The Best 3 in 1 Commodes Guide: Top Recommendations

Are you looking for a commode to function as a bed commode, a toilet raiser, and a toilet protection frame? 3 in 1 commodes are a unique piece of equipment that can accomplish these three distinct purposes.

This option would make use of the detachable bucket and cover that come with a three-in-one toilet. The unit’s height may be adjusted to fit the demands or interests of people.

When selecting a 3 in 1 commode, you should consider portability, durability, comfort, and weight. Don’t be anxious; we’re here to help. 

Our chosen list of the top 3 in 1 commodes and their evaluations will assist you in making the correct choice. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the specifics.

What are 3 in 1 Commodes?

Whenever a person seems unable to move to and fro the restroom, the 3 in 1 commode is the best. 

These commodes are known as 3 in 1 or all-in-one since they may be used in three different ways. In the bedroom, there is a toilet bedside. When put over the toilet, the seat elevates. When installed above the toilet, the arm handles provide security. 

These commodes are lightweight, sturdy, and readily adjust to a specific height for safety and comfort. It’s simple to fold flat for transport or move from room to room. Textured armrests give a strong hold, allowing you to stand or sit with little or no assistance.

Weight limitations for 3-in-1 bedside commodes range from 250 to 1000 pounds.

A standard 3-in-1 bedside commode can typically handle up to 350 lb. This is true for anything larger than a bariatric or heavy 3-in-1 commode. These can withstand weights of up to a thousand pounds.

The commode stands on four legs with no stutters. It can easily be removed from the toilet because it is not connected to it.

Who Can Benefit from 3 in 1 Commodes?

Who Can Benefit from 3 in 1 Commodes

It can be challenging to preserve independence and dignity after surgery, during sickness, or as we age. These commodes are intended to make life easier for people in need of assistance.

The 3 in 1 commodes are best for:

  • Elderly people
  • People with limited mobility 
  • People with chronic sickness or weakness 
  • After knee or hip replacements 
  • After leg, back, or any other form of surgery

The size and sturdiness of the armrests offer the user satisfaction that other elevated toilet seats do not provide.

Top 5 Picks for Best 3 in 1 Commodes at a Glance

This commode is dependable, easy to maintain and made of strong steel. The commode has a weight capability of 50 pounds. It has legs that fold up for easy storage and transportation.

This is a low-cost, short-term alternative with height adjustment and foldability. It has an 8-inch and 21-inch outside width. The seat is about 15 inches with a 350-pound weight capacity. It has an easy push-button design. 

With a straightforward, tool-free construction and small folded proportions, this product may be used for a variety of purposes. It has a 300-pound weight capacity and 14.3-pound product weight. 

Every one of the typical features of other portable toilets is included. This also comes with antibacterial protection, an add-on seat, and a toilet roll holder. The weight capacity is 350 pounds. 

Its seat is wider and flexible as compared to other commodes. It also fits bigger individuals while reducing back strain. In addition, the frame has seven height-adjustable options.

Top 5 Reviews on 3 in 1 Commodes

A 3 in 1 commode will help anyone suffering from mobility, old age, or urinary difficulties. As a result, acquiring such crucial equipment necessitates thorough study.

To help you with your search, we reviewed the top goods on the market. 

Weighing their advantages and disadvantages will assist you in making an educated selection.

The Best Overall 3 in 1 Commode: Drive Medical Bedside Commode

Drive Medical Bedside Commode 

If you’re looking for a great bedside commode, this is what you want. It is not only dependable but also adaptable and simple to use. This model is the most preferred as it has undergone all medical checks. 

The Drive commode is a 3 in 1 type, which means it may function as a single commode, a raised toilet, or both. 

Since the lavatory pail is detachable, it is simple to use, remove, and cleanse. However, the complete device may be folded up for storage and transport if necessary.

It’s also great that you can change the commode to your chosen level and can hold up to 350 lb. The commode has a strong steel structure, flexible design, and incredibly simple bucket. 

This commode also has high-quality construction. It is made from durable powder-coated steel and sturdy armrests. Furthermore, it is very easy to assemble as well.

It also contains a carry handle and a protective pail cover. This makes maintaining hygiene simpler and easier. Plus, you can use commode liners for quick clean-ups.


