How to Find the Best ACL Brace

One of the most serious injuries that can be is the knee injury. Whether it is a new or an old injury, it keeps its traces for a long period. Knee pains are most persistent, and it can make it tough for you to move from one place to another.

Although rehabilitation is recommended along with physiotherapy, it would be best to get a solution that stays with you even on the go. The ACL brace is here to take care of that issue. Whether you have an ACL tear or other injuries that are not so serious, like a knee sprain, a brace is a key component of your recovery.

With the best ACL brace, it is much helpful to walk around even with your injury. It reduces the pain to a great extent and helps in healing it faster than otherwise. Here, we’ll guide you through the five best ACL braces in the market chosen based on their features and the factors to help you choose among them.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

What is an ACL Knee Brace?

An ACL knee brace is a type of support for an injured knee. It is high-level support that guards your knee when you have injuries like ACL tears and ruptures. They can also be used post-surgery while awaiting surgery or at times when you cannot or don’t prefer a surgery. However, a doctor’s recommendation is necessary.

ACL braces offer sufficient stability to the knee, enable enough time for the knee injury to heal, and help prevent any further injury.

You can wear a knee brace for a short period to strengthen it after surgery. Otherwise, it can also become a long-term solution for your knee, offering back your freedom of mobility.

Knee braces can make a huge difference in letting you step back into your favorite sports and other activities. There are many braces out there that can make it challenging for you to make a suitable choice.

So, in this guide, you will be acquainted with the best ACL braces, which makes it easier for you to make your choice. You will also learn about the various factors to be mindful of while you make your choice.

But first, let’s talk about the type of users of ACL braces who would benefit from them in the most effective way possible.

Who Would Benefit From the Best ACL Brace?

Who Would Benefit From the Best ACL Brace

There are many reasons to wear an ACL brace, and therefore, people with different injuries may prefer wearing braces. Some take it as an alternative to surgery, while others use it as a long-term solution to recover from their knee injury. Let’s take a look at who are the ones that can benefit from an ACL brace.

People Who Need Support for their Instability

The ACL acts as the main stabilizer for the knee. When the knee is injured, its stability is reduced. This can affect the normal daily activities or when playing sport. If the knee is repeatedly affecting the daily activities, it can cause more damage to the knee. More so, to the cartilage.

While some people can take the help of strengthening and stability exercises, others benefit from using an ACL knee brace.

People Recovering from Surgery

Surgeons often suggest patients wear knee braces for a few weeks after surgery. This helps the ligaments to heal. Since the knee is at its weakest point after surgery, it needs support for 6-12 weeks to strengthen the ligament.

Additionally, it reminds you that your knee has just undergone surgery and offers you peace of mind that the brace is helping you heal your injury.

People Who Are Critical About Preventing Injuries

Many people engaged in sports prefer wearing knee braces that help reduce the risks of a knee injury. Most of the ACL injuries are non-contact and are due to stress and force. By changing its force taken through the ligament, the ACL braces help reduce the risk of injury.

Now, let’s move on to take a look at the top five picks of the best ACL brace, how they work, and the best features they enable you with.

Top 5 Picks of the Best ACL Braces

  • Best Overall: Winzone Knee Sleeve Brace: Winzone is the perfect choice that offers multifunctional support and luxury to the knee. It is the most convenient solution for all stages of ACL recovery.
  • Best Elastic Design: Venom Knee Sleeve Compression Brace: Venom is one of the best knee braces if you want extra support for your knees ensuring ultimate protection from injuries. It is made of elastic material that is lightweight, supporting better mobility.
  • Best With Side Stabilizer: Neo G Knee Brace: This knee brace offers additional stability with spiral stays on each side, particularly meant for ACL sprains. It has an open patella design that helps relieve pressure as it is made of neoprene.
  • Best for Osteoarthritis: DonJoy Advantage Deluxe Elastic Knee: DonJoy curates this specially designed Deluxe Elastic Knee brace for people suffering from osteoarthritis to help you recover faster.
  • Best Value for Money: UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support: UFlex is the most budget-friendly choice for those who have a budget issue. Such people can use this well-rounded knee brace to protect their knees.

