AutoFull Pro Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Does The AutoFull Big and Tall Gaming Chair For Teens Suit This Demographic?

AutoFull Pro Big and Tall Gaming ChairThe AutoFull Pro Big and Tall Gaming Office Chair appears to be out to show that teenage gamers can have a chair that is just as stylish and comfortable as adults can.

First impressions from sales photos of this ergonomic office chair make it look like a pretty good replica of the real things.

There appears to be some thought to the shape of the backrest and seat, as well as all the practical elements expected.

Does the chair deliver, or could it offer more to younger users?

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The Pros and Cons of this AutoFull Pro Big and Tall Gaming Chair.


  •  The dimensions for kids
  •  The details in the colour and design
  •  The number of adjustments on the tilt and arms
  •  The sense of functionality
  •  The range of colours


  •  The dimensions for adult users
  •  Some issues with the comfort features
  •  Some problems with the assembly.


There are lots of great features to this AutoFull Big and Tall Gaming Chair that teenager users will love.

Autofull Gaming ChairThe first thing that we need to take note of with this ergonomic chair is that this is a “gaming chair for teens”.

There are some buyers that seem to have overlooked this important detail – which explains some of the negative comments.

It is unfair to criticise the dimensions and adjustments of this chair because of that target market. There are some users that say that it doesn’t go high enough for their build.

But, this might not be an issue for smaller teenagers that want a more age-appropriate option. The adjustable height on the seat is lower than the average at 16.93 to 19.69 inches.

However, there are lots of other adjustable elements to this bucket seat racing computer chair that mimic those seen in “adult” models. One example is the backrest.

There are different modes on the tilt, complete with a lock, that let users find the ideal gaming position. There is also the same 360-degree swivel on the base and adjustable armrests.

It isn’t just the adjustments and build of the computer gaming chair that will remind teenage users of the “real” thing. There are lots of nice details in the shape and design of the chair that replicate racing chair.

The most obvious starting points here are the shape of the backrest and the bold use of colours. There are colourful panels in the upholstery and accents on the wheels, seat and armrests.

There is also a choice of colours to suit different tastes. The “eye holes” in the back aren’t especially functional, but they do look cool.


However, there are some shortcuts in the build and features of this AutoFull Ergonomic Gamer’s Chair compared to some other gaming chairs. 

There are some aspects of this desk chair – aside from the height – that could be seen as a drawback. The first is the padding and comfort on offer.

The best models of racing chair have additional cushions for a headrest and lumbar support. Here there is just the “detachable” lumbar pillow.

AutoFull Racing Computer Chair

Be aware that “detachable” is open to interpretation. It isn’t attached to the chair and doesn’t have a band to hold it in place. There are also those that talk about the firmness of the seat.

This isn’t uncommon with these gaming chairs. The seat is built to keep its shape over time, but perhaps it is too robust.

Other users have had some issues with the assembly process and the strength of some of the components.

There have been some problems with the connections, the mesh slipping and some screw covers.

These problems are generally minor and not that noticeable. Still, it raises questions about the long-term durability of the chair.


How does this all affect a final verdict on this AutoFull Pro Big and Tall Gaming Chair?

A final recommendation for this chair ultimately depends on the reason for buying it. If you want a more affordable version of an adult’s racing chair, this might not be for you. The dimensions and some of the issues with the padding mean that it won’t always be as comfortable as a budget adult office chair.

However, there is a lot here to appeal to the teen it is aimed toward. The design, size and adjustable features all come together to create something teens can use for long periods.

The AutoFull chair is small, but it is cool, adaptable and not a million miles away from the designs of adult gaming chairs.

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