How to Find the Best Achilles Tendon Brace

History has shown the popular legend of the great Trojan warrior, Achilles in a weak manner. According to the story, Thetis, the mother of Achilles, immersed him in River Styx. It was believed that such action would bring exceptional powers to the one who dips into the water.

Thetis held Achilles’ heel that turned out to be his inadequacy, and an arrow went through his ankle. Therefore, the Achilles’ historic death was logged in Roman and Greek writings. But Achilles is not alone in this. 

The Achilles tendon is potentially responsible for many physical issues and is a miserable problem to deal with. However, various versions of Achilles’ problems can take an extended period to resolve. If you’ve ever suffered from any kind of ankle or tendon injury, you may already realize this.

With the comfort and support of a good compression sleeve or an ankle brace, you can ease back to full fitness. You will come across the best Achilles Tendon Braces here that have been ranked based on comfort and medical help factors. Let’s cut to the chase and dive into the details.

What Is An Achilles Tendon?

The rough connector muscle wrapping each distinct bunch of muscle fibers is called Tendon. The tendon continues towards the back of the muscle belly. It forms a strong and elastic band securing the muscle to the bone. 

It is a large tendon that is positioned behind the ankle. It links the calf physiques, also known as the gastrocnemius, and the basic, less prevalent soleus muscle with the heel bone, called the calcaneus.

The calcaneus has the tendon fibers blended with other fibers extending below the foot to form plantar fascia. Normally, Achilles tendons are hard-hitting and can manage large amounts of force. It is their daily job. Sometimes, however, they can cause problems.

What Is an Achilles Tendon Brace?

An Achilles tendon brace is a protective brace applied firmly about the ankle. Different styles and designs dominate the manufacturing market. However, all of them are meant to perform the same task.

Any ankle brace meant to cure the Achilles tendon should typically fit thoroughly but not too strongly around the ankle. They are available in different styles, with the basic style being a wrap-around brace protected with Velcro straps.

Role of An Achilles Tendon Brace

An Achilles tendon brace is meant to support, secure, and stabilize the ankle of the user. They deliver firmness and the stabilizing straps cape around the ankle for extra strengthening. This way, eventually, it heals the Achilles tendon.

Best Achilles Tendon Brace

  1. Aircast: Best Overall
  2. Med Spec: Best for Pain relief
  3. Rehband UD Neoprene Adjustable Ankle Brace: Best Achilles Tendon Brace for Severe Pain
  4. VIVE: Best for Support Straps
  5. Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support: Best Adjustable Achilles Tendon Support
  6. PowerLix Ankle Brace: Best for Compression Support
  7. Levamed Ankle Support: Best for Variety
  8. CEP: Best for Recovery Period
  9. Ultimate Performance Ultimate Achilles Tendon Support: Best for Athletes

Best Ankle Brace for Achilles Tendonitis: Reviews

So, if you are suffering from Achilles tendonitis, what do you think you can do about it? You can take the support of an ankle brace for your Achilles tendonitis. We have reviewed nine different ankle braces that feature various benefits for your ankles. Let’s find out.

1. Aircast – Best Overall

This is a prevalent product from a well-reputed company producing great branded splints, braces, and other such products. Users of this design have embraced the brace design as it has helped them bound their drive to a certain degree. However, others did not report its restrictiveness.

Users have found this brace very relaxed to wear, and the exposed piece at the front makes sure that the feet don’t overheat themselves. The people expected the air cells to improve the fitting and the brace compression. Therefore, it worked out well for most of them.

However, a few of them reported that the brace did not work out as expected, and they had issues with air cells destruction only after mild use. However, overall, the product has backed up positive reviews as it offers great support levels for most actions. Additionally, it is also among the least expensive braces, which makes it a value for money.


  •  Comfortable to wear
  • Air cells improve the compression and support
  • Has removable lateral and medial stabilizers
  • Great support level
  • Washable
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Modifiable Velcro strap
  • Made to be wearable with footwear 


  • Requires practice for the perfect fit of the brace 

2. Med Spec – Best for Pain Relief

This one was very popular when people used this and found that the lace-up brace piece was the easiest solution to wearing a brace. It reduced the stress and supported just fine. Wearers felt their ankles to be secure while using the brace.

Additionally, it is easy to wear and take off. They even liked the extra straps for the extra support and security. They observed potentially less pain while wearing the ankle brace for an Achilles tendon injury. Most people found that the brace was comfortable, while others found their footwear tight when combined with the brace.