Best ACL Braces of 2021

Finding the best ACK knee brace is not so difficult. However, you need to have a clear range of ideas to choose from, and you would want only the best for yourself. So, here are the top five picks among the best ACL brace in 2021. Take a look through all the reviews before making a choice.

Winzone Knee Sleeve Brace: Best Overall

Winzone Knee Sleeve Brace Best Overall

If you have gone through a torn ACL injury, you would essentially need the most appropriate measure to heal your injury at the earliest. Winzone’s Knee Brace is specially designed with great stability features to help your knee get better.

It is made from durable materials and is available at a very reasonable price. Additionally, you need not worry about any extra pressure and can wear it comfortably on your knee. This knee brace supports smooth movement for both men and women.

Made of high-quality neoprene offering lightweight flexibility, some may not even feel like extra support on their knee. It is super user-friendly and can easily be worn underneath your bottom wears.

Moreover, it aligns with your leg’s contour and offers great flexibility. The best feature of this brace is that it is available in five different sizes. So, you can choose the most convenient for you!


  • Reasonable price
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Supports pain relief
  • Offers a lifetime guarantee


  • Some have reported issues with appropriate sizing.

Venom Knee Sleeve Compression Brace: Best Elastic Design

Venom Knee Sleeve Compression Brace Best Elastic Design

Venom has designed this heavy-duty brace for you to help your ACL tear injury get better during the recovery period. It is also extremely helpful to recover from the runner’s knee, meniscus tears, and arthritis pain.

Made with a knitted pattern and gel padded support, this knee brace offers you a heat therapy that works perfectly in reducing inflammation in the injured area. The gel in these pads also offers additional cushion support that reduces the pain and possible chances of injuries in the same area again.

Additionally, the flexible design and the lightweight material do not let the brace slip off its place, and thus, it stays intact, offering full support at all times. It is available in four different sizes, and so you can expect to have a comfortable fit and secure it around your injured knee. You will also get a PDF guiding you through recovery exercises for your sooner recovery.


  • Available in different sizes
  • It stays intact in place.
  • It is comfortable and relieves pain.
  • Enables support to the joint


  • The sizing chart can be misleading.

Neo G Knee Brace: Best with Side Stabilizer

Neo G Knee Brace Best with Side Stabilizer

The Neo G Medical Grade Knee brace allows great support for patellar tracking, stabilizes your knee, and helps deal with strains and sprains. The open patella design of this brace includes other features as well. It contains a two-point geared hinge system, a stitched buttress, and great knee support.

Additionally, the best feature of this knee brace is that it is made of therapeutic heat neoprene. This feature allows you to facilitate faster recovery by warming up your muscles and joints. Also, the two-point geared hinge system improves the stability support to the knee. It controls the extension movements and supports flexibility.

Nonetheless, this brace also offers comfort and flexibility through its less stiff design and helps relieve pain. Also, it is prepared with a unisex design and has a universal size that eliminates all the guesswork for finding the appropriate size.

You can wear this knee brace on either of your knees and go stress-free with the adjustable compression that ensures healthy blood flow in your knees.


  • Excellent adjustability
  • Great support and comfort features
  • Made of medical-grade
  • Helps in pain relief
  • Offers compression system
  • Designed with high-quality neoprene


  • It can be heavy for some users.

DonJoy Advantage Deluxe Elastic Knee: Best for Osteoarthritis

DonJoy Advantage Deluxe Elastic Knee Best for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis most commonly affects your knee joints. Doctors would suggest different types of braces based on the seriousness of arthritis.

For instance, you can use a soft brace for mild arthritis or even a sleeve-style brace. Moderate arthritis calls for an unloader brace. This takes the pressure off the injured side of the joint. So, DonJoy is the ideal knee support for an osteoarthritic patient.

Made of elastic knit compression sleeves, it has stabilizers on both sides. The opening backs the knee and the kneecap. It features lightweight comfort for your knee and offers a low-profile and breathable support.

This knee brace is good for people with osteoarthritis, especially with mild OA. It provides the extra support that your knee requires for mobility during regular activities.


  • Medial and lateral stabilizers
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Excellent joint support
  • Offers breathability
  • It comes in different sizes.


