Alera Elusion Series Multifunction Chair

Is The Alera Elusion Series Ergonomic Chair Too Much Of A Low-End Compromise?

Alera Elusion Series Multifunction Chair

On first impressions, the Alera Elusion Series Multifunction Chair looks quite familiar with its black design, contoured, waterfall-edged seat cushion and use of supportive, breathable mesh.

But this chair aims to stand out from the crowd by providing these sought after features in a cheaper model that is just as effective.

This ergonomic chair with its 24 inch high back, seat glide and casters seems to have a lot going for it but do buyers feel that it performs as well as its pricier rivals?

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What benefits have buyers noted in their reviews for this Alera Multifunction Chair?

This idea of the chair being multifunctional is the one that has been most frequently mentioned in the product’s names and descriptions and it is also plays it part in the customer reviews, with many users talking about the adjustable nature of the design.

Multifunction may be a little strong a word as it is an office ergonomic chair and no more but the range of mechanisms on the back and seat for the tilt and angle does mean that it can change its shape in multiple ways to suit many users.

Some buyers over the 6ft mark have said that it does not take long at all to rearrange the chair to be suitable and comfortable for shorter members of the household.

Alera Elusion Series

The other interesting talking point with this Alera ergonomic chair is the price, more specifically the fact that it costs so much less than some of the more well-known brands yet doesn’t seem to have lost too much in the way of quality as a result.

There are some reports of creaks and cracks when getting into the chair that give away its price point slightly but it is still well-made and comfortable with its use of “premium fabric upholstery”. It provides the level of back support that is expected.

Does this cheaper feel lead to any other potential issues and what other flaws have users experienced with this Alera Elusion Series Multifunction Chair?

While most users can forgive the creaks for the savings made, few can overlook the quality of the armrests because they can be very wobbly and hard to fix into the right position.

This problem is only made worse by the design of these arms as there are many buyers questioning the purpose of the grooves running down them.

Some suggest this must be for ergonomic, supportive reasons – like most of the design choices on this chair – but many say they are quite uncomfortable when trying to use a keyboard.

Thankfully, this part of the chair is the only one causing any big problems and the only other major complaints are with the poor quality of the assembly instructions.

Summary: is this design flaw enough to limit a recommendation for the Alera Elusion Series Black Mesh Multifunction Chair?

There are two ways to look at this chair: for some it is a low-end option that has one obvious design flaw and plenty of room for improvement if it is to compete with the top brands; for others it is a cheaper alternative to the more costly models that replicates their comfort and adjustability very well and is therefore a decent compromise.

If you are looking to save money and can overlook the design of the arms, this Alera ergonomic chair could prove to be a great choice for the impressive range of mechanisms that give it its “multifunction” name and the simple comfort and support.

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