Best Amazon Standing Desks

Are you searching for a standing desk but not sure which one is the right fit for you? Then you’ve come to the right place as we will share the best standing office desks on the market. We have taken the time to research the top models, so you don’t have to. In this guide to finding the best Amazon standing desks, we have focused on table size, price, extra features, and durability. 

Also, you’ll find a variety of styles to match your office décor. Additionally, we will choose the best desks for their height to meet the needs of every buyer. You’ll discover the top ergonomic features of the tables and learn why they are the best choice for your office. 

Top Factors When Choosing A Standing Desk

Standing Desk


Selecting the right size is essential to ensure that it fits your office and offers enough space for the intended use. The desk height should accommodate your body shape and size. It will determine if you can sit or stand at your desk comfortably. Office chairs have a height adjustment feature, so they can easily match the table height. 

The depth required depends on the size of the monitor and keyboard. If you have a large monitor, then you may want extra depth. On the other hand, the width of the desktop will need to be longer if you need more space horizontally. Furthermore, you should pick a desk to accommodate the area in your room.


You must have the correct type of storage for your daily office work. Having extra space to store files and office supplies ensures the desk remains organized and tidy. Some workplaces keep most of their files online, so you may not need large drawers for paperwork. However, it is best to have draws and shelves for keeping personal items, pens, and books.

The downside of a standing desk is that most don’t come with extra storage. Their main feature is the electric motor which takes up most of the space under the desktop. Therefore, adding additional shelves and draws may be difficult due to the design. However, some desks have a keyboard tray and hanging hooks that provide extra storage.


Standing desks can be among the more expensive types, but you can also make savings. We have included various price points to accommodate all budget types in this buying guide. The tables are higher in price because of their electric motors and designs. On the other hand, the cheaper standing desks are height adjusted using a hand lever which suits buyers with a low budget.  

Furthermore, if you want extra features like drawers or a keyboard tray, then expect to pay more. The type of materials used will be a significant factor in the price. For example, high-quality wood desks are durable and long-lasting but will cost you more. However, you can purchase a desk with cheaper materials that will still be long-lasting with proper maintenance. 


You should pay attention to durability-related features when inspecting the product description. Also, focus on the pictures of the model to get a sense of how the materials are put together. In addition, a steel frame ensures the desk is durable and robust.

Also, read the warranty information to learn the duration of protection against damages. A longer warranty length indicates that the brand manufacturer believes in the quality of its product. Finally, a thick water-proof desktop will last longer as they are highly durable. 

Extra Features

It’s vital to look out for extra features that add value and functionality to the desk. Here are a few of the top ones to look out for:

  • Height adjustable: the height of some desks can be adjusted so that you may work standing up. This is the ideal solution if you suffer from back pain due to poor-quality office chairs. By standing, you will improve blood circulation and minimize back pains.
  • Draws and shelves: extra storage is ideal for storing files, books, and office supplies. It will keep the desk tidy and clutter-free. Also, your items will be within arm’s reach, which is convenient while working at the desk.
  • Cable management: some desks have a basket under the worktop for storing cables to keep them tidy. Other desks have a cut-out hole on the top right or left to pull the wires through. This keeps them in place and prevents messy cables. 
  • Tilt mechanism: desks with tilt mechanisms are ideal for drawing and painting. As a result, you don’t need to strain over the desk and work in a comfortable seated position.

The Best Standing Desk Picks

Now let’s look at the top standing desks available on the market. Each desk was chosen because it is the best one in its category. It means you can get the best version of a feature or characteristic you are looking for.

FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk: Best Ergonomic Features

FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk

The FEZIBO Standing Desk has a modern design that enhances the office décor. The desktop has an elegant finish with a contrast of espresso and black shades. In addition, the sturdy metal frame holds up to 154 lbs.

This ergonomic desk has three pre-set buttons that can adjust the height from 27.16″ to 46.06″ inches. This enables you to sit or stand at the desk with the monitor at eye level. It also features 360-degree swivel casters, which allow the desk to move around the room. 

There is a double hook attachment for hanging up a bag, headphones, or jacket. Furthermore, an instruction manual, numbered parts, and tools are included for easy assembly. Customer service is available by email for any issues which may arise.


  • Anti-collision technology to protect the desk from scratches and bumps
  • There is a cable management tray to avoid messy wires
  • There are a selection of sizes and colors to customize the office
  • There is enough space on the desk for two monitors


  • No extra draws for storing files and books
  • No keyboard tray for extra comfort and support

FEZIBO L- Shaped Electric Standing Desk: Best L-Shape Option

FEZIBO L- Shaped Electric Standing Desk

The FEZIBO Standing Desk is designed with a rustic brown wood finish. It is a corner desk and conveniently fits into small spaces. Also, the desk is height adjustable which is powered by a dual-motor system. This feature allows you to sit or stand at the desk in a comfortable position, which will prevent back pain.

