Alera Elusion Series Ergonomic Chair – Simplistic

Is The Alera Elusion Series Ergonomic Chair Too Simplistic In Its Design To Be Appealing?

Alera Elusion Series Ergonomic ChairSometimes all office workers want from their chair is a basic shape with a few key adjustable features and a high comfort level, which is precisely what the Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel Chair aims to provide.

The ergonomics of this swivel/tilt chair are said to be ideally adjustable for anyone, which means it should be perfect for office desks with more than one user, but does this translate into a host of great reviews from lot of happy buyers?

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What are the benefits of owning this Alera Black Swivel/Tilt Chair?

To be completely honest about this Alera office chair, the design is pretty straightforward and there is little to distinguish this model from some of the more standard black office chairs that can be found on the market. Aside from the mention of a premium fabric on the seat, there is little space taken up on the specification with aesthetic features.

Alera Elusion Ergonomic ChairSimplicity in the design and a lack of complex parts means that not only is it pretty easy to assemble, with some users taking no longer than 20 minutes, it doesn’t take too much work to figure out the adjustments for the back height and tilt.

The reason for this lack of focus on the design has to be the attention that has been put into the comfort features. Like many top-rated chairs, this model has a breathable mesh back to keep users cool and the seat has a sloping edge to help relieve pressure, both of which seem to be well-received.

Additionally, there is high praise for shape and padding of the arm rests as they are simple but well-proportioned. There is a definite sense of practicality to this chair and this is also seen in the movement of the rollers.

Does this Alera Elusion Series Ergonomic Chair have any downsides to its construction that buyers need to be aware of?

The cheap appearance of some of the materials is not that big an issue as it does not hinder the use that much but this is not the case with the criticisms on the adjustments .

They may be easy to figure out but some users would like greater options. Finally, there is the warning about a chemical smell from the parts that lingers a little too long.

Summary: how does this talk of cheap materials and simplicity affect a final recommendation on this Elusion Series Ergonomic Office Chair?

This product has been described in testimonials as a “reasonably attractive chair” and while this could be seen as a negative, it highlights the idea that style and eye-catching shapes really aren’t the main priorities here. Instead, this chair has proven to be a pretty well-made, comfortable chair that makes good use of its simple design.

If you are looking for a chair that is high-end with top quality materials and plenty of quirky adjustments and features then the Alera chair will not go far enough; however, if you are looking for a simple design with minimal fuss and attention to detail in the most important places, it could be a worthwhile purchase.

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