How to Find The Best 60 Inch Desks Guide

Would your office benefit from a larger workstation, but you’re not sure which 60-inch desk will work best for your space? In this review, we’ll show you the top desks available on the market. We will focus on table size, features, and durability. With our expertise in ergonomics and design, you can be confident that you’ll purchase the right desk.

We have researched a wide range of modern designs and styles to match your office decor. In addition, we will factor in prices to find the best deal for your budget. Finally, you’ll learn which features and functions every desk should include. This will aid in your search for the perfect desk in your workspace.

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Top Factors When Choosing a 60-inch Desk


The user should choose a desk size that meets their practical needs. For example, the desk should be large enough to accommodate a computer and keyboard. Also, the desktop depth should allow the individual to sit without being too close to the computer. In addition, if there are multiple monitors, then an extended table would be ideal.

The desk height should align with the user seating position to improve their posture. Generally, small desks may be uncomfortable because they may feel cramped. On the other hand, 60-inch desks are more spacious and comfortable to work on. There is more space under the desk for the legs, and the hands can be comfortably placed on the desktop.


It’s an excellent investment to purchase a 60-inch desk, as they offer efficient working space. There are many different types of long desks to choose from, available at many price points. Among the factors that affect the cost of a larger desk are its materials, type of storage, and ergonomics.

A long desk will be more expensive if high-quality materials are sourced for manufacturing. For example, hardwoods like oak are at the higher end of the price range. Alternatively, a cheaper material such as composite wood allows you to purchase a more oversized desk well within your budget.


Storage should be considered when choosing a desk since it keeps the desk organized and tidy. The needs of every office differ, so that you will need a customized desk and sufficient storage space. Throughout this guide, we will explore the many types of storage to help you decide which one is right for you.

It is a fact that 60-inch desks provide more storage space since they are longer. It will be easier to fit drawers and shelves into a larger desk than into a small one. Also, consider the amount of space you require for your books, files, and personal items. This will ensure that things do not get lost around the desk due to the additional storage.


It is essential to find a solid and durable desk because it will last a long time. When moving home, a hard-wearing desk can withstand being disassembled and reconstructed. This is important as cheap materials may crack easily or break, which means you will have to spend more money on a new desk. When looking at the product description, pay close attention to the materials used to ensure they are high-quality.

In addition, a warranty provided by the manufacturer ensures they are confident that their product is durable and long-lasting. Lastly, thick hardwood worktops will last longer than thin ones since they are solid and stable.

Extra features

It is essential to look for a desk that includes ergonomic features to improve its functionality. Here are a few key features to look out for:

  • Tilt-mechanism: some desks have a built-in work surface that tilts forward. This is ideal for drawing as the user does not strain over the desk.
  • Shelves and draws: extra draws can help utilize the space by keeping the desk organized. Also, desks with shelving on the bottom are a great way to save space and look modern.
  • Cable management: is a great way to keep wires and extension leads tidy and organized. The feature is built into the desk through a cut-out hole on the desk’s top right or left-hand side.
  • Height adjustable: this feature allows the worktop to move upwards or downwards. It is ideal for improving posture, as the office chair may not adjust to match the desk’s height. Also, it allows the user to work standing or sitting down.
  • Monitor stand riser: the monitor stand’s purpose is to lift the computer higher. This allows the user to sit in a comfortable posture without slouching. Therefore, the user can look straight ahead without tilting their neck downwards to look at the screen.

The Best 60-inch Desk Picks

Here we have compiled a list of the top 60-inch desks currently available on the market. Each desk has is selected for its modern design, materials, and features. As a result, you can choose a top-of-the-range desk to complement your office décor.

It’s_Organized Computer Desk: Best Frame Design

It's_Organized Gaming Desk

The It’s_Organized Computer Desk has an impressive carbon fibre textured desktop. It’s scratch-resistant and waterproof, which is ideal for easy cleaning. The desk comes with many valuable features, including a headphone hook and a cup holder attached to the worktop. These enhancements make working at the desk more comfortable and enjoyable.

In addition, the steel Z-frame construction makes the desk sturdy and durable. This provides a contemporary design that is attractive in any office environment. Also, the desk is fitted with adjustable feet, which allow you to adjust the height to suit your posture.

A manual, numbered parts, and the necessary tools for assembling the desk are in the packaging. If any issues should arise, customer service are available to help. Also, there is a 90-day risk-free guarantee in case the desk is faulty.


  • Steel Z-Frame construction makes the desk robust and long-lasting
  • Attached electric box socket for keeping wires organized
  • Wear-resistant desktop ensures high-quality materials used
  • Large worktop for 2 computer screens


  • No draws for extra storage
  • No built-in shelves for storing books and personal items

DESIGNA Computer Desk 60 Inch: Best Style Option

DESIGNA Computer Gaming Desk 60 Inch

The DESIGNA Computer Desk features a sleek black finished worktop, which adds elegance to the office space. It provides two cable managers to organize the cables on the desktop. In addition, the 30-inch-high large legroom underneath the desk ensures ample room for stretching the legs.