The wooden stand riser can be used to store a laptop or monitor, which enables you to sit at eye level to the screen. Ideally, this will prevent poor posture, leading to strains and pains in the body. Also, there are two hooks attached to the desktop for hanging headphones or a bag.

The sturdy steel frame can take a maximum load of 176 lbs. Also, the spacious worktop can accommodate two computer screens, books, and personal items. Furthermore, assembling the desk is straightforward, with a step-by-step guide, numbered parts, and toolset included in the packaging.


  • There are 360-degree swivel castors that maneuver smoothly on even floors
  • Two hooks for extra storage
  • The corner desk can fit into smaller office spaces
  • The desk can adjust its height for standing or seated position


  • There are no draws for storing personal files
  • There are no shelves for placing decorative items

AIZ Mobile Standing Desk: Best Budget Option

AIZ Mobile Standing Desk

The AIZ Mobile Standing Desk is practical and functional for the home office. The 360-degree nylon wheels allow the table to move around the room for your convenience. Therefore, you may work from the comfort of your sofa or a standing position.

The desk height can be adjusted from 27.5″ to 45″ inches. This allows you to work standing up to relieve fatigue or stretch the legs during long working hours. Also, the desk’s compact size ensures it will fit into smaller spaces and can be used anywhere in the home.

The desktop consists of two platforms to store the keyboard on the lower level for comfort and support. Also, the wood grain worktop is wear-resistant and water-proof. This ensures it is durable and long-lasting with proper maintenance. 


  • The frame is made of thick steel to ensure the desk is sturdy
  • The desk is excellent for posture as the height is adjustable
  • The two worktop platforms adjust to one whole space when sitting
  • There are two color options


  • There isn’t ample space on the compact desktop
  • No shelf for storing office supplies

HYLY L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk: Best Design Option

HYLY L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

The HYLY Standing Desk has an elegant black work surface with a sleek appearance. It is constructed with strong metal throughout, which supports up to 220 lbs. Also, the desk is equipped with two hooks for storing headphones or a bag for your convenience.

The 48-inch corner worktop has enough space for a monitor, laptop, and books. In addition, the height can be adjusted with three pre-set buttons and is powered by a dual-motor lift system. This allows you to move the desk height to align with your ideal sitting or standing position.

There is a manual, numbered parts, and tools included in the packaging to assemble the desk. In addition, there are three parts to the tabletop, which are sturdy and easy to construct. Furthermore, customer service is available with any issues that may arise and will respond within 24 hours.


  • Stylish desk for the office décor
  • The desk can be placed in a small corner of the room
  • The desk supports 220lbs, which ensures it’s long-lasting and durable
  • The desk height is easily changed with a click of a button


  • No draws for storing personal files
  • No shelf for storing a printer or books

FEZIBO Standing Desk: Best Desktop Option

FEZIBO Standing Desk

The FEZIBO Standing Desk has a beautiful wooden rustic brown and black finished worktop. The spacious desktop measures 24″D x 48″W inches. This is ideal for extra storage such as two monitor screens, books, and personal items. 

Furthermore, a pull-out drawer under the desk provides additional space for the keyboard. This allows for placing the arms comfortably while typing and working long hours. Also, there are two hooks for hanging headphones or a bag to ensure a tidy workstation.

The desk height can be adjusted using the three featured buttons. This allows you to stand or sit at the desk in the desired position for comfort and support. Also, assembling the desk is easy with the manual, marked parts, and toolset included in the packaging.


  • The desk is made with industrial-grade steel for durability
  • It includes cable management for keeping wires tidy
  • The keyboard tray provides extra storage
  • The 360-degree swivel casters allow the desk to move smoothly across the floor


  • The desk may be costly for low budgets
  • No shelves for storing a printer 

QZMDSM Adjustable Standing Desk: Best Storage Option

QZMDSM Adjustable Standing Desk

The QZMDSM Standing Desk has a cute chic design with a beige finished worktop. It has a scratch-free and water-resistant surface that is durable. In addition, the desk has rolling casters to maneuver to the sofa, bed, or the home office. It is convenient and practical for small spaces, which means you can work from any room.

The two-layer shelves underneath the desk are great for storing books, supplies, or decorative items. Also, there are two locking buttons on each side to change the desk height easily. This allows for a comfortable sitting or standing position preventing strains and pains.

The desk is assembled with an instruction manual, numbered parts, and tools included in the packaging. It should take no more than 20 minutes to set up the office addition. The after-sales team is available by email to help with any issues and queries.


