Alera Etros Mid-Back Synchro Tilt Chair

Does The Alera Etros Mid-Back Synchro Tilt Chair Do Just Enough To Be Widely Accommodating?

Alera Etros Synchro Tilt ChairThe design for the Alera Etros Mid-Back Synchro Tilt Chair is about as straightforward as you can get for an ergonomic office chair.

There are no clever shapes or design elements that are instantly apparent and no colors and accents besides black.

There are a curved seat and backrest, made with a breathable mesh that looks as though it should support most users well enough, without going over the top.

There are also two simple, curved armrests, a lever to adjust a couple of settings and a 5-point star base with casters. Is this the ideal approach to an accessible office chair, or could it do more?

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What benefits have users mentioned when reviewing this Ergonomic Alera Etros Mid-Back Chair online?

The first clear benefit, from both the look of the chair and the user feedback, is the sense of support offered. There is an ergonomic shape to the back and seat that does enough for many users. The support is more general, without extreme posture alterations and weird features, so it accommodates more users.

This accessible nature continues with the adjustments on the tilt and height. Again, there are no extreme options here, and just a few basic choices, but many users are able to find the right position in comfort. This is added by the adaptable nature of the armrests and the quality of the lumbar support.

Alera Etros Mid-Back Synchro Tilt Chair

Also, all the parts are pretty easy to put together, with the chance to omit the arms altogether if preferred.

There is the sense here that everything that users need for comfort is here to some degree, with positive comments for the breathable material too. The issue is that doing just enough isn’t always going to work out.


What downsides should buyers be aware of before buying this Alera Etros Mid-Back Ergonomic Synchro Tilt Chair for their own office?

The biggest problem with this Alera office chair is the quality control on the materials and parts. Everything is good enough for most users, but there is a clear sense that the makers went for cheaper options in some places to save a little money.

The material for the breathable mesh works, but is a little scratchier than some other chairs. The plastics can creak and crack a little under too much force, so may not be ideal for larger users. There are others that say that it can get a little noisy after a while, with enough creaking to be heard down the phone.


Summary: what does this mix of comments mean for a final recommendation on this Alera Etros Black Mesh Synchro Tilt Chair ?

It is clear that a higher end version of this chair would suit everyone and fix some to the key issues here, the assembly and part would be more secure and the comfort element a little better. Still, there are those that love the chair for the price paid because of the adjustable elements and the shape.

This is an ergonomic chair with potential, even if it isn’t that cushioned. It provide the right shape, style and support for users without breaking the bank. Therefore, the Alera office chair does indeed suit a wide range of offices.

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