Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Swivel Chair

Does The Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Swivel Ergonomic Chair Offer More Than Just A Good Look For The Office?

Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Swivel ChairThe Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Swivel Chair is a good looking chair that should immediately fit in with most modern offices – either personal or a manager’s office. There isn’t much here in the way of fancy features and mechanics, but there is the basics of the pneumatic lift, five-point base with casters and a tilt to the back.

There is no doubt that this is also a stylish ergonomic chair that will look great in many home offices. Also, the seat comes in different colour options of red and white which depends on the décor and user preferences. Is this enough to keep buyers happy?

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What advantages have buyers appreciated with this Alera Neratoli Office Chair?

There is the clear sense from the sales photos, and the tone of the product description, that this is a chair with comfort squarely in mind. This is clear from the use of padding and the shape of the seat. The cushioning runs all the way down the backrest with thick padding and ends in a waterfall effect to add protection for the back of the knees.

There is also the use of matching padding on the arm rests. That “contemporary” look means that there is little going on that doesn’t add to the shape or comfort, and this provides clean lines and a nice use of the leather against the steel. There are users spending hours working in this Alera ergonomic chair with few complaints that appreciate the shape and feel of the padding and soft leather.

Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Tilt ChairIt can be a bit tricky to put together. However, users suggest that this is not the case at all and it went together easily and quickly. Even so, there are still concerns about the craftsmanship in the different parts.

What downsides have been noted with this Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Swivel Chair?

Unfortunately, there are some negative reports here about quality control and a sense that this isn’t the durable, well-made chair that some were hoping for. The attention to detail is sometimes missing, with uneven layering in the padding and poor use of the chrome trim.

In addition to this, some are a little disappointed with the weight allowance, as this doesn’t seem built for the bigger users. These issues aren’t seen with all buyers, but it is worth considering if this office chair is high on the wish list.

Summary: what does this mean for a final verdict on this Alera Swivel Ergonomic Chair?

There are some people that continue to praise this model for being an “expensive-looking” chair, and this is quite telling. While there is no doubt that the chair can look great with the use of materials, colours and cushioning, the finishing and durability mean that the value diminishes a little.

Still, this is a comfortable, attractive chair that has served many people well. Those that get a well constructed version of the Alera ergonomic chair could still be in for a positive experience.

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