Other users have expressed their concern for its support level, with a pair of users expressing that they experienced the rigidity of the braces. However, it did not deliver sufficient support, according to others. This only implies that there can be no brace unanimously liked by one and all. Overall, this brace is of good quality, highly effective, and rationally decent value for money.


  • Comfortable fabric
  • Soft to wear
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable stabilizing straps
  • Available in different sizes
  • Breathable
  • Washable
  • Low profile
  • Enclosed heel design
  • Children-friendly


  • Some found it to be too tight when worn with footwear

3. Rehband UD Neoprene Adjustable Ankle Brace – Best Achilles Tendon Brace for Severe Pain

Designed for those who need additional protection for their ankles, this brace is excellent for recovery from Achilles tendonitis. It offers maximum compression and contributes towards healing painful Achilles tendon injuries.

This is medically certified and classified as an ankle strap made of SBR or neoprene, allowing more warmth and better blood circulation. It helps decrease your recovery time by healing your ankle using the compression in the brace. 

Additionally, the Polyolefin insole stabilizes your arch and prevents any kind of missteps. This also prevents the limitation of plantar flexion and dorsiflexion. This brace provides plenty of stabilization and can be adjusted to provide heavy compression and pain relief.

Users have expressed their satisfaction using the brace and have been able to reduce their pain wearing the braces. Some have also expressed their convenience since they can wear these braces with footwear while running or walking.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Additional compression
  • Excellent at healing Achilles tendon injuries
  • Provides warmth and promotes circulation
  • Made of neoprene
  • Medically certifies
  • Great stabilization


  • Some find it loose around the ankles, making it uncomfortable to wear with footwear

4. VIVE – Best for Support Straps

This one is a neat brace of high-quality materials. Many users are impressed by its benefits in terms of durability and comfort. They’ve reported that the braces secured the ankle, protected and linked it particularly to the lateral and medial support straps.

Others think it was sufficiently low profile and could be easily paired with most of the sports shoes. However, a few users would say it differently and found the braces to be too tight to wear along with their footwear.

The single downside that the users found was that the brace might cause skin abrasions for some people. However, it was a limited condition for some. Mostly, users were satisfied with the product. Several of them have expressed their satisfaction in reducing the pain with the ankle brace.

They’ve found that the brace is simply laid-back in terms of fitness. All in all, people have embraced the product as a highly effective quality product. Additionally, it has been universally agreed that the brace’s cost is as reasonable as any other braces within that price range. It is, therefore, a great value for your money.


  • Open heel design
  • Lightweight
  • Offers compression 
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Great support level
  • Can be washed
  • Changeable Velcro straps that are multidirectional
  • Can be worn with footwear


  • Vulnerable for skin abrasions
  • Only one size is available

5. Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support – Best Adjustable Achilles Tendon Support

This one is a discreet ankle brace designed to control you while you are recovering from your tendonitis. It allows you to adjust yourself to the brace by removing the insert to allow better or lesser Achilles movement while you recover. 

An anatomically contoured insert offers support. This produces the massage effect and stimulates the surrounding tissue to speed up your recovery. Additionally, it features an integral heel cushion that relieves the tendon and helps reduce the impact on your ankle while walking or running during recovery.

It is adjustable and allows more Achilles movement as you recover. It is available in three different colors and six different sizes. The brace is made of breathable train active knit, and two viscoelastic pads are integrated into the fabric. It is highly elastic to wear on easily or off whenever and however necessary.


  • Anatomical optimal shape
  • Supports full recovery
  • Promotes circulation through compression
  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Adjustable
  • Breathable Train active knit
  • Integrated viscoelastic pads
  • High-elasticity


  • Some find it inconvenient to wear with footwear

6. PowerLix Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve – Best for Compression Support

Powerlix is a high-performing compression sleeve providing all-around comfort as well as support. If you are in the process of recovery from an Achilles tendon injury or, if you require extra protection, this is the ideal ankle brace for recurring pain. It has excellent flexibility and support.

The knitted design is well-suited for both the feet as well as ankles irrespective of the size. This provides comfort for long hours and other activities. Powerlix applies even pressure across your ankle joint, offering the ultimate pain relief from different ailments besides Achilles, such as fasciitis, arthritis, sprains, swelling, muscle fatigue, and other ankle pain. 

You can wear this brace for the perfect pair with your footwear while playing baseball, basketball, going hiking, running, etc. In terms of quality, Powerlix is top-notch. The breathable design absorbs the heat and keeps your ankle dry and odor-free.

