ANCHEER Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Editor’s note: While the product mentioned in this review was available as of time of publication, as of January 6, 2022, it is no longer available for purchase. For an alternative, see our review of the NOUHAUS ErgoTASK Ergonomic Chair.


ANCHEER Ergonomic Office ChairThe ANCHEER Ergonomic Office Chair is designed to be a comfortable, contemporary option for the home or office with plenty of sculpted parts, an adjustable seat and a strong base. The appeal of this chair can depend on the angle of the sales photo.

Head on it looks pretty straightforward but in profile, the prominent curve of the backrest is more apparent. There is clearly pretty of consideration for the ergonomics, but is this chair able to offer more than good posture?

What benefits have been offered by this interestingly-shaped ANCHEER Office Chair?

This chair looks as though it should be a pretty comfortable option for most offices because there seems to be a lot of thought that has gone into the design. The most obvious example of this is the black mesh on the back rest and head rest for breathability, but there is also the shape of the seat.

The scooped shape and waterfall edge allows for better posture and circulation when sitting for long periods. Some have said that a little extra padding on the seat would be helpful, but most seem to appreciate the shape, temperature control and the quality of the lumbar support in the backrest.

ANCHEER Mount Ergonomic Black Mesh Computer Office Chair
The other potential benefit of this product is the strength. This is not highlighted to such a degree in the specification for the product, but there is still talk of the strong mesh, the mixture of metal and plastic construction and the fact that it has passed all the right checks and standards. Buyers seem to agree that it is pretty well built, fairly sturdy and is not too difficult to put together.

What are the downsides to choosing this ANCHEER Ergonomic Office Computer Chair?

The biggest issue with this chair seems to be the lack of adjustments, or rather the lack of control and clear settings. The seat can be raised and lowered and the seat does tilt backwards, but there is great freedom of movement and some of the options don’t suit taller users.

Some also point out that the freedom to take the chair from a straight-backed ninety degree angle to full-on reclining can have an effect on the stability. The chair is built with a high seat and a small base, which has meant the chair topples over when users tilt back a little too far.

Summary: is this ANCHEER Black Mesh Office Chair still recommendable with this feedback in mind?

There is a lot of potential in this chair and the issue of the freedom of movement seems to be the deal breaker here. The ability to recline at will and move the arms is great for those that don’t want to be continually restricted to that one “correct” posture, but some clear settings and greater stability would be helpful.

In the end, the ANCHEER ergonomic chair is still recommendable for the right user because of the work that has gone into that ergonomic shape, the use of strong mesh throughout and the ability to work or play games for long sessions at a time.

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