The stylish desk measures 60″ L x 28″ W 30″ H. Therefore, the large desktop has enough room to accommodate three monitors, a printer, and other personal items. Also, it is designed with rounded corners to protect the wall and your safety.

It includes adjustable leg pads to change the desk height. Also, it keeps the desk balanced on uneven floors. The maximum height reaches 0.4 inches for your comfort. In addition, the packaging includes an instruction manual, numbered parts, and tools for assembling the desk.


  • The desk can hold up to a weight of 500lbs, which ensures it’s sturdy
  • The worktop is derived from a P2 particle board, which is waterproof and anti-scratch
  • High-precision mouse pad included
  • Stylish design for the office décor


  • No draws to store files
  • No shelving unit to store personal items

It’s_Organized White Computer Desk: Best Desktop Option

It's_Organized White Computer Desk, 60 X 27 inchs Widen Space Computer Workstation

The It’s_Organized White Computer Desk features a sleek white finished desktop, adding a luxury feel to the office space. The stylish desk measures 27.56″ D x 60″ W 30″ H inches. This ensures the large desktop has enough room to accommodate three monitors, a printer, and other related personal items.

A large legroom area is provided to maintain the ideal seated position for your comfort. In addition, the footpads are adjustable by 0-10mm to change the desk height. This allows the user to sit aligned with the desk and computer screen in a relaxed position.

The customer service has a quick response rate to help with any inquiries. Also, every order comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee if there are any issues. The packaging includes an instruction manual, numbered parts, and tools for assembling the desk.


  • Ample legroom for tall people
  • White sleek desktop, which is pleasing to the eye
  • Thickened steel legs for sturdiness and durability
  • Adjustable footpad to change the height of the desk


  • No computer stand to adjust the height of the monitor
  • No shelving unit for storing books

Seven Warrior Desk with Dual Monitor Mount: Best Ergonomic Option

Seven Warrior Gaming Desk 60INCH with Dual Monitor Mount

The Seven Warrior Desk provides an ergonomic design that is visually pleasing.  It comes with a fully adjustable dual monitor mount which can be rotated 360-degrees for landscape or portrait mode. Also, the height and tilt can be adjusted with a 180-degree swivel for the ideal viewing angle.

The desktop is supported by a solid steel frame, which features a maximum of 330lbs capacity. Also, the adjustable leg pads ensure the table keeps its sturdiness on uneven floor surfaces. Furthermore, the leg pads look modern and are easy to clean since the desk is slightly lifted.

The assembly of the desk is straightforward with the tools and instructions provided in the packaging. It takes 20-30 minutes to set up the desk. Also, customer service is available with any issues which may arise.


  • Provided cup holder to keep drinks close to hand and prevents spillages on the desk
  • The monitor mount keeps the desk tidy and organized
  • 2 headphone hooks for extra storage
  • Stylish design on the worktop


  • More expensive than other desks
  • No other color option is available

SIMPLIHOME Dylan 60 inch Wide Home Office Desk: Best Material Option

SIMPLIHOME Dylan SOLID WOOD Modern Industrial 60 inch Wide Home Office Desk

The SIMPLIHOME Home Office Desk features a driftwood finish that is handcrafted with high-quality solid pine. This rustic modern desk will enhance the office décor, bringing class and style. Also, the desk is available in a variety of wood finishes that offer different options for the office.

The multipurpose desk has a keyboard tray, which allows the hands to be comfortably placed. Also, it’s great for storing a notepad or keyboard, which keeps the desk clutter-free. Furthermore, a spacious 60″L X 24″ D worktop provides plenty of room for 2 computer screens, a lamp, and personal items.

The extra thick table top ensures the desk can withstand heavy weights and is long-lasting. In addition, the packaging includes an instruction manual and a toolset for assembling the desk. It should take between 20-25 minutes to set up the desk.


  • Made from high-quality pine wood, which ensures the desk is durable.
  • A variety of wood finishes to choose from for customization
  • Provided keyboard tray for comfort and support
  • The stylish desk will enhance the décor


  • More pricer than average for those with low budgets-
  • No draws provided for extra storage

SIMPLIHOME Hollander Home Office Desk: Best Keyboard Tray Option


The SIMPLIHOME Home Office Desk is hand-finished with a Warm Walnut Brown stain lacquer. This gives the elegant desk a unique style, enhancing the office décor. In addition, the high-quality worktop is made using solid pine wood, ensuring it is strong and durable.

The desk features 2 front-side draws for storing files and personal items, which will keep the desk tidy and clutter-free. Also, a middle draw flips down to use as an internal keyboard tray. This impressive addition can be used for storage or the keyboard and mouse, providing comfort and support to the hands.

The desk dimensions are 24″D x 60″W x 31.5″H. The larger than average work surface provides a spacious and comfortable office setting. Also, there is enough space for legroom and to move freely around the desk. Furthermore, assembly of the desk should take around 25 minutes and includes a manual and toolset.