  • People with sensitive skin might face some skin irritation from the brace materials.

UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support: Best Value for Money

UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support Best Value for Money

The UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support has combined style and practicality in its design. That is why it is one of the best ACL knee braces on the market. Whether it is a torn ACL, an arthritic knee, or a sprain, you can rely on the UFlex Sleeve Support for regular use.

This brace is easy to use and wear. All you need to do is wrap the brace around your knee once. Moreover, it is comfortable and offers balanced compression to the knee. If you are well-versed with the usability of the knee brace, it will help you in the fast recovery of your knee.

It helps reduce swelling, inflammation, pain, soreness, and stiffness. It works to warm up the affected area to boost your recovery in the right direction. Additionally, the knee brace supports an anti-slip feature that helps prevent it from sliding down while you’re engaged in any high-impact activity.

The knee brace is built with a combination of nylon and lycra that backs a lightweight comfort and is durable and long-lasting. This brace is available in different sizes. You can refer to their sizing chart before ordering the perfect size for your knee.


  • It can be worn by men, women, and children.
  • Offer an anti-slip feature.
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Reduces stiffness, soreness, pain, and inflammation
  • Available in different sizes


  • It can be less durable based on usage.

What To Consider Before Buying the Best ACL Knee Braces

Among the wide plethora of knee braces available in the market, it can get challenging to choose the best. Although some may have already made up their mind and chosen a brace from the above option, it is important to take note of a few factors that help you spot the best ACL braces among so many.

So, which brace makes up to the top? Here are a few factors you need to bear in mind to choose only the best ACL braces in the market.

Open Vs. Closed Patella

A good knee brace always comes with a closed or an open patella. It helps support your knee. If patella support is one of your concerns, you should include it in the list of features you want in your brace.

Typically, a closed support patella design of a knee brace might weigh it heavier than usual, while an open patella makes your brace lightweight. So, decide accordingly!

Support System

Since you purchase a knee brace to support your knee for recovery and movement, you want a good support system. Knee braces constructed with poor quality material and design usually fail in this area.

But it is worth noting that a few materials do not dominate the usability of a knee brace. It may still provide the type of support you need for your knee. Many knee brace designs are simple, and they still fulfill the basic functionality of offering good support to the knee.

Strap-on designs that lay below the knee cap are among the simple yet effective knee braces that offer a good support system. Others are large braces that can cover your entire leg.

Ensure that the level of support and the materials make up an effective knee brace for your ACL injury.


Size is another important factor in choosing the most suitable knee brace for yourself. This is because only the perfect knee brace will offer the right support to the knee while you stay comfortable wearing it.

Manufactures different design sizes of a particular knee brace. Therefore, be mindful of the instructions provided by the particular brand or manufacturer to understand the sizing measures and the different sizes. Only then can you choose the perfect-sized knee brace for yourself.

User Discretion

Discretion is essential when looking out for the best ACL knee brace. Your doctor may advise you to keep your injured area open instead of covering it with your clothes. Or, they may suggest you get a low-profile knee brace that can be easily worn underneath your bottom wears.

Types of Knee Braces

The type of knee brace is also an important factor to take care of while buying an ACL knee brace. This is because different types of knee braces are meant for different types of injuries. So, you need to be adept with the knowledge of the various types available in the market.

  • Functional Braces: They provide knee support to those who have undergone an injury in the past. For example, athletes with a history of a major knee injury may need extra support for long-term recovery. This also ensures motion control and better stabilization for their knee.
  • Unloader Braces: These braces help you with pain relief after arthritis. It helps transfer the weight of the injured part of the knee to a stronger area.
  • Rehabilitative Braces: These braces help stabilize the knee, limiting the movement for about two weeks. Doctors do not recommend these braces too frequently as they can be ineffective at times.
  • Knee Sleeves: Not exactly a brace but knee sleeves are an apparatus offering excellent knee support. It compresses the knee joint area and limits the swelling and pain while supporting the knee.
  • Prophylactic Braces: These are protective braces that prevent injuries, especially while playing football and other contact sports. However, more research is to be done on its effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When Should I Wear a Knee Brace?

