How to Find the Best Bed Rails for Home Health

In the USA alone, there are around 12 million people receiving home health care services. If you’re a home health care provider, you would feel the need for better health facilities accessible at home. Hence, to facilitate the 12 million people across the USA, several home health care products have been launched in the market.

These health care products have proven to aid the patients and make the jobs of the caretakers easier by ten folds. One such product aiding home health care is bed rails.

Bed rails are attached to the sides of the bed, enabling individuals with mobility support and preventing them from falling off their bed while sleeping.

As bed rails are useful products, you would like to invest in them to assist your loved ones better. However, you may not know how to find the best bed rails for home health?

In this guide, we have listed some of the best bed rails available in the market, along with their different functions. In addition, if you are looking for a particular feature you would like to have in the bed rails, we have labeled each of them with regard to their best features.

Bonus! You will find a buyer’s guide towards the end to help you understand what to look for while purchasing bed rails.

So, are you ready to bring home a mobility aid with multiple functions and safety? Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

What Are Bed Rails?

Individuals refer to bed rails as side rails or cot sides as they provide support from getting up from the bed and are placed on the side of the bed. In addition to providing aid while standing up or sitting down on the bed, the bed rails prevent individuals from falling or slipping off of the bed at night.

Falling from the bed or slipping off is a common problem for most home health care. Therefore, installing sturdy bed rails takes off the extra caution needed, and the health care providers can focus on the other aspects of assistance for the patients or their loved ones.

Bed rails are similar to the railing found on the staircase or high terrain. Except, the bed rails come with extra support and assistance and are customized to aid patients or seniors.

The bed rails house foam pads, adjustable height function, and sometimes a platform right below the bed rails to further help the individual.

Who Can Benefit From Bed Rails?

Bed rails are for anyone seeking assistance to get off or sit back on the bed. Further, patients or individuals who cannot balance well and fall off the bed can benefit from the bed rails as they create a boundary preventing individuals from falling.

If you’re an individual who receives home health care or is a senior citizen, bed rails will benefit you.

If you’re a home health care provider or take care of an individual who needs home health care, installing bed rails at their beds would be extremely helpful to you.

Moreover, you can spend time in other aspects of your job such as ensuring their diets, medicines, giving first aids, preparing for hospital visits. The bed rails can reduce your workload and aid the patient or the individual better, even in your absence.

Why do you Need to Buy a Bed Rail?

A lot of deaths and injuries are reported each year due to falling from bed. Even if the bed is not of considerable height, your loved one can get really hurt.

As senior citizens have weak bones, they are at higher risk. A fall can result in a broken bone or even a deadly injury. Therefore, it is best to take all the precautions.

A bed rail has many benefits. The most important one is protection while sleeping. However, there are other benefits as well. We have listed down some of them to answer your question, have a look-

  • There are times when seniors have an issue repositioning themselves in the bed. Moreover, they hesitate to ask for help from their children or house helps at night in such a situation. A bed rail will assist them in repositioning without actually bothering any person.
  • Seniors usually need help in everything, but they also crave to have a sense of independence. A bed rail helps in just that, and it provides a sense of independence to the elderly. As a result, their morale also soars.
  • Bed rails provide a sense of security which ultimately lets one sleep peacefully.
  • Bed rails also make access to the bed controls and other items a lot easier.
  • It reduces the risk of falling to a considerable amount. We can say that if you have a good bed rail, there are very few chances of you falling off the bed.

Top 5 Picks For Best Bed Rails At A Glance

  • Best Total Assistance Bed Rail: Bed Rails for Elderly Adults: Present on either side of the bed, this bed rail is adequate in providing stability when getting up from the bed. Moreover, if you are looking for a bed railing providing total assistance, this bed rail is the one.
  • Best Safety Bed Rail: Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bed Assist Rail Handle: Every individual aims for safe in-home health care, and hence this product is made by keeping in mind the safety of its users. It has supreme stability and helps the user balance.
  • Best easy to use Bed Rail: Medical king Bed Assist Rail with Adjustable Heights: A product with easy-to-use functions is every buyer’s dream! Well, your dream of having a bed rail with easy-to-use functions has come true with the medical king bed assist rail.
  • Best Multifunctional Bed Rail: Medline Bed Assist bar With Storage Pocket: Uniqueness is when a bed rail that only performs multiple functions comes at an affordable price. Avail of this uniqueness by purchasing the Medline Bed Assist Bar with a storage pocket.
  • Best Versatile Bed Rail: Step2Bed Bed Rails For Elderly

