How to Find the Best Adult Diapers: Top Picks That You Will Love

Have you or your loved one been suffering from urinary incontinence? Worry no more. You have arrived at the right place to get a solution for this problem.

Urinary incontinence is a serious problem for many worldwide. These people often need to compromise with their quality of life, self-confidence and sacrifice their independence. This can also harm one’s mental health.

It is not easy to live a life with problems like urinary incontinence. Pregnant women and older adults often face such problems. Adult diapers have solved the problems of these people to a great extent. Once again, they can step out of their homes feeling independent and confident without worry.

Let’s look at the best adult diapers that are the best quality and give the most comfort. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What are Adult Diapers?

Adult diapers, also known as pull-ups, are disposable garments that adults wear to help them deal with leaks from urination or fecal incontinence issues. Sometimes, users use adult diapers while in bed at night. However, adult diapers are meant for both day and night uses.

You can wear these diapers and stay comfortable throughout the day dealing with your daily chores. But you may not know the difference between the variety of diapers in the market. The labels can be confusing as well.

adult diapers

You need an adult diaper to effectively work and not cause any problem because you can’t decide between super or extra adult diaper types. This is where our guide comes in handy for you. You can now go through the things to consider while choosing the most appropriate adult diaper for yourself.

Moving on, let’s learn about the people who can benefit from adult diapers, and let’s get you acquainted with the top 5 picks of adult diapers.

Who Can Benefit from Adult Diapers?

All adult diaper users you may come across would tell you that they have crossed the levels of lowered dignity, self-assurance, bar of freedom, and a lot more by wearing these adult diapers. These are mainly meant for urinary incontinence, pregnant women, older people who have trouble transporting, etc.

Here, we discuss in detail who can wear these diapers and why.

People with Loss of Bladder Control

Loss of bladder control is more or less prevalent among women. Conditions that can lead women to incontinence are manifold, such as pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause. Older women go through bladder leakage mostly due to the weakening of the pelvic muscles or the bladder.

Such conditions can occur both in men and women, and it only causes difficulty while urinating. Some find it confusing and challenging to address such issues. However, adult diapers have catered to this problem significantly.

People Who Need Post-Surgery Assistance

Patients healing from any major surgery may have trouble going to the washroom for their daily business. Even the regular movements of the body might be challenging in such conditions. This is when it is much helpful to wear an adult diaper to go to the washroom.

Bed accidents would cause unnecessary hassle while cleaning them up, and maneuvering them can cause mental stress. This is why adult diapers are a great solution.

People Who Need to be Away from A Bathroom

Some adults may have trouble holding the urge to urinate. Walking across a big event, searching for a washroom in a mall, all of that can be difficult. It is not easy to concentrate on the task you are expected to do when your topmost priority is the nearest bathroom available.

It would make better sense if these people could wear leakproof adult diapers to help them at any place and in any situation. Wearing an adult diaper in such conditions will keep you active.

People Who Often Have Night Time Accidents

People who have a bad dream at night or have trouble moving out of bed may need adult diapers as a necessity. Wearing overnight adult diapers can help you avoid getting up from bed in the middle of the night for the bathroom. You also won’t have to face any embarrassment the morning after thinking about what happened the previous night.

Therefore, wearing adult diapers can help you significantly while dealing with anxiety or confidence issues. You can now wake up to a normal morning.

Top 5 Picks of Adult Diaper

Tranquility has been in the market for years and has established its reputation for its high-quality products. This adult diaper caters to all your incontinence needs.

Prevail is the company known to design extra absorbent diapers for adults. Men and women suffering from incontinence or similar conditions can use this diaper.

McKesson Adult Absorbent Underwear will be your ideal solution if you are worried about extra protection even while wearing a diaper.

Not all diapers are the same. When you hit the retail market, ensure to look for the Attends underwear so that you have only the best adult diaper among the ones available in the market.

For people looking to spend within a budget for managing their incontinence, Tena has something suitable for your needs.

Best Adult Diapers: Reviews

Best Overall Adult Diaper: Tranquility SmartCore Disposable Briefs

Tranquility SmartCore Disposable Briefs

Known to be the most absorbent of all adult diapers, the Tranquility SmartCore Disposable Briefs cater to all your diaper requirements as an adult. The company makes absorbent tab-style adult briefs with a cloth-like back sheet.

