AKRacing Obsidian Ergonomic Chair

Does A AKRacing Obsidian Ergonomic Chair Offer Gamer Chair Functions?

AKRacing Office Series Obsidian Ergonomic Computer ChairThe AKRacing Obsidian Ergonomic Computer Chair is an interesting chair because it has a hybrid design.

In many ways, this appears to be inspired by gamer chairs with the shape of the backrest and the promise of multiple adjustable features.

However, there are also aspects better suited to a traditional office space. So, is this ergonomic chair the ideal blend of both styles?

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The Pros and Cons of this AKRacing Office Series Obsidian Ergonomic Computer Chair.


  •  A nice amount of cushioning in the seat, lumbar and headrest
  •  Adjustments in the arms, backrest, and seat height
  •  A functional swivel seat on smooth casters


  •  Colour choices limited to all-black in two material types
  •  Not as similar to a gamer’s chair as it first appears to be



There is a lot in this AKRacing Obsidian Ergonomic Computer Chair that should allow for a comfortable, functional chair with just enough adaptations.

This immediately looks like a comfortable office chair and there is a lot going on to support that. There is cushioning in the seat for long-term comfort, with the promise that this includes 30% more high-density foam than most chairs.

The padding continues with the adjustable headrest and lumbar, which you should be able to place in the right spot for your needs. Additional long-term comfort for larger users comes from the 330lb weight allowance.

AKRacing Obsidian Ergonomic Computer Chair

Then there are the other adjustable elements to this ergonomic chair. The stand out feature here is the use of 4D armrests for a greater range of movement.

There is also quite a deep recline on the backrest that should allow for comfortable naps and the idea angle when playing games. Additional functionality comes from the 360 swivel and the smooth wheels on the 5-point base.


The problem is that the gamer chair design of the AKRacing Obsidian only goes so far.

The risk here is that some consumers will see the outline of a gaming chair and then become disappointed by the compromises in this hybrid. There is minimal contouring in the backrest compared to “real” gaming chairs.

This means you aren’t going to be able to sink into the same cushioned ergonomic shape. Then there is the fact that you can either have an all-black PU leather or all-black suede model.

While the suede feels nice, this doesn’t allow for the same bold colour schemes of gaming chairs.


What does this mean for the final verdict on this AKRacing Ergonomic Office Chair?

The appeal of this chair comes down to your priorities as a consumer. Do you want to get a chair for the office that brilliantly mimics the gaming chair or something that takes a little inspiration from it?

You won’t get the same design and cradling comfort. But, you do get plenty of adjustable features – some of which go much further than a typical office chair.

In many ways, this AKRacing chair does prove to be a great hybrid between the two styles and will work in a lot of offices.

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