How to Find the Best Bath Steps

This post will look at how to find the best bath steps, why they’re needed for some, and the benefits they offer to all. I will outline the things to look for when buying this product and showcase my favorite six bath steps on the market today.

Bathing and showering can be especially difficult for seniors, those with limited mobility, people with certain disabilities, and people recovering from operations or illnesses. Items like bath steps are generally inexpensive but can make a massive difference to the ease of washing and, more importantly, its safety.

In addition to bath steps, you may also want to consider shower stools, or shower chairs, which are other aids that can further help those looking for assistance in this area.

Before we jump into the article, below is a snapshot of my chosen bath steps that will be reviewed in full further down the page.

At a Glance: 6 Best Bath Steps 

Jobar International Bath Step with HandleOur #1 Top Pick

BodyHealt Portable StoolOur #1 Budget Pick

IdeaWorks Bath Step

Step2tub Shower Step Stool

Vaunn Medical Bath Step with Handle

Drive Medical Bath Step

The Benefits of Bath Steps 

For some people, the prospect of being unbalanced while lifting a leg to get into the tub can be overwhelming, and it can simply be impossible for many people to bathe without help. However, this doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel and relinquish your dependence. Bath steps can make this situation easier, safer, and much more doable.

The bathroom can be a room of dread. It is the most dangerous room in the home for slips and falls, especially for those in their senior years. It is also the room where we are at our most vulnerable and our most determined not to have to rely on another for assistance.

Of course, in some instances, it’s essential to enlist the help of another. But for those with some level of mobility, a bath step can be a game-changer.

A bath seat essentially makes getting into the tub more straightforward. It’s an affordable item, coming in lots of different designs, meaning a suitable step will be out there for everyone. This guide features various styles, colors, and price points, in the hope that every reader finds their perfect bath step here.

But, if they don’t, our buying guide should help with the purchase elsewhere.

How to Find the Best Bath Steps 

Bath steps are not made equally. Some are basic steps that can be multipurpose around the home and used to reach higher areas or to sit on during an activity that becomes tiring. Others are built entirely to get into the tub and come with handles attached and waterproof surfaces.

Studies show that ⅓ of those over 60 struggle getting in the tub without assistance, so it is very much a natural part of aging. In addition to this, those recovering from surgery, sickness, or living with certain disabilities can have difficulty getting into the bathtub. Because this issue affects so many different people, there are so many different steps out there.

Choosing the right bath steps for you will depend on your level of need primarily. Secondary factors are your budget and accommodation. We’ll outline all the things to look for when purchasing bath steps just below.

Level of Need 

The more severe your level of need, the more stable the bath step must be. To determine this, I would advise looking at the materials used during construction and their durability. I would also ensure that you check the weight capacity of the bath step to feel confident that it can offer full body-weight support if needed.

For those who just need a little assistance or people of a small frame, a smaller and less robust step should suffice. But, again, ensure that you check the weight capacity before purchasing. If you don’t see this on the product description, most brands will respond to queries quickly online, so enquire before purchasing.


Some mobility aids such as wheelchairs and toilet safety frames can be pretty costly, and it can often make financial sense to get items like this through your medical insurance. But, when it comes to bath steps, they tend to be relatively low in cost, and there are models around to suit all budgets.

The advice we always give is to go for the highest level of quality your budget allows.

It may be that more than one person will use the stool; in this situation, an adjustable step would be best, and this may come with a slightly higher price. The higher purchasing price can here be seen as an investment, as this product will enrich the lives of more than one. Yet you should still ensure that you’re only paying for what is reasonable.


Bath steps are not overly large products, but some are bigger than others, and this can be a purchasing consideration for those with very small bathrooms or in a multi-person home. Some bath steps are foldable (we have one in our guide), others are small enough to stow away until needed.

However, some bath steps – especially those with handles – require a lot of space. Before purchasing an item like this, look at the measurements to ensure that your bathroom can comfortably accommodate it.

In some rentals, you’ll need to be sure that any products you buy won’t leave any lasting damage to the property. When it comes to bath steps, most will have non-stick feet that should result in no floor markings, but not all have this, so always check before buying if the damage could be costly for you.

Safety Features 

As well as the non-slip feet mentioned above, there are other safety aspects to look at when buying bath steps. The surface of the steps must be non-slip to prevent falls when you are leaving the tub with wet feet. Surface types that are made from rubber, foam, or plastic with grooves and bumps are safer bets than a smooth surface.

If you need a higher level of support, then it would be wise to look at bath steps that have a handle to enable a good level of balance and security when getting into or out of the bath.

I have selected a stackable set of bath steps, which is excellent for a multi-person home but has the drawback of only being stable if connected properly. Each product should come with its own set of safety instructions for use, and we would advise that these be read thoroughly before using the steps.

