How to Find the Best Bath Lifts

Bathing is probably the most relieving activity in our daily routines. A warm bath with your favourite bath scents can wash away all your stress and tension within seconds. Perhaps that is the reason why bathing is nowadays used as therapy. 

However, it is not the same for everyone, as getting into a bathtub can be one arduous task for the elderly or people with balance, pain, aches, and mobility issues. Sliding into a bathtub and then getting out after you are done soaking is not as easy as it sounds. 

It requires a lot of strength and muscles to work together to get you in and out of the tub. However, it will all become easy as pie with Bath Lifts. Bath Lifts are not very popular and widely known. But, don’t worry because this guide has answers to all your questions! 

In this article, we run down our top picks for best Bath Lifts alongside detailed reviews, pros and cons lists, and a comprehensive buyer’s guide. We rated them by durability, safety, and price. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it. 

What is a Bathtub Lift?

Bath Lifts are not widely known, and most people don’t even know something like that exists. However, once you get the hang of Bath Lifts, the comfort and convenience you get will be hard to come by.

A Bath Lift or a bathtub lift is a chair that allows the user with mobility issues (like pain, inability to sit and stand) to bathe without falling or slipping. 

They come with remote control, and as you press certain buttons, it gently lowers the chair into the bathtub allowing the user to dip to the desired depth. The user can press the stop button on reaching the desired depth. Once you are done bathing, press the button, and the chair will lift you out immediately. 

Furthermore, these lifts are on their own. Meaning no installations or lengthy manuals to understand. Just purchase the right size that fits your tub, and you’ll be good to go!

Bath Lifts are made to minimise the efforts for the elderly and other patients in pain. Therefore, the users who are incapable of standing up can benefit from these lifts. Here’s how. 

Bathtub lifts have wings on both sides; these wings are pretty flexible and devised to flatten while in use. This flattening feature allows you to slide onto the centre of the chair instead of standing up and sitting in.

Also, once you are seated, press the button, which will gently start tilting the chair’s back support until you are almost in a comfortable laid down position. 

Apart from this, the bathtub lifts also have suction cups that hold them in place securely while they are in use. When you are done bathing, press the button, and you’ll be lifted upwards. The remote control has rechargeable batteries and a feature that prevents them from dying out while in use. 

Who Can Benefit from a Bath Lift?

Who Can Benefit from a Bath Lift

Primarily made for the elderly, Bath Lifts can be used by anyone and everyone who faces mobility issues or is incapable of getting in and out of the tub independently. Nevertheless, the general users of a Bath Lift are old and aged people who have become too weak to carry the weight of their bodies around. 

Here are some insights into who can benefit from a Bath Lift:

  • Older people who have weak muscles as a result of age can use Bath Lifts to bathe conveniently. 
  • Physically disabled individuals who have risks of falling without necessary support can benefit from Bath Lifts. 
  • People suffering from motor neurone diseases can use Bath Lifts to bathe independently. 
  • People suffering from osteoarthritis can relax their joints from bearing the bodies in and out of the tub using Bath Lifts. 
  • People with cerebral palsy have balance issues, making them prone to falling and severely injuring themselves. Bath Lifts can be an absolute lifesaver here!
  • People suffering from COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases can use tub lifts as they face issues getting in and out of bathtubs. 
  • People with rheumatoid arthritis go through a lot of pain given the swollen joints; they can benefit from Bath Lifts as the lifts do all the work while they enjoy the bath. 
  • People suffering from spina bifida experience weakness/paralysis in the lower limb, making bathing a painful task; lifts can provide such users with the necessary support. 
  • People involved in accidents or someone who has suffered a severe injury is recommended to relax the injured body part; Bath Lifts can come in handy in such times. 

Bath Lifts are a godsend. They have changed the face of bathing for the users who found bathing an extremely tedious and painful task. The outstanding features and comfort can make the user’s life easy, pain-free and secure. 

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Top 5 Picks For Best Bath Lifts at a Glance

This is the most practical Bath Lift in the market today. All the features are designed keeping in mind the convenience and uses of the patient. The best part about this is the effortless assembling and dissembling process, making it portable. 

As the name suggests, the Tranquilo Premium has a robust design, and the beneficial rotating seat subsides all other Bath Lifts in front of this. You can’t go wrong with this one!

A high-quality Bath Lift ideal for homes. Offers a luxurious and compact design with some extremely useful features like extra legroom. 

Offering the best value for the budget with comfortable, sleek built with a waterproof remote control and a weight capacity of 364lbs. Mangar is a decent choice!

Strong built quality, with brilliant modern features. If you are looking for a proficient lightweight Bath Lift, the Drive Medical Bellavita has loads to offer! 