  • It is a commode with many uses 
  • This 3 in 1 commode has a steel structure that is long-lasting
  • It folds up for easy storage or transit


  • Assembly is required
  • A few users may find it excessively thin

The Best Priced 3 in 1 Commode: Medline 3-in-1 Folding Bedside Commode

Medline 3-in-1 Folding Bedside Commode

This is the ideal option if you want to have decent features yet spend as little money as possible. 

It shares many of the same characteristics as Drive Medical’s commode. This includes height adjustments, foldability, and versatility in usage. It can hold about 350 pounds of weight. However, it also has a simple construction process and a low price tag.

The patterned armrests are comfortable to hold. This allows you to sit upright with no support. This makes it the ideal alternative for anyone who needs a bed commode for a limited time. 

It comes with a high strength since it has steel welded construction with a durable grey-powdered coat. These features will ensure that this commode will last for a long time. Plus, it offers a tool-free assembly.

It has 18 inches width between the arms and 21 inches outside width. The seat is 15 inches in depth, 13.5 inches in width, and about 17 inches in height. So, it has a pretty wide seat that accommodates various body types.


  • The height may be adjusted to the user’s choice
  • It is very simple to assemble
  • The commode can fold easily for convenient storage 


  • It has a small or narrow fit 
  • Some people complain that it is too shaky

The Best Foldable 3 in 1 Commode: NOVA Folding Bedside Commode

NOVA Folding Bedside Commode

Several of the toilet seats on our list can fold up for storing or traveling. However, NOVA Medical’s model was picked for this category. This is because it goes above and beyond. 

Since it requires no tools to assemble, you won’t have to fumble with several bits and pieces. This is especially useful when you fold up your commode. For its folded size, it is easy to store beneath the bed or even in a car. 

Other characteristics include the ability to utilize the NOVA Medical commode as a solo toilet or an elevated seat. It adjusts to your level, is simple to unload and wash, and therefore can hold about 300 lb.

This toilet unfolds and folds in seconds, which makes it excellent for storage. With just a push of a button, you can adjust the heights. It also has a surprisingly large seat for its overall size, which is 13.5 inches in width and 16.25 inches in depth.

It weighs only 14.3 pounds, one of the most lightweight 3 in 1 commodes in the market. Additionally, the simple design makes it easier to clean this toilet.

It’s among the most practical choices for vacation or infrequent use.


  • You will need no tools for quick installation
  • For storing, it folds down to only 4 inches thick
  • Made of durable steel frame


  • Many users find the seats unpleasant
  • The style makes using the toilet while standing difficult

The Best of Features 3 in 1 Commode: Medline Steel Portable Bedside Commode

Medline Steel Portable Bedside Commode

Do you want to add a few more functions without spending a fortune? The Medline 3-in-1 steel commode does just that. This makes it an excellent alternative for customers seeking maximum ease.

It features a 350 lb maximum weight and is composed of sturdy iron. It also includes push-button adjustable height. The commode is assembled without the need for any tools.

The toilet paper holder will help you keep the paper close at hand. It has non-slip feet that hold the commode in place. Additionally, it will not scratch or damage the wood or tile floors.

Overall, it is very convenient to use these commodes. It offers a simple height adjustment feature. You can easily adjust without any tools anywhere between 23.5 inches to 29.75 inches.

What’s better? It has additional features such as antibacterial protection and a clip-on seat for simple separation and washing. It also comes with a splashing guard. 


  • A clip-on seat is present for simple removal and cleaning 
  • Easy assembly without the use of tools 
  • The Microban antibacterial protection is a distinct feature


  • The bucket hole is rather tiny

The Most Comfortable 3 in 1 Commode: MedPro Defense Comfort Plus Commode

MedPro Defense Comfort Plus Commode

It is critical to have realistic expectations about what it would be like to use a bed commode. Based on the benefits of having a bed commode, you may find yourself utilizing it on a frequent basis. Hence, comfort is the most important element here. 

If one of your primary aims in selecting a bed commode is comfort, you will definitely enjoy the MedPro Comfort commode. Since it has an additional, contoured seat, using the commode is more pleasant than normal. The benefit is also that it reduces back strain. 