  • The compact desk fits into small spaces
  • Extra storage shelves ensure the desk is organized and clutter-free
  • It is height adjustable for the desired sitting or standing position
  • There are 360-degree caster wheels to move the desk around the home 


  • There is no ample legroom underneath the desk
  • The small worktop may be uncomfortable to work on for long hours

SHW Electric Standing Desk: Best Electric System

SHW Electric Standing Desk

The SHW Standing Desk has a minimalistic design with a light cherry wood finish. It features a cable management basket to avoid messy hanging wires. Also, the desktop has a grommet to organize the cords and keep the desk clutter-free. 

The height-adjustable desk has four pre-set buttons and can lift from 28 to 46 inches. This is ideal for working in a standing position, as it will improve overall health during long working hours. In addition, you can work in a seated position with the monitor screen at eye level to avoid slouching.

The frame is made from high-grade solid steel, ensuring the desk is durable and sturdy. The desk is easy to set up with the manual, parts, and toolset included in the box. Also, it should take less than 20 minutes to assemble.


  • The desk has a high-quality, durable cherry wood
  • The user can work sitting or standing up during long workdays
  • The dual-motor is efficient and is operated with a button
  • The desktop has ample space for a monitor, desk lamp, and other items


  • No draws to store personal documents
  • No shelves for storing office supplies

SHW Mobile Standing Desk: Best Feature Option

SHW Mobile Standing Desk

The SHW Standing Desk has a compact design with an elegant black finish. The desk includes a multi-purpose draw for storing pens, a stapler, and other office supplies. This will ensure the desk is organized and tidy. In addition, there are two hanging hooks for storing headphones or a bag.

The desk features four lockable wheels, allowing you to smoothly move the desk around the room. Also, the desk height is adjusted using the four pre-set buttons, which are fully motorized. The height can be changed from 28 to 46 inches to customize the desired seated or standing position.

The frame is made of high-grade industrial steel, which is sturdy and durable. To assemble the desk is straightforward, with a manual, numbered parts, and tools included in the box. For further assistance, customer service is available to help with any issues or questions. 


  • Simple, elegant design to suit the office décor
  • The caster wheels allow to move the desk to the desired location effortlessly
  • The front draw is convenient for storing office supplies
  • The desktop is spacious and comfortable to work on


  • There are no shelves for extra storage
  • There are no color options to customize the office décor

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the Advantages of a Standing Desk?

Answer: A standing desk is an excellent solution for improving your overall health. According to research, standing at your desk burns more calories than sitting down. Also, you can use a treadmill to increase the number of steps you take each day, which allows you to exercise while you work. Additionally, it increases blood flow and prevents leg cramps due to long hours spent sitting at a desk.

However, standing for prolonged periods may result in joint and back pain. As a result, standing can exacerbate poor posture if you ignore the ergonomics of your workstation. When typing on the keyboard, you should place your arms comfortably and stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Overall, our recommendation is to take frequent breaks and sit down for short periods throughout the day.

Question: Top Tips to Use a Standing Desk Correctly

Answer: While standing at the desk is beneficial to your overall health; it poses some health risks. Therefore, we have compiled a list of tips that will assist you in standing in the correct position:

Standing too long: owning a standing desk doesn’t mean you should spend your day in a standing position. It is recommended to stand for 2 hours at the start and build up to 4 hours a day. Therefore, you should alternate between sitting and standing.
Desk height: is essential for standing in the correct posture. To stand in an ideal position, keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle on the desk, and the screen should be at eye level. A keyboard tray will also support the arms if the desktop is small.
Anti-fatigue mat: you may notice your feet getting tired, leading to chronic pain throughout the day. We suggest purchasing an anti-fatigue carpet that will provide extra cushioning on the feet. In addition, they provide comfort and support during long working hours.
Arm supports: are made from soft padded material that attaches to the desk. It is designed to reduce pressure on the shoulders and wrists while using the mouse and typing. Also, they help to lower the risk of developing neck and shoulder pains.
Standing position: the correct way to stand at the desk is with legs spaced apart. This will ensure you have a good balance and avoid too much pressure on one leg. Also, you should keep your back straight and the screen at eye level to avoid straining your neck. Furthermore, you could use a back brace to correct your posture.

Question: What Size Desk Should I Buy?

Answer: The table size will depend on what computer setup you have. Will you be working on a small laptop or large monitor? Also, consider the space you will need for your items, such as a desk lamp and office supplies.

Corner desks are the best choice for a spacious workstation. Also, they fit into small spaces due to their L-shape design. Overall, if your office has ample space, then getting an oversized desk will be beneficial for keeping you organized and productive.


Standing desks are an excellent solution for improving health and wellbeing. Also, they come in elegant and modern styles for enhancing the office décor. This buying guide offers a variety of ergonomic features and budgets to meet everyone’s needs.

Overall, we recommend buying the FEZIBO Standing Desk because it provides a large worktop and ample legroom. The stunning design will also improve the office look, which is pleasing to the eye. 

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