Top 5 Bed Rails: Reviews

Now that you have glanced through the best bed rails, shall we take an in-depth look at what makes them ideal for your home health care? All the products curated are voted the top bed rails with multiple features and aid.

The products only differ in some functions. Each product has a unique function, and it could be the one you’re looking for. Hence, look closely at each feature.

The detailed review laid down below will assist you in finding the right product for you or your loved one. So, let’s take a look at each of them closely.

Best Total Assistance Bed Rail: Bed Rails for Elderly Adults

Individuals providing home care wish to have bed accessories that look more homely than those used at the hospitals. They wish to make them experience the comfort of home, and so they choose bed rails resembling any other furniture in the home.

For similar reasons, The Mybow Bed Rails for Elderly Adults comes in a wood grail design. It not only makes the bed rail look aesthetically pleasing but also provides the home feeling.

Another concern of most individuals is the sturdiness of bed rails. Hence, this bed rail is made with materials such as wood, Iron, and Aluminium. These heavy-duty materials ensure sturdiness and durability.

You will find the 37-inch-long safety guard rail to be highly effective in providing at most support to your loved ones. It can be placed on either side of the bed so as to prevent them from falling off the bed and getting injured.

The rails are also equipped with the easy mobility function allowing individuals to get up effortlessly from the bed. Hence, we have labeled it the best total assistance as it provides complete support while an individual uses a bed.

If you want to clean the bed and the rails are hindering, you can slide down the railing and access the bed hassle-free. Moreover, if you do not intend to use the rails for a period, the function of rolling down the rails works perfectly. You can do so with a red button below the handle.

If you plan on traveling or changing the bed, you can disassemble and reassemble the rails at your convenience.

Lastly, you can use the bed rails with a mattress measuring between 2-14 inches of thickness. The company recommends you use extra 5″ braces if your mattress is thicker than 12 inches. In addition, if you use Plywood, you can have additional stability.


  • Easy to use
  • Slides and folds for convenient usage
  • Can be assembled and dissembled
  • Present on either side of the bed


  • It can only be used with a mattress measuring 2 to 14 inches in thickness.

Best Safety Bed Rail: Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bed Assist Rail Handle

If you look for the complete safety of your loved ones, then this safety bed rail is just for you.

What makes it ideal for safe usage? The sturdy materials and the grip handles! The bed rail houses a frame made with alloy steel, and hence the toughness of the material ensures the product’s durability.

Moreover, the grip handles comprise slip-resistant foam pads; therefore, if you have sweaty palms or oily hands from a meal, no issues! You can take the support of the foam pads and prevent yourself from slipping while getting off the bed.

If you’re looking for a bed rail that can support maximum weight, then this bed rail is the one. The product can withstand weight up to 300lbs.

As for stability, the makers have taken extra care in ensuring the users do not topple due to the instability of the bed rail. Hence, they have incorporated horizontal stabilizer bars. These bars go under the bed mattress and have the purpose of providing solid balance to the frame.

Moreover, we understand that one size does not fit all. Therefore, the brand has made sure the product has an adjustable height that can aid all users.

Note: The bed rail can work with only mattresses with thickness exceeding 5 inches. Also, the rails do not go along well with low beds or platforms. The bed should be at least 14 inches high to work well with the bed rails.

Furthermore, you can assemble the bed rails very easily as they do not require any tools. Moreover, cleaning up the bed rails is no fuss either! All you need to do is wipe the bed rail with a disinfectant and allow it to dry.