The seat’s seven elevation adjustments allow this to climb between sixteen to twenty-two inches in height. Its cushioned armrests make it easier to sit and move while on the commode. 

Above all, it is very easy to clean. This 3 in 1 commode comes with a bucket and bedpan for easy insertion and removal. You can do so from the back or the top, which will give you more flexibility.

This design will also help you clean up and set up quickly. Plus, it helps maintain hygiene and prevents cross-contamination.


  • It has a broader, comfortable seat 
  • The height may be adjusted easily
  • It comes with splash protection that’s built-in


  • Some people believe it is not strong enough for them
  • There is no splatter guard for males 

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Purchasing 3 in 1 Commodes

When purchasing a commode, you should remember that an extravagant price tag does not guarantee quality. So, it becomes quite challenging to buy the right commode as the price is not always the marker of performance.

There are many factors to consider before you pick a toilet. From space, reliability, and durability, the list is rather long. 

You may not have time to take care of all these things. Therefore, going through a buying guide can help you ensure you get the best for what you pay. 

So, check out the guide below that discusses some of the most important factors you must consider before deciding.


3 in 1 commodes Construction

3 in 1 commodes include buckets, plastic seats, and easy sanitizing mechanisms. To withstand all this and work efficiently, the commode must have a strong construction. The best type of construction, according to experts, is steel construction.

Materials such as steel can offer the necessary support in addition to making the commode durable. You can choose a bedside commode with the best features available in the market. If it does not stay strong, you cannot use it comfortably. 

On the other hand, these easy-to-move commodes should be easier to transport. So, the structure should be sturdy yet lightweight.

Space for Adjustments

The important feature you should consider is the adjustability of the commode. The reason you need a 3 in 1 commode is that it offers flexibility that a regular toilet does not. Therefore, make sure to check if it offers various degrees of adjustability.

Most importantly, the toilet should offer height adjustments. A good way to weigh this factor is by checking the various heights the products can offer. 

For instance, our top pick in this list offers about 16 to 22 inches of tool-free height adjustability. This is a pretty good number that can serve adults of almost all heights. Furthermore, it offers tool-free adjustments, which means you can change it anytime you want without any tools.


A 3 in 1 commode is also known as an all-in-one commode since it offers a wide range of functions. So, it is not surprising that there are several types of these commodes that provide slightly different functioning than others. 

When you know all the types of bedside toilets available, you can make a better-informed choice. Here are three of the most common types of these commodes.

Drop Arm Commode

It is the most popular type of commode since it is very flexible and cost-efficient. They have armrests that fold down to make transferring easier. The drop arm commode can be an excellent choice for anyone with limited mobility.

Bariatric Commode

These commodes have a heavy-duty metal construction with wider frames and seats. They offer less restrictive seating, movement, and overall better comfort. Hence, they are safe for users over 300 pounds.

Padded Commode

As the name suggests, padded commodes come with paddings for extra comfort. This will help in reducing pressure and pain during use. It can be a good choice for people who are more susceptible to skin tears and have sore pressure points.

These commodes generally have non-absorbent covers like vinyl for paddings. This will ensure you can easily wipe down all the dirt and keep it clean. 

Stability Features

These commodes help you when you are either having motorway issues or when you are weak. So, an unstable commode will spell disaster during these difficult times. Therefore, it is important to ensure the commode offers all the required stability features.

Does the commode have high-quality rubber tips? How sturdy is the construction? These features will prevent the toilet from sliding or tipping over. Rubber tips will also be soft on tiles or wooden floors.

You can look for a commode that comes with handrails since they provide extra support. It can also be helpful when you are getting on and off the unit.

Hygienic Design

Hygiene is very important when it comes to commodes. So, you need to make sure the design of the toilet includes the required hygiene features.

Primarily, make sure if the toilet comes with a removable commode bucket. The bucket should be large enough and strong as well. Make sure the bucket comes with a cover for the splash shield, aid for toilet paper, and a carry handle.

If the design includes cushions, you should be able to clean them easily. Additionally, the toilet design should also incorporate factors that positively affect sanitation.

Weight Capacity

Different 3 in 1 commodes vary in the weight they can support. So, it is important to consider the user’s weight and cross-check it with the capacity of the commode. Generally, most commodes can hold up to 300 pounds.

