Amazon Fees Are Going Up, Here’s How You Benefit

The cost of doing business is increasing for Amazon sellers this holiday season. Amazon FBA fees will be elevated from October 15, 2021 to January 14, 2022.

Amazon sellers who fulfill through Amazon have to pay to store their products in Amazon warehouses. Therefore, and especially with this increase, Amazon sellers are extremely motivated to sell through their inventory.

With this temporary increase happening for the first time, many Amazon sellers are panicked. Although this is unfortunate for them, you might just be able to get some outrageous deals as these sellers try to move their products at breakeven or even a loss.

Products Already Being Discounted

Several popular brands have already begun their liquidation efforts. We have seen many a sale in this last week or so, much to our delight. Steals these deals before Amazon sellers successfully sell out of these great products.


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