Top 5 Bath Lifts: Reviews

Anybody suffering from mobility issues, old age, joint pains, swollen feet and other such issues will be benefited from a Bath Lift. Older people especially have time and again felt the need for good Bath Lifts. If you’re researching and figuring out the best options in the market, we are here to help.

Here, we have compiled a comprehensive guide including the top features, pros and cons of these Bath Lifts. With all the appropriate information, landing a final decision and picking up the most suitable Bath Lift will become super easy for you! Let’s delve deeper into the specifications of our best picks and sort your options!

Best Bathtub Lift (Overall): Drive Medical’s Blue Whisper

Best Bathtub Lift (Overall) Drive Medical's Blue Whisper

The first one on our list is an absolute breeze to use and assemble. With a flexible 50 degrees recline at the lowest height whilst you are in the tub, the Drive Medical’s Blue Whisper is one of the most sought-after Bath Lifts in the market today! 

The best feature about this is the pragmatic design which would save you ample storage as it folds up easily when you are done dipping and soaking. Right after you have bathed, disassemble the lift and pack it up!

This feature is supremely beneficial for other family members, as usually Bath Lifts can cause hindrance in the bathroom as they take up a lot of space. 

Furthermore, this feature also comes in handy if you are someone who lives out of a suitcase because it is lightweight, compact and takes up a much lesser room than other Bath Lifts. Pack it up, and you’ll be good to go with this portable Bath Lift. 

The extra security granted by Drive Medical with the sturdy suction cups makes Blue Whisper a perfect choice as the lift remains intact in the tub, so there is no risk of falling, slipping and injuries. And finally, the Blue Whisper doesn’t disappoint in the weight capacity either because it is a decent 300lbs. 

But that’s not even the best part. The power sensor safety attributes in the Bath Lift are beyond amazing as they only lower the chair into the tub when the lift has sufficient power, at least enough to handle that particular bath.

So, yes, it will alarm you beforehand in case of insufficient power! All in all, it would prove to be an intelligent choice as it delivers the finest!


  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Lightweight
  • Reclining capacity up to 50 degrees
  • Height 18 inches (At maximum raised level)
  • Foldable
  • Portable
  • Convenient to assemble and disassemble


  • Weight capacity could have been better

Best Value for Budget Bath Lift: Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift

Best Value for Budget Bath Lift Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift

Next up, the Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift equipped with a swivel seat is our second pick. The highlight of this Bath Lift is that it has so much to offer at such a budgeted price.

The rotating padded seat is one of the few star features that allows you to bathe much more efficiently and comfortably for longer dips and enjoyable bathing sessions!

Tranquilo Premium provides users with that extra security with the sturdy suction cups, so you can rest assured because the lift is not prone to falling or slipping. However, you do need to make sure that the cups stick firmly; otherwise, the suction functionality would just become a display feature. 

Furthermore, the Tranquilo Premium has a brilliant built quality, and this heavy-duty Bath Lift comes with a weight capacity of 300lbs. Also, the heavy-duty structure makes it better in line than other Bath Lifts for long term purposes. 

Coming to the design, this electric Bath Lift comes with two well-constructed flaps that provide a butter-smooth transfer allowing the user to have a pain free, convenient experience.

And finally, with a lifting height of 21.5,” the Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift is the most sound budget option if you are looking for a decent electric Bath Lift!


  • Value for budget
  • Lifting height – 21.5″
  • Comfortable padded rotating seat
  • Heavy-duty, robust built quality
  • Reclining back feature
  • Waterproof remote control
  • Flaps ensure a smooth transfer


  •  Suction cups lack sturdiness and strength

Best Bath Lift with a Compact Design: Lumex Splash Bathtub Lift

Best Bath Lift with a Compact Design Lumex Splash Bathtub Lift

This is by far the most luxurious Bath Lift with its advanced features. One of these features is that the remote control comes with suction cups. So, yes, you would not have to worry about losing it in the waters or getting back up without having to find the remote control because it sticks right on the tub walls!

The Lumex Splash Bath Lift is designed to stay pretty close to the bathtub’s surface, which also has suction cups to hold it in place securely.

Again, the Lumex Bath Lift is all about safety, meaning the cups are strong and sturdy enough that the lift won’t slip or fall and firm enough that when you pull out the lift after your soaking session, it comes out easy. 

Furthermore, the two flaps on both sides ensure a smooth and pain-free transfer as the user can just slide in. These flaps are parted, meaning they fold in as the lift lowers down into the tub on command.

