How to Find The Best Anti Fatigue Desk Mats

Sitting too much is bad for you. According to Victoria, Australia’s Department of Health, sitting too long can lead to chronic health issues. It can also be bad for one’s mental health. So a lot of people are now opting for standing desks when they work.

However, being on your feet all day isn’t going to be comfortable without anti-fatigue desk mats. So here are our recommendations:

  • Amazon Basics Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat
  • iCustomRug Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat
  • iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Desk Mat
  • Imprint CumulusPRO Couture Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat
  • Kensington Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat
  • Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat

What makes these anti-fatigue desk mats the best? And which one is perfect for you? Read on and discover how these products can help you work comfortably while standing.

How We Chose the Best Anti-Fatigue Desk Mats

In choosing our recommendations, we noted the dimensions, material, and safety features of anti-fatigue mats to narrow down the choices.


When choosing the best anti-fatigue mats, we considered their dimensions. The length and width of the mat will tell you just how much space you have to move around.

If it’s too big, the mat might not fit your workspace, especially if you work in a crowded office or have a small nook in your home for your standing desk.

But if it’s too small, you might find yourself constantly stepping on and off the mat. You might also fall or trip if you can’t stay on the mat.

Worse, you might develop posture problems if you are forced to keep one foot off and one foot on the mat because of its small size. Having an adequately sized mat will ensure you have room to move around and you’re not really restricted.

More importantly, the thickness of the mat will tell you just how much support and comfort it gives you. The general rule is that when you choose a thicker mat, the more comfortable you would be standing in it.


You should also check out the material. For the most part, a polyurethane foam mat will be a good choice. You should also ensure that the material is waterproof and stain-resistant.

You wouldn’t want to stand on a dirty mat, and you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning it up as well. Further, you shouldn’t choose a mat that is too soft.

Soft mats might feel nice when you first step on it, but it doesn’t give you the right amount of support. You will end up trying to keep your balance while standing on it, and that can be a lot more tiring than just standing on the floor.

Plus, balancing on a soft mat means that you are constantly shifting your weight, sometimes improperly. That may result in misalignment and more pain.

Safety Features

An excellent anti-fatigue mat should be nonslip. Make sure that the mat you’re will not travel when you put it on your floors.

More than that, the mat should be able to support your weight. You should also be wary of tripping hazards.

In some poorly made anti-fatigue mats, the edges might curl, and that can cause you to trip. Beveled edges are often used to make sure that the edges do not curl up.

Now that you know just how to choose the best anti-fatigue mat, it’s time to see our list of recommendations.

Kensington Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

The makers of the Kensington Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat claim to help stimulate your blood circulation while keeping your legs, feet, and backless tired. The rubberized gel foam used for this anti-fatigue mat is 0.67 inches (17 millimeters) thick and aids in better distributing the pressure your lower torso suffers from when you’re standing.

It also features a nonslip surface that prevents you from slipping or tripping on the mat. This product measures 25.5 by 36.8 by 0.67 inches (647.7 by 934.7 by 17 millimeters) and comes in black.


  • Material is BPA-free, vinyl-free, and flame-resistant. It’s also non-toxic
  • Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • Compliant with Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive
  • Not as thick as other top mats
  • Nonslip surface


  • It comes only in black, and it looks boring.
  • It can feel thinner and offers less cushion than its competitors.

iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Desk Mat

The iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Desk Mat is probably one of the best anti-fatigue mats you can buy. It’s made with polyurethane and is 0.75 inches thick.

That extra thickness is what sets it apart from the ones you see in department stores. Plus, the polyurethane material will adjust to the user’s weight, so it can fully support the lighter areas of your feet, such as the arches, while giving the balls or heel enough cushion.

What’s more, the polyurethane material ensures that this mat will not tear or stain easily. It’s also resistant to heat and chemical damage. You also can’t scratch it easily.

You also have several designs and colors to choose from, as the manufacturer offers several design lines for this product, including:

 Sizes availableColor available
Standard matte24 by 36 inches (61 by 91 centimeters)



24 by 72 inches (61 by 183 centimeters)

36 by 69 inches (91 by 175 centimeters)

36 by 72 inches (91 by 183 centimeters)

48 by 72 inches (122 by 183 centimeters)







Designer granite24 by 36 inches (61 by 91 centimeters)



24 by 72 inches (61 by 183 centimeters)








Designer linen




24 by 36 inches (61 by 91 centimeters)



24 by 72 inches (61 by 183 centimeters)

Antique dark



Antique light

Aztec gold

Beach glass


Burnished copper


Midnight blue


Sand dollar





  • Resistant to heat damage
  • You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty for performance and a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • Durable and does what it needs to do
  • Resistant to wear and tear


  • It is more expensive than other mats on this list.

Imprint CumulusPRO Couture Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

The Imprint CumulusPRO Couture Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat is made with polyurethane. This anti-fatigue mat is 97 percent thicker than its competitors.

Plus, it’s made with non-toxic, phthalate-free materials. You get a durable material with a very dense core that provides a lot of support and comfort at the same time.

The edges are beveled, and it doesn’t curl. These characteristics keep you safe from tripping on the mat.


  • Polyurethane unibody
  • Very durable
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Certified by the American Chiropractic Association and National Floor Safety Institute


There are not too many colors and sizes to choose from

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat

The Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat measures 20 by 32 by 0.75 inches (508 by 812 by 19 millimeters). It’s made with polyurethane that makes this mat suitable to help you feel less tired while standing.

