Best Bella Electric Kettles Guide: Which Will Be Your Top Favorite?

The humble kettle is an appliance that most households use multiple times a day so buying a new one should be a purchase you consider carefully. There are so many kettles on the market at the moment with such a variety in functionality and appearance that it’s sometimes hard to know where to start.

Today we are going to try to simplify this process by breaking down what homeware brand Bella has to offer when it comes to kettles and help you decide if this is the brand you might want to go for. Bella Housewares is a company focused on making products for the busy parent on the go that make their cooking and home lives that little bit easier.

The brand makes a point to note their dedication to the environment and using eco-friendly coatings in all of their products to make it clear that they are making efforts to make their manufacturing process less harmful to our world. They have their headquarters in Canada and are a subsidiary of Sensio Inc that is a large home appliance company that distributes products worldwide. Their kettles are all made in China.

Bella has a wide variety of electric kettles in different finishes and across a large price range. They have offerings in plastic, heat resistant glass, and, uniquely, ceramic which makes it a good brand to head to for a wide variety of styles as well as price ranges.

One of the main selling points of Bella is their ceramic kettles, which is a unique finish on its own, that comes decorated in a variety of colors and patterns that make these kettles into a stunning decorative piece. These are the product that has made consumers sit up and pay attention to Bella and for a very good reason.

The way we’ll be assessing these kettles today to help you with your purchase decision is to see what materials they use, their appearance, and what features each one has that make it unique. We will also, of course, be considering the price and how much value for money each one is when all of their features have been considered.

glass tea kettle on glass stand

Top Picks

We will be highlighting one kettle from each of their subcategories so you have a clear overview of what Bella has to offer across their whole range.

The Basic: KitchenSmith

black electric tea kettle

The KitchenSmith is the starter kettle in Bella’s catalog from price to the material to appearance. It is made of simple BPA free, black plastic and has a design and settings that are very simple; fill, press a button, and off it goes.

Even with this simplicity, it gets the job done with a cordless design, a 1.7L capacity, one-touch operation, and a sneaky indicator light under the handle to let you know when it’s on, which is a sneaky stylistic feature that makes it a little more special. It has a 1500w heating element which makes it heat quickly as well as being fitted with an auto shut off and boil-dry protection.

The KitchenSmith is very affordable so you could get a basic from this coveted brand without breaking the bank. It is a great characteristic for any brand to have where they have such a vast price range so anyone with any budget can find what they’re looking for in one place.

One negative for this KitchenSmith kettle is that it comes in one finish, which puts it at a disadvantage when compared to other kettles from the same brand that come in a plethora of colors and patterns.


  • Affordable
  • Good starter kettle


  • Simple
  • Only one finish

Glass: Illuminated Electric Glass Kettle

Bella Electric Glass Tea Kettle

In their glass category, we have a couple of choices, one of which is this Illuminated Electric Glass kettle. It is made from heat-resistant glass with a sleek and simple cool-touch black body that could fit in easily with any kitchen design. The thing that sets this glass kettle apart from the other, very similar, glass kettle they have is that it lights up blue when the water boils creating a fun spectacle every time you prepare a cup.

Just like the basic kettle this is cordless, has a 1500w heating element, and has auto shut off and boil-dry protection built-in so you can boil water quickly and safely. Obviously, since it is glass, it also only has one finish but the light-up features really makes this less of an issue in the long run. Due to its material, it is also breakable so it should always be handled delicately to prevent any chipping or breakages.

This Illuminated design is still a very affordable option while taking a step up in design and visual appeal from the basic model we looked at previously.


  • Attractive light-up feature
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • One finish

Tea: Bella Pro 2 in 1 Steeping Kettle

glass and stainless steel electric tea kettle steeping tea

If you are a really avid tea enthusiast and you care a lot about brewing each varietal perfectly then Bella has the Pro 2 in 1 to offer you. This kettle acts like a regular kettle until you fit the stainless steel tea basket which you fill with loose leaf tea.

