How to Find the Best Bed Pans: Our Top 5 Picks

Restricted mobility can occur due to multiple reasons such as accidents, old age, or other reasons. No matter what the reason, the circumstances become very difficult. They are unable to get out of bed easily and carry out their daily tasks like before.

One major restriction these patients face is going to the bathroom. It becomes difficult for people with restricted mobility to go to the bathroom frequently, especially during the night. Moreover, patients with limited to no mobility require constant caregiver support.

Bedpans are a great option for people who cannot get out of bed to relieve themselves. These bedpans are used by the caregivers who aid the patients. Bedpans help reduce accidents caused by moving around.

It also helps caregivers who aid people with no mobility to a great extent. However, it becomes difficult to decide which would be the most suitable option when choosing a bedpan.

With so many choices in the market, it can become very confusing. The article reviews five of the best bedpans along with a buying guide to help you choose the right product.

Let us check out our five top picks for the best bedpans and choose one to help your elderly loved ones.

What is a Bedpan?

A bedpan is a removable equipment that acts as a temporary toilet for people with limited to no mobility. Bedpans can be made from different materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, or glass. Multiple reasons can confine a person to bed, such as accidents, illness, or age.

Bedridden people often have caregivers who take care of their necessities. This caregiver can be a family member or a hired help. These caregivers use the bedpan to help the patient with their urinal or fecal discharge.

Bedpans should be made from a material that is easy to clean and use. They should be lightweight so that it is easy for caregivers to pick up and clean them. It is important to choose a bedpan that is highly durable so you can use it for a long time.

Bedpans protect spillage during urinal or fecal discharge. They can be positioned in multiple ways when the users are lying or in a sitting position. You can choose from different types of bedpans depending on the patient’s need and comfort.

It is essential to ensure that the right kind of bedpan is chosen, or it may cause problems for the patient. Overall, a bedpan makes it easy for the patient to carry out their urinal or fecal discharge without moving out of bed.

Who Can Benefit from Using a Bedpan?

Benefit from Using a Bedpan

Bedpans can be used by elderly people recovering from surgery or who have serious medical conditions that have confined them to bed. They cannot move for a long period and will need external help to carry out their necessities.

The right bedpan makes a huge difference in the comfort level of the patient. Apart from the comfort, if the bedpan is not the right fitting, it can result in different problems. An ill-fitting bedpan will lead to health complications such as infections, sores, and others.

Other than bedridden people, patients who have restricted mobility will also benefit from bedpans. They can mainly use it during the night when the urge is sudden, and there’s less time to go to the bathroom.

Many people have medical conditions like a lack of bladder control. This makes it impossible to wait for a long time when you have the urge to urinate. Hence, having a bedpan nearby would make this process much easier.

Bedpans ensure proper hygiene and health by preventing the circumstances of leakages. Patients can effectively find the bedpan handy and will not have to worry about unwanted or involuntary urination.

The Top 5 Picks For the Best Bedpans at a Glance

It is a perfect bedpan for people who are bedridden or are recovering from surgery. The bedpan has a contoured shape and makes it easy for people to use. Additionally, the material used for the bedpan is good for heavyweight people and extremely durable.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly bedpan, this is the right choice. It is a lightweight bedpan that is good for people with low to moderate mobility issues. The bedpan is quite durable and has a good weight-bearing capacity.

It is a bariatric bedpan that is perfectly suitable for heavyweight patients. This bedpan is autoclavable, which makes it easier to clean and disinfect. The bedpan has a low back rim which makes the placement quite easy.

This stainless steel bedpan is very durable and will last long without any damage or scratch. It is also very convenient to clean the bedpan without much effort. This is a large bedpan that is suitable for large patients.

This is the most comfortable bedpan on this list. This is also a hospital-grade bedpan that has an anti-stick surface. The bedpan is reusable and very easy to clean. It is very easy to place the bedpan for both low to limited mobility and bedridden patients.

The Top 5 Picks For the Best Bedpan

Best Overall Bedpan: YUMSUM Firm Thick Stable PP Bedpan

YUMSUM Firm Thick Stable PP Bedpan

One of the best products on the list is the YUMSUM Firm Thick Stable PP Bedpan. This bedpan comes with many interesting features, and the design is suitable for both women and men. The bedpan is the right choice for people who are recovering from surgery or are bedridden.

