Alera Merix450 Series Office Chair

Editor’s note: While the product mentioned in this review was available as of time of publication, as of January 7, 2022, it is no longer available for purchase. For an alternative, see our review of the NOUHAUS ErgoTASK Ergonomic Chair.

Alera Merix450 Series Mesh ChairThe Alera Merix450 Series Mesh Big Tall Mid-Back Swivel Chair is a pretty standard looking office chair with a padded seat, backrest, arm rests and a typical 5 point star base with casters.

It has the look of chair that would suit pretty much any office environment with the use of black throughout. It promises to be aesthetically stylish for a superior sitting experience, but what to buyers actually think of this ergonomic chair?

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What benefits have users mentioned when testing out this Alera Merix450 Office Chair in their own office?

As this is a big and tall model, there are understandably some questions for buyers over the capacity of the chair and its suitability as a model for larger users. There is a weight capacity of up to 450lbs here, with the wider, padded seat.

Then there is also that tall, angled back rest that should ensure that users have the ergonomic support that they need regardless of their height. The arm rests are also removable, should users need a little more width and find that they are a little restrictive in their current position.

Alera Merix450 Series Swivel Chair
On top of this, there is the sense that this Alera chair is pretty stable and well built, there are no creaks or wobbles when sitting in it and users of different weights seem to feel secure enough to work in this for long hours.

Then there is the benefit of the easy assembly. Everything goes together with minimal effort and it comes with some decent instructions, which means that the option of paying more for expert assembly really isn’t worth it. There are those that are pleased with their handiwork and say it holds up well without squeaks, creaks or other concerns.

Are there any disadvantages to this Alera Merix450 Series Swivel Chair that buyers need to be aware of?

Then there is the general comfort of the ergonomic chair, with that breathable fabric, super cushioned seat and additional lumbar support. This is where comments are a little mixed. For some, the padding and support is fine, for other it could have gone a little further. The biggest issue with the comfort levels is in the quality of the material used on the seat, it is a little cheap and rough for some.

There are also always going to be those users that wish that there were some more adjustments to the chair, like those that would rather see the armrest move out further or those wanted more on the seat height or tilt, but the majority seem happy enough with the product.

Summary: is the Alera Mesh Office Chair still recommendable with these issues in mind?

There is the sense here that this is an affordable big and tall office desk chair where the cheaper elements begin to show through. This is clear in the choice of material and the decision to make the armrests removable rather than adjustable. With a little more consideration in these areas, this chair could be closer to a 5 star product.

As it stand, there are still enough larger users working for long periods in comfort to ensure that this Alera ergonomic hair is still recommendable for general use.

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