The material is sufficiently breathable and latex-free. If you plan to get one, ensure it is all sorted, fulfilling all the diaper needs. It provides you with 6-8 hours of continued protection.

The briefs contain the Tranquility patented peach mat absorbent core that prevents skin irritation and protects your skin. They also prevent any kind of leakage and are free from odor. The peach mat neutralizes the urine pH level to prevent bacterial growth and skin irritation.

The inner leg Kufguards of these briefs make sure the fluids are contained in the core for maximum absorbency. These Kufguards are also of great help for bowel incontinence.

Tranquility SmartCore Disposable briefs have a capacity of 2.75-4.25 cups of liquid. They also have side panels that offer full breathability and prevent any moisture build-up. You also receive more airflow and lesser interference of the warmth while wearing these briefs.

Caregivers find using these briefs for their adult patients much convenient because of the handy wetness indicator. The indicator outside the brief makes it easier for caregivers to be aware of the wetness within time. 

These latex-free briefs are available in color-coded sizes. Often, caregivers looking after more than one person or working at large care homes find these briefs convenient. If you are looking for a durable, super-absorbent diaper, Tranquility is the one you can trust.

You can wear the Tranquility SmartCore briefs all day and night without any interference in your daily activities. You need not worry about anxiety, leaks, irritation, discomfort, or odor.


  • Provides peace of mind
  • No leakage or odor
  • Side panels prevent leaks or overflow
  • Easy adjustments with adjustable tabs
  • Prevents moisture using the peach mat core
  • Latex-free and no skin irritation


  • Some odor may be prominent if worn for more than the recommended period

Best Adult Diaper for Moderate Absorbency: Prevail Protective Underwear for Incontinence

Prevail Protective Underwear for Incontinence

Known for its moderate absorbing capacity, the Prevail Protective Underwear is designed for adults who have incontinence. This one is great for people with skin problems like irritation or rashes. The Skin Smart fabric contains Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Vitamin E that ensures the best skin health and comfort.

The quick-wicking core prevents any odor and also ensures healthy skin despite the fluid. If your care-receiver or you need only moderate incontinence support, you can go for the Prevail Protective Underwear. 

Just like normal underwear, you can simply pull this one up and down your legs and stay comfortable throughout the day or night. Additionally, the leg openings are great for preventing leakage. Moreover, the moisture-wicking core promotes your skin health, preventing odors from getting mixed in the air.

You get to order these in different sizes ranging from small to large waist sizes from 20-80 inches. All of them are available in packages and cases.

You can use booster pads for enhanced capacity during nighttime as you may have a heavier flow at night. Regardless of men or women, if you are suffering from mild to moderate urinary incontinence, Prevail is the adult diaper ideal for you. 

The AirMax layer in this product traps the moisture abundantly and lets you stay comfortably in your pants. The briefs contain the Omni-Odor Guard, an advanced odor control technology that prevents odor formation.


  • Meant both for men and women with urinary incontinence
  • The cotton-enhanced dry-fit fabric offers comfort
  • Equipped with an AirMax layer that helps trap moisture
  • The back indicator eases the application of the diaper


  • Some may find problems with the size and fit of the diaper

Best Adult Diaper for Protection: McKesson Adult Absorbent Underwear

McKesson Adult Absorbent Underwear

One of the best-known protective and disposable adult diapers is the unisex McKesson Adult Absorbent Underwear. It is popular for its protective absorbency. It is easy to use and is stretchable, making it convenient to wear while it offers the perfect fit and comfort.

The diaper’s core is made with a high-quality layer with fluid absorbent powder to keep your skin dry and irritation-free. The layer reduces the pH level of the liquid to provide you better skin protection. It also locks the odor within the layers of the diaper.

Additionally, the cuffs at the leg openings offer a better fit and help control any leakage while offering comfort against incontinence. The McKesson Adult Absorbent Underwear provides you with long hours of discreet comfort. 

In terms of its absorption capacity, it is designed to hold moderate to heavy liquid ratios as per the user’s needs. The dual-core allows you to dry the liquid from your skin soon and retain the same at the core. This way, it neutralizes the pH levels and locks the odor in the diaper without disturbing the user or the caregiver and the nearby people.

