Best Baking Sheet Organizers For Your Home

If you’re a prolific baker who finds themselves constantly faced with a cluttered kitchen, you’ll no doubt appreciate what a tremendous difference the best baking sheet organizers can make to your home.

One of the simplest, most effective, and above all, most affordable ways of keeping things organized and avoiding mess in your kitchen, these invaluable inventions can help to make your cooking area a stress-free and clutter-free space to create.

Of course, if there’s one thing that’s not always so stress-free, it’s determining which of the dozens of popular baking sheet organizers out there is suitable for you, your space, and your baking sheets.

That’s where this guide comes in. I’ve tried and tested scores of the best-selling organizers currently out there today before selecting the top five that I consider being the very best of the best. You’ll find my detailed reviews of each of those top five picks below, along with a detailed buyer’s guide to help you determine which option is right for you.

Don’t have time for that right now?

No problem. Here’s a quick look at my top choices:

Top 5 Best Baking Sheet Organizers: At a Glance

  1. Simple Houseware Bakeware Organizer 2 PackBest All-Round Organizer 
  2. Simple Houseware Silver Pantry RackBest Budget Organizer
  3. Tk5rn Pull-Out Bakeware Organizer
  4. YouCopia Bakeware Storemore Adjustable Rack
  5. mDesign Steel Storage Tray Organizer Rack 

What is a Baking Sheet Organizer?

A baking sheet organizer is an invaluable solution to keeping all those trays, cookie sheets, and other kitchen items neat and tidy while still remaining perfectly accessible.

Most are designed with a solid base to prevent your trays from scratching your surfaces (or vice versa) and feature three or more dividers so that you can better organize your baking tools and keep them propped up and secure. Some are designed to fit neatly on your kitchen counter, while others are better placed inside a cabinet.

Either way, they prove to be one of the simplest ways to keep your kitchen tidy without spending too much time, effort, or money.

Who Needs a Baking Sheet Organizer?

The best baking sheet organizers can be useful in all sorts of environments. If you normally store your sheets in a cabinet, you may well have encountered the frustration of having to pull every last item out -and then later return them all just to unearth that one baking tray that’s buried at the bottom of the pile.

An organizer solves this problem by allowing you to stack everything neatly, quickly identify the item you want, and effortlessly retrieve it without having to move anything else out of the way. You may also find a baking sheet organizer useful if your usual method of storage results in sheets, surfaces, and other equipment getting scratched or damaged.

The dividers and solid surface help keep everything separated so that your pried baking trays remain in top condition.

How to Choose the Best Baking Sheet Organizer: A Buyer’s Guide

In the reviews below, you’ll find five very different baking sheet organizers. While my intention in including such a wide assortment of options was to give you more to choose from, I admit that it may only raise more questions when it comes to determining which is the right one for you.

That’s why I’ve put together the following buyer’s guide, outlining the most important factors to consider and how they may influence your final purchasing decision.


The most important factor to consider when choosing a baking sheet organizer is the size of refrigerator storage bins and other kitchen storage solutions.

There are two points to consider here. The first is the dimensions of the product itself. After all, if the aim is to help keep things tidy, the last thing you want is an oversized organizer that takes up too much space on your countertop or simply doesn’t fit comfortably in one of your kitchen cabinets.

The second is the capacity. As I’ll discuss a little more when sharing my selection criteria with you, it’s important to consider exactly how many items you need to store, the size of those items, and whether your preferred organizer is big enough to house them.


Though it’s possible to buy baking tray organizers made out of wood and plastic, in my estimation, these are hardly ideal.

Sure, they may work out cheaper, but they’re also more prone to chips, scratches, and breakages. That’s why my picks were almost exclusively made from stainless steel, a highly durable material that can withstand years of use and often comes with a protective coating to avoid rust and scratches.

Static or Pull-Out

One final thing to consider when choosing the best organizer for your kitchen is the design. In most cases, you’ll find that what I’ll call a “static” organizer, which is designed to stay in one place, often proves to be more than sufficient.

However, if you’re storing your items in a kitchen cabinet, you may find that a pull-out drawer makes life much easier.

Selection Criteria

The factors listed in the buyer’s guide above played a key role in determining my top five picks and, along with the criteria I’ll discuss below, were the only factors that influenced my decisions. Each one of these baking sheet organizers was chosen by me and me alone because I genuinely believe they’re the best options to meet the needs of most people.

None of the companies featured here paid to be included in this guide, nor do I -or Whisk and Mix- as a whole, make any money from selling baking sheet organizers. This impartial approach allows me to give my honest opinions and note both the good and the bad points of each product.

The following are the other remaining factors I considered when making my selections.


As I mentioned in the buyer’s guide, capacity is a major issue when it comes to any storage solution, as you need to be certain that the product you’re buying is suitable to house all of your baking trays. For the most part, I took a “more is better” approach and opted for larger organizers that could accommodate at least 10 baking trays, as well as possibly other items such as pans, pan lids, and chopping boards.

That said, I did also aim to include at least one smaller model, which I thought would appeal to those with minimal storage requirements and minimal space.


Much like food storage containers, tea and coffee canisters, and other items designed to help keep your kitchen clutter-free, baking sheet organizers are hardly the most expensive items out there.

Even still, I tried to offer options at different price points to suit all different budgets.

User Reviews

Finally, I looked at genuine customer reviews for each product to help me determine whether each product really was as good as I thought it was or if there may have been a glaring flaw I overlooked.

That helped me to offer what I consider a more accurate and honest review based on the cumulative experiences of both myself and other customers, ensuring that what you’re about to read better reflects what it’s really like to own each product.