  • Enabled with a modern bed rail design
  • Easy to assemble, can be done without the use of tools
  • Perfectly safe
  • Comprises foam pads on the grip handles to prevent from slipping
  • Can hold weight up to 300lbs


  • Cannot work with low laying beds or platforms

Best Easy To Use Bed Rail: Medical King Bed Assist Rail With Adjustable Heights

The product is Amazon’s Choice! What more can we say about the product besides it is Amazon’s approval? Therefore, a product you should have your eyes on is the Medical King Bed Assist rail.

The bed frame is similar to the previous product as it houses a horizontal stability bar, which you can slide under the mattress. The product is apt for all kinds of beds—king, queen, twin size. In addition, there are no complex assembling instructions. All you need to do is assemble the product, and you don’t require tools either. Next, you need to slide it under the bed mattress.

The hand bar is comfortable too! It is made with non-slip material, ensuring you get the optimum support.

Looking for mobility assistance for individuals on the heavier side? Look no further, this product supports about 350 lbs of weight.

Moreover, you need the base to be gripped well too. Thus, the frame incorporates floor support with grips at the end.

Want to know about the ‘cherry on the top of the cake’ feature of this product? Well, this product comes with a storage pouch for easy accessibility of your medicines, books, glasses, or mobile phone. Moreover, the bag is removable too!


  • Adjustable height
  • Comes with a storage bag attached to the rail
  • Well-gripped
  • Can withstand weight up to 350lbs


  • Information on the material of the product is not provided

Best Multifunctional Bed Rail: Medline Bed Assist Bar With Storage Pocket

You would have read about bed rails providing adequate assistance in support. However, have you seen a bed rail with several functions other than providing stability and aiding mobility?

If not, then here is the multifunctional bed rail with perfect grip handles, space for storage, and durability.

Moreover, the product comes with straps securing the product well. The storage pouch attached to the bed rail makes it easy for you to access all the essential items without moving to the drawers and access them. You can store all you would need in the bed—books, glasses, medicines, and much more.

The product measures 36″-44″ Height x 14″ Width x 28″ Depth. The best part about the product is that this bed rail is compatible with all beds and mattresses. Moreover, it is lightweight too! It weighs 6 lbs, and therefore if you feel the need to carry it wherever you travel, you can do it effortlessly.


  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with all types of beds and mattresses
  • Houses a storage pouch
  • Multifunctional


  • The horizontal stability bars are too thin. Hence, the support can be doubtful.

Best Versatile Bed Rail: Step2Bed Bed Rails For Elderly

Have a bed that’s too high, and you fear you may fall off it while getting down? This issue can be solved with the Step2Bed Bed Rails. You may wonder how does it help? The product consists of a landing base, so you do not have to strain to get down.

You only need to step off your bed onto the landing base to cease the gap between the bed and the floor. Truly helpful for individuals who need assistance to stand up and sit down on their bed.

This product is not just a bed rail but a base too. Moreover, it is also adjustable! You can adjust its height according to your convenience.

This bed rail customizes the home care experience for you as it aids you in adjusting the bed rails as per your needs.

What’s more? This home care item comes with Motion Activated LED Light Guided Step Stool. Hence, you can get off your bed even in the dark.

We have labeled it versatile for its many functions, and the beneficial user features it comprises. The product can withstand weight up to 400lbs! Therefore, all the users can use it comfortably. 


  • Includes landing base
  • Houses Motion Activated LED Light Guided Step Stool
  • Can withstand weight up to 400 lbs
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy-grip handles


The landing base does not include a slip-proof feature

Things to Consider When Buying A Bed Rail

Buying a bed rail is not easy at all. There are a lot of factors that you must take into consideration before settling for one. Therefore, we have listed all the necessary points that you should look for in a bed rail. We have also picked the bed rails using these factors, have a look-


There are various types of bed rails available on the market, like bed rails with legs, portable bed rails, foldable bed rails, crossbar bed rails, etc. Please note that each bed rail serves a different purpose. Therefore you must be clear before buying one.