It is very easy to use the bedpan since the design makes it suitable for caregivers to slide them in and out. Even people who wish to use this alone will be able to do so without any issues. Moreover, it is also very easy to clean the bedpan. Since it is reusable, you can use lukewarm water and mild soap to clean it.

The bedpan is made from PP material with an advanced weight-bearing capacity and a high tolerance for heat. This makes the bedpan extremely durable if handled with care. This contoured-shaped bedpan has rounded edges to make the setting more comfortable.


  • The weight-bearing capacity of 220 pounds
  • Autoclave feature for deep cleaning
  • Made from durable PP material
  • Rounded and smooth edges


  • It May not be convenient for a caregiver to use
  • Height is too tall for immobile patients

Best Budget Bedpan: Medpro Fracture Bedpan with Plastic Guard

Medpro Fracture Bedpan with Plastic Guard

The Medpro Fracture Bedpan is a budget-friendly bedpan that comes with a built-in handle and plastic guard. This bedpan considers the convenience of both the caregiver and the patient. The tapered front of the bedpan makes it easy for the caregiver to slide the bedpan under the patient.

Additionally, the splash guard ensures that there is no splatter on the bed. The presence of the handle also adds to the convenience of handling the bedpan. This is the perfect bedpan for people who have limited mobility or are completely bedridden.

The bedpan is made from hospital-grade plastic. This makes the bedpan very durable and long-lasting. The bedpan looks like a dustpan which makes sliding in and out easy. It also has a disposable liner that makes cleaning the bedpan very easy.

The bedpan is small and is right for children or smaller adults. However, people who need to use the bedpan frequently might not find this suitable.


  • Easy to use for both the patient and the caregiver
  • Very affordable product
  • Can use the bedpan with liners
  • Placement and removal of the bedpan is easy with the handles
  • Splash guard prevents leakage


  • Not suitable for heavier adults
  • Depth is not too much

Best Bariatric Bedpan: AliMed Bariatric Bedpan

AliMed Bariatric Bedpan

The AliMed Bariatric Bedpan is different from the other regular bedpans. This is solely a bariatric bedpan, as is clear from the name. The design is a triangle along with a large rim.

It has a very sleek design which makes it perfect for people who stay alone. Therefore, people who have moderate mobility and can do most tasks themselves can use this bedpan.

One of the most interesting features of the bedpan is its weight-bearing capacity. It can bear up to 1200 pounds of weight. This means the bedpan is perfect for large and heavyweight patients. Due to the exceptional weight capacity, there might be some doubts regarding the durability of the product.

However, durability is not an issue with the bedpan. It is made from high-quality material that prevents stains or cracks on the bedpan. Along with such an amazing weight capacity, the bedpan also has a slope ranging between 3 to 0.5 inches.

The flat and large surface area makes it easier for larger patients. This bedpan comes with an autoclave feature which is great for easy sterilization and cleaning.


  • Individuals can use the bedpan on their own
  • Easy sterilization with autoclave feature
  • High-quality construction
  • Easy to use and comfortable design


  • Maybe too shallow for some users

Best Premium Bedpan: DDP Stainless Steel Bedpan

The name already suggests the material of the bedpan, which is stainless steel. This makes the DDP Stainless Steel Bedpan a very durable product. The bedpan can last for a long time without any dent and scratch if handled carefully. Like most models, the bedpan consists of a tapered front.

The front has 2.5 inches tapering, while the back has 4 inches tapering. This makes the bedpan perfect for both heavyweight and lightweight patients. The size of the bedpan is quite large; hence large-sized patients can use it comfortably. However, smaller patients may find the bedpan to be too large.

The bedpan is made from durable plastic and has a weight-bearing capacity of 350 pounds. This bedpan will not have dents, stains, or cracks easily. There is tapering at the back as well as the front. This makes it easy for the caregiver to pace the bedpan at the bottom without any issues.

Due to its stainless steel construction, cleaning the bedpan is very easy and does not take much time. If you clean the bedpan immediately, there will be no risk of staining it.