The products within the range of the user’s body mass can hold their weight, which is vital for safe usage. If you use a chair suitable for a lower weight, you may end up in accidents. It can result from slippage, buckling of legs, or support failure.

3 in 1 commode chairs are not best reputed for their weight capacity like other types of commodes. Therefore, it is important to ensure you purchase the commode that suits your needs in terms of weight.

Use and Maintenance

3 in 1 commodes Use and Maintenance

It is vital to be aware of the care and maintenance requirements of the commode before you purchase it. If you have poor knowledge about how to care for the commode, you may not be able to make full use of it.

This step will also prevent you from impulse-buying or panic buying. Plus, it will help you get prepared for its use. 

With knowledge of use and maintenance, you can purchase the pieces of equipment required for maintenance. You can also set up the room for installation immediately. Furthermore, you can choose the ones that require less maintenance and care over others.

Value for Money

Price is also an important factor to consider before purchasing a toilet chair like 3 in 1 commode. The price can range anywhere between 100 dollars to 1000 dollars. So, make sure you have a clear budget before you start looking for any of these commodes.

You can attribute this wide difference in cost to the demand and design of the commodes. Furthermore, the brand reputation also plays a key role in its price. 

Generally, with higher prices, you will receive better features. Nonetheless, a basic commode will be enough for the job as long as it is safe and sturdy. Whichever commode you buy, make sure it provides value for your hard-earned money.


These toilets should be easily portable since it is one of the main reasons you opt for these commodes over the regular toilet. Therefore, it should not be very bulky, and it should fit smaller spaces.

To ensure it is portable, you need to check the weight of the commode. It can be anywhere between 15 to 40 pounds. However, the lightweight structure should not compromise the weight capacity of the commode.

You should also check if you can fold the arms, backrest, and seat. In some of the best 3 in 1 commodes, you can find a removable seat covering as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

3 in 1 commode is becoming quite popular these days owing to its flexibility and portability. With the increase in sales, there are rising concerns with this commode model. 

So, in this section, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

Question: Are 3 in 1 Commodes Worth it?

Answer: Yes. 3 in 1 commodes are worth it since they can help people with various mobility issues. These commodes will decrease the physical distance between the bedroom and the bathroom. Additionally, it can prevent them from getting mentally exhausted as well.
You can benefit from these products if you are recovering from surgery, broken bones, or any factors that can make you bedridden. Further, it can be very useful for senior citizens who have weak knees or overall worsening health.
These 3 in 1 commodes come in a wide range of price options. So, you can afford it no matter your budget. Plus, it can reduce the time the caregiver takes to help the person go to the bathroom.
As long as you purchase a strong, portable, comfortable, and user-friendly 3 in 1 commode, it is totally worth it.

Question: What is the Best Way to Clean a 3 in 1 Commode?

Answer: It is quite easy to clean a 3 in 1 commode. Most of these commodes fit into an average shower stall. This is probably the most convenient washing area for these commodes.
You will need a little vinegar, disinfectant cleaner, and water to clean it thoroughly. Generally, it takes about 20 to 15 minutes to clean these types of toilets.
Put on your gloves and remove the bucket and the lid before emptying them in the toilet.
Then, set the empty bucket in the shower stall.
You can place the commode in the stall as well and turn on the hot shower. After five to ten minutes, you can turn the shower off.
Mix the vinegar and the disinfectant in a cup. Add it to the bucket and start scrubbing it with a cleaning brush. Then, turn the shower back on to rinse the products off.
Next, wipe the commode thoroughly using a dry towel and reinstall the bucket.

Question: Is it Difficult to Maintain a 3 in 1 Commode?

Answer: No, as long as you use the right disinfectants and brushes, you can easily care for it. The key is to clean it immediately after each use. This way, you can prevent contamination as well as make the toilet last longer.

Final Verdict

These commodes will make your lives easier and comfortable. You can reduce the risk of accidents and recover faster from injuries or surgeries by using it whenever you need them.

That is why it is vital to pick only the best 3 in 1 commode available in the market. Our suggestion is the Drive Medical Bedside Commode since it comes with everything you need and more.

The final choice is always yours, so pick the one that appeals to you! You can always use our buying guide to help you choose!

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