Even if your feet are a little slender, you can expect to get the perfect fit for your ankle. The special knitted technical design of the brace helps blend perfectly to suit the shape and size of your ankle. Additionally, the compression fabric of the brace helps it maintaining joint stability and improves blood circulation.

It helps ease the pain from tendonitis, heel spurs while avoiding the itchiness common to neoprene supports. You get the smooth and soft feel wearing these fashionable ankle support. Moreover, the design and the special fabric make it feel good around your ankles.


  • Premium quality
  • Breathtaking design
  • Excellent fit
  • Soft fabric
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Great breathability
  • Compatible with other footwear
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Some feel it is too tight

7. Levamed Ankle Support Best for Variety

The Levamed Ankle Support is available in six sizes and five colors. The brace is made of compression fabric and silicon inserts. It is anatomically tailored with silicone pads and is very elastic. It is breathable and uses a moisture-transporting fabric.

The specially knitted comfort zone on the instep prevents constriction and pressure areas. Additionally, the specially integrated silicone promotes muscular control and stabilization of the ankle joint. Also, the adjustable strap system offers higher stability, high elasticity, breathability, and moisture-wicking comfort.

The medi soft knit ortho supports you with the ultimate comfort and functionality. It is, therefore, designed for the perfect fit and comfort and can be worn all day as a conservative treatment for ankle injuries.


  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • Highly elastic
  • Offers high stability
  • Provides extra breathability
  • Has medi soft knit construction
  • Made with silicone pads


  • Poor durability

8. CEP – Best for Recovery Period

One of the best features that make the CEP stand out is the get pockets incorporated in this ankle support. The support helps increase Achilles tendon healing. 

Users have reported feeling the added support and that the ankle feels steady and secures wearing this brace. Users have like the sleek, compact look of the brace. Therefore, they’ve found it could easily be worn with many sports footwear.

Some may feel uncomfortable wearing sneakers or other footwear. However, most of them are positive about the fit and comfort. More so, about the support it gives. Such people have expressed their satisfaction, saying that they barely feel like wearing the braces.

The drawback you should be worried about is the durability of the brace. While many users aren’t concerned with the durability feature of the brace as they use it for a short period, it is a factor of consideration.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Clinically certified
  • Great level of support
  • Gel technology increases compression and support
  • Breathable fabric
  • Washable
  • A modifiable Velcro strap is available


  • Users have complained about the untimely deterioration

 9. Ultimate Performance Ultimate Achilles Tendon Support – Best for Athletes

Specially designed to facilitate activeness in people and help relieve Achilles Tendons, these tendon braces are constructed from a soft tube. They support the ankle perfectly and are used by many runners and athletes.

Helping promote an early heel rise, the Ultimate Performance Support reduces the stress on your tendon and speeds up recovery. This ankle brace offers moderate support to your ankle. Its adjustable strap helps get a personalized fit and compression rate.


  • Limits Achilles flexion
  • Prevents further damage
  • Provides moderate support
  • Adjustable straps help get a snug fit
  • Available in two sizes
  • Encourages healing 


  • No additional element comes as a single unit

What to Consider When Choosing Your Achilles Tendon Brace

Here are some of the factors you need to be careful about while choosing your Achilles Tendon Brace. Bear in mind that each factor mentioned here is important to make it the best Achilles tendon brace.


Try to choose an ankle brace that is adjustable, lightweight, and is made of neoprene this is breathable. This prevents the build-up of moisture and resists stretching while keeping the durability high. You could also try opting for the breathable polyester and nylon blend in the form of a lace-up type ankle brace.

This is ideal for comfort throughout the day. Thus, allowing it to fit in almost every type of footwear. Also, an elastic top strap with Velcro provides a secure fit and additional pressure. Additionally, a mesh lining helps in keeping your skin fresh. Along with supportive figure 8 straps, these tendon braces help with adjustability and compression.

A blend of bamboo and charcoal maximized the flexibility of the lightweight features. And it makes it soft to touch. It helps in the regulation of the temperature and provides mild support to the heel and the ankle.


The type of ankle brace that you choose also plays an important role in healing your Achilles tendonitis. Here are the different types of tendon braces that you can choose from.


Wrapping braces are easy to slide on and off your ankle. It has Velcro straps that you can adjust according to your needs. This helps those who have swelling. Also, this makes sizing much easier. They offer a mild to moderate level of support while are also being slim enough to fit well inside your footwear.


This type of braces is for you to tie up to the ankles and wrap them with stability straps. Although they may be somewhat uneasy about putting on, they offer a high level of support, making them the go-to type of straps for sports enthusiasts and users with major ankle conditions. 