The McKesson Adult Absorbent Underwear has a stretchable waistband with leakproof leg openings, offering a good, snug fit. Additionally, this product is available in five sizes ranging from 25 inches to XXL, with a maximum waist size of 80 inches.

You might have to use a booster pad for overnight usage of this diaper. At night, you may have a heavier flow due to the ultimate relaxation of your body. The additional booster pad adds as a cover-up for enhanced protection during both night and daytime uses.

You can use the McKesson Adult Absorbent Underwear both ways, regardless of whether you have bowel or urinary incontinence. The placement of the cores and the absorption levels of this diaper sets it apart from other diapers in the market.


  • The leg cuffs prevent leakages
  • Adjustable tabs for easy alteration
  • Equipped with a color guard as a wetness indicator
  • Made of breathable cloth-like material
  • Various sizes


  • The leg cuffs may not be as leakproof when the diaper is used for extended periods

Best Retail Store Disposable Adult Diaper: Attends Underwear Super Plus Absorbency

Attends Underwear Super Plus Absorbency

Designed specifically for users with moderate to heavy requirements with their incontinence problems, the Attends Underwear Super Plus Absorbency is a good fit for adults wearing diapers. If you are looking for the maximum capacity out of the diaper you wear, this one is ideal for you. 

You would love this product because it looks and feels like normal underwear. Therefore, you won’t feel the discomfort and stay fixed with your mobility and freedom as you carry on with your daily activities. Additionally, it has tear-away sides so that you can easily remove the same.

The Attends Super Plus has three layers of cellulose fibers that can lock moisture effectively. The underwear is equipped with DermaDry technology. It features a microporous layer to support its liquid absorbent capacity alongside its super-absorbent polymer.

The Single Core Plus also improves the odor control level while looking after your skin health.

You can wear it like your regular underwear as the waistband elastics provide excellent comfort, and the leg cuffs help prevent any leakages. Also, they have many size varieties offering a wide range of choices for its users.

You can use the waist measurement for the perfect fit of the diaper. You can also add booster pads if you need any extra protection during the day or at night. This would let you stay freely and comfortably. Moreover, the external cloth-like material keeps away the rustling sounds. 


  • Many sizes
  • Triple-tier moisture locking system
  • Comfortable 
  • Offers great mobility and freedom
  • Skin-friendly
  • Provides normal underwear feel


  • Some may find issues with the leg cuffs that offer anti-leak facilities

Best Budget Adult Diaper: Tena Adult Incontinence Briefs

Tena Adult Incontinence Briefs

If you are looking for a good pair of diapers with moderate to heavy protection, you should go for the Tena Adult Incontinence Briefs. It features a design suitable for people with urinary or bowel incontinence. The adjustable tabs allow you to refasten them as much as you want to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. 

You can be sure of leakage control only with a proper fit. The diaper has tabs that are useful for moderate to heavy incontinence. If you are suffering from bowel incontinence, this product can cater to your needs.

The Tena Adult Briefs feature an excellent wetness indicator that allows you to be aware of when you need to change the diaper. This acts conveniently for caregivers. Also, the fastening and refastening ability of the hook tabs allow you to fit the diaper within your bottom wear securely.

The snug fit will offer extreme comfort with dignity. It does not even make any rustling sound. Therefore, you can be on the go with these diapers without any worry. Additionally, the leg elastics support a better body-hugging fit. 

The Tena Adult Incontinence Briefs are available in various sizes. The sizes range from 34 inches to 64 inches of the waist. If you are trying it for the first time, you can order all of them to ensure the best fit. 

The super-absorbent microbeads ensure that the odor is locked to the core and is not released into the air. The target absorption zone ensures no fluid or odor leaks outside. Tena has constantly been working on its products and has always ensured the best experience for its users.


  • Ergonomic fit
  • Unique and comfortable design
  • Latex and rubber-free
  • The pads allow better protection and absorbing capacity
  • A secure barrier system ensures the prevention of overflow or leakages


  • The leakage barriers may wear out if used for long periods

Buyer’s Guide: What Should You Look for While Buying an Adult Diaper?

Now that you are well versed with the top picks for adult diapers in the market, here comes our customized buying guide for you! This guide includes everything you should consider before zeroing down to the final adult diaper you want.