Once you’ve done this all you have to do is pick one of the handy dandy preprogrammed settings and the kettle will brew it for you right there in the kettle! Then you can pour your tea directly from your kettle into your cup. It also has a keep warm feature that keeps your tea warm for 30 minutes so you can go straight in for the second cup.

The appearance of this kettle is relatively simple with a heat-resistant glass body sitting on a stainless steel base that is chic and wouldn’t detract from any kitchen style. This base plate is rather futuristic in appearance with a set of buttons set into it that allows you to program your kettle with 4 presets. These presets are:

  • 160 F for delicate tea
  • 175 F for green tea
  • 195 F for herbal tea
  • Boil for black tea and everyday use

This feature will heat your tea to the perfect temperature for that specific varietal and steep it for the ideal amount of time. It will then alert you that the brewing has finished and the tea basket can now be removed. The keep-warm setting will then click on and keep it warm for you.

The heatproof glass design lets you watch your tea as it brews, which is a nice extra touch. This kettle would be perfect for when you have people over for tea so you can brew everyone’s beverage at once in your special kettle. The tea basket can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher so clean-up is super simple.

This one is a bit more of an investment but it does serve two functions; a tea kettle and a regular kettle; so if you are very into tea this one might be worth the little extra cash. It is also quite affordable compared to a lot of specialized tea kettles from other brands on the market so this is one to seriously consider if this is a style you are particularly interested in.


  • Specialized tea basket
  • 4 presets
  • Multi use


  • Expensive

Ceramic: 1.5L Ceramic Electric Kettle

ceramic marble print electric tea kettle

The kettles that Bella is really known for are their beautifully decorative ceramic kettles that catch your eye the second you land on their website. Ceramic is a material usually reserved for non-electric, traditional tea kettles so using this material for an electric kettle is innovative and unexpectedly beautiful.

This unique finish is available in a variety of patterns and colors so you can choose a kettle that matches your style and kitchen design perfectly. These range from intricate pattern work to actual flowers and butterflies so you can customize your kitchen’s look down to the finest detail.

These pieces are well made from BPA free materials with a silicone sealed lid and a long neck for safe pouring so it looks good and functions well; the perfect balance. Unlike a plastic kettle, these are breakable so they should be handled with caution.

These kettles are more of an investment piece than the other kettles this brand has to offer. In essence, you are paying for the unusual material as well as the classic tea kettle shape and lastly, the beautiful designs that they are adorned with so whether these are worth the investment really depends on your personal tastes and aesthetics.

Apart from the price the one disadvantage that these ceramic kettles have is that they have a smaller capacity than the others but its only by one cup so this shouldn’t really get in the way of your decision.


  • Very attractive
  • Range of finishes
  • Unique material


  • Expensive
  • Smaller capacity

Best for Tea Making

For really precision tea making the Bella Pro 2 in 1 Steeping Kettle is the one for you! It serves as a regular kettle and a tea kettle so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Make tea to perfection or just boil as normal for your regular cup of coffee; this kettle can do both effortlessly while looking good at the same time. Its preprogrammed settings will take your tea brewing up a notch so you will never drink an over-steeped cup of tea ever again.


Overall Bella has a really great range of kettles all across the finish and price spectrums. Their ceramic kettles are stunning, innovative and have become a beautiful flagship product for their kettle range that has helped to put them firmly on the map.

This brand offers you anything from the plainest plastic kettle to a precision tea kettle, to the colorful ceramic designs they have become known for so no matter what you taste or budget they’ll have something for you.

To be honest their lower range kettles are high quality but you can get a similar design anywhere. What really makes Bella stand out is their amazing ceramic kettle line so this is what I would ultimately recommend buying from this brand. Their designs are beautiful, unique and the kettles are high quality so they will last you a long time. Let this everyday item become a piece of your kitchen decor by picking a stunning Bella ceramic kettle.

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