The portable ones are separately installed, the legged ones can be tucked under the mattress, the foldable ones are handier, and the crossbar rails can be adjusted to different heights.  As you can see, you will need a certain type of bed rail to suit your purpose. Therefore, if you know what kind of bed rail you need, you can shorten your list.


Durability is one of the most important factors when it comes to bed rails.  You must know that a bed rail that is not durable is a bed rail that cannot be trusted. Check for the material the bed rail is made up of; make sure it is sturdy.

Keep in mind that a bed rail might have to withstand a considerable amount of weight, and if it is not durable, it can break. It will ultimately lead to terrible injuries and will leave your loved one in great pain. Therefore, you must buy a bed rail that is durable.

Location and Bed Compatibility

There is no particular size of bed rail that fits all beds and mattresses. You have to check the compatibility of the bed rail with the mattress or bed. Otherwise, your bed rail will be loose, and a loose bed rail is responsible for any mishappening.

Measure the size of your bed and mattress if you don’t know it already and enquire the bed rail manufacturer for compatibility. You must know that installing a poorly fitted bed rail is equivalent to risking the life of your loved one.

Adjustable Height

Bed rails come in different sizes, and some also come with the feature of adjusting the height. If you are buying a bed rail for a toddler, a normal bed rail will do, but if you are buying it for a senior citizen, you might want to have a bed rail with adjustable height.

The best thing about buying an adjustable bed rail is that you can use it for multiple purposes.


Foldable bed rails give more accessibility to the user. Buying a foldable bed rail will add more functionality and will serve more purposes. Hence, buying a foldable bed rial is not a bad choice.


Some bed rails are very complex to install. If you don’t want to spend extra effort and buck in the installation process, you should go for the one that is easy to install.

It will save a lot of your time. Moreover, if you are a senior citizen and live alone, then this must be a deciding factor for you.


Bed rails come in different lengths. You can find them in sizes as small as 18 inches to as long as 4 feet. Buy the one that suits your need. However, we suggest you buy one that covers the entire length of the bed if you want to prevent your loved one from falling.


The weight of the bed rails majorly depends on the material used in making them. You can find bedrails weight as light as 3 pounds. The maximum weight that a bed rail could have is 10 pounds. Make sure that you are buying the one that suits your purpose.


Portability is quite important. It will allow you to install the bed rail in any room you want. These bed rails can be simply attached to the beds and removed whenever required. You can even take these bed rails along if you are planning to travel.


Question: How to Use a Bed Rail?

Answer: A bed rail can be attached to your bed or tucked under your mattress, depending upon the type of bed rail you have bought. All you need to do is install and use as there is nothing complex about using the bed rail.
Make sure you follow the proper installation instruction and read the user manual properly. You have to be careful while getting down after it’s installed. You will take a couple of days to get used to the bed rail if you are using it for the first time nut you will definitely enjoy the sense of comfort it provides.

Question: Are Bed Rails Safe for Use?

Answer: Yes, bed rails are absolutely safe for use as long as they are properly fitted. If you do not pay attention to the fitting of the bed rail, you are exposing the concerned person to potential risks. These risks can be deadly, and they might get really hurt or even die. Therefore, you must make sure that you buy a bed rail only after checking the compatibility with your bed.
However, you should keep in mind that the bed rail was meant to provide safety and comfort. Therefore, if you will use it properly, you will surely benefit from it.

Question: How Will a Bed Rail Help Me?

Answer: A bed rail can provide you with an additional sense of comfort and security while you sleep.
If you are a senior citizen, then you will definitely enjoy the solid support the bed rail provides. It will make getting on and off the bed very easy. You can also reposition yourself with greater ease if you use a bed rail.
The most important thing is that it will prevent you from falling. Your body is not strong enough at this age, and a simple fall can actually lead to terrible injuries. Therefore, it is best to use a bed rail for safety and added comfort.

The Bottom Line

All the bed rails listed above are best in their categories, but our favorite is Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bed Assist Rail Handle. It has stability, adjustable height, and foam pads to prevent the user from slipping. Therefore, it is perfect for the safety of the user.

Make sure you consider all the points mentioned above when you buy a bed rail. Buy smart!

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