Check What Your Personal Needs Are

The first and foremost deciding factor is the need of the consumer. There are several adult diapers in the market, but what separates the target audience is their requirements. Your flow could be mild to severe, which is indicative of the different quality of diapers for every situation.

For example, if you have a mild condition, a light pad will work well. Go for a standard one in case of greater incontinence.  Premium brands work the best for severe conditions.

Ability to Absorb Urine

Polymer beads and foaming make a huge difference in the absorbency capability of an adult diaper. In fact, as a smart buyer, you should be aware of all the materials used in the various diaper products in stores.

The frequency of urination will be a defining pointer for the right adult diaper for you. There are some diapers with multiple protection layers to enhance the absorbing capabilities. You can take your fluid intake and body type into the count as well.


There are two main types of diapers: adjustable ones and the pull-on style. While style is a secondary factor after the consumer’s condition, it is essential too. More than often, wearing a nice styled adult diaper makes you feel good!


As far as adult diapers are concerned, comfort plays a major role in picking the right one. You wouldn’t want to be struggling with your diaper, would you?

It would help if you tried to learn about the different brands available in the market to come down to some comfortable options. Comfort here refers to the fact that the diaper should fit properly and go with your sex. It should not rub against the skin.

Two main types of adult diapers, namely disposable and cloth diapers, can be comfortable or not comfortable for different users. Cloth diapers are more friendly to the environment but can be unsuitable for users with sensitive skin.

On the other hand, bedridden users should go for disposable diapers only to reduce any skin issues. They can use regular ones so that changing them isn’t a hassle. There are pull-up diapers also available in the market that go well for snug fits.


One of the top reasons that can make or break a choice is the budget for adult diapers. Incontinence is an issue that is here to stay. It is better to adapt to it and accept one’s reality.

Now that we have that cleared up, buying adult diapers is going to be a rather usual task. Add medical bills to the list as well. It would be best if you looked for those brands that fit your financial obligations.

Another pro tip we can give is searching for insurance companies that can cover incontinence supplies. Yes, there are some options that will be a huge help for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have looked at some of the best picks of adult diapers along with the buying criteria you ought to keep in mind. Next up are some of the common queries that buyers may still have. You can go through these questions and hopefully find what you have been looking for!

Question: How Often Should One Change the Diaper?

Answer: Diapers, on a general note, last up to 8 hours. Some of the overnight ones might go up to 12 hours too. Moreover, most of them take up to 2 to 3 passes of urine minimum. If the diaper has been spoiled through feces, you will have to change immediately.
The wetness indicator is a good way to find out if a change is required.

Question: What is an Underpad?

Answer: Underpads have been designed as a changing mat that has a rather highly absorbent, soft surface. This surface is anti-bacterial in the core.
The Gel-technology for underpads converts the liquid to gel base. This helps in a good, comfortable, clean, and dry surface for the user.
It works the best in case of homecare conditions of incontinence-ridden patients, post-surgery, and post-maternity patients.

Question: Is Incontinence a Common Old-age Issue?

Answer: Incontinence is not a regular part of growing old. While it affects a lot of people in the senior population, the causes can be varied. A doctor best identifies these causes.
Moreover, incontinence is not a disease; it is a symptom of other diseases. Treatment is easy once you the reason behind your distress.

Question: What are Diapers Made Of?

Answer: Diapers are made of either synthetic disposable materials or cloth. Cloth-based diapers can have layers of bamboo, hemp, cotton, or microfiber and can be reused many times.

Question: What are the Ways to Avoid Incontinence?

Answer: There are some natural methods to avoid incontinence, such as drinking a lot of liquids. Although the general notion is that more liquids mean more urination, the reality is quite the opposite. Take at least 3 to 4 pints in a day.
Additionally, do not force yourself to go to the washroom just because you don’t rely on your body. Only go when you feel like it. Try to include enough fiber in your daily food intake to enhance bowel movements.


In the end, we hope you can find some insights into the best adult diapers in the market. Our pick would have to be Tranquility SmartCore Adult Disposable Briefs.

This diaper supports maximum incontinence levels, allows air circulation, has micro-hook closure tabs that can be refastened, and inner leg cuffs. The wetness indicators clearly show when a diaper change is required.

Moreover, you get five color-coded sizes that are all latex-free! Isn’t this the best deal ever? In our opinion, it doesn’t get better than this.

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