  • Rust-resistant stainless steel construction
  • Cleaning is very easy
  • The weight-bearing capacity of 350 pounds
  • Large capacity


  • Small users might not be comfortable
  • Expensive model

Best Comfortable Bedpan: ONEDONE Bedpan


Another high-quality hospital-grade bedpan is the OneDone bedpan. It is made from reusable plastic and has an anti-stick surface. This makes it very convenient to clean the bedpan without leaving any stains. Moreover, there are no nooks and corners that would be hard to clean.

The bedpan is made from heavy-duty and commercial-grade material. Its surface is resistant to pressure, spills, and odor. This bedpan is perfect for bedridden people and ones with limited mobility. Even people who are recovering from surgeries will find the bedpan to be very useful.

The contoured shape of the bedpan makes it easy to set during the time of need. This prevents the patient from feeling any discomfort. Moreover, the bedpan is extremely versatile since it is suitable for both men and women. This bedpan can be used as a female urinal.

A great thing about the bedpan is it is autoclavable. This makes it easier to clean and sterilize using lukewarm water. If the patient has a caregiver, they will easily use the bedpan without much effort.


  • Contoured shape for better comfort
  • Easy to use bedpan for people with limited to no mobility
  • Commercial-grade high-quality construction
  • Versatile bedpan for both women and men


  • Not good for small people
  • Expensive

Buyer’s Guide: What Should You Look for While Buying a Bedpan?

You will find bedpans from multiple companies, so it might be a confusing choice for you. When looking for the right bedpan, you need to focus on different factors.

These factors play a very important role in deciding if you have the right product for the patient. Also, these are the factors we considered when making the product recommendations listed above. Below are factors that you should consider.


The first thing you need to focus on is the type of bedpan. There are fracture bedpans, regular bedpans, and bariatric bedpans. Regular bedpans are oval and resemble a toilet seat. Fracture bedpans are smaller, shallower, and narrower than regular bedpans. Finally, bariatric bedpans are for heavyweight people.


The next factor is the shape of the bedpan which will be right for the said patient. Some bedpans are tapered, while some look similar to a dustpan. The one with a tapered shape makes it easy for the patient to slip in and out of their position. On the other hand, dustpan-shaped bedpans have a wider area that prevents leakages.


Most bedpans are either made from plastic or stainless steel. You might also find disposable bedpans that are made from paper pulp. The stainless steel bedpans are easier to clean and very durable. Plastic bedpans, on the other hand, are affordable and come in multiple durability ranges.


Comfort is different for everyone, so there is no particular element for being comfortable. Bedpans that have rounded edges and are softer would generally be comfortable for most people. Some people are comfortable with smaller bedpans, while others are more comfortable with taller ones.


The overall size would either be small or large, depending on what is right for the patient. Small-bodied people would do better with smaller bedpans, while heavyweight and large people would find large bedpans more suitable. Check the weight capacity, body structure, and patient condition while choosing the size.

Storage and Urine capacity

When choosing a bedpan, you need to see its urine and storage capacity. This also depends on the size of the bedpan. If the bedpan is small, the capacity of the bedpan will automatically be less. On the other hand, when you choose a larger bedpan, the capacity will be more. You can choose the capacity depending on the patient output.


bedpan Cleaning

You will need to clean the bedpan frequently to ensure it does not lead to germ production and infections. When choosing reusable pans, you have to look for ones that have an easy to clean shape and structure. Certain bedpans have some areas that are hard to clean. You should look for the cleaning convenience of the bedpan before buying it.

Use Frequency

You need to assess how often the patient will be using the bedpan. If they are bedridden and a bedpan is their only option, their use frequency is quite high. However, if the patient has moderate mobility and needs the bedpan only during the night or for a short duration, the frequency will be low to moderate.

Caregiver Use

One very important consideration is whether the patient requires complete assistance from a caregiver. If the patient can move, lift, or roll independently, the caregiver assistance is low to moderate.

However, if they cannot move at all, the caregiver will need to offer complete assistance. You will need to choose the bedpan model depending on the assistance required.

Patient Mobility

If the patient cannot move at all, they would be more comfortable with a shallower bedpan. It would be easy to maneuver. There might be some issues with the holding capacity of shallow bedpans, for which a bedpan liner or incontinent bed pad can be helpful. You can also use powder to ensure the bedpan does not stick to the patient.