The semi-rigid design provides greater stability and proper motion. Additionally, the open heel feature makes it easier to pair them with your favorite footwear.

Compression Sleeve

The minimal design of compression sleeves lets you slip them on and off easily. Additionally, they are comfortable and provides mild support along with targeted compression. It also improves the flow of blood and relieves any kind of swelling. You can easily wear them under your socks when going for a run or to play basketball.


If you are looking for an ankle brace for a serious injury, you should look for a rigid one. They are available in stirrup or boot designs. The protective shell restricts movement and aids recovery. Doctors recommend the use of rigid braces most often for treating major ankle injuries.

Sizing and Fit

Ankle braces are available in one-size-fits-all designs and these can be adjusted well for a snug fit. However, the lace-up designs of ankle braces are available in different sizes and fits, such as small, medium, as well as large sizes. Apart from that, the compression sleeve also comes in S-M and L-XL sizes.

Getting ankle braces for a snug fit is easy. A snug fit would mean that you can fit two fingers between the brace and your skin comfortably. This prevents cutting off the blood circulation in your ankles. 

Level of Support

Braces that support you well are the perfect ankle braces for you. Here are the advantages of selecting the right level of support for your type of Achilles tendonitis.


Those with minor injuries or that are in the process of recovery need mild support for their ankles. They are flexible and prioritize compression. Additionally, they offer some support. The bamboo ankle sleeves, for instance, act as good aid for arthritis, minor sprains, and mild support while running.


Mid-range braces are beneficial for treating many conditions by staying adjustable, semi-rigid, and easy to use. Medium support will be the best choice whether you have Achilles tendonitis, arthritis, or injury during athletics. For instance, you can go for the adjustable ankle braces and the standard ankle braces for medium support.


These ankle braces can provide rigid to semi-rigidity and feature additional support stays or tight laces. These will keep your joints rigid and well in place. These braces are the best choices for injuries such as tendonitis, rolled ankles, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should I Make use of Ankle Support to Help in Recovery from Achilles Tendonitis?

Answer: Vigorous exercises like running or even training can be the reason for tendonitis. It causes swelling in the tendons and can be extremely painful. The risk of causing damage to the flexibility and motion of your ankle is what Achilles tendonitis is responsible for. It is one of the worst conditions of an ankle injury.
You may want to rest and endure the pain, however, Achilles supports are best advisable by medical experts and professionals to help with a speedy recovery. They do this through stabilization, compression, and support.

Question: Can Ankle Braces Weaken Athletic Ankles?

Answer: Athletes are usually concerned about the limit ankle braces can put on the motion range and eventually lead to the weakening of the joint because of the disuse. This is true to a few maximum support designs of ankle supports. This is why it would be best to use flexible braces for lightweight athletes.
Maintaining a full range of motion is important for an athlete. A flexible and lightweight ankle brace will help them stay protected without losing strength.

Question: How Tight Should an Ankle Brace Be?

Answer: While sizing your ankle brace, you should know that it should be tight enough to offer proper support without hampering the circulation of blood. You can use the Velcro straps to adjust the fit of your brace. This helps adjust the appropriate tightness. 
Then place two fingers to check the space between your leg and the strap. You would know if it’s too tight or too loose by measuring the fitness with your finger. If you still have doubts, you can consult a professional for their opinion.

Question: When is the Best Time to Wear an Ankle Brace After an Injury?

Answer: Ankle braces are ideally worn after recovery between one to ten weeks. You should continue using your support brace as long as you experience any kind of pain, swelling, or instability. If the symptoms last longer than ten weeks, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Question: How are Ankle Braces more Effective than Taping?

Answer: Although ankle braces and taping are good supports for your ankles, braces have an extra advantage for their adjustability and are easy to slip on and off your ankles. Plus, ankle braces do not require users to shave their legs as it doesn’t irritate your skin even if used for a long period.


So that’s it!

Have you made up your mind as to which Achilles Tendon brace is the best for you? 

All the eight braces that we’ve reviewed here make great supports for Achilles tendonitis. Each of them helps you feel more stable in your day-to-day activities.

When looking for the most suitable ankle braces for you, ensure that they are sufficiently supportive, provide compression, are easy to get on and off your ankles, have breathable material, and are well-built and durable.

As such, you won’t be any wrong to choose from the nine ankle braces present here. For instance, you could go for the Bauerfeind AchilloTrain. It meets all the essential criteria for the best Achilles tendon brace.

The prime requirement is to feel better and get better. Therefore, don’t forget to check with your doctor and get a treatment plan and work accordingly for better and quick results.

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