Alera Essentia Swivel Task Chair

Is The Alera Essentia Series Swivel Task Chair Too Ordinary For Comfort?

Alera Essentia Series Swivel Task ChairThere are some chairs that go out of their way to throw in every little feature and adjustment, and then there are the chairs like the Alera Essentia Series Swivel Task Chair.

This simple ergonomic chair, with its typical base and curved back, looks simple from sales photos alone. The specification also shows that you really can judge this book by its cover. This is a no thrills model for those on a budget. Is this a positive or a negative?

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The Pros and Cons of this Alera Essentia Swivel Task Chair:


  • an accessible chair familiar to many
  • just enough comfort and adjustment to get by
  • a good look with the different colour choices


  • mixed reaction to the comfortable
  • a little too basic for some

There is a familiarity to this Alera Essentia Ergonomic Office Chair that will appeal to many people.

There isn’t much to talk about here when it comes to the features that are available with this task chair. Yet, there are some great comments from users that are happy with the motions and comfort provided. There is an adjustable seat height with pneumatic lift that does enough to offer different height increments.

Alera Essentia Swivel Task Chair

There is also a 360 degree direction on the chair and wheels on a 5 point base – yet, there is no tilt. One added bonus to this simplicity is the fact that there are so few parts to put together. This is easy to assemble and workers should be up and running with this Alera chair pretty quickly.

Then there is the look of the chair. There are some mixed comments on the colours, as this does vary from the photos at times. But, there is a nice choice of materials covering the seat and back. This lifts what would otherwise be a pretty ordinary chair and allows user to express a little personality in the office.

Still, this Alera VT48FA20B Essentia Swivel Task Chair just doesn’t do enough for everyone.

There is the definite sense that you get what you pay for with this task chair. There are mixed reviews on the comfort offered. Some say it’s more than comfortable enough considering the price paid and the lack of features.

Others have trouble getting the support that they require. On that note of comfort and support, it is important to remember that the arm rests are sold separately here. It is up to buyers if that is worth the extra money. There are also some concerns over the poor quality of some of the materials. The plastic isn’t the strongest and the material on the upholstery is a little cheap.

What does this mean for a recommendation on this Alera Essentia Chair?

Despite all of this negativity, there are plus points and recommendations for this swivel chair. There is no doubt that this is as basic as they come for no-thrills office use. Yet, many would agree that is consistently meets the bare minimum required at a pleasingly low price. The comfort isn’t exceptional, but many are able to find the comfort that they need.

There aren’t that many adjustments, but it’s still adjustable enough for most with a decent enough build. This isn’t meant to blow the competition out the water. Instead, the Alera ergonomic chair is simply meant to be accommodating and familiar to a wide demographic – and it succeeds at that.

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