FAQs on Bedpan

When choosing the best bedpan, you might come across certain questions. Below are some frequently asked questions that might arise in your mind when searching through different options. These questions will clarify several doubts and make a choice easier for you.

Question: What are the Different Types of Bedpans or Urinals Present in the Market?

Answer: There are numerous types of bedpans or urinals present in the market. You can see options based on the structure, material, or capacity. If you focus on the structure or shape, you will find regular bedpans, fracture bedpans, or bariatric bedpans. They have different shapes and structures.
The second criterion could be the material of the bedpan. Most reusable bedpans will be available in either plastic or stainless steel. Plastic bedpans are available in different durability ranges.
They may even have almost the same durability as stainless steel bedpans. Stainless steel bedpans are undoubtedly stronger and more durable.
If you choose based on the capacity of the bedpan, you will come across large and small ones. This is dependent on the use frequency and need capacity of the patient. If the patient needs to use the bedpan frequently, choosing a large one or a small one would be suitable.

Question: Can You Use a Bedpan for Bowel Movements?

Answer: Yes, you can use a bedpan for both urine and bowel movements. Bedpans are designed to provide optimum comfort to bedridden patients. If a patient has low to moderate mobility and can still move around, they might go to the bathroom for bowel movements.
That being said, it would be hard for these patients to do the same at night or when they are at rest. At these times, such patients would require the assistance of a bedpan. Hence, they should be comfortably able to do both urine and fecal discharge on the chosen bedpan.
On the other hand, patients with zero mobility do not have the option to move around. Hence, they will completely have to depend on the bedpan for their discharges. It is essential to opt for large bedpans for them.

Question: How Do You Clean a Bedpan?

Answer: After the patient uses the bedpan, you will need to clean it immediately. Throw the contents of the bedpan directly into the toilet. Wear gloves before handling the bedpan and keep warm water ready. You will need to use warm water and light soap to clean the bedpan.
For the cleaning stage, you will need to first rinse the bedpan using plain water. After that, use a mild soap and scrub it using a toilet brush or large brush. Make sure the bedpan is completely clean before you rinse it with water again. Some bedpans have harder to clean areas for which you might require a smaller brush.
Once you have rinsed the bedpan, finally, through the wastewater in the toilet. If you do not want to frequently clean the bedpan, it is better to use a bedpan liner. However, this can become very costly, and you will need to throw out more garbage.

Question: For How Long Can You Leave a Bedpan Under the Patient?

Answer: You should never leave a bedpan unattended under the patient for a long time. The bedpan has to be removed immediately after the patient is done with their usage. Even if you leave the patient in private for their usage, you need to check on them after some time.
If you leave the bedpan for a long time, it could cause serious infections and health complications. The bedpan will have your urine or fecal matter, which should be cleaned immediately. Leaving the waste matter in contact with your skin for a long time would lead to neuropathy, sores, pressure ulcers, and other issues.
Such conditions can make the patient very weak and cause great pain. This is additionally tough for bedridden patients who are generally at high risk of developing bedsores and other conditions. You can use a bed pad or other such products if you wish to provide constant protection.

Question: What is the Correct Way to Place a Bedpan?

Answer: You will need to place the bedpan correctly so that there are no leakages. First, sprinkle some powder on the edge of the bedpan to make sliding it easy. This will also ensure that the bedpan rim does not stick to your skin. If you are worried about discharge spills, you can use a bed pad.
Next, you will need to slowly set the bedpan in the correct position. If the person can move, provide them some assistance to lift their hips or sit up. Then slide in the bedpan under them. However, if the person cannot move, the caregiver will first need to roll the person on their side and then place the bedpan.
The placement would depend to a great extent on the mobility of the patient. The placement should be correct whether you place them on their side or tell them to lift their hips. If you think the patient will be safe, give them some privacy until they finish.

Parting Thoughts

Being bedridden is a serious challenge and makes several things difficult for the patient. However, with proper assistance the right aid tools, the pain can become slightly easier. One such tool that would help the patients during their recovery or rest period is a bedpan.

The guide has five different bedpan models, among which YUMSUM Firm Thick Stable PP Bedpan is one of the best. It is a hospital-grade bedpan that is very comfortable. The bedpan is extremely durable and long-lasting.

Do you have some bedpan recommendations that you would like to inform us about? Comment below and let us know!

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