  • The high-quality pine wood worktop is water-resistant
  • 2 side draws for extra storage
  • The desk has 3 wood finish variations, which provides more options for the décor
  • Large desktop for 2 computer screens and other items


  • No shelves for storing books
  • There and no footpads for uneven floors

Monarch Specialties Office Desk: Best Storage Option

Monarch Specialties Dark Taupe Reclaimed-Look

The Monarch Specialties Office Desk is modern in design and has various wood finishes. This dark taupe color, along with the sleek silver track metal legs, enhances the office décor. In addition, the large floating worktop is a unique feature, which looks pleasing to the eye.

The design of the desk ensures an organized and tidy worktop. It features 2 spacious draws on one side and a large filing draw on the other side. This provides space for files and other items can be stored away, leaving more room on the desktop area.

In addition, the desk is made with highly engineered wood which is solid and durable. Finally, an instruction manual and a toolset are included in the packaging to assemble the desk. Expect to take between 20-30 minutes to set up the office computer desk.


  • A selection of styles to choose from for decorating the office space
  • It’s constructed using high-quality materials
  • Extra storage for files and books
  • The metal legs provide a minimalistic look


  • No keyboard tray for extra comfort and support
  • No monitor stand to lift the computer to eye level

Monarch Specialties Tempered Glass Computer Desk: Best L-Shape Option

Monarch Specialties l corner

The Monarch Specialties Computer Desk features a modern design, finished with a crisp white tone throughout. The L-shaped desk includes a side table with an elegant tempered glass top. In addition, there are 3 spacious draws for storing files, books, and personal items, which ensures a tidy desk.

The contemporary desk measures 55.25″D x 60″W x 30″ H. Therefore, a desk of this size will fit into any room and is a great way to maximize space. Also, there is plenty of legroom to move around and sit in a comfortable position.

There is a guide and toolset included in the packaging to assemble the office furniture. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes to build the desk. Additionally, customer service is available to assist with issues that may arise.


  • The L-shape design provides a spacious working environment
  • 2 color options to select from to suit the office décor
  • 3 draws for storing belongings, which reduces clutter
  • The glass worktop brings style to the desk


  • No shelves for storing books
  • No fitted keyboard tray for comfort and support while typing

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the advantages of a 60inch desktop desk?

Answer: A large desktop will provide ample space to carry out daily tasks.  For example, some users need 2 monitor screens to complete their work. Also, a long desk allows room for a desk lamp and other personal items.

Furthermore, working on an oversized desk is more comfortable than a small desk. This is because a larger desk provides additional legroom and space for extra storage. Also, consider adding shelves and draws to personalize the workspace.

Question: Should I purchase a desk for its ergonomic features?

Answer: It is vital to consider your options when buying an ergonomic desk. Desks with extra features are made for your comfort and convenience. It increases productivity and improves your physical and mental health. As a result, an organized and tidy environment keeps the mind clear and promotes peace.

Moreover, you should purchase a desk that meets your needs. For example, do you require additional drawers for storing documents and items? Generally, all office desks require different features based on the workload you are performing.

Question: Which type of wood is best for the desktop?

Answer: Hardwood finished desks look modern and stylish in office spaces. Here we will go through the best material options for a desk:

Oak: red/white oak is one of the popular woods available on the market due to its strength and durability. It can be finished in any color, which is excellent for designing an office space. However, with poor maintenance, shrinkage and cracks may occur.
Walnut: is an elegant grain wood with chocolate brown tones. It is water-resistant and highly durable. The wood is more on the expensive side, but you can ensure it will last a long time due to its high-quality quality.
Cherry wood: is a beautiful reddish-brown shade, which deepens over time. The wood has a tough structure, which is ideal for thick desktops. However, be aware that the wood is not wear or scratch resistant. Therefore, maintenance should be a priority for a long-lasting desk.
Maple wood: has a stunning design for a modern office space. The wood material desk is ideal for people on low budgets, as it’s not expensive to source. Also, it is solid and durable, which ensures the desk will last a long time with good maintenance. However, the strong wood is heavy, so extra care must be taken when lifting.
Pinewood: is stylish, light in colour, and highly durable. The characteristics of pine wood are similar to those of oak wood. Good maintenance will ensure the desk lasts for years.

Overall, all hardwoods are unique and possess both positive and negative characteristics. We recommend buying a desk with a thick desktop, as it will be sturdy and durable. On the other hand, thinner materials tend to feel inexpensive and less stable.


In this buying guide, we have included the best 60-inch desks currently available on the market. As a growing number of people work from home, spacious desks are more popular. There are many styles and materials to pick from, and the choices are endless.

However, consider the ergonomic features and the size before choosing your new office addition. Overall, we recommend buying the Monarch Specialties Computer Desk because it offers ample storage and a large worktop. The contemporary design will also provide a functional workstation.

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