Lumex Bath Lift is the best inline if you are looking for a light battery-powered Bath Lift. To sum up, it is a decent choice considering its price and all the features that it offers are remarkable. 


  • Battery-powered
  • 8″ wide base
  • Remote control with suction cups
  • Ample legroom
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble
  • Convenient to use
  • Raises up to 18″ from the surface of the tub


  • Weight capacity: 280 pounds

Best Bath Lift with Detachable Seat: Mangar’s Archimedes Bath Lift

Best Bath Lift with Detachable Seat Mangar's Archimedes Bath Lift

Next in line is the Mangar’s Archimedes Bath Lift. This is one outstanding Bath Lift with some incredible attributes like the lift only lowers when it has enough battery to suffice that particular bath. This is an amazing feature because if the battery dies mid-way, it could create a lot of hassle for the user. 

The simple model of the Mangar’s Archimedes separates into three pieces, so installing or assembling it should not be a problem. Furthermore, the surface of the Bath Lift is equipped with four strong and sturdy suction cups which hold it in place and guard it against slipping. 

With an extraordinary weight capacity of 364 lbs, the Mangar’s Archimedes can submerge you into the water keeping the recline height just 3 inches above the bathtub floor, ensuring that you are entirely soaked in for a warm bath!

The remote control, much like other Bath Lift controls, is completely waterproof. Meaning it won’t be an issue if you dropped it in the tub accidentally. 

Apart from all this, the only demerit is that it is slightly on the heavier side. However, the firm suction cups keep it intact, so that wouldn’t be a problem. Also, the suction cups are made to pull the lift out easily, but that doesn’t mean they are not reliable enough because they are not slippery regardless!


  • Weight capacity: 364 lbs
  • Waterproof remote control
  • Base: 15-1/2″ wide 
  • Raises up to 18″ from the surface of the tub
  • Sturdy suction cups at the bottom of the lift
  • Battery sensors


  • Slightly heavier than other Bath Lifts

Best Lightweight Bath Lift: Drive Medical Bellavita Bath Chair Lift

Best Lightweight Bath Lift Drive Medical Bellavita Bath Chair Lift

The next one and our final pick is the Drive Medical’s Bellavita Bath Lift. Drive Medical is brilliant with its Bath Lifts, and this is no different. With some great features, the Bellavita is convenient to assemble with just two pieces in total. 

This Bath Lift is durable and comes with four super intact and sturdy suction cups that hold it in place while you enjoy your bath. Furthermore, the lift is equipped with two flaps on either side. These flaps ensure a smooth, painless transfer and automatically fold as the lift is lowered into the bathtub. 

Drive Medical’s Bellavita comes with a flexible 50-degree recline capacity as it is lowered into the tub. Also, the recliners are high-quality as they ensure a smooth leaning back process.

Apart from this, Bellavita comes with waterproof remote control, the censored power feature, which allows the lift to lower only when it has enough battery and a battery charger. 

To be precise, the Bellavita is an intelligent choice if you are looking to provide your loved ones with a good Bath Lift that serves top-notch safety while fulfilling all the requirements. 


  • Weight capacity: 300-pounds
  • Lightweight 
  • Portable 
  • Waterproof remote control
  • Washable seating chair
  • Raises up to 18″ from the surface of the tub
  • Four sturdy suction cups
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble
  • Convenient to use


  • Comparatively lesser legroom

Elements You Should Consider Before Buying a Bath Lift

Finding the right Bath Lift requires a lot of research, especially because you cannot risk accidents for people who are already experiencing it rough with all the pain and weakness. 

The comprehensive reviews above might have given you an idea of what you want. Some of you might have even decided which Bath Lift suits your needs the best. However, if you are still sceptical about your choices, read on!

Here are the features you can look for in a Bath Lift before you loosen your wallets. Your purchase could be easier if you follow the below-mentioned considerations. 

Swivel/Rotating Seats

This is not particularly a necessity but an amazing feature that can smoothen your bathing experience by degrees. Pushing a button makes the seat swivel back around, and you won’t have to move even an inch.

Isn’t it amazing? This, of course, depends on the needs too. Most patients don’t require it, but someone with severe mobility issues could highly benefit from swivel seats. 


Bath Lifts Battery-Powered

Modern technology and medical science have left no stone unturned to comfort patients with these advanced innovations.

Take Bath Lifts, for example, a family member would have to put the patient into the tub, bathe him, then take him out, and have him seated, etc. But now, it is all done by few commands on remote control! 

This is nothing but powered batteries and intelligent use of innovation. Always buy battery-powered Bath Lifts; they save a lot of effort and make complex tasks seem simple and accessible. Furthermore, broaden your options and see if you can get a fast charge feature if you have options. This feature comes in handy during emergencies. 