Top 5 Best Baking Sheet Organizers

Simple Houseware Bakeware Organizer 2 Pack – Best All-Round Organizer

assorted cookware in two bronze metal storage racks

There are some occasions, such as with my recent guide to the best wooden knife organizers when picking the absolute best all-around product of any particular type requires serious deliberation and plenty of debate.

Then there are times when deciding which product goes in at number one is an absolute no-brainer. With the Simple Houseware Bakeware Organizer 2 Pack, it was definitely the latter. Everything about this set is almost perfectly ideal for just about any kitchen space.

First of all, there’s the fact that you get two organizers with three 2.56″ compartments each, making it perfectly sized for a number of cookie sheets, baking trays, chopping boards, and other kitchen essentials.

Then there’s the sturdy gauge steel which ensures these racks are going to serve you well for a long time to come, and, finally, there’s the fact that all this comes at a very affordable price, meaning you’ll be able to introduce high-quality baking tray organizers into your home even on a limited budget.


  • Includes rubber feet to protect your surfaces
  • Available in an attractive bronze finish
  • Ample capacity for lots of kitchen equipment.


  • Not as tall as other organizers, which may make storing more oversized items difficult
  • Maybe too wide to fit in smaller cabinets.

Simple Houseware Silver Pantry Rack – Best Budget Organizer

baking tray and cutting boards stored in metal rack

My top-ranked pick may not have been costly, but if you’re still looking to save a few more dollars, the Simple Houseware Silver Pantry Rack may well be the answer. By far the best budget baking tray organizer on the market right now, this one comes in at almost half the price of some of the other models on this list yet does so without ever compromising on quality.

The solid, stainless steel construction provides lasting durability and ensures it can withstand plenty of use, while the three 2.56″ compartments are more than wide enough to comfortably fit up to 10 baking trays and other essentials.

While you could buy Simple Houseware’s two packs for just a few dollars more, this in itself is a perfect money-saving solution for those on a budget or with a smaller kitchen space.


  • Includes rubber feet to protect your surfaces
  • Pull-out handle design on the front allows for easy access
  • Also suitable for storing pans and other essentials.


  • Silver paint is not scratch-resistant
  • Maybe too short for larger items.

Tk5rn Pull-Out Bakeware Organizer

baking dishes and cutting boards stored in pull out metal rack

The Tk5rn Pull-Out Bakeware Organizer is the best baking tray organizer for anyone who wants to keep their baking equipment hidden away in a cabinet yet still wants to access them easily without having to dig through a mountain of other kitchen essentials to find what they need.

The sliding shelf can be fixed to the inside of your cabinet to ensure that it doesn’t move around, while the industrial-grade ball sliding system ensures that every time you use it, it slides out smoothly and quietly, with no sticking or damage.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also love that the metal dividers that separate the three compartments are fully adjustable so that you can move them around to create the ideal storage solution for your trays.


  • It takes only a few minutes to install
  • Made from high-quality chrome stainless steel
  • 9.5″ width by 16.9″ depth allows for plenty of storage.


  • Most expensive organizer in this guide
  • Difficult to clean.

YouCopia Bakeware Storemore Adjustable Rack

metal and light blue baking dishes in grey storage rack

One of the best options for small kitchen spaces, the YouCopia Bakeware Storemore Adjustable Rack is a small, lightweight baking tray organizer that fits neatly into any kitchen counter or small cabinet.

My favorite part is the solid plastic base which protects both your trays and surfaces from scratches and damage, while the adjustable dividers can slot into that base whether you please, giving you complete control over how you store your trays.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about those all-important non-slip feet which help keep the whole thing in place so that your trays never have to become cluttered ever again.


  • Affordable cost
  • It takes less than a minute to assemble
  • Additional dividers can be purchased for extra customization.


  • Not as durable as other models
  • Maybe too small for some users.

mDesign Steel Storage Tray Organizer Rack

baking sheets in black metal storage rack

Last but not least, the mDesign Steel Storage Tray Organizer Rack has the distinction of being undoubtedly the best-looking baking tray organizer out there.

Its tall, slimline stainless steel design will add a stylish touch to any contemporary kitchen space, all while providing lasting durability. What’s more, the higher-than-average dividers make it the perfect choice for anyone with larger trays and other tall equipment to store.

Speaking of the design, it’s also a very nice touch that this one has been uniquely made so that it can be used horizontally or vertically, depending on your requirements. All combined, this is an excellent combination of functionality, practicality, and aesthetic appeal.


  • It comes with rust-resistant coating
  • Includes plastic feet protectors
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth.


  • Higher than the average price
  • It might be too big for smaller kitchens.

Which is the Best Baking Sheet Organizer Option For You?

As you’ll see, any one of the top five best baking sheet organizers would make an ideal addition to any kitchen, but if you’re still not sure which one to buy, allow me to make a few final recommendations. If you’re looking to spend as little as possible while still getting a high-quality organizer, the Simple Houseware Silver Pantry Rack offers high-grade steel construction and sufficient capacity at the lowest price on the market.

If you’re looking for a sliding drawer option, you’ll find a lot to like about the Tk5rn Pull-Out Bakeware Organizer, which fixes permanently to your cabinet and utilizes a smooth, near-silent pull-out system for easy access.

Yet if your only concern is stocking your kitchen with the very best organizer around, I’d recommend the Simple Houseware Bakeware Organizer 2 Pack as you get the most capacity of any other product in this list, high-grade construction, and very reasonable pricing.

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