them up to your desk. At least you get a workout!

Question: Do You Need An Ergonomic Desk?

Answer: For most people, whether we are working or gaming at our computer desks, we tend to be there for a long time. Adding long periods of sitting to very bad posture and you tend to get pain in your body.

This pain can be easily alleviated with an ergonomic desk, and while it certainly isn’t required to get one, you might decide to get an ergonomic desk to help with any pain you might feel.

Ergonomic chairs and other items are also usable in your office to not only help you become more productive but also to make sure you are treating your body well and not putting stress on it that will only get worse.

Question: Are These Desks Best For A Home Or An Office?

Answer: The black computer desk ideas that we have presented on this list are pretty minimalistic and aren’t as functional as certain other office desks. So it’s perfectly reasonable to ask if they are even suitable for an office space. While you might want to find desks with larger storage options, you don’t need to worry about this desk not fitting in an office.

Every single writing desk is nice enough to fit inside of an office, as they are durable and also nice looking and elegant enough to last in an office setting. However, if you find yourself needing storage or just needing a desk that looks more ‘office like’ for your needs, you can easily find one.


If you want to come back to the office in black with style, then these are the best desks that you can pick from. Get one and then sit down at your computer to start working away!

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