The manufacturer claims that standing on their product can relieve pressure on your spine and helps your muscles move to increase the blood flow. As such, it can help you avoid back pain and train your body for better balance and posture.

The product comes with a nonslip base. The edges also don’t curl to keep you safe from accidentally tripping over it.

What’s more, you can select a design that can match your home’s or office’s decor, including:

  • Sedona red rocks
  • Natural beige
  • Indigo deco
  • Grey
  • Green ombre
  • Dark blue
  • Chocolate
  • Burgundy
  • Blue diamond
  • Black

It’s also available in two other sizes:

  • 20 by 39 by 0.75 inches (508 by 991 by 19 millimeters)
  • 24 by 70 by 0.75 inches (610 by 1,778 by 19 millimeters)


  • Stain- and waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Some users complain that their mats are not durable, with the edges curling over time.
  • The foam used here is soft, which doesn’t offer much support in the long run.
  • The mat travels

iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat

If you have a habit of moving around, perhaps you’d be spending most of your time working for your patio and then just transferring inside when it rains. You would need an anti-fatigue mat that is portable.

The iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat has a built-in handle that allows you to easily move it from room to room. What’s more, it is 0.75 inches thick, with a solid polyurethane build.

This product is waterproof and wear-resistant. It’s also resistant to heat, puncture, wear, tear, and chemical damage. The manufacture also guarantees that the edge will not curl and that it will always be bouncy.

The iMovR EcoLast Portable Standing Mat measures 18 by 22 inches (46 by 56 centimeters). That means that it’s small enough and suitable for crowded areas such as call centers or cafes.


  • Portable and affordable
  • Versatile and durable
  • Made with solid polyurethane
  • Affordable
  • Money-back warranty for performance and factory defects


  • It might not be big enough for those who are taller.

Amazon Basics Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat

The Amazon Basics Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat is probably what you’d want if you’re looking for value for your money. It’s affordable at around $30, but people who’ve used this product have been raving.

For one, it doesn’t look or feel cheap. And it works. People attest to how the mat helps keep the pain away and allows them to stand while working far longer than when they’re standing on the floor.

The mat is very easy to clean. It’s scratch and stain-resistant, as well. It stays flat on the floor, so you don’t have to worry about tripping on it.

It measures 36 by 20 by 0.6 inches and comes in black.


  • Wallet-friendly price
  • Works as intended, prevent pain and is comfortable to stand on
  • Lightweight
  • It feels and looks a whole lot more expensive than it really is


  • Some users complain that these mats are not that durable and may fall apart after a year or two.

iCustomRug Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat

The iCustomRug Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Mat measures 20 by 39 inches (51 by 99 centimeters) and comes in a variety of colors, including:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Charcoal
  • Copper
  • Fawn
  • Gold
  • Granite
  • Gray
  • Stone

It’s made with memory foam that can help support your legs and feet. The manufacturer claims that this product helps prevent pain in your lower torso and back. You can stand longer with this product than when you do stand directly on hardwood or tile floors.


  • Easy to clean, stain-resistant, and water-resistant
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • It looks like an ordinary rug with a border
  • Made with memory foam


  • Suitable for shorter periods of standing
  • Some users complained that this product became sticky

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why Would You Need to Buy a Portable Anti-fatigue Mat?

Answer: If you work in different locations, having a portable anti-fatigue mat is a must. These mats are lightweight, durable, and smaller in size. What’s more, they often have a handle that makes it easier for you to carry them anywhere.

These portable mats are perfect for those that have a small working area. You can easily stow them away when not in use, and they will not be in a co-worker’s way.

What’s more, these mats are not just for work. You can take them to any sports event and have a more comfortable seat. Plus, these are typically less expensive than their non-portable but bigger counterparts.

Question: What is an Anti-fatigue Deck Mat, Anyway?

Answer: Anti-fatigue desk mats are designed to help reduce the fatigue that you get from standing on a hard surface such as your floors for a long time. These products can help address foot, legs, and thigh issues.

Granting that you are wearing comfortable shoes with shock-absorbing insoles, anti-fatigue mats can help absorb the stress of standing on hard surfaces and makes your feet less tired.

Question: Do Anti-fatigue Mats Really Work?

Answer: The idea behind anti-fatigue desk mats is that the softer material can keep your muscles moving. As you stand on these mats, the muscles contract to help you keep your balance.

As your muscles work, your blood is circulating to bring more oxygen to these muscles. These things don’t happen when you’re on a hard and flat surface.
With your muscles not working as much, the blood starts to pool, and the pain will follow soon. Not only that, these mats are easier on your feet than any hard surface will be.

A Loughborough University study confirms that anti-fatigue mats can help people standing for more than 60 to 90 minutes. They lessen the discomfort to your legs, back, and feet. It can also help prevent stiffness on your shoulders and neck.

Get the Perfect Anti-Fatigue Desk Mat for Your Home Office!

It may cost you significantly more, but you might want to invest in an iMovR EcoLast Premium Standing Desk Mat. Not only does it allow you to select the size and design that you want, but it also works great to help you stand longer without feeling tired or experiencing pain.

We understand, however, that not many people will be willing to drop more than $100 on a mat. Fortunately, there are more affordable yet capable alternatives in Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat and Amazon Basics Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat.

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