Answer: You should wear your knee brace when you need to be on your feet for long hours or are engaged in simple activities. This would prevent irritability and destabilizing your knee, like twisting or bending. You can wear your brace while engaging in activities where you need stability and support for your knee.
Doctors recommend that you take off your braces when sitting down or only walking short distances at home. If you have any degenerative condition like osteoarthritis, you should wear a brace when involved in any active sport or are on your feet for extended periods.

Question: Do I Need Knee Surgery?

Answer: Usually, there are two types of knee surgery. The knee replacement surgery is done for patients suffering from severe arthritic conditions. In such cases, the knee is damaged in a way that disrupts your regular activities. However, surgery is often the last resort when no other solution is left or effective.
The second type of surgery is meant for torn ligaments. If you have torn any ligament or multiple ligaments, there are chances that you may need surgery to repair them. However, you should consult your orthopedic surgeon, who would suggest the best treatment or solution for your condition.

Question: What are the Levels of ACL Injuries?

Answer: There are typically three levels of ACL injuries.
First Degree: Here, the ACL ligament is stretched without any tear in the fibers. This may cause slight tenderness and swelling. However, the knee does not give out during activities.
Second Degree: Here, the ACL ligament is partially torn and can cause moderate swelling and tenderness. The knee feels unstable and thus, would require a doctor’s treatment immediately.
Third Degree: Here, the ACL ligament is completely torn, and it causes extreme swelling and pain. The knee feels unstable and gives out while walking. A doctor has the best solution in such cases as it may also call for surgery depending on its severity.
A knee brace can be an excellent solution for some individuals who need ACL protection. However, knee surgery is usually meant for restoring knee joint stability and preventing the additional risks of developing knee arthritis in the future. After an ACL surgery, physical rehabilitation is essential.

Question: Do Knee Braces Help?

Answer: Yes, knee braces can be utterly helpful depending on the type of your need and the brace. Knee braces with hinges help protect your ligament while engaging in contact sports. Off-loader knee braces help you unload the pain and pressure on specific areas of the knee.
Compression knee sleeves warm up the affected area and offers mild support to relieve pain. Functional knee braces work best for people who have suffered from knee injuries in the past. Other knee braces help align the patella and disperse the pain while supporting the knee.
Rehabilitative knee braces help immobilize the knee after surgery, limiting its motion while regaining the range of motion.

Question: Will a Knee Brace Make My Knee Weak?

Answer: The answer to this question is dynamic. This is because every patient is different. In some instances, wearing a knee brace supports your knee to the maximum level. This makes you depend on your knee brace for additional stability and not on your muscles, such as your quadriceps.
Doctors say that unless you are wearing a brace that prevents full-motion drastically or offers rigid support, your muscles around the knee do not weaken. Instead, if you are wearing a knee brace that offers the strength for activities while running or exercising, chances are the brace only improves your knee strength.
Either way, it would be best to consult your physical therapist about using a knee brace and strengthening your legs.

Question: How Tight Should a Knee Brace Be?

Answer: The knee brace should be a little tight around your knee for support and not too much. It should feel comfortable wearing your knee brace. The main idea is to provide optimal support to the knee, ensuring normal circulation in your knee for mobility.
Rigid braces are known to provide better support, while compression sleeves offer great comfort but limited support. A size chart becomes helpful in this area to determine the best knee sleeve based on the circumference of your knee. This ensures fit and comfort for your affected knee.

Final Verdict

That is the end of it! Now that you have taken a stroll through the best ACL braces out there, you can choose among the top five picks mentioned in this guide.

Either that, or you can take the help of the factor to consider while choosing the best ACL knee brace for yourself to choose the most suitable one for your needs. Ensure that the brace that you choose caters to all the requirements for your recovery and that it fulfills all the factors of consideration mentioned previously.

The Neo G Knee Brace will be ideal for you if you are looking for the proper stabilization for your knee. Otherwise, you can go for UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support that offers you the best value for your money while catering to all the essential features of a knee brace.

It is also made from high-quality materials and is available in different sizes. Moreover, it is suitable for men, women, and children alike.

So, make the best choice and ensure full protection and prevention of potential injuries to your knee.

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