Always look for a Bath Lift that reclines efficiently and has a good recline capacity, nothing like it! Also, it is a feature that you just cannot afford to neglect because it is what Bath Lifts are all about. To ease the efforts of lying flat in a tub. 

With a good Bath Lift, all you need to do is sit back and relax while the lift lowers you into the tub and recline, eventually soaking your body in the water. It also helps patients do some of the tasks and helps users with back problems relax and stretch their bodies because sitting upright could be painful!

Suction Cups

Another unmissable feature that all of us must look for in a Bath Lift is suction cups because they ensure an intact hold. These cups clamp to the surface of the tub, making it stick in the right place. An absence of these cups could injure the user severely as there is a higher risk of slipping and falling. 

You should be extra mindful about this if you are purchasing a Bath Lift from lesser-known or not so trust-worthy brands because usually, they are not careful about such features as they increase the production costs.

So, yes, if you are planning on buying a Bath Lift, check off the sturdy suction cups box before the purchase. 


You never really know where you might have to travel with it tomorrow. Thus, it is always a good decision to choose a Bath Lift that is travel friendly and portable. Also, sometimes the users/patients are so sensitive and weak that they just can’t do without the necessary support, so you should not play any risk games!

There is a wide range of decent portable Bath Lifts; all you have to do is find the right one. Furthermore, it is always intelligent to have a portable Bath Lift, especially when you are not living alone because, for someone else, it is a mere hindrance.

Therefore, it is always better if you can disassemble it easily and pack it up!


A Bath Lift isn’t something you will purchase every other day. Thus, make sure that the lift you are investing in is durable and sturdy. Furthermore, anybody using the lift should feel safe sitting in it. Check the overall built quality, and make sure that the material is dependable.


Checking the size and dimensions is extremely important. If neglected, you might end up cluttering your bathroom. If your bathroom is not very spacious, and you think a Bath Lift could hamper or restrict movements, go for smaller lifts that sit entirely in the bathtub. 

Bathtub Floor

Never, ever avoid this. This could literally cost you a terrible accident. The suction cups of the bathtubs are supposed to sit on bathtub floors. If the bathtub floor is flat and sturdy, great.

However, if the bathtub has even slight curves or is textured, the lift could slide over to the middle of the bathtub as the suction cups don’t work efficiently on textured surfaces. So, check everything closely. 

Weight Capacity 

The last thing anyone would want is a Bath Lift to break while in use. This could injure the user severely. Thus, remember to confirm the weight capacity that the bench can steadily hold before buying it and cross-check it to prevent any accident. 

Back Support

Do you need back support, or is it manageable without one? The user should get a say here. Coming from a general perspective, having a backrest is always safer and more comfortable.

Sure, it restricts your movements a tad bit, but it is always manageable. Backrests can considerably lower the risks of falls. Thus, it is recommended to go for lifts with backrests. If you don’t want one, you can go for slingback Bath Lifts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

While the article covered the best options to pick in the market, there may be some queries you all have. In this FAQ section, we have answered the most common questions surrounding Bath Lifts. 

Question: Are Bath Lifts Safe?

Answer: Probably, the biggest question striking your mind would be, are they safe? These Bath Lifts are best suited for people with mobility issues and pain problems or anyone who faces difficulty getting inside or out of the tub.
This entire process is made more safe and secure by suction cups that clamp to the bathtub’s surface.

Question: How does a Bath Lift Work?

Answer: The working of a Bath Lift might appear complex, but it is pretty simple. Bath Lifts are generally power operated, meaning electrical charge becomes a requisite.
The user has to sit on the chair, which is lowered as the recliner leans backwards on the remote control’s command. The height, depth, and angle everything is entirely in the user’s hand so you can control them as you please. 

Question: What are the Brands of Bath Lifts?

Answer: There are many brands in the market dealing with the manufacturing of Bath Lifts. For starters, Drive Medical, Neptune, Invacare, Pro Bath, Bathmaster, Aquajoy, Molly Bather, Mangar, etc.
It is always good to have an overall brand review so you don’t end up having a low-quality product.

Final Verdict

These are our top 5 best Bath Lifts alongside their reviews and guide. We came to these results with extensive research, top features, and consumer reviews. While almost all of them work well, our final vote goes to Drive Medical’s Blue Whisper.

The reason is pretty simple; this Bath Lift has all that you need and more. The best part is its reclining capacity of around 50 degrees and the super lightweight overall structure, making it portable and travel friendly. If you plan on buying a Bath Lift anytime soon, refer to this buying guide and land an informed decision!

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