Selection Criteria

The bath steps I have chosen to review I did so independently; our site is not paid by any brands to review their products, and you will see that each review mentions the drawbacks I found with the products for complete honesty.

Here are the things I was looking for with each bath step:


I have researched the level of quality of each bath step selected and consider them to be soundly made, durable, and to offer a good level of longevity.


As mentioned previously, bath steps have various designs, so to ensure that our readers find a suitable product in this post, I have selected the bath steps I believe to be the best out of each category.


I have looked across the price points to include bath steps that fit into all budgets.

Consumer Reviews 

As well as my findings, I ensured that the products were generally well-received by other consumers before choosing to feature them here. I believe this brings greater peace of mind to our readers.

6 Best Bath Steps 

Jobar International Bath Step with Handle – Our #1 Top Pick


  • Wide Step
  • Non-Slip Textured Pad
  • Supports up to 500 lb
Find it Here
BodyHealt Portable Stool – Our #1 Budget Pick


  • Foldable
  • Multi-Use
  • Non-Skid Surface
Find it Here
IdeaWorks Bath Step


  • Rubberized Feet
  • Complete Textured Top
  • Stackable
Find it Here
Step2tub Shower Step Stool


  • Dual Clamps to Affix to the Tub
  • Dual Comfort-Grip Grab Bars
  • Height Adjustable
Find it Here
Vaunn Medical Bath Step with Handle


  • Lifetime Durability
  • Non-Skid Ribbed Rubber Platform
  • Versatile
Find it Here
Drive Medical Bath Step


  • Supports up to 450 lb
  • High Visibility Blue Surface
  • Stackable
Find it Here

#1 Jobar International Bath Step with Handle – Our #1 Top Pick

The Jobar International Bath Step with Handle is on the expensive side. Still, with the materials used and how stable it feels, I am sure it will provide excellent longevity and be an investment item. It is a little more than a simple step due to the 34-in high handle, which gives further support and balance.

The step looks sleek and stylish, and although a tool is needed for assembly (multi knife), it is relatively straightforward. The bright blue surface makes the visibility much greater against a white bathroom floor, and although an extra-wide step, it is also narrow, so it can be used on steps and stairs where you may be considering installing a ramp.

The top surface is non-slip and comfortable to stand on in bare feet, the floor remained unmarked due to the non-slip feet, and most consumers feel well supported. This step will hold up to 500 lb in weight, which is one of the greatest capacities I have come across.


  • Large Weight Capacity
  • Stylish Design
  • Tall Handle
  • Non-Slip
  • Bright Blue Surface


  • Expensive
  • Tool Build
  • Up to a Week for Delivery

#2 BodyHealt Portable Stool – Our #1 Budget Pick

The BodyHealt Portable Stool offers excellent value for money, even more so that it is so versatile around the home and garden, promoting great independence wherever it is needed. The steps are foldable and highly portable, with a comfortable handle when moving. They can be stored neatly (folding flat), taking up very little room, and conveniently brought out when needed.

There are non-slip grips for good stability, and these steps will hold up to 300 lb in weight. They offer a 4-in step up and have a generous 16-in platform. There is no assembly needed, and you can use the step as soon as it arrives – which unfortunately can take around 2-weeks at the moment.

As this stool isn’t explicitly designed for use in the bathroom, I would use it on top of an anti-slip mat, such as this one by Gorilla Grip. By purchasing an anti-slip mat, you could argue it loses its budget pick title, but I believe that with this product’s extraordinary versatility, that isn’t the case.


  • Highly Versatile
  • Fold Flat for Convenient Storage
  • Excellent Price
  • No Assembly


  • Further Purchase Strongly Advised
  • Delayed Deliveries at Present

#3 IdeaWorks Bath Step

I nearly didn’t feature the IdeaWorks Bath Step because I felt the price was a little high; however, the masses of positive reviews piqued my interest, and I soon learned why these are so favored. Although simple in design, the design is faultless; they do exactly as you’d expect and have the advantage of being stackable if further height is needed for another person or other purpose.

The platform is large and completely textured for great slip-resistance; the top is also very comfortable for bare feet and remains in place when the floor is wet. When they say they don’t move, they really don’t unless you apply pressure to lift upwards from the floor. The rubberized feet are remarkably strong.

Consumers of 280 lb feel fully supported on this step, and the pyramid shape means that there isn’t any tilting even if your entire weight is on one side (although this isn’t recommended to try!). A simple wipe down will keep the step in good condition for years to come, and the many reviews back the durability from returning customers on the hunt for more of the same.


  • Fast Delivery
  • Solid Item
  • Highly Durable
  • Stackable
  • Versatile


  • Expensive

#4 Step2tub Shower Step Stool

For those who need a higher level of support, the Step2tub Shower Step Stool is an entire unit that attaches to the tub giving the user unrivaled stability when getting into or out of the bathtub. The step platform is large – 15-in x 15-in – and covered with comfortable, non-slip material. On each side sits a strong grab bar with comfortable foam grips, and this is height adjustable for a perfect fit.

The unit is lightweight yet can support up to 400 lbs. The clamps are simple to secure, and they fit most tubs; they have a robust locking mechanism yet detach with ease. I found the Step2tub bath step to be the best in this category and note that some consumers have used this for pools, boats, and to get into and out of bed more easily.


  • Excellent Full Support System
  • Adjustable Dual Handles; With Comfortable Grips
  • Large Platform
  • Versatile
  • Strong and Robust
  • Speedy Delivery
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Large Outlay
  • Cumbersome to Store
  • Tool Build

#5 Vaunn Medical Bath Step with Handle

If you’re looking for a stylish bath step that provides more support than the standard design, then the Vaunn Medical Bath Step with Handle could be a good choice. This is a multi-functional step used in commercial and residential homes across the US. This is a newly designed product that features high-quality triple-layered chromium plating; 100% non-rusting material.

The Vaunn Medical bath step arrives quickly, within a couple of days, and I found it to be well packaged. Upon using it, you feel fully supported; there’s no give or wobble regardless of where you stand on the platform. The reinforced rubber feet provide an excellent level of traction on a multitude of surfaces, and the platform is comfortable to stand or sit on when needed.

The materials used are of the greatest quality, offering a lifetime’s durability. There are very similar products to this out there, but I did find them to be lacking in comparison. This step is very similar to our #1 top pick; however, the step by Jobar just inched it due to the high visibility color of the surface and slightly slimmer design.


  • Lifetime Durability
  • Strong and Stable
  • Reinforced Rubber Feet
  • Modern, Sleek Design
  • Excellent Price
  • Fast Delivery


  • Similar Products Retail for Around $10 Less

#6 Drive Medical Bath Step

The Drive Medical Bath Step is an excellent product for a great price. The textured finish is slip-resistant and has high visibility. It feels comfortable and is easy to detect. At 19.5-in wide, the platform offers lots of room for standing and supports up to 450 lb in weight.

This step is stackable, with each added step providing an extra 2-in height. There are other stackable steps on the market, but all are more expensive, so to stack would be costly; not so much the case here. I found the support to feel very stable and the 4-in height just enough to make getting into the tub more comfortable.

It is simple to keep this step clean, with a shower or wipe down, and it doesn’t look too out of place remaining in the bathroom. It can even be multi-use and enable smaller children or shorter people to reach the basin or toilet more easily.


  • Great Price for Stackable Steps
  • Fast Shipping
  • 450 lb Weight Capacity
  • Wide Platform
  • Versatile


  • Some Consumers Cite Breakages Over Time

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Does a Bath Step Sit Outside or Inside the Tub?

Answer: The bath steps in this post are all designed to sit outside the tub and provide a literal step up into it. Some people will use these products inside, but for many, they will be too low down.

Question: What if a Bath Step Isn’t Supportive Enough?

Answer: If you need a greater level of support than even the Step2tub Shower Step Stool, then you may be better off looking for a transfer bench. I have previously recommended the Gateway Premium Sliding Bath Transfer Bench as a #1 top pick and believe this product would suit those who need more support than a stool can give.

Question: What Other Bathroom Products Would Help me?

Answer: If you’re starting to struggle with your mobility around the bathroom, it would be advisable to discuss this with your doctor or physical therapist. As we don’t know your personal medical history, we can only advise of the products that are out there.
The National Institute on Aging provides a wealth of information that could benefit those wondering how to cope as they approach, or are living in, their senior years.

Best Bath Steps – My Verdict 

Although I have rated the Jobar International Bath Step with Handle as our #1 top pick, what makes a bath step the perfect choice for you depends on many different factors. I personally liked the handle, stylish design, and high visibility of this product, but it isn’t so easy to assemble, and delivery takes time.

For a budget pick, the BodyHealt Portable Stool is pretty unbeatable given its versatility. I love how flat this folds for convenient storage and how easy it is to transport. But, if using purely as a bath step, I would advise making an additional purchase on an anti-slip mat to go underneath.

The IdeaWorks Bath Step is a simple design and pretty much perfect, although it is at the higher end of the financial spectrum. The Drive Medical Bath Step is priced well, especially so for a stackable step, and I liked the fast shipping and high weight capacity. However, I did note some consumers cite breakages, which would make me question their usage given its durability.

The Vaunn Medical Bath Step with Handle is another relatively expensive product but offers more significant support than traditional steps. It is of a stylish design and feels exceptionally sturdy. For those who need something more, I would recommend the Step2tub Shower Step Stool, with its only real drawback being that it can